John Hersey High School
1900 E Thomas St, Arlington Heights, IL 60004, United States

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As a senior at Hersey, I can proudly now say that this school has prepped me for college better than any other HS i can imagine. The teachers there are excellent and very very knowledgeable. From vigorous ACT prep to sending us off to college, they provide all the services a student would ever need. Staff friendly, students diverse, experience awesome. Hersey is a family, not a school. Excellent place to send your children!

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I went here for quite some time, bad time. Wasted money on some terrible parking lot rather than building something good. Foolish I say, foolish.

Review №3

It a cool school i went there last year and i really liked it

Review №4

Our 2 children attended JHHS and had some good teachers over the years. A supportive administrative environment was appreciated and the kids did well on the ACTs. 2 great teachers nurtured some great passion in a few classes, but 3 teachers were offensively cavalier in their teaching of the students. One teacher went so far as to text her social friends during the entire class while she made the kids read from the textbook for most of the class. If the kids asked a question about the reading she became angry and loud in retorting that they should be re-reading the passages that they did not understand. The band program was technically very good, but the leader had a temper problem. Wheeling HS, Mr. Logan, is considered a superior leader. The sports program was inconsistent. Some softball, baseball and wrestling coaches were typically positive and built hard working student-athletes. The basketball and volleyball coaches were above average in their leadership to build good athletes and good citizens. Three football coaches openly insulted, ridiculed and mocked the student-athletes. Needless to say many kids quit playing at JH high school but are enjoying growing successes at the college level. Hersey needs to clean out this very challenged football coaching style and move into the 21st century of building smarter, dedicated and better coached players. Kids are so impressionable and insecure at this age and need mature leadership and guidance. JH falls short too often. After asking around, it appears that NT has some similar sports leadership challenges. I have asked parents about the GBS, Barrington and Stevenson if they had these problems. They said no - lucky them.

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Dont go mayfield secondary school (highschool) in london it sucks im sure this school in america is good if your reading this and you go to this school hi from london :)loool i sound like a wierdo from london lool lmfao

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Saw a dance recital here. Nice facilities.

Review №7

They hire nurses with the intent to let students die unless they call their parents first. Yet she is still working

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Further escalated my never ending depression.

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I wouldnt send my child here if they have any food allergies at all and need an Epi pen since the nurse there will wait around to administer it to the point the student has to go to the hospital and at that point, the nurse will send the child ALONE!

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Haha oh yeah

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Classic, simply classic!

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