Linda Zs Sewing Center
1216 E Central Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, United States

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The place in the Northwest suburbs to get fabric (quilt or wearable), machines, take classes and browse for those that love those things.

Review №2

I went to Lindas today to upgrade my sewing machine. I personally meet Linda and meet her family what a wonderful experience. Liz and Madeline were so helpful no high pressure to purchase anything just great information on the workings of different machines. I walked out 2 hours later with a new machine and all signed up for free classes on how to use it. Thank you Linda Zs for a very uplifting and professional and friendly environment today.

Review №3

A really friendly place to shop for amazing fabric, sewing machines, classes and events. They also do machine repair and cleaning. I always enjoy going there. If you havent been there before, check them out.

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I ordered a new embroidery machine from them and they gave me a great price with free shipping. I received my machine in just a little over a week. I have sent emailed questions and they answered quickly. I highly recommend this store.

Review №5

Picked up something for my wife. Fast, efficient service. Good store. If youre in the market for a sewing machine, this is the place to go.

Review №6

I started coming to take beginner classes to learn how to use the sewing machine, I first didn’t have a machine, but I got one from a friend and I thought it would be nice to learn on my own machine but when I brought it with me at my last class I was told by the managers that I couldn’t use my own machine because it wasn’t purchased from them. I don’t understand why I should have to use a classroom machine when I have my own now. This was definitely not handled well at all. I’m not sure if I will take another class here or not. Very unprofessional!

Review №7

Linda Zs is my go-to place for Bernina machines and great classes (beautiful fabric selection too!). I have purchased 4 machines here in the last 20 years. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They have done a great job during COVID, pivoting to online for a lot of things. (really, check out Lindas Thursday videos). They bring in excellent, nationally known instructors for events and classes and their own instructors are great too! I drive by the store on my way home from work and stop by there often enough that when I leave work my map app reminds me its 12 minutes to Linda Zs.

Review №8

Great customer service. They were very kind and helpful. I found the rare singer sewing machine needles at the store!!

Review №9

Great place to learn many sewing,machine embroidery, quilting

Review №10

Amazing customer service. Liz was extremely helpful and friendly! Linda Zs has a fantastic and wide selection of machines (sewing, quilting, embroidery, overlock, etc) as well as a selection of quilting and sewing notions unlike anywhere else. I was very impressed with Lizs vast Bernina knowledge and glad that she allowed me to test-drive my machine before purchase. I went home a VERY happy customer!

Review №11

Nice selection of Floriani thread. Large fabric area

Review №12

I JUST purchased my second machine today and again I was reminded why I go to Linda Zs. #1 Their patient knowledge of their machines. Not only have I been in their store numerous times but they are at every trade-show that I attend and their staff are fun and amazing. And those are some long days! #2 I was not pressured into buying anything other than what I wanted. Of course they make suggestions but its based on your own skill level. Not a quota or a goal. #3. Service. With my last machine not only did I sign up for the free tutorial classes but this where I got my machine tune-ups and will again. #4. Ive taken classes here and their staff are attentive and patient with all sorts of skill levels. Its about a community of sexists. And Linda Zs makes it fun!

Review №13

I purchased a six needle machine on ebay which came damaged. Stupidly took it to a store in Milwaukee. That company had it for 3 1/2 months. When it was returned to me it barely limped along. After a year of toiling along I took the machine to Linda Zs. What a wonderful experience. They completely overhauled the unit quickly and efficiently. Everything works on it. They repaired the thread cutter, automatic needle threader, realigned the needles. I have a brand new machine now. So happy, I will certainly take the time to take it to a place where I know it will be taken care of and that place is Linda Zs. Thank you all so much.

Review №14

Was having trouble with my embroidery, sewing machine that I bought from them. Used the embroidery part two time. And had trouble both times tying to put it the embroidery unit on. Had taken it in before. Just got home and it slides on like butter.Thank u for the service.

Review №15

Extremely rude employee. I have been a repeat customer for some years. Im looking for a different option now. Cannot recommend anymore.

Review №16

I’ll be honest and say I was initially a little skeptical about leaving my machine with them but Tom and his techs gave 200% into my repair. Linda is a devoted business owner and goes above and beyond to please and the inside of the shop is lovely. You won’t be dissatisfied.

Review №17

Got my new sewing machine here and love the wonderful customer service.

Review №18

I received an email on 4/25 that elastic was available for purchase. I placed an online order and received an email confirmation less than 20 minutes after receiving the notification email. I was asked to wait 24-48 hours to followup on curbside pickup, I called this morning 4/27 and was told there was no elastic available. False advertising!!!!! I consider this another example of my many experiences with pushy sales tactics at this shop. Also had an experience with a recent repair not completed on first visit. Not shopping there anymore. I have been a customer 30+ years, purchased 4 machines.

Review №19

My wife loves this store. Im just the chauffeur and muscle.

Review №20

I came here with my mom for my first ever sewing lessons. I got to make a beautiful makeup bag with pretty designs including hearts. It turned out very beautifully. I credit this place for giving me the inspiration I have today. Would definitely consider coming back here once in a while.

Review №21

Linda Z’s is my place to go for everything sewing. Very knowledgeable staff. They have everything you could need. Machines, notions, classes, machine repair and maintenance. Linda, Mary and Tom are wonderful. I love this place.

Review №22

Excellent service and classes. I enjoy my time there. They know my needs and always provide just what I need. They have amazing teachers and classes and offer great discounts during classes. It is a great place to actually see top embroidery designs from many companies. Great support for Machines purchased there. You can take class as many times as you want. Class passes offered in winter and summer are a great deal. A huge amount of fabric and tons of great ideas. The staff could not be more knowledgeable and kind.

Review №23

Came in looking to buy an embroidery machine, took quite a while for a sales person to come help. Sales lady was attempting to be very helpful, but had limited knowledge of what was in the store. What REALLY bothered me was the tremendous mark up on the machines. Each machine is labeled $1200 now $800! Making it seem like they are giving a great deal, when the original price is a HUGE mark up from what you can expect to pay at any other retailer. In addition, when I asked if I could purchase a machine new in the box, they told me that oh that will cost more. Soooo apparently they ONLY sell their used floor models? Why would I want to spend $1200 on a USED model from the floor? The sales lady told me this was to make sure it worked. Sorry, if the new in box product doesnt work thats an issue that should be as simple as a quick exchange under warranty. Will never go here again unless they advertise honest original prices and change their selling policies.Edited after store response: I came in during Feburary, before the shutdown. Google just reminded me to leave a review now, so I did.

Review №24

I went here to take my 40+ year old machine in and after talking with Lynn she convinced me to get a new machine. Although hesitant about doing it, in the end it was the right decision. I got it home, unpacked it and used it right away. It really does make my life a lot easier than the old machine. I am looking forward to working with it more and possibly attending some of the free classes they have.

Review №25

I just bought a brand new sewing machine. Everyone is kind and helpful. Looking forward to taking classes on my new machine when quarantine is lifted.

Review №26

Wow, what great service. I live 50+ miles away, but was willing to drive because I had heard great things about Linda Zs sewing machine repair service. I called first and the tech (Tom) had me do a couple tests then send in a photo of my machine (it is very old but I love it). He called back, talked me thru an adjustment and my machine runs like new. I am so grateful to him. Many Thanks!

Review №27

Very helpful staff, very happy with my new Tula pink Bernina machine :)

Review №28

If you are interested in shopping at a store that has very nice, helpful people and a collection of fabric on two floors, this is the place for you.I went to this store last week and walked around with my mouth hanging open. :) The store carries a full line of sewing machines, notions and gadgets galore. If I lived as far away as Wisconsin, I would make a trip to this store with no regrets.

Review №29

Stocks great quality fabrics and sales staff are very helpful!

Review №30

I went back and forth with Betsy for over a week about coming to look at a few sewing machines. My mind was already made up that I would be buying a machine and I communicated very clearly over email what I was interested in. After reading a few reviews about people being talked into buying floor models I got nervous. Additionally, my appointment to come try out the machines had been cancelled and it was unclear when I would be able to reschedule. Betsy mentioned I could come out to the quilt show over the weekend to which I responded with a handful of questions for clarification and mentioned that I would not be interested in taking home a floor model. After this exchange I did not hear back from them again. I found this very odd as I communicated I would be buying a machine (i.e. a PAYING customer). By not answering my emails and beating around the bush they lost out on a big sale!I lost my patience with them and purchased an expensive machine elsewhere. Their loss. Im sure their notions and fabric collection are fine, but I wouldnt recommend buying a machine from them based on poor communication and lack of transparency alone.

Review №31

Dustin, one of Lindas repairmen, fixed my Bernina 820!!! I had purchased my machine from another sewing shop and it had never worked correctly in the 9 years I had it. Dustin, I am very grateful!! Keep up the excellent work! I cant say enough nice things about Linda Zs.

Review №32

Had a breakdown with my embroidery machine, and they are the closest authorized Brother retailer and service center, so I took it here for in-warranty service. Let them know I have pending orders and was hoping for a quick turnaround so I could finish working on them. Got my machine back the very next day and its running like it just came out of the box. Got a breakdown of what was fixed and some tips from Jack on how to keep it running smoothly. The ladies in the store when I dropped off were all very friendly. Hope to come back soon for supplies, or if my side business grows into a full time thing, a pro model embroidery machine.

Review №33

I’m a husband and I went there for the first time with my wife and use the restroom and I was sold on the place. Ha haCan’t wait tell we start take some classes there. For a person new to sewing, when you first walk in it’s a little overwhelming but they’re very very friendly there and they make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

Review №34

I visited this store 3 times in 2018. I was ignored by sales staff on each occasion. I had an unfortunate incident when I asked for help they wanted to know who I was buying the sewing machine presser feet for. They asked where my wife was. The people that helped me said they were volunteers not employees. I was pleasant on both of those occasions. My last visit to the store was on Saturday. I was ignored once again the middle age to older age woman at the counter ignored me as I looked at Vikings and juki feet. This store has very good pricing or very competitive pricing. And the prices are posted. I went over to a brother combination machine and was thinking about a purchase. The middle-aged or older woman came from behind the counter and said who are you here to get a gift for. Instead of how can I help you this is unfortunate that men are treated this way in the store. I think the owner should know that her staff is very disrespectful to male sewing enthusiast. I questioned the woman about her comment and said they gift will be for myself and that she should use more inclusive language. She defended herself by stating Antiquated ideas about men and snowing I was appalled. Her statement of saying they dont have men thats so could not be more incorrect especially since a class was being led upstairs by a male instructor. I hope that Linda will make a statement about inclusion and furthermore train or get rid of her volunteers.

Review №35

Reasonable prices on sewing machines, good sales, huge inventory and good classes. Expanding fabrics section is getting very nice.Connie makes a visit worthwhile!

Review №36

I love Linda Zs! Beautiful place with tons of fabric, machines and amazing staff. Linda and her daughter are off the charts for hospitality. Will drive 2hrs any day to visit!

Review №37

THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE QUILT SHOP EVER! This is coming from a woman who has been to over 100 quilt shops all over America and a few in South Korea. The fabric selection and quilting notions are amazing; however, this is not the reason I consider it my favorite. The staff at Linda Zs are absloutely the very best. I purchased a baby lock sewing machine from Linda Zs and its wonderful.I am going to a quilting retreat later this month and I wasnt confident that I would be able to use my new machine. NO PROBLEM the staff (Cindy, Mary and Madaline) set up a private class time the very next day so I can get some instructions on how to use my new sewing machine and have time to practice before I leave for my retreat. Cindy called me the day after my class to check if I had any more questions and if I needed any more help. I dont know of any other quilt shop with such exceptional customer service.I wish I had more time to write of the wonderful service I recieved... the only thing I can say is youve got to stop by and experience for yourself the brillant staff at Linda Zs they know their stuff. Thank you Linda and Cindy for my hug.A Very Very happy customer. See you in March for my class.Wendi

Review №38

Busy, very pleasant

Review №39

I bought my 1st Pfaff machine from Linda Zs 15 years ago. This year I was ready for an upgrade. I was thinking I would like to get information and be ready for 2019 bonus check when it comes. I visited the new store location. It is huge! Filled with machines, accessories, fabric, thread and notions. The first sales clerk I speak with left a lot to be desired. She is so worried to make a sale shes not really paying attention to what Im saying. I leave, but I kept thinking this is not how service is at Lindas. I try it a month later and met Cliff. He is an amazing sales man. He sells you and you bearly know it. He helps me with a fantastic machine. I purchased it and brought it home today. Nikki was able to pick up where Cliff left off when I came in and Cliff was busy. Im thrilled with my experience even when it was rough. Her normal sales staff listens to you and will sell you a machine that fits your sewing style. If you are interesting in a sewing machine start here.

Review №40

Left without buying a thing because of intrusive sales clerk who wouldnt leave us alone. Told her what I was looking for (border fabric for quilt) and she offered no help. Kept shoving class flyers at me even though I told her I live in Pennsylvania. If you go there and a short, fat woman with dark hair comes at you, run away.

Review №41

In September, I purchased a Bernina sewing machine from Linda Zs. A serger machine was included in that purchase. Today I took in the serger because I was having problems with it. The staff was so kind and helpful. They took time to look at it and even had their tech guy look at it. It needed an adjustment and they fixed it while I waited . Every time I go there, I have had a great experience!

Review №42

Little late in the writing this review but feel like I must. I took my very first ever beginning sewing class here a few years ago because I had just purchased a sewing machine, wanted to learn some basics and there was a Groupon. I believe it was a 3 week class and to sew an apron. I was very excited to take the class. It was not a positive experience whatsoever. I will preface this by saying that going into it, I had NO sewing fundamentals knowledge at all. I couldnt even sew on a button, didnt really know anything about how to choose fabric for a project or even how to pin correctly. Total newbie. I wasnt given any sort of supply list in advance so I just brought in my own fabric to use. I use a lot of thrift store fabric, vintage fabric and upcycled materials and of course the first thing they chastised me for was for what fabric I brought in (in retrospect, some of it wasnt ideally suited for this project, but like I said I was a noob and no one gave me a supply list ahead of time) and naturally, they will push you to buy fabric from their store instead of bringing your own. I felt very demeaned by my instructor who made me feel stupid, told me I had brought in weird fabric and when I was having issues with pinning (because literally no one taught me how to pin), she told me I was pinning weird. In short, this instructor really needs some better skills in teaching new seamstresses because I felt constantly belittled. I ended up pretty much finishing up my apron on my own, figuring things out on my own, and as Tim Gunn would say make it work. My class experience here did leave me feeling a bit defeated. The staff here is older women and these classes really arent very well suited for younger people who have more of a DIY/upcycle aesthetic. If you want to learn how to sew baby blankets and traditional things, using traditional store bought material, then by all means, go here. If you want to learn how to take that size 30 prom dress you found at Salvation Army and turn it into a size 4 club dress, this is not the place. Even though my experience here was less than desirable, I continued to pursue learning how to sew, I obtained the tutelage of other experienced seamstresses who share my style and design aesthetic, and through trial and error, I have been more or less teaching myself. I have gone from being the noob who was told that she had weird fabric and belittled for not knowing how to pin properly, to someone who is now drafting her own patterns, sewing garments and using sergers and embroidery machines. In short, if you took a class here and didnt have a great experience because you felt like the teachers here are out of touch with a younger generation of designers, dont get discouraged. There are other sewing classes you can take in the city that are more geared towards younger, more fashion forward budding designers and You Tube videos are plentiful. My advice to the store is to get younger staff to teach some of these classes, gear some classes to more DIY/upcycle type projects. Not everyone wants to learn how to sew a pillowcase. Some people want to learn how to turn an old sweater into a skirt or how to turn an old bedsheet into a dress, because thats where fashion and design is going right now.

Review №43

Horrible Experience!!! Took my embroidery machine in for maintenance on June 25th was promised by staff to have it back NO LATER than July 7th by 3pm. Its July 8th and Im just getting my machine back and it hasnt been serviced!!! They claim one of the techs had a baby (congratulations) and Im guessing non of the other techs were instructed to finish my order. They charge 300.00 bucks just for the machine to enter into the shop before they touch it. You would think that they would take better care of their customers who bring in embroidery machines for repair or maintenance. Bad 1st IMPRESSIONS for this business. HORRIBLE and Thanks for nothing.

Review №44

Huge selection of quilt Fabrics and very knowledgeable sales person.

Review №45

Great monthly classes.

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