Avondale High School
2800 Waukegan St, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

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Pictures I took over a 3 year period working at Avondale HS. Met some great people during that time. Enjoy some photos I have taken over the years.

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This school does not respect their teachers. How do they expect the teachers to do a good job when there is so much drama and trouble with the administration. No wonder they have such a high turnover rate for teachers. Makes it really hard on the students to have to continuously adjust.

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This school is a joke ! They say zero tolerance on bullying/ harassment but doesn’t take those situations seriously when it happens! You have to be on the teachers in order for your child to get the help they need!! Do not go to Avondale high school it’s a joke from the principals , teachers , to the athletic department !!

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Its a great High School, both of my girls graduated there.

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Attended the district since elementary school but was at the highschool 2013/14 - 2016/17 (graduating/ed in 17 for future refrence) we were called the worst class ever to come through the district but youd never know it my highschool years couldnt have been better experience you would have to try your hardest to fail and or, be unseen/invisible in this district. I dont know about after this year since a lot of the teachers that care about us kids snd that we care about vare being lost to a buy out or retiring but I would say that even without the couple that are leaving it is a caring district and a very community oriented district that you cant find anywhere else to my knowledge. I mean where else is there a district where the students raised over $30,000 and then use that money and voulunteer their time to pack 100,000 meals to be sent to strangers in Baldwin soup kitchen in pontiac and under fed children in Haitian schools. This district might have its rough spots like kids who joke around and other kids, every district does but this district is to my knowledge the best one in our area we are diverse and kids in this district come from all walks of life and different has taught me not to judge a book by its cover and to accept many different kids of people and I love it. Chalk all that up to school spirit if you want but this is the best and friendliest place to get an education hands down.

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Home to the worlds best Social Worker Amy Campbell

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