admiral driving school
2277 Bel Pre Rd Suite 205, Aspen Hill, MD 20906, United States

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This school is amazing. I had the best experience in admiral driving school. They have a lot of patience when it comes to rookie drivers. Thank you for teaching how to park and improve my driving. I just got my license today.

Review №2

They are flexible and understanding. I really love the way the teacher lectures the class, in addition, communicating with the office was really easy and fast. Such a good place. Thank you for everything

Review №3

Admiral staff is very helpful. They help you with all your questions and make you feel comfortable. I would definitley reccomend. They are very nice. They helped me improve my diving alot and gave me tips on how to better myself.

Review №4

When I first started I thought the classes were going to be boring because everything is online, but Miss Rebeca made it so much fun. We had a sub couple of days but miss Rebeca’s energy is unique. She is funny, really cool, and knows what she is talking about in class. If you guys can ever choose what teacher to take I definitely recommend miss Rebeca.Behind the wheel sessions were not stressful at all either because I drove with Alex, he is the same age as me but knows so much about cars, really nice dude, with a lot of enthousiasme. I also recommend him as an instructor.

Review №5

I dont know who I spoke to, but whoever I did was extremely rude and condescending. Needless to say I took my business elsewhere.

Review №6

My experience here was great. The staff were really patient with me and the classes were really easy. I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Review №7

I have had an amazing three lessons. The driving instructors Alex and Rebeca were such good teachers/very supportive/and gave clear instructions. I learned a lot. I would recommend them and Admiral driving school to friends and family.

Review №8

I enjoyed coming to classes here they have a great program and help guide you. All the staff is great. I would definitley recomend.

Review №9

Coach Alex, best teacher I had, Hes patient, respectful. I felt comfortable, not too serious. All around great guy, highly recommend him. I felt like a better driver after my 3 classes. He always made sure everything was clean and sanitized, does his best to make sure him and I have a safe ride through out his teachings.

Review №10

This is an express Driving School because they told us that classroom time is 3 hours, but the reality is that Instructor Farrah Khalid finishes the class lectures in an hour and a half! And for the driving portion, just 20 minutes with Rrose. I am not sure if this is normal, but if you want to finish the program in an accelerated way, this school is perfect for you.

Review №11

I took my classes online with Farrah and it was a express class and the btw with Alex and Rebeca. I had a great experience with all of them. Really recommend. ❤️

Review №12

While Admiral Driving School teaching the students well and even offers online options during the pandemic, most instructors are hard to understand and most of their cars are not in the best shape for a driving school. They still work amazingly and are good, but a driving school should be in a better shape than this for sure. I did like the experience though, personally my behind the wheel classes were done by Al*x, R*sa, and R*becca (I do not have legal permission to write their name here) and all three were incredible in their teaching, helping me develop the things that I lacked and strengthen my stronger side.

Review №13

Just took my drivers test with this company and the instructor Rebeca S made the experience so fun as she drove me to take my test. She did an amazing job getting me prepped explaining the test which took all my stress way I passed btw I recommend this company to everyone when you go ask for Rebeca

Review №14

This is a terrific driving school with great instructors! They care about their clients/students and do their best to accommodate you!

Review №15

Admiral Driving School is the most helpful and friendly driving schools I have ever reached out to.I was doing research on driving schools and Admiral was so friendly and informative. Even through the pandemic the office staff were amazing. I had to reach out to them throughout my course and they were available and efficient. They even walked me through live classes vs virtual classes and helped me with my decision. I met the owner and it was so nice to see how involved she are in good hands!I decided to go with the virtual classes as I work full time and am “essential” so my work schedule can be weird. The class is 3 hours a day Monday through teacher Mrs Rebeca Suarez was awesome! She is so sweet and really makes to lessons resonate with you which is awesome for long term learning and understanding. She is also very helpful with any issues you may be having. I expressed that my connection was bad and after class she did a one on one mini session with me to go over anything I could not hear. She is also very entertaining she keeps everyone engaged. Thank you Mrs.Suarez!Over all Admiral Driving School did an amazing job with the educational material, the teachers they trust, and the administrative part of things. I’m so happy you all made this process so smooth during these hard times! 5 STARS!

Review №16

I had such an amazing experience at this school. The instructors are very patient and helpful. They help you feel comfortable on the road! The office staff helps so much as well they even helped me make my MVA app. They are soo so kind. I would definitely recommend.

Review №17

Horrible unorganized place. Spoke to the receptionist several times before starting the process to do the online test for exchanging my foreign driving license to the MD one. She guided me on the website to their online test and the website is simply wrong, links to the wrong test. Ended up studying the entire week a completely wrong test. Once I was there, there was no accountability or apologies on her end about the wrong website information and link, denying that she had ever spoken with me and extremely rude behavior. Avoid at all cost and double or triple check all the information shared. Not reliable.

Review №18

The staff is very friendly. Awesome customer service, easy process, great price and amazing instructors. Ladies at the office are very nice and helpful.

Review №19

Was very happy my experience. When you call to schedule an appointment, Tania is very nice and patient, and so are the instructors (especially Rebecca). Driving with her , i feel very relaxed but dont let that fool you, because she IS paying attention to your driving. All in all, i would definitely recommend Admiral.

Review №20

I enjoyed being a student driver, the class instructions were superb I was able to pass the driver portion of the road test with flying colors on the very first attempt . I would advise all beginning students to pay close attention to the online instructor and please dont just blow it off. The written portion is harder than the written permit test that you took at the DMV.

Review №21

Rebecca is a very good, funny and impressive driving instructor my classes with her are fun and time flies. Her teaching technique are very remarkable, commendable and unique.

Review №22

Me and my cousin came to take our drivers classes here and we had so much fun! The cost was very good and loved it!

Review №23

I went to Admiral and had a nice experience. Now my cousins are taking online classes and are so excited! They keep talking about how much they are learning in Mrs. Suarezs class.

Review №24

My mom and I studied in this driving school, our best teacher was Rebeca, she was so nice, she helped us so much , very friendly and a good instructor

Review №25

This school is amazing! The instructors are very nice, they teach good driving, and the secretarys are beautiful

Review №26

Very organized, teachers like Ms. Rebecca know the concept and teach it well, super affordable, overall a good experience and I learned so much :)

Review №27

I was able to take part in both the in-person classroom and the online classroom (because of Covid-19). The instructors are very caring, patient and kind and they take the time to make sure that you understand the material. They are also very professional. I definitely recommend Admiral Driving School.

Review №28

I haven’t had a lot of driving practice but I had a great driving instructor Ms.Rebeca. she defiantly made me feel comfortable driving and I learned a lot that will definitely help me out in the future.

Review №29

Rebecca is the best. Shes really nice & sweet. Instructors are very knowledgable.

Review №30

Admiral driving school is great my older cousins came here 5 years ago, then I went and now my little brother is attending. It has great history and instructors! Secretarys are big help, very informative.

Review №31

In the beginning the instructors were very strict, but after watching the videos I noticed they were only trying to help. Mrs.Suarez was extremely welcoming and genuinely concerned for my safety, she taught me all the ins and outs and made sure i was prepared and confident for my test. Also they have very convienient availability I was able to schedule my behind the wheel sessions immediately because they have openings everyday monday-sunday. It was an overall great learning experience.

Review №32

I would highly consider admiral driving school online classes for everybody ! The teachers are very friendly and teach the classes in a organized fashion. I learned a lot about the basic fundamentals of driving In the past two weeks.

Review №33

I highly recommend Admiral Driving School. The online classes are a plus. Very informative by Mrs. suarez.

Review №34

Great experience, best teaching with a loving nature! Definitely would recommend!!!

Review №35

I would recommend this school to everyone. What can I say about this school it is the best driving school . I enrolled my son here because we live in Potomac and around this area none driving school offer pick up services and I saw below that someone was unhappy with the school because of the pick up services but you have to understand that they charge for the pick up services and there prices are fair so I think that the comment posted was very inappropriate and they are a great school. I just wanted to let you know how this school really is . this was the only driving school that picked up students and I loved that . The school was more then happy to pick up my son when he had classes. The instructors are amazing and really down to earth. The school tries to adjust with your personal schedule and the lessons and teaching style is amazing and understandable . I love the staff at Admiral Driving School they are so nice and helpful . I am very glad I enrolled my son here , we both were very happy . Thank you Admiral Driving School

Review №36

Great driving school. Friendly people as well. Highly recommend.

Review №37

They’re amazing! Before I went to this particular driving school I had never driven in car before and I had no idea how to drive. In i thought to myself it’s going to be difficult to pass this driving school and pass the drivers license test since I had no experience knowing how to drive at all, but yet they were able to help me understand the fundamental of knowing how to drive and help me get my drivers license.👌😎😁

Review №38

Unprofessional..... rude ...the driving instructor are nice .....

Review №39

Took this class and i highly recommend taking it then taking another driving school

Review №40

This school has everything you need if you are a teenager and want to learn to drive. My daughter attended the school during the summer. The office staff is amazing, the instructors are very professional and so well organized. They were able to accommodate my daughters needs in short notice. Thank you all for such awesome experience.

Review №41

This is a wonderful school because I did not get any practiced at home or with anyone else and my teacher helped me practiced in the street and had a lot of patience with me.My favorite teacher was Rosa she was so polite and explained stuff carefully.Syed was very funny and entertaining during the long class hours!!Cant wait to take my driving test for my license!!

Review №42

Great experience. I loved the the service they give. I enjoy the classes they give and I also want to give a special thanks and recommend each of you to Mrs. Rebecca Suarez. She’s one of the best instructors of the driving school. Every instructor is good. I’ve learned more about being a safe driver thanks to Mrs. Suarez. May God continue blessing her and all that she continues accomplishing in life and helping others. Thank you Admiral Driving School and Mrs. Rebecca Suarez.

Review №43

This school is great! If you believe the opposite then youre just the one with the problem. The instructors are great! I like many others believe that instructor Sekou are real great because of their personality. From my experience the other instructors are great too b/c theyre always attempt to help. The owner isnt shady shes just serious about her job. A businesses is a business and just like everywhere else, everything has to be paid on time. Im personally probably just a fair person so I like to say what is right.

Review №44

These people are by far the most disorganized people i know. I scheduled to rent a car for my MVA appointment a WEEK before. The day of everything is closed and no one is there. I waited till 8:45am or even longer for the person to come. my MVA appointment was at 8:45am. It’s clear they have no respect for time or anything of that sort. Im very disappointed i wasted my time with these people. don’t go here if you don’t have the patience for screw ups.

Review №45

I had a wonderful time here at Admiral! The staff are always happy and ready to accommodate and teach you important tips about driving safely! I went to Admiral Driving School for 2 weeks and all my teachers and driving instructors were very patient, knowledgable and hilarious! I got my license a few days after I finished here, everything I learned here was very useful, everybody there was conscientious, dedicated and had really interesting stories. Scheduling here is not a problem or hassle, Tania the administrator here is great! They sent my certificate out soon! Edgar the owner was very fun. The receptionists Tania and Rachel were very nice! The instructors were all very skillful and my skills test was a piece of cake! I highly recommend Admiral!

Review №46

Thank you to Edgar for such a great experience. Honestly the best driving school in the DMV.

Review №47

This place is great. The staff were patient and the classes were really easy. I would highly recommend this place .

Review №48

I just want to thank Admiral Driving school for all of their hard work and patience. I came to the school with no confidence that I was ready to tale on driving at this point in my life. I was having nightmares about getting into an accident. Needless to say my confidence was low. the instructors at Admiral took their time with me . I made mistake after mistake. They were right there with encouragement and positive reinforcement. I started to show progress in the parking lot sessions. Finally I was able to get on the road and face my biggest fears. Sekou had a major calming presence on me that allowed me to push through my biggest mental barrier. After that it was smooth sailing as I passed the drivers test at the MVA and have not looked back since. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to make driving a reality. You guys are the best!

Review №49

Had an appointment first thing in the morning. The instructor turned up 10min into the appointment, didnt apologize and got straight into the lesson. I asked him to drop me home after the lesson and he said he needs to finish early and be back at the school by the end of the appointed time. I understand that. However there was a bit of a delay and he ended getting back by 15 min past. The owner was a complete bi*ch saying that all other schedules ware delayed because of me and that she lost money. As far as I was concerned I got the full hour for the time I paid for.The instructor grabbed my hand when I was steering because I was not steering enough to make a turn. Cunning way to get a little pervert satisfaction and tells how much he loves his family and he would do anything for his kids. Absolute family man..!!Look at other reviews how good they are. I dont think they are as professional as they claim to be. If I were you especially as a woman and even more if you are attractive. I suggest to ask for a female instructor some where else.

Review №50

This driving school was unlike no other. The instructors know exactly what they are talking about. They teach you in ways that make driving so much easier. I will recommend this place to anyone!!!

Review №51

Personally I would my instructors Lenny and Eugenia for having thought me soo much. I learnt a lot and am very great full for them teaching me how to drive every step of the way. Thankyou to all that work there. BEST Driving school ever

Review №52

The best driving school. The receptionist are very nice and helpful

Review №53

This was a very very great experience for me, I could have taken my road test blindfolded. Admiral driving school taught very very well and the instructor Sekou was an awesome teacher very patient and informal. I would suggest the admiral driving school to all my friends and relatives!!

Review №54

I love Admiral because I even learned how to check the cars fluids with Ms. Rebeca. She is the best teacher ever. I took the btw with the other two instructors who helped me become a great driver. Some students think that they are strict, but they are just following the MVA regulations.

Review №55

Instructors are great they prepared me well for my test! receptionist answered all my questions and they guide me well trough the process of getting my license I highly recommend this school!

Review №56

Not worth coming here. They reschedule your behind wheel constantly and far dates in between each session. Corona Virus delayed everything but they were booked two months even before then so....not worth it everywhere is similar price send your kids somewhere else!

Review №57

I would like to thank Admiral driving school for an exceptional practice both in class and behind the wheel. I got my license and I cant stress how appreciative I am for the help, advice and service.

Review №58

The staff are amazing. The service is fantastic they are so patient. I highly recommend it!!!

Review №59

I am an elderly lady and I would like to share my story with everyone about this great driving school. I got in an accident a long time ago and I was very traumatized to drive again. I was very scared and afraid that after that horrible accident I was never going to have the courage to drive again. On the contrary this school helped me overcome my fear and got me through this tough time. The staff really cared about my situation and they made sure that I felt comfortable with them. In the past I tried to work with another school in the area but they were so rude and uncaring with me. I felt like they had no hope in me at all. They would get agitated with me during my lessons and I was not happy at all. However, Admiral Driving School was very nice and helpful with me. I couldnt believe that after my first lesson I was driving in the street, with a couple more lessons I was driving in the beltway, 270 to be exact. I couldnt imagine that in such a short time was able to drive again. The staff are very professional and understanding, they really care about you and make sure you have all the help you need. I wanted to thank you admiral driving school for taking your time in helping me , recommend to EVERYONE! Thanks

Review №60

The instructors are great, they are all very friendly and the explain thing very well. Im very happy I came here, I recommend coming here, if you are looking for a driving school! :)

Review №61

I scheduled a one hour lesson for the cost of $45 dollars. Only to find out the following day that they charged me $90 dollars. What in the world? After I called them, the receptionist told me that they charge me for the time it takes the instructor to get from his previous appointment to my house and then from my location to the next appointment. I have NEVER heard of such insanity in my life. So imagine if the next appointment was two hours away, they would charge me for that?!!!! In addition to this, they never told me that .. I have been to multiple driving schools and NO ONE has ever used that system. So a fair warning to you all, stay far away from this school. Also, when they ask for your debit card number over the phone do not give it to them, I learnt my lesson the hard way and now I will be taking this issue up with higher authorities. Such bullshit.

Review №62

I Learned how to drive here !!! Myy instructors from this school were so easy on me and were extremely helpful. They taught me how to drive and now I have my license !!. I also took the classes here they are very helpful, fun and you actually learn here. The classes are simple . the staff is super great and Overall I recommend this place to others and everyone. Check it out !!!

Review №63

I had a very good experience at Admiral driving school. Seko took me to the MVA for my driving test and he gave me so many good advice and I got my license. They still need to work on the appointments and communication but the instructors are very nice.

Review №64

Excellent experience with Admiral driving school! Extremely well managed business with great customer service. Thank you Admiral.

Review №65

Some of the instructors are so ignorant and the secretary thats speaks Spanish is the most ignorant person I have ever meet. Tania is the owner but she is so humble. They were running away from me because am a first time drive them not know I know how to drive they start judging me Saikou volunteer to take me on the road so avoid the female drivers they dont speak good English n wants to go with the Spanish people. Mind you they dont take you for full too hours and always late

Review №66

Very good instructors and good experience. If you re looking to get done with your license in timely and good manor and get the tools to pass mva test this is where you should go.

Review №67

I took driving school here not too long ago and I had a cool experience! Class was a whole lot of fun with instructor L & Sekou. They made class engaging and fun. Never thought driving school would be fun! My 6hrs of driving were helpful too. I had less than 10hrs of driving experience and the instructors Eugenio and Sekou helped me a lot on parking and the beltway! Now I am feeling confident about my test day. I would deff recommend this driving school to anyone!

Review №68

Two great instructors make learning about driving enjoyable and easy. Would vote 5 stars but classes can get really boring sometimes.

Review №69

I had a wonderful experience with this school! I was recommended by my aunt, she was afraid to drive for years and after 10 lessons of driving around, she now drives great on the beltway, parallel and reverse parks perfectly and other techniques too. Sekou changed her life for the best because she desperately needed to learn how to drive. Since the first moment that I called the school I got an answer, great customer service since everybody works like a team. I got to work with Syed, Eugenio, Sekou, they are the best. I seriously am so happy I got my license today and the process to get it was very smooth. Thank you Admiral!

Review №70

The instruction and scheduling at Admiral Driving School were phenominal! The instructors were very laid back which gives me the confidence to drive safely.

Review №71

Good school, nice teachers.

Review №72

Attended this driving school, and its really nice for a low price. Instructors are really nice, and services were good.

Review №73

I had a wonderful time at this driving school, the people working are people that are very professional to work with, I would recommend this school to people.

Review №74

The lectures were fine, Seku was a great instructor, and hilarious.Now, on to my on road sessions -The first session was fine, the guy picked me up about an hour late.. That was extremely unprofessional, and he also rushed through the session. He said he had an appointment with another student at 2PM, mine was at noon. The sessions need to be 2 Hours long (so they say) But he picked me up late, and left early to pick up another student...The second lesson was even worse. The instructor barely spoke English, and I could not even understand him. He left me doing my parallel parking alone, as he went into Burger King and talked on the phone. This isnt what I paid for.I just called for my third one, and the lady who answered the phone had no idea what she was saying. First off, she told me I had a balance of $150. Yes, I was told I could pay that once I was finished with everything. She said I had to pay it ASAP...Then once I scheduled my last and final session, she said ok, theres a $35 cancellation fee. There is no need to tell me that. I scheduled for the next day, so obviously Im going to go. Then she went on about I had 18 weeks to complete the program - until April. WRONG. I have until late May. When I started, I was told they would contact me a month or two before I could do my driving test. May is still months before I could.Just terrible service, the owner is shady.Im not even going to touch base with the generic made up reviews on this Google Page.

Review №75

This has to be the WORST school in the whole country.My sister had taken a class from this place few months ago & instructor Seku was nice & friendly but mostly focused on roundabouts while she needed help with more basic stuff. Last Monday Feb. 4th, she had an appointment for behind the wheel for an hour. She needed mostly help with parallel parking.The lady driver was chewing gum and had her cell phone in her hand where she kept glncing as she was getting text messages while my sister was driving on the road. Then she texted a few times and later in the parking lot, while she is trying to parallel park, the lady start taking calls and speaking in spanish while barking instructions at my sister from 10 feet away.So I called a few hours ago to inform them of this, expecting atleast n apology or explanation. First the receptionist feigned surprise and then informed me that lady instructor is no longer with them and the day after that driving class, she left for her country. but then she went on to assure me that she would inform her of this bad experience and at that point I tried to ask why did they send an instructor who was leaving that job in a day and travelling next day.At this point receptionist got testy and at my protest, simply hung up on me. When I redialled, I got the answering machine. I was shocked and called back their other # and asked her for an explanation for hanging up. She got really rude and start making weird accusations. When I asked her name, she said she had told me earlier and if I dont know English, thats not her problem. When I asked the name of the owner, she said its Edgar and he is not there and hung up AGAIN.I plan to get hold of Edgar and cant believe he hires & puts up with such rude & incompetent staff. Ill post again when I do talk to him.Rudest & worst Driving school, Im quite sure.UPDATE: MARCH 21, 2013. After writing my complaint, Mr Edgar replied to my messages and told me that the teacher had been fired (it was her last day when she gave the lesson and had left for her country). He had also given warning to the receptionist. Furthermore he sent me the $45 check, upon my asking. So I consider this matter closed. Thank you Mr Edgar

Review №76

Instructors are friendly and very skilled I recommend this driving school to anyone learning to drive! Passed my test first try.

Review №77

I would recommend all rookie drivers to enroll in this program!

Review №78

The staff are fantastic, they answered all of my questions.

Review №79

Really enjoyed going to this school, Im going to miss it.

Review №80

I found the staff, especially the secretary extremely helpful.

Review №81

World command it to everyone!!!! The teachers are fantastic.

Review №82

I had a wonderful great experience at Admiral Driving School. People working there are way professional.

Review №83

I havent yet finished the school yet but the class is great, havent done the behind the wheel session yet but what makes me irritated is how late they start classes and how late they open up the door.

Review №84


Review №85

Customer service from Melvin was great!!

Review №86

Very nice school, great instructors

Review №87


Review №88

I really liked the school. I learned very quickly. The teacher is very patient and makes me very calm. I love it!

Review №89

I dont know if this is also done in Spanish but I wanted to share that I had a great experience! I loved that they had services in Spanish and all the workers are bilingual. They helped me in everything. Instructor Rebeca Suárez was the best instructor I had. I was in three driving schools and nobody could help me with classes in Spanish like Mrs. Suárez.

Review №90

Very good school, they teach you well, they are friendly, all very well, just a damn secretary who has a mood that she cant stand

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