Missouri Valley Family YMCA
1608 N Washington St, Bismarck, ND 58501, United States

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Awesome YMCA, I travel all over the US and this is one of the best YMCAs Ive been to. Lots of selection of equipment, nice cardio equipment, and nice locker room. I would highly recommend visiting this YMCA.

Review №2

Great customer service by Cody! Cody gave me a tour of the facility and answered all of my questions/concerns. The YMCA is very clean, efficient and all the staff were friendly and so very helpful. Five-star-rating.

Review №3

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, UNDENIABLY, ABNORMALLY AND AMAZINGLY rare kind of service that unfortunately I will get nowhere else. Lovely place.

Review №4

Best gym in the area in my book, plenty of equipment and has not been too crowded when i go during the day, im sure at nights if fills up pretty good with all the family activities they have there. I wish they had a dry sauna but they dont, there are steam rooms in the locker rooms though. (its nice being able to rent a locker and keep your stuff there as well)

Review №5

Great place to be and safe for my boys to be at as well. Just started the child watch and very happy that they have something for my 6 and 8 yr old, while I get some exercise in. I addition have also been able to introduce my 11 yr old to the gym. They also provide some family nights where my boys can bounce, climb walls and just run around and play. They always look forward to movie night!

Review №6

Great variety of classes, awesome instructors, and friendly staff.The building needs some updates and improvements/maintenance. Looks like theyve done some, and slowly working on more. Theyve updated some cardio and weight equipment.The studio rooms need new equipment like hand weights and mats especially, as they are wore out and falling apart. The gym definitely needs new mats in the stretching area because they are discolored, badly wore, and falling apart.Other than that, its a great facility.

Review №7

This was the worst place we have ever taken our family of 6. We will never be back. Staff was rude in the pool area. They have no infant life vests,and dont allow you to use a brand new one you just bought for the occasion. Our kids are very active and love the slides and being free as they swim. Here they wouldnt allow my children to use the slide because they werent tall enough. They are used to going down slides when the water is deeper what makes it so different here. They watched my kids very closely and yelled at them, and my husband. This was our first and last time at this facility. The 30 minutes we spend there was enough.

Review №8

Best Y! in the Midwest! I wish we can still visit this Y! unfortunately we already moved to Fresno.

Review №9

Affordable prices and nice clean astaffelment place to work out at

Review №10

Love this Y! Fantastic locker rooms, modern equipment, and plenty of space for all your exercise needs

Review №11

Ive spend the 15$ a day to come here while I stay. I was really excited when I found out that there is a week pass for 35. When the miss asked the other gentleman at the desk if she just adds on the 3 extra dollars a day on to the 35 for the week for the premium locker room he told her it’s an extra 8 dollars per day! I quote “I really need you to not do it for 3 dollars a day” and “we keep the prices high for that locker room so it’s exclusive for our members”.I visit here for 3-7 days every 1-2 months to work out...paying the daily rate that’s a lot of lost revenue. Treat your daily guests like you treat your members and they’ll become members.

Review №12

Family friendly , fun, and a lot of different things you’re able to do there. Recommend especially if you’re bored and need some more fun in your life or if you wanna get to the gym and get your gains in

Review №13

Great facility with amazing staff members!

Review №14

Don’t get me wrong, I love the y and go here every day in the summer but if it had some sort of boxing area it would be perfect or at least a punching bag and speed bag

Review №15

Plenty of equipment to ensure you can get a good workout even when its busy. Very clean facility. Polite and helpful staff. One of the best gyms Ive been to.

Review №16

With all the remodels at the Y...its gone plaid! The child watch is probably the best part. I can get a stress free workout in knowing my kids are enjoying themselves

Review №17

Love the family wellness center. Great staff, amazing child watch program and always clean. Just wish they offered towel service

Review №18

My wife and I came here while traveling, and had a great experience. We got in for a $15 family day pass which in my experience is VERY affordable (It is $12 for a single adult, which is still reasonable). They also offer a weekly family pass for $40 ($35 for a single adult) if you are around longer than we were. They had all the equipment you could dream of, including what we wanted: a real power rack (they had a ladder rack too), and believe it or not, 3 platforms with Olympic bumper plates. Highly recommended for anyone who is into powerlifting/Olympic lifting.

Review №19

Great pillar to the community, great staff and facility......

Review №20

Water aerobics is at 10:45am. I like the group of women and the instructors. I am going to keep going. It makes me feel good and I like when my body is a little sore from working out.

Review №21

Very friendly, has everything I need, no complaints

Review №22

Great place to workout but needs to be updated to a 24/7 gym. Has a good assortment of equipment and amenities.

Review №23

Memberships here are not cheap. The building is on the older side. Navigating through the building is difficult and sometimes feels like a maze. I do enjoy the large weight room and wide selection of fittness equipment. There is also a wide variety of other activities such as basketball, racquetball, and fitness classes. Overall if you can get over the price and can learn how to navigate this building, this is a great place to get a membership.

Review №24

Boasting as the home of the city’s state capital, this Y follows right along as the best YMCA in the state. Staff and people are friendly and the facility is absolutely stellar. Equipment is right up to date for both cardio and weights and is a vast variety in great condition. Men’s locker room should be a model standard for every gym in the State.

Review №25

A great place employees are very helpful and friendly.

Review №26

They allow National Guard soldiers to do their PT tests there and I think thats pretty great.

Review №27

Its a wonderful place to work out, bring the kids for fun activities and crossing my fingers my daughter gets the job she applied for, it will be a great place for her to be.

Review №28

Good place for every family... you can go and workout while they babysit for you or go swimming with the family after workouts.

Review №29

Good location, usually very busy. Everyone is very nice. There are many options for classes and things to do. Overall its a good facility but is higher on the price scale compared to other gyms in the area.

Review №30

I love going to the ymca. They dont judge you. If you want to swim and have a good time. They let you be you.

Review №31

Our kids go to daycare here, we couldnt be happier with the program, they do a fantastic job. Its pretty hard to get into, especially for a kid under 2, but once you are in, you understand why they are so popular.

Review №32

Great organization at work in the Bis/Man community to care for people! The leadership and employees are wonderful. I always love going there.

Review №33

Horribly undersized, under staffed, and over priced. Needs major updates and new cleaning schedule. Bismarck needs a better facility than this

Review №34

Great workout facility. Usually busy but big enough to where you shouldnt have to wait long to use any machine.

Review №35

Love that place. You find many activities for you and family all in one place

Review №36

Top notch facility. Nicest weight room I have seen in a very long time. Huge selection of equipment and clean.

Review №37

Could have better hours for the slide in the pool

Review №38

Great place. Love the water slide.

Review №39

It is the best GYM in ND.

Review №40

The price might be a tish too high but in my opinion it is well worth it I bring my kids there when I go work out and every time I bring them into their child services they know my name and they know my kids name without having to look at a computer they have bouncy houses in the gym floor every Tuesday and Thursday for your little ones to get wore out

Review №41

Facility has a lot of classes, lots of exercise equipment, and weights to choose from. Two indoor tracks in addition to that make it why I go there. Plus the fact that I dont need a contract and can put my membership on hold. Good hours, friendly staff. Only two issues are the parking can be terrible fall-spring -- events at the next-door hockey arena often take over the lot. There is also a tendency for no one to police the indoor tracks upstairs and so youll often have kids running around in wrong directions and make a nuisance of themselves when the rules clearly say they arent supposed to be up there.

Review №42

The ymca has everything you need and then some for a good workout. Also they have an amazing child care program where they will watch your child while you work out.

Review №43

Modern Large YMCA . Towel service sauna for premium member . Hot tub by 2 pools .

Review №44

Love this gym h as s all the equipment I need

Review №45

My family loves coming here, staff is friendly.

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Pros#1. The staff does a great job of keeping it clean. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in gym knows this is huge.#2. Great free wight area, could be bigger but they have 3 deadlift/crossfit platforms so its good if youre into that.#3. Tons of cardio equipment and classes if youre into that.#4. 2 Freaking pools. I swim a few mornings a week. Never over chlorinated.Cons.#1. No boxing area... in fact not a single punching bag in the building that I can find.#2. It gets pretty packed in the after about 3pm and pretty much all day Saturday. But what gym doesnt.Honestly its the best gym in town. They have child care, pools, indoor tracks, indoor basketball courts, spinning class, and racquetball.

Review №47

They take pretty good care of you here.

Review №48

Great facility in Bismarck. Lots of ways to keep in shape.

Review №49

By far one of the best facilities I have ever seen.

Review №50

Love this gym. Would love a bigger climbing wall!!!

Review №51

Very inspiring. Coffee is excellent.

Review №52

So much to do. Friendly staff very family oriented.

Review №53

Lots to do! Clean and inviting environment

Review №54

My favor place to work out.

Review №55

Very nice facility. Friendly staff.

Review №56

Largest gym in Bismarck. Nice, clean facility.

Review №57

By far the best in the Bismarck area.

Review №58

Best gym and pools in Bismarck. Friendly staff

Review №59

Great family place & nice place to work out

Review №60

Awesome people and faculties

Review №61

The basketball refs for the little kids are a joke! They are frustrating and lazy!. When the kids are switching out, this is not your opportunity to dunk and shoot the basketball. Lame.

Review №62

GREAT Facility - Variety is endless

Review №63

Best place in town.

Review №64

I workout here every day.

Review №65

Relaxing place to work out

Review №66

Terrible customer service and probably the Ghettoest Y i have ever been to.

Review №67

Best place to workout

Review №68

Nice trees outside of the place

Review №69

Great family place

Review №70

Always great time

Review №71

I love this place

Review №72

Great basketball courts

Review №73

Family friendly!

Review №74

Lots of things to do and friendly staff

Review №75

Keeps me sobor

Review №76

Best gym in Bismarck.

Review №77

Love it

Review №78

Reasonably good

Review №79

Has everything

Review №80

Great staff

Review №81

Great place

Review №82

Great place

Review №83

Good activities

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Review №85

Understaffed, dirty and rude!

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Review №87

A great, versatile place to exercise. Nice professional instructors and good management. Mind and body movement for all ages. Brings together people and communities of different ages, sizes and types.

Review №88

Its a great place

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:1608 N Washington St, Bismarck, ND 58501, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 701-255-1525
  • Preschool
  • Child care agency
  • Gym
  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness center
  • Spa and health club
  • Swimming pool
  • Weightlifting area
  • Wellness center
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:5AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:5AM–11PM
  • Thursday:5AM–11PM
  • Friday:5AM–11PM
  • Saturday:5AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–7PM
Service options
  • Online classes:Yes
  • Onsite services:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Child care:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Swimming pool:Yes
  • Membership required:Yes
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