Apollo Elementary School
1901 N Peniel Ave, Bethany, OK 73008, United States

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The only reason I gave it a 1 star is because I had too, in order to write this review. They play favoritism with their employees kids who attends that school. When you go in the office at times it looks like a daycare. There kids sick eating chicken noodle soup. Can my daughter do this? No..... Im glad that they get paid to nurse there sick kids at work. While your and mine are sent home for a fever. I often ask myself is this a daycare? Yes, for their kids only. To all thee parents at this school pack a lunch for your child/children they are feeding these children burnt food at times and they do not eat it. I bring my child lunch 5 times a week. It breaks my heart to have to sit there and endure the pain of watching the other children not eat or just drink milk. I mention it to Angie and she laughed at me.They would rather let the children starve at school, than to give them a snack. My child has 18 children in her class today 3 of them with a packed lunch. 12 trays of food these children didnt eat and 6 full milks, so you have 6 kids out of 18 that has ate. Although thats not including the rest of the children in the school. These kids are being starve to death slowly at school; How are these kids supposed to excel at school? Some these children are not getting any food!!!!!!! This is one of the reason why they have a D+ because these kids are learning on a empty stomach. Thee principal Angie doesnt careless, if they eat because shes not eating that food. Every since Angie has taken over the school it has declined academically. I encourage you parents to go up there and eat lunch with your child. Check your school facts, if you dont already know. When she got this position they must of was just handing it out to anybody.. Your a principle and your a principle. Whomever is reading this, is a principle too... There are a few great teachers that make up for the bad ones, I truly appreciate them. They are the ringmaster that continue to tame this circus of a school.

Review №2

I honestly wish Oklahoma would at least give you the opportunity to choose what school your child attends. It shouldnt have to be decided upon where you live. I hate that my son comes home everyday saying how much favoritism his teacher shows other students. I even witnessed this with my own eyes with the ones that are over sports and other school activities. He have been to three different schools since we have moved here and this is the only one I wish he could have NOT gone to.

Review №3

My children have attended Apollo for almost 2 years at this point, and upon my first conversation with the priniciple today, I am appalled and disgusted with her handling of this situation. She acted as childish as the students she is supposed to be setting an example for, resolved absolutely nothing, and was arrogant, rude, conceited and hateful. Good luck if you choose this school, maybe if youre not Caucasian she will respond differently to you, as that seems to be where favoritism reigns supreme!!

Review №4

I really hate that my niece has to attend this school. Its very disturbing for the principal to be as juvenile as the students when theyre supposed to be an example. There really needs to be more invested in public education because, except for a very few good teachers, this school has the bottom of the barrel.

Review №5

Awesome school this school is great you go on field trips and learn a lot and its a Putnam city school and Putnam city schools are way better than Oklahoma city public schools and south west schools so do me a favor and go to Apollo elementary school or any school but it has to be a Putnam city school please.

Review №6

I love the teacher Mrs.hall shes awesome I went there pre-k through half of 1st grade and it was awesome I loved it and the out of uniform was great now I go to a school with uniform which is boring

Review №7

I went there kindergarten -5 grade! Its amazing school, I loved it. ☺ I had tears going back with my cousin to meet her teacher. Btw my names Kera Griggs

Review №8

I when there for 4th in 5th grade its a excellent. School the teachers up there is very nice

Review №9

Still going there! absotly amazing! i have been here since pre k ! now i am 4th i wish i never leave this school! best teacher: MISS KENSEY! i am in miss hales class my name is alexsys anyone herd of me?

Review №10

FAVORITE SCHOOL OF ALL TIME...Im in 7th grade now but I will never forget mrs.chyzy...mrs.patric....my 2 favorite teachers I cried all day on the last day of 5th grade

Review №11

The phone answering ladyis too freaking rude!!Could someone retrain her on her phone manners!She makes Apollo school look bad

Review №12

The happy teacher is Miss Moore and Miss K

Review №13

I went here for 2-5th grade I miss it so much and I would do anything to come back

Review №14

My 5 grader and 2 3 grader go to the school they it

Review №15

I have been there for 12 years and i like it

Review №16

Very good school

Review №17

I think there are excellent teachers, but I am having problems with the secretary, she is Hispanic and she is not kind, she is arrogant and I feel frustrated because I do not speak English and I cannot ask anything, because it is arrogant and there is favoritism, and it is already the secretary and the word one is worth it until I feel less 😏

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