ChandlerGilbert Family YMCA
1655 W Frye Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224, United States

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A bit surprised that its almost as expensive (for me) to get a membership there as it would be at Lifetime Fitness. I mean, Im comparing and joining the Y is about $100 and joining Lifetime is $120......youd expect better from the YMCA. Maybe they dont get funding or subsidies like they used to? Sad. Still, the gym looks great and it is a bit cheaper....not sure yet what Ill do in the end.

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Very clean , great staff and shaded parking. Kids safety around water and plenty of quality flotation .

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Great facility. I bit out of the price range for a family of 5. I would love to enjoy the amenities with my family. Stopped going due to unrelated injury. Looking forward to starting again. The mornings were peaceful. Place to myself. 3 stars for price.

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I never thought Id see the day where my grandkids were not only happy to swim, but could swim independently! I am so grateful for the swim lessons provided by the YMCA and the wonderful instructors that teach the class. I would like to personally thank Zoe for not only having the patience to teach my toddlers how to swim, but also the safety tips like how to get out of the water, how not to run around water, how to float when youre tired, etc. Her expertise and leadership is illustrated throughout her staff-- which is why I trust them all to teach my grandkids (and me) how to swim.There are so many other wonderful things about the YMCA, from the greetings you get from staff, the Preschool, the Parents Night Out, the gym, classes, etc., but swimming was near and dear to my heart for various reasons.Zoe I will forever be grateful for you as your guidance not only built confidence, but also taught them how to trust the instructors and more importantly themselves.

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I have been a member for about a year. A good portion of that time was spent training for the Tempe Triathlon on 9/16/18. Great pool availability, and the cycle studio was also very helpful during the heat of the summer. The staff is great and always helpful.

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I was using the facility while visiting. The staff were welcoming and very helpful! The gym was very clean too with a variety of machines and weights

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This is an amazing place to bring your children to hang out and have a great time. My son is autistic and they were the only establishment that would take him with his disability. They take the time out for him and always show concern, respect and gratitude. The staff is very diligent and fantastic.😄😄😄

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I Love this place. Has an excellent staff, daycare center employees are wonderful. Facility is always clean. Great family environment, youth sports programs, fundraisers. Get involved with the YMCA, youll never regret becoming a part of a great place 😁

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Love this place and so does my son. If you are looking for after School care or summer camp this is the place to go. Great staff and always keeping the kids engaged. My son is having a blast and that is what matters the most. Check it out.

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A good portion of that time was spent training for the Tempe Triathlon on 9/16/18. . I would love to enjoy the amenities with my family

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We have been with Chandler Y as family member for three years. We recently feel that they offer less value than before. We wish there will be more group classes in the evenings, and the weekends. There used to be good classes, such as Insanity, Active class in the evenings, and on the weekends. Now they dont offer them any more. Also there needs to be some improvements on the facilities, there is no hot running water in the shower in the evening.

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Love love love the Chandler/Gilbert YMCA! The early learning staff with Mrs Pat is fantastic! The school age is fantastic with Mrs Brittany! They are very accommodating and always keep us well informed!

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Our family sports place. For workout and fun for the kids. Child watch is amazing.

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Ive been here for a while now and its been a good experience until today.First, let me say that everyone is very, VERY, nice. Parking isnt bad and there is even some covered parking.Its not busy(unlike other places Ive been to that are jam packed) from 8-10:30(the time Im there) and everything is clean and nice.So everything was going nice. Today, I tried to sign my daughter up for this Fridays date night. You get to drop your kids off and they do activities. I already told my daughter about it and now Ive got to figure out how to tell her its not happening.The reason? They cut it off at 25 kids and its full. Now if thats where the story ended I wouldnt have given it a second thought. It was what it is and I didnt sign up in time. My fault. .But, when I asked to sign up at the front counter I was told by the super nice guy there that it was full but just ask the lady who runs the child care center and see if she will make an exception. Now maybe I read him wrong but it seemed to me like it would not be a big deal. I think most of us have been in that situation before. Someone tells you something might happen and they say it like its no big deal or they say it like it probably wont happen but ask anyway. Again, to me it came across as no big deal and again maybe I read him wrong.So I go back to the lady in charge and I mention Friday night. I never said they told me to ask about making an exception I just mentioned signing up. She told me no it was full and that was pretty much it.So what am I suppose to think? Maybe Im wrong but I take that stuff personally. Because we all know darn well they could take one more kid. We all know if it was a personal friend or someone close they would have made the exception. It makes me think they play favorites. Im just be honest with how I feel. How would you, as a customer feel?Maybe Im wrong? And I know what some of you will say. I should have signed up sooner. I agree. But I was sick a lot of last week and I had a surgery this week. So its not like I had a ton of time and it wasnt at the front of my mind.So overall the place has been nice but Ill probably be casually looking for a new place. I know how I am and this will eat at me every time I come here now and itll tick me off. Its an issue I have.Again, let me be very clear, everyone is super nice here.

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I signed my daughter up for swim classes. We completed the first week with the group class mon-thur. Second week my daughter was extremely sick with pneumonia and we could not attend. I spoke with the swim director Zoe about making up the class, even offered a dr note. She pretty much told me she could only makeup 2 classes out of 4. I asked if I enrolled in another session if she would lower the cost she said no. Reason being if she made an exception for us then she would have to make an exception for every kid who misses class. Really disappointed in the way this was handled.I also took my daughter to a Saturday tumbling class. I dropped her off in the kids care for the 915 class. When I finished my work out I came back they said she was the only one so they decided not to do the class. My daughter was really excited to go to this class and ended up doing nothing for 45 min.

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Friendly staff. You can work out anytime they are open. Some of The baby sitters are good. Way too expensive!! Cant afford. And not very many choices of classes. My wife wants Zumba and they only offered it a few times in the week. And that was during the worst times. Save your money and find another place.

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Friendly staff, but they need to fix the broken treadmills and how your bathroom is out of order? If you are hoping to use the basketball court good luck their 500 volleyball club teams keep the courts locked down, so it is a rare amenity that you have to come extra early to use.....its the YMCA so maybe I need to lower my expecting.

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If you are a new family to the area, this is a great place to work out, sign up for classes or register your children for activities. Nice staff and great value for your money.

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6 months, a dozen phone calls to financial aid, 2 trips in and still no call back from Garrett. I cant believe its taken me this long to give up👋👋

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Friendliest, most thoughtful staff. Cleanest most inviting atmosphere. They surpass ALL other locations at every turn.

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Absolutely love this YMCA. We joined as a family for $80 bucks a month. You receive free swim lessons for 3-4 year olds. Drop in day care while you work out for 2 hours, and date night drop off. Just for that its totally worth it! Great family YMCA. Lots of diversity and the Zumba class is really fun!

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My daughters have both been in YMCA volleyball leagues. This is where they play their games.This place is clean and has ample parking and seating.The staff has always been friendly.

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Make sure to read ALL the paperwork before signing. They sure don’t mind screwing your out of your money. Also not a very good price for as many problems I experienced here. Even gave this place a second chance. Never again!

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This place has all the equipment you need to your fingertips, and it also allows teens enter the gym without any guidance 14+

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Clean. Favorite gym in valley

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We are there for swimming classes, we never go past the entrance. It looks nice and clean.

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Lovely, caring and dedicated staff! Great facility and wonderful with kids.

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The Pre-School program is the worst thing that I have ever experienced. Where do I begin? Easy, Pat Berry is the most incompetent, rudest, most unprofessional person in the business. Pat Berry does not respond to phone calls and she pushes the blame on everyone else even though she insists on doing everything herself. This woman needs to be FIRED, but YMCA protects her because the people above her don’t want to deal with complaints. She goes into the children’s class to sing with them for 2 minutes and she acts as if she is Mother Theresa. Do not put your kid in the program. PAT BERRY should be fired and never be able to run a program ever again. She is horrible and is a shame to the childcare profession.

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Something for everyone, with a great staff and wonderful events happening all the time

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This is a good Y. Not the best in the valley, but one of thetop

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Friendly staff! Kids activities are geared toward younger ages, so get a valley-wide membership and check out Tempe or Ahwatukee YMCAs for tweens/teens.

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Dont waste your money just dont!!

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Totally overpriced, please check all the prices and conditions before to sign any papers. The kids at the front desk are just the jerks, cant give any clear answer to your questions.

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For the size of the community, I am a little disappointed in the size, but its a clean facility and it seems as if theyve packed it all in. The pool area seems looks nice.

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Good place to grab a work out

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Decent facility. Tend to be disorganized.

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Love the Child care it is amazing

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Great place with a gym and pool

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Went to the gym for 12 years, then they almost doubled membership fees. Very overpriced, but great people there

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Great staff and equipment!

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Great y

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Friendly, clean

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  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Swimming pool:Yes
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