Rogers Elementary School
2600 Dexter Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

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I went here. I moved to Arkansas recently. I have been to this school K-3. I love this school and I hoped to see it again to bring back memories of why I love this school so much. I really recommend to enroll your child here!

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Horrible School! Very serious bulling problems going around in this school. My step daughter was verbally sexually harassed here in class by three male students. When she approached her teacher Mrs. Moore to inform her of the situation, her teacher ignored her later telling me she must not of told her or maybe she didnt hear her!! How can you ignore a student who comes to you for help?? To top it all off when we visited the school in regards to this and speaking with the principal, we were assured there was going to be a meeting with the students parents the following Monday at 8AM. Fast forward to that day when we arrive at the school the principal is not even there nor are there any other parents present! There was never a meeting scheduled!!! We were LIED too, my step daughter is being talked to sexually about her private area and she is only 8 years old!!!! How is this acceptable??? The teacher also stated that this type of stuff happens everywhere but then later mentions how her own student is in a private school!!! What makes it even worse after three weeks of keeping her home away from these harassers her teacher makes several comments to my step daughter oh welcome to your first day of school how is your first day of school going? Does this teacher find this situation humorous? Apparently so...last but not least at the beginning of the school year my student brought home a all about me sheet from the teacher it had her photo on it and brief info about the teacher what she likes, favorite color favorite pet etc. The photo was not even her, the photo was a thin tall white woman with very short blond hair., her teacher is African american! Why Will Rogers Why? Save your childrens innocence and enroll them elsewhere!!!

Review №3

I am justin and jason is here with me and the school is the best school that I know and right now I am in six grade and I have good grades thanks to all my teachers

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I love this school i go there i love all my teachers and that school is fun i love music Art Gym and Coumputer lap and Chynaiya goes to my school she is in my class

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I love this school and I go there and I like power co.and I like gym and I like dress down day

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I miss this school i miss all my friends but i had to move because my brother was going to 7th grade when i was in 3rd i wish it was a middle school too

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Really good

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Im gonna enroll my boy here, yea!!!

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Great school

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I love the

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  • Address:2600 Dexter Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States
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