BR Krav Maga - Kickboxing Fitness & Self Defense (Airlinei12)
10510 Airline Hwy Suite C, Baton Rouge, LA 70816, United States

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Baton Rouge Krav Maga is an excellent workout facility where you can learn fundamentals of kickboxing as well as advance in Krav Maga and other self defense techniques. The trainers are welcoming and have a lot of knowledge in this area that they are eager to share with you! They will take their time in instruction and teach at whatever level you enter the facility. This is an excellent way to stay in shape and have fun learning new skills. Go check them out!

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I love this place.If you had never tried kickboxing you should definitely join.You will not regret it.Everyone is super nice.They will make you sweat :)

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I love this place. Fun, friendly atmosphere while getting fit. Feels like family

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Its average. The ufc gym has more equipment, better locker and shower areas, and is much cheaper. They want $150 a month pretty insane for what they are.

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Awesome gym overall--great staff, classes, and comradery!My husband and I were looking for a place that was not your typical gym--we wanted a place to work out and get back into shape, sure, but we also wanted, being newcomers to the Baton Rouge area, a place where we could meet people and feel welcomed and supported. BR Krav Maga delivers on all fronts, from fitness to community.Classes are challenging but still open to modification, if you need it, and there is plenty of class variety so you'll never get bored with your fitness routine and you'll have tons of opportunity to level up your ability. What's more, there are 2 locations so you can be sure you'll get your fill of your favorite classes all week long.I highly recommend BR Krav Maga to anyone looking to not only get in shape and stay in shape, but also to those wanting to learn how to defend themselves effectively while in the company of a supportive group of instructors and members.

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Love the kickboxing classes!!! I've done it all boot camp, spin classes, working out on my own... Nothing beats this!! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Also, there is no intimidation here. Everyone is into their own workout!!

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I absolutely love this place. The instructors are awesome and the classes are fun; tough but fun. I really feel my body transforming and getting into shape. Everyone is so friendly.

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Very clean, and Very welcoming atmosphere! Very knowledgeable staff and helpful in reaching your specific goals. Best workout over any conventional gym!

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Just completed the 6 week challenge with BR Krav Maga and I'm down 26 lbs. This place is awesome! The staff is amazing! The workouts are fun and never boring. Your accountability coach will provide you with a complete meal/ nutritional plan which is very important to anyone attempting to reach a weight loss goal. Trust me, you won't regret signing up here. Thanks BR Krav Maga!

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Very rounded skills base and solid resumes of the instructors helps with teaching a students of various skill levels . Always supportive of everyone no matter where they are on the training path . Highly recommend BR Krav Maga to everyone thinking about self defense or fun exercise classes !

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Today was my FIRST day joining the 6 week challenge and I LOVE the atmosphere! These guys are super nice, professional, motivating and will work you into a deep sweat in 30, yes THIRTY, minutes. I was sweating bullets my minute 7 and feel awesome and amped up! If you're interested in learning more, I suggest you check it out. VERY positive environment that's judgment free! :0)

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Words can’t express the life changing experience and transformation journey I have received at BRKM. Destin and his wonderful team of employees (Christina, Kyle, Stephanie) and many more are truly dedicated in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. What I appreciate the most is the community of adrenaline and the push to keep you moving past your fears and to know you can do anything that you put your mind to. Looking forward to this continued life journey, life-style change and a family of wonderful people that supports you in your goals and phenomenal results. Thank you BRKM there is no other like you or kickboxing facility can compare to you guys. YOU TRULY HAVE THE RIGHT FORMULA!!! LEVEL UP EVERYONE!!!

Review №13

A great daily challenge to improve health and fitness for anyone. Great instructors. Excellent workouts. Friendly staff and owner. You will build strength and endurance while learning new skills. Come on!!

Review №14

Just successfully completed the six week challenge last weekend. Goal was to lose 6% body fat. Ended up losing 11.5%. Also lost over 20 pounds in the process. The BR Krav Maga staff was very helpful and supportive throughout the six week challenge. They kept me accountable for attending the sessions and sticking with the nutrition plan. The workouts were challenging but fun. I recommend Krav Maga to anyone serious about getting in shape and being the best they can be.

Review №15

I was looking for a program to help me get back in shape and to teach me to have a healthier lifestyle. I stumbled across Krav Maga and did the 6 week challenge, it was the most challenging 6 weeks but it was worth it. I was an competitive swimmer my whole life and when I got to LSU I did not have the time to swim and I lost some of the muscle that I had gained from swimming. During the 6 week challenge, I was able to get all my muscle back and get back to the shape I was in when I was a competitive athlete. The team over at BR Krav Maga truly want the best for you and to see you succeed. Special thanks to Stephanie and Kyle for their time and patience with me. I was able to beat my goal and now I have a healthier lifestyle!

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This is the best place to start a new chapter in life. If fit and healthy is your goal then BR Krav Maga is for you! There are multiple class sessions to fit your busy schedule. The staff are the BEST and very encouraging. They taught me just how strong I was when I put my mind to it. My goal was to move towards a healthy new life and loose weight. Well, I did it ....I'm down 29 lbs and feeling GREAT! I would not change anything about the program from the work outs to meal prep. The program is AWESOME and it WORKS 100%! Come in today and start your new life! I DID!!!!!

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Great place. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Workouts are INTENSE but not difficult. Good variety of classes too.

Review №18

The sales people are pushy. They gave me a freeze form to sign when I clearly wanted to cancel, and said it would be fine. I was charged $10 a month until I caught it. The charge on your card is unclear it is listed as ABC financial - nothing Karv Maga related at all. When I called them receptionist said she would email me a copy of the form, but I have not received it. When I brought this to their attention they said they would cancel the membership but didn’t refund the charges. Just keep in mind that cancelling is an issue.

Review №19

I just completed the 6 week challenge and I lost 6.5% body fat! I loved everything about BRKM. Everyone on staff was attentive and genuinely interested in my growth and well-being. The meal plan is laid out well and easy to follow. Every time I went in for a workout it was something new and kept me on my toes. I highly recommend BRKM if you are looking for something that is high energy and going to keep you motivated!

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I joined the 6 week challenge and had to lose 6% body fat as opposed to the 20 lbs because of my starting weight. I followed the program to a T and lost 5.4% and 14.2 lbs. Was I happy with those results, absolutely, but if you don't have a significant amount of weight to lose, I don't recommend joining this challenge because it will be difficult to reach the required numbers.

Review №21

Just successfully completed the six week challenge! The people at Krav really made the process a whole lot easier with the meal plan and the flexibility of the hours to workout with an instructor. If you're looking to lose weight and are willing to do everything they tell to do, this is great place to do it at.

Review №22

Challenge accepted... and challenge completed.7 weeks ago while complaining about my weight I saw on Facebook an invitation to accept a 6 weeks challenge in which you were supposed to loose 6% of your body fat at the BR Krav Maga fitness gym.... I said, Why not!!!6 weeks later I must say that I've lived one of the greatest experiences ever... training was hard, but how said it was gonna be easy???To Rhonda, my coach, thank you for taking care of all details during my training.To the trainers, mainly Nick Rodriguez and Maurice, you guys are the best. These guys they really know what they do... not only the way they trained me but the way they encouraged the whole group by increasing the intensity of the training.Thank y'all for helping changing my lifestyle.If I have to shortly describe this training I would say THIS IS REAL!!!See you guys in two weeks. Y'all are the best.

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Great atmosphere, knowledgeable and encouraging staff. If you want to get healthy and let out a little frustration this is a great way to do both. I only recommend to those willing to put in the work though. It can get tough, but delivers great results.

Review №24

I don’t know where to start!!!! They are simply amazing people! The environment is friendly, everyone is so caring and encouraging. I could honestly say making the decision to join is one of my best decisions in life!!! I love you guys

Review №25

I completed the 6 week challenge at BR Krav Maga and I rocked it! I was only hoping to losing 10-15lbs but actually loss 27.5 lbs in 6 weeks. I enjoyed the kickboxing/cardio classes! All the instructors was awesome! If you want to make a life style change you definitely looking in the right place!

Review №26

Baton Rouge Krav Maga...Words can't express how far I've come. I remember being so skeptical at first, but I was so glad I pushed myself to take on a challenge. All the trainers were extremely motivating and encouraged me all the way through. I feel so motivated now and the workouts gave me a kickboxing high. Meaning I come from being a couch potato to now wanting to run/walk daily. Thanks so much for bringing out a new beast me!!!

Review №27

I am doing the 6 week challenge and it has been awesome! I have never been so motivated during workouts. The staff is encouraging and helpful along the way! This is the most healthy way I have ever lost weight.

Review №28

This place is by far my favorite of all time. The instructors know exactly what they're teaching, the front desk and management are always excited and happy to see you, and there's always such AWESOME music playing! They not only taught me to feel safe about walking around anywhere, but they provided me the means to get up OFF my butt and make a change and a difference in my life with constantly upgraded meal plans, top-notch fitness classes, and coaching along the way. They really do want to help everyone not only lose weight and feel great, but feel like they belong to a second family!Unlike other gyms I've been to where the price is cheap but the quality is horrible, BRKM is ABSOLUTELY worth the price! Frankly, I'm surprised I don't pay more for the place! I wish I could give more than 5 stars because this place is such a godsend.

Review №29

When I first signed up at BR Krav Maga, I wasn't sure what to expect. Many martial art forms seem to favor form over function, but I quickly learned that Krav Maga is practical, efficient, and effective. The instructors are engaged, knowledgeable, and excellent at communicating their knowledge. The kickboxing, sparring, and fitness classes are great for conditioning and weight loss (I lost 20 lbs over the course of the first few months). They have classes which cater to all levels of fitness and ability. The instructors and other students are kind, respectful, and extremely helpful.I highly recommend BR Krav Maga to anyone. No one should feel intimidated at the thought of joining. If I hadn't moved across the country, I would be there right now. My only complaint is that they don't have a location in the state of Maine.

Review №30

Entire staff is so friendly and encouraging. Really great environment for everyone. Workouts are fun and i found great results after my 6 week challenge!

Review №31

Mark CreechI completed the 6 week challenge on Saturday 2/17/20181/8/2018 start wt:265.22/17/2018 end wt 226I LOST 39.2 LBS IN LESS THAN 6 WEEKSclass is walk in at any time and just start. Bust your tail and do 30 mins of solid exercise and then your done. Diet is 80% of the battle. The staff is fantasticJUST DO IT!!!!!

Review №32

Destin is a phenomenal practitioner and instructor. He has built a top notch operation, that focuses on delivering the best customer experience that you’ll find in the Baton Rouge area. Do yourself a favor and get started with them today!

Review №33

Awesome staff. Everyone is very friendly and excited to help you reach your fitness goals, gaining or losing weight.

Review №34

I am in the best shape of my 28 year old life right now, thanks to BRKM! I have never felt so supported through a program as I have with them. I did the 6 week kickboxing bootcamp and felt like my mind and body were both challenged. They told us to not be afraid of the bag, and I felt like a warrior by the end of the 6 weeks. Kyle, Nick, Audra (sp?), Stephanie, hell... the whole team were great coaches! Kyle hooked me up on the facebook group and was available for one-on-one help. He even went as far as to screen all of my meals via text pics to make sure I was on track with the meal plan. That is devotion! I couldn't have met my goal without them, 6% body fat GONE. I am overjoyed and looking forward to using more of those diet tips as I continue my healthful and fit lifestyle.

Review №35

Hey Everyone!! I would love to tell y’all about my experience with BRKM! I loved it !I just finished my 6 WEEK CHALLENGE and reach my goal weight of 128.8. Now my challenge was to gain the weight of 13 pounds .It took hard work and dedication but I pulled it off and you can too! I recommend BRKM to everyone who is looking to change their body and lifestyle! The scale moved for me and it will move for you too!#BATONROUGEKRAVMAGA #BRKM #Summerbody #Healthyweight

Review №36

I have been a member since Jan 2018, initially started with the interest in the 6 week transformation program. Well, its July and lets just says My body has transformed drastically!! 80+ pounds to be exact and still training to look even better and stay fit!!!! Big shout out and cheer to the team at BRKM/Airline for unapologetic support, friendship, motivation, push, push, and push, they definitely hold you ACCOUNTABLE, but people you have to want it bad enough to see a difference in yourself. The team is only a fraction of the effort needed to see results. I’m glad I’m a member, family of Krav and thrilled to know these wonderful folks/trainers #5Stars #Phenomenal #TeamAmazing #ThisReveiwIsARealPerson #P thanks guys

Review №37

I love this place. Went there 196 lbs with ~28.5 BMI. I took the challenge now I'm a solid 180 with BMI 21. I feel better. mission accomplished...Thanks to all the instructors. I will be back soon for other classes...

Review №38

Love the training, both the fitness and self defense classes are great. I fell off for a little while and they called me to ask me why I have not been coming and got me motivated again. I have had memberships at other gyms and stopped going and nobody seemed to care. BR Krav Maga staff spends a lot of time and effort in making sure that you are getting the results that you signed up for.

Review №39

Just completed the 6 week challenge! Overall, I really liked the program and what it offered! Cassie and adam were extremely supportive during the times when I thought that the goal was unattainable. To be successful one has to put in 100% and be disciplined. If you want it you will succeed here. The program works. My suggestion for the vegetarian/ vegan meal plan is more options without so much soy. The options were limited and I found myself struggling with the same meal everyday all day. In addition, when trying the other veggie options I had no results in that week. Thank you to everyone at the facility! Shoutout to Nick and Maurice for the awesome workouts!

Review №40

Thank you BRKM! After 2 weeks of healthier eating & 6 workouts , I started seeing major impovements! I had doubts after having one week with no weight lost, but I continued to push forward! The challenge was not only successful for me but my wife & children were able to loss weight and learn to make healthier choices. Now the challenge is complete! I’m down 27lbs! I’m looking forward to implementing the things I’ve learned for a lifetime! Thanks BRKM for helping me become a better me! #rbrady

Review №41

Top notch gym with some of the best instructors! From the start all staff was very polite and eager to answer any and all questions. I participated in the 6 week challenge and feel great because of it. The gym offers quick 30 minute kick boxing classes and a few longer classes for Krav Maga. I stayed with the kick boxong classes because it fit in well with my busy schedule. Having never done any type of kick boxing before didnt affect the workouts in the least. Each workout is broken down into very easy to understand steps. Truly a great gym!

Review №42

Best workouts ever. The Krav Maga classes have given me so much more confidence, I don't get scared when I'm home by myself or when I go out with the girls. They have designated me the group bodyguard. The TRX class w/ Blake was super fun. I can't wait to try some of the other fitness classes.

Review №43

I have been going to BR Krav for 6 weeks now. Everyone here is very motivational, and helpful in my weight loss journey. They helped me drop 25lbs so I can look a little better in my suit.

Review №44

BR Krav Maga is a great fitness and self defense solution for any demographic. Whether you're looking to drop a few lbs. in a friendly group atmosphere or get in touch with your inner Tiger by learning how to neutralize an attacker, BRKM can get you results. Call the professional and courteous staff to check out this program for your fitness and wellness needs!

Review №45

Looking for a way to reboot working out, I was thinking to start with a 6-week challenge program and I chose BR Krav Maga because of closeness to my home, because the program involved kickboxing and self-defense techniques and because they set me up with a meal plan just for me, and they also told me what my goal should be according to my body type. The gym is casual, and feels like a family, even after only being here for 6 weeks. Destin, the owner, is a guy that really knows his business, understands fitness and is a certified Fit-to-Fight instructor for self-defense. The people here are super friendly, top-notch instructors and very motivating. They are really dedicated and focused on each individual's development and provides great workouts session that accommodates different schedules.In just 6 weeks I was able to learn a bunch of new ways to train my body as well as improve my eating habits and I would have never imagined that the results could have been this successful. I lost about 26 pounds and more than 6% body fat. BR Krav Maga is one of the best gym environments I've ever been in. I feel really great about this gym!If you're looking for a place to lose weight and get into better shape, to learn self-defense techniques, to exercise while having a blast at the same time or just workout at your own pace, this is the place for you.If for whatever reason you are skeptical about joining, don't even think about it twice! You won't regret it! BRKM will make a difference in your life!

Review №46

BR Krav Maga has been the best life change I have ever made! I went in for my first class nervous and scared, never having tried anything like this before. Destin and Blake were so great explaining, teaching and motivating me through the whole class. I signed up the same day and have been going for 5 straight months now and have no intentions of stopping. All of the staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and so knowledgeable. They all know you by name and are eager to help everyone with their individual goals.There are so many different classes to choose from! The kickboxing fitness class is my personal favorite because it’s super high energy, which I love and great cardio overall. It’s something different every day, and never the same boring routine, which has caused me to fail in the past. I’ve also lost nearly 15 pounds from working out with BR Krav Maga. I’ve gained so much more endurance, confidence, and self-esteem in day to day life. It’s been so rewarding. I recommend Br Krav Maga to anyone and everyone!

Review №47

Great trainers, fast paced, continuous class - which makes it easy to get in & get a full workout w/out worrying about getting caught in traffic & missing out! Tough but helpful meal plan & great staff geared to getting you to your goal! You will see results!

Review №48

When i joined the 6 week challenge at BR Krav Maga @ Airline location, I thought it would be difficult to achieve the target but people and staff over this location motivated in all ways to make it successful with a proper meal plan and workouts. I lost 6.3% body fat in 6 weeks. I'm very happy that i registered at this location for 6 week challenge. They taught me how strong i was towards a healthy lifestyle and loose weight.I strongly recommend BR Krav Maga to anyone who wants to loose their weight and start a new healthy life

Review №49

Great facility if you are looking to get into shape . They are very hands on and care that you meet your weight loss goals . Great Staff and even better facility !!

Review №50

This is the best self defence class you could take.My husband and I were extremely impressed! It is a very professional physicality. The instructor, Adam Sibley, is everything you want ion an instructor, but far.This is a styles for women and men.

Review №51

I had a great experience at BRKM. It's not your typical gym. All the classes are group fitness which motivate you to be better. The classes are perfect size which makes for great one on one with the instructors. Every class has a new and different lesson so you are not doing the same mundane routine over and over again like most gyms around. They push you to your limits but each routine is suitable for all body types, age & gender. All of the instructors and staff are very helpful and go above and beyond to make your experience the best it can be. I would recommend this gym to anyone. Thanks BRKM I have finally found my home!

Review №52

Great place to workout and learn how to kickbox. The people are very professional with a energetic instructors. I love this place

Review №53

Highly recommended!BRKM offers a variety of self-defense and fitness courses. The instructors are knowledgable, helpful, and tough. The workouts are strenuous. I believe anyone who pushes to give all they can in the classes will be rewarded. It ain't easy, but it works!I'm just shy of 62 years old. I started at BRKM about 10 months ago. Not only is my overall endurance and sense of well-being much better than it used to be, but I'm wearing smaller clothes as well. I feel like I've made a positive change in my life... one that will improve my quality of life for years to come.

Review №54

I saw a post on Facebook where you would get 6-weeks free to help Krav Maga with their marketing. I called to see what the requirements were for the free 6-weeks and the guy on the phone said there is a catch but I can't give it to you over the phone. I went to the 15 minute appointment to see what it was all about and they want to charge you $499 over a 5 week time period. You have to sign a contract that you will lose 25 lbs in 6 weeks or 6% of your body fat. Losing 4.25lbs per week is not healthy but you are building muscle and to weight in at a 25lb weight loss in 6 weeks is going to be incredibly difficult. They also mentioned that they use their BMI measuring devices so I can assume it would be hard to lose 6% of your body fat. I got a schedule of their classes and there aren't many to choose from and you are required to attend 3 per week. I think this marketing idea is setting people up for failure in Krav Maga's favor. I don't like practices like this.

Review №55

Excellent cardio workout while also learning real-life, practical self-defense. Awesome!!!

Review №56

I've been to several places looking to learn self defense, this is one of the best imo.

Review №57

Hands down 1 of the best workout programs that I've experienced in the Baton Rouge area!!!!

Review №58

Love this place!!!

Review №59

Great facility! Best place for Krav in BR

Review №60

Great Stuff!! 100 all the way...

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