Milestones Learning Center
1811 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

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I worked here when it was Milestones. Loved the space, the kids and the experience but the way it was ran was just horrible. They didn’t care about the kids or the teachers. So glad to see it being filled with a loving environment. Miss my 2 and 4 year old room!

Review №2

BBMA has been fantastic for our infant. We are very happy with her care, but also the communication from the Staff. The Kidreport app lets us keep track of what our baby is doing through the day. We would recommend BBMA to any family looking for a school that is more than just daycare.

Review №3

The reason we accepted Big Blue Marble Academy as our child care provider for our son was simply because of first impression. This daycare offers a caring, vibrant, clean and stimulating environment for all kids.

Review №4

Love the whole staff here!! They made the transition for both me and my child super easy!

Review №5

I am a first time parent, and it can be an anxious experience to start your child in daycare. I recently enrolled my son here under the new ownership of Big Blue Marble and I could not be happier with this facility! He is being engaged every day, and when I get him home he is so much more animated and talkative (as much as one can be for 4 months old). The staff takes great covid precautions with pickup, dropoffs and the rooms, and they always make it a really fun experience for him and for me every day. I think any time you take your kid to day care you need to expect that they are going to be exposed to more germs and be sick a little more, but thats going to happen whether it be day care, preschool, kindergarten, church or sports. Its unavoidable if you want your child to interact with the world outside of your home. If you are looking for a learning center / day care that offers real engagement, wonderful teachers and staff, and parent peace of mind - I highly recommend Big Blue Marble on e Glenn!

Review №6

We have tried Milestones on two separate occasions - first when our son was an infant (8 weeks to 4 months old) and now when he turned 18 months old. Both times the experience was HORRIBLE (not sure why we even decided to give them a second chance after the first times issues). As an infant, he was sick every alternate week while at Milestones. One week he would go to Milestones and catch something, then we would keep him home for a week and fix him up. The next week he would catch something else again. It was a perpetual cycle because of which we decided to pull him out.He then restarted daycare (somewhere else) when he was a year old. For 6 months he was relatively healthy - barring the occasional cough / cold. We started him back at Milestones this week (i.e. 18 months). He has been there all of 3 days and already he has caught a stomach bug. This place is horrible! On day 1 when we went to pick him up, his milk cup was not washed and just sitting around. The second day, his pacifier was missing. When I asked the teacher where his pacifier was, she started looking among the toys. That should have been my first clue - if the teacher is looking for a pacifier amongst the toys, god alone knows how many kids have put it in their mouth! And the pacifier had a string attached to it, so they could just have clipped it to our son, but they did not care to do that. The teachers as such are a bunch of college kids, and most of them have no clue what they are doing. As such, it is a revolving door for teachers; there is so much turnover that almost anyone you speak with says they are new. If you care for your childs health, please stay away from this place!

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My daughter worked there a few years ago during college. She had a terrible experience. She was sick so often that we made her quit! She often had worker kids which made her number of children per adult be over regulation. Toys were not cleaned effectively. I’d suggest looking elsewhere or you’ll end up paying for daycare and taking sick days from work to take care of your child.

Review №8

I am not happy with the experience I had at Milestones. The teachers were always on their cellphones when I came to pick up my child. It seemed like the teachers were just babysitting--instead of actually teaching and interacting with my child. Management didnt seem to care about my concerns with the lack of interaction, in fact the director is hardly ever there. There were also times when my child was hurt and no one could tell me how it happened. The rooms look boring and the staff is unprofessional. I would look elsewhere before taking my child here!

Review №9

Their facility is very new, so it looks good if you take a tour as a first time visitor. My child kept getting sick during his stay, and I had to withdraw him from the center after I found him another place. They use plugin air fresheners with VERY STRONG scent, even an adult would feel very uncomfortable while staying in the room. I was really worried that my sons health might be hazarded by those chemical stuff. Are those things allowed to be used in a childcare center by regulation? Also, their playground is paved with pebbles, which is ridiculous and rather unsafe for outdoor activities!

Review №10

The worst day care Ive ever met! No responsibility on your kids :(

Review №11

Bad experience while working there the staff was very awful towards me , a few girls Ive known that worked there never received their money after working for weeks and definitely my last check wasnt given to me with all my hoursrecommend new directors in the front office.

Review №12

So bad.

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