Bennatis Martial Arts
11768 Atwood Rd #1, Auburn, CA 95603, United States

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What makes Bennatis Martial Arts the Best of the Best in Auburn is family and dedication. Without Sensei Bennatis dedication, the dojo wouldnt be what it is. Isshinryu Karate is his life and his passion and it has been since 1992. He loves his students. Students who have trained with him since they were children and are now teaching and mentoring students of their own. Simply put, Family is what you get at Bennatis Martial Arts.If your child is struggling with confidence, respect, self control, bullying, or shyness and anxiety Bennatis is the perfect fit for you. Adults struggling in their careers or personal life can find both solace and grit in the martial arts. Sensei Bennati and his black belt instructors understand these issues and work diligently to correct them all the while teaching traditional martial arts. You cant find anything like that in any other activity. Karate is a way of life.Bennatis will give you the tools to improve and forge success in your life, and they will welcome your family with open arms.

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It doesnt get any better than Bennatis. These instructors truly love teaching others and sharing their knowledge. They get excited when you finally get a move correct and provide inspiration and motivation to continue growing your skills. We started with our daughter 2 years ago and quickly added our son and then my wife and I joined. Their kids classes (Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons) are fun and playful, yet disciplined and controlled. In addition to learning self defense, they teach respect, integrity, honesty, self-discipline, confidence and much more. I have no doubt myself, my wife and my kids are stronger, more confident, caring and aware people because of our training at Bennatis. We plan to continue our training for many years to come.

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We love Bennatis! My son has been training with Sensei Bennati since he was 6 and hes now 19. At every stage in development, karate has benefited him grately. And all these years later he still loves training more than ever. The whole staff is friendly, helpful, professional and passionate about what they do.

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With so many options out there to spend family, quality time - Bennatis Martial Arts, Auburn CA delivers! a generous free trial, weve seen this dojo grow through their service, relationships, professional talent and experience, with dedication and care for every student.

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I love Bennatis. I go there every mondsy-wednesday, and the peoe there are really nice and love what theyre doing. They did everything they couid to help everyone during quarentine, and thats really great.

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Bennatis is a great place. I’ve been training since I was 10 years old and this karate dojo has helped me grow as an individual tremendously. I highly recommend enrolling your kids if they have problems with confidence, listening, or respect

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Sensei Bennati and his entire staff are amazing. My son and daughter attend classes and have been for the past 10 years. They are now 14 and 17, and a lot can happen in 10 years. Here is what happened to them with the guidance of Bennatis Martial Arts:1. They are extremely respectful children.2. They have more self confidence than other children their age.3. I feel a greater amount of comfort knowing they can defend themselves if the need arises.4. They are more confident and outgoing.5. They feel great pride in themselves for obtaining their karate belts and achieving their goals.You cannot go wrong with joining BMA. Either for yourself or your family.

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If you want the real deal Karate from Okinawa, come to Bennati’s. Master Bennati and his instructors will teach you the art of self defense all while having fun, gaining friends and keeping in shape.

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This place is Awesome 😁 Its perfect for the whole family ❤️

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Watching a class full of wiggly kids turn into respectful, focused Tiny Tigers is a delight. Patient, skilled teachers make the atmosphere both disciplined and fun for the beginner.

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Four of our elementary school aged grandchildren are attending here. Huge boost in their confidence over the past year or so. I highly recommend this dojo for children who are insecure, shy and/or being bullied.

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Awesome instructors, energetic atmosphere, and the people here really care about the students and their families.I was a little terrified at first, but Sensei Bennati is so encouraging that I got over my nerves pretty quick. Not only have I improved my fighting/defense skills but my confidence, focus, and self-control has grown as well.I am so grateful to be apart of the Bennatis Martial Arts family.

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I have trained under Sensei Bennati for 16 years and he is an amazing instructor and person. The dojo he has created is incredible. Everyone who walks in the school is welcome and feels a part of the dojo family. The instructors truly love what they do and take time to work with and get to know each individual who trains there. If you are looking for traditional, life changing Martial arts, look no further.

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A wonderful place!

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Great experience here.

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Favorite spot

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