Creative World School - Blue Springs
19702 E US Hwy 40, Blue Springs, MO 64015, United States

Review №1

My daughter looks forward to go to preschool and that’s the most important. The director is attentive and works with parents easily to get misunderstandings resolved which has only happened once, but happens. Faculty is nice, Ms. Hannah is great. I get daily summaries and through the day updates on what the kiddos have done already. Price is fairly affordable compared to most of the outlandish costs of preschool/daycare. No complaints so far.

Review №2

Weve been with Creative World for 6 months and although we have had a few instances which caused for concern, nothing had gone unaddressed by the management team. Overall the facility is great! Its well maintained, the staff is friendly and attentive, and my child enjoys spending her days there with the CW Family. We couldnt ask for a better provider for our childs early educational needs.

Review №3

I love this school! We enrolled my daughter just after her 1st birthday with the intention of only keeping her there until age 2, when she would be old enough to enroll in a home daycare where we already know most of the kids. Ive decided shes staying right where she is!! She learns so much and they keep the kids engaged constantly. I love the pictures and videos that get emailed to me along with the updates all throughout the day. Shes learning SO much and sometimes when we start to teach her something at home we realize shes already learned it at school. This is a FANTASTIC school. You wont regret enrolling your child here.

Review №4

Creative World has been a great experience for my daughter. The teachers are friendly and attentive. My daughter, who is usually clinging to my shoulder actually reached for her teacher when I dropped her off today. That was an awesome feeling. Sjes learning and experiencing a lot, and I know shes in good hands.

Review №5

Our daughter has been attending Creative World Countryside since she was six weeks old. They have treated her with the best of care and have been a vital part of her development. Now at nearly four, our little girl continues to learn and grow with them. Because of the early education she has received I feel she will be more than ready for the step into kindergarten in another year.

Review №6

I highly recommend creative world, I love they way the teach and let the kids interact with what they are learning. And the sensory tables are awesome!!! Cant wait to send my daughter here!

Review №7

My son loves Creative World! He learns new things every day and we love all of our teachers.

Review №8

Awesome!! Staff is amazing, attentive, personable, and if you ever have ANY concerns they are quickly addressed with a sense of urgency and importance. My four year old has been going there for about two years and absolutely loves it :)

Review №9

Im slowly starting to notice this place decline unfortunately... My kids go here and what they teach them is awesome but some of the new staff they have hired is a big no for me... They dont greet you when you come and pick up your child or let you know whats going on outside of the app they have, which is a great app but that should not eliminate the communication between teacher and parent. I encountered slight irratation from a new staff member of the evening shift, black woman, mid 30s, early 40s, and there was no greeting when i walked inside my sons classroom but a whats his name? with a slight attitude, looking down at the tablet, Im assuming to sign him out for the day. I dont know where theyre getting these new staff members from but Im not impressed in the least bit.. If i am leaving two of the three most precious things in my life with you; I should feel 100% comfortable doing so. My kids have been there for almost a year and have grown really close with some of the staff and I love that because its really hard for my kids to open up to people they dont know (extremely shy) but if the staff is be in altered this much with this slow decline in communication and slight rudeness I will be taking my kids elsewhere. Hope this helps any parents in search of a new daycare for their child(ren)!

Review №10

I really like the way this school looks, the activities and supplies available, and the double locked doors to get in. However, on numerous numerous occasions (with all classes) I have heard many of the teachers talk to the kids very ugly. I have seen kids fall, hurt by another child, or screaming and the teachers just ignore them and let them scream…even if there actually is an issue. I do not think they fill out accident reports like they should, nor inform parents on what is going on or issues that occur. This is mainly because they are very understaffed and the turnover rate is ridiculous. My daughter hasn’t had the same teacher for more than a couple of weeks. I can never get straight answers on what is going on because she is bounced around from room to room and teacher to teacher. The staff just seem/are very overwhelmed…and it shows.

Review №11

My son was verbally abused by his teacher. He was assaulted on two occasions. Once hit in the stomach and once held by one kid while being punched repeatedly. Teachers did not witness it even though it is their job to monitor all interactions on the playground. My son told his teacher. No one from the school called me, there are no incident reports, and the abusive teacher worked there for 7 years. This shows to me that they are neglecting the children and are complacent with an environment that is harmful to kids. Finally the lack a paper trail, the error of not calling me (twice) and the fact they conducted an internal investigation leads me to believe they dont want you to know about incidents concerning your kids. When I explained this to their VP and asked for a refund, I was treated as if I needed to be taught how children interact (which I found degrading both in content and tone) and I was denied my refund despite proof and admittance of guilt by the schools corporate office.

Review №12

This facility is great! Creative World had exceeded my expectations, and really has been a delight to bring our child here.

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