Evergreen Academy
7700 Little River Turnpike #100, Annandale, VA 22003, United States

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I have requested a transfer out for my spouse. They did not do anything but keep asking for some documentation which I already provided. I was frustrated and called in to talk to someone directly. They keep saying that the person who is taking care of my case is not there and keep asking me to send emails to different email. I could not hold my temper and raise my voice while talking to the last guy. He told me that I am a customer or anything, I am not supposed to be frustrated while my process is not done properly, and he used the F-word at the end of our conversation. What kind of school which staff F-king the student while they are trying to process their paper.

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Id like to give 4.5 stars. The staff here as fantastic and friendly. Facikities are older, which doesnt bother me. However, not having appropriate chairs was a problem for me. Online shows desk chairs, but they had foldable chairs like youd use at a picnic. Very hardto sit for hours. It is warmer, dress appropriately they do have fans going.

Review №3

Tested here. It was a good experience. They were quick for check in, nice and it was a comfortable room.

Review №4

This was the only testing center available due to COVID-19. I was skeptical because of the reviews and didnt want to risk it but I wanted to get the test over with unless I wanted to wait... Forever.Staff: The staff was wonderful. They were friendly and understanding.Noise: I was concerned about noise due to other comments but I didnt not have a problem with it. There was a little noise for a minute but mostly silent.Temperature: it was fine at first but it got a little warm for a minute but it wasnt bad.I was the only person in the room so I cant attest for noise during normal circumstances.They were flexible and helpful, in my opinion. I would try again if given the opportunity.Thanks for everything!

Review №5

What a great place to take a test! The people at the center were super friendly and created a calming environment before taking a stressful test. I would defintely come here again to take an exam!

Review №6

Everyone I spoke to here was kind and straightforward. They know youre here to work, and they help you get through the paperwork and routines to get to that work. The testing room is quiet and simple, and visitors are provided with earplugs just in case its not quiet enough.

Review №7

It was a terrible place to take the TOEFL exam. The registration is taking place in the exam room. While I was taking exam, people came to the room to take photo and record their voice. It was really annoying and I lost my concentration. The staff were nice and kind. That’s why I give them two star. I will never take any exam there though.

Review №8

The only reason this got 2 stars was for the staff. They were nice. If it was based on the environment and location, I wouldn’t give them any. The first time I went to test for my praxis, the room was hot, noisy, and the street noise was horrible. I ended failing that test. I tested somewhere else a couple days later and I passed. I decided to go again for a different test because it had the first available date. Worst mistake ever. I didn’t mention before about the lack of test privacy. You have other testers literally right next to you less than a foot away from both sides. The room was very hot again, the street noise was worst this time. And I was seated next to a girl that was sick and was coughing up a storm and blowing her nose really loud. I didn’t mention the bathroom situation, you literally have to be skinny (100lbs) to be able to squeeze through the door. Whomever put the door, didn’t have any common sense in making sure it opened out rather than inside. As soon as you open it, it hits the sink. You have to maneuver your way in next to the sink and tuck your stomach in so that the door closes. Horrible experience in general. I have complained both times to ETS. I won’t ever be testing here again.Responding to your response, so since you’ve been there, you haven’t given it a thought to change the direction the bathroom door opens? Really? By the way, other test centers provide more privacy than this location. It’s as if you took the least acceptable distance measurement for privacy, so that you can make money in having as many test takers in one room.

Review №9

If youre thinking of coming here as an international student... Think it twice... The staff lost my paperwork and didnt even flinched about it (Farwa and the receptionist)... I emailed the director of the school about this issue and he never replied (Robert). They lack of organization, Max or Matt, Korean dude, didnt have a pertinent answer for all my questions regarding international students. I feel they just took my application and mailing fees on purpose. I also think this school wont be worth it... Bear this in mind when youre applying to this school. Theyre messy, they will lose your papers, they wont reply your emails nor phone calls.

Review №10

Ive had several classes at Evergreen Academy. What I love about this place is that the dont just teach you the theories, but also how to apply them in real life. I used to study grammar and the four skills back in schools, but still had trouble conveying my messages the way I wanted to, both in speaking and writing.Here, the teachers are making sure that students have opportunities to practice using English, and try out ways of conveying their own messages. They taught me to be critical, but at the same time, be creative, and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes is where you learn, and its better to make mistakes when youre in an ESL school than when you really have to submit an academic paper in college. Ive learned about writing structure, reading strategies, thinking and critiquing critically, and many more skills which help me a lot not only in everyday conversation, but in college, and in pursuing my career as well.

Review №11

Took my cousin to take a certification test at the testing center there. awesome place with awesome friendly staff

Review №12

I started at Evergreen a bunch of months ago and I really love there!The teachers are really nice and theyre always willing to help us. Everybody in there is friendly and since I got in the U.S. is where I met most of my friends.I like the classes because I dont get bored and everyday I feel like Im learning more and more. Every kind of help that I need, they help me. Theyre really reliable.Ive been to other language schools and the teachers are very oldschool, they dont use internet, slides, or whatever kind of technology. At Evergreen I feel more involved with the content because they are always updated and everything fits this generation where we are surrounded by technology all the time.

Review №13

I love the staff and faculty!! Very nice and friendly people

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The attention and education surprised me are great people and that prompted me to visit them and be able to take English classes without prejudice or fear.

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