Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Chandler
4040 S Arizona Ave #1, Chandler, AZ 85248, United States

Review №1

My son attended his first swim lesson here and walked away with an eye infection. There is no cleaning the toys they use for teaching in between classes and the area for observing / changing is very small and doesn’t get sanitized in between classes. When we called to inform them and tried to explain we don’t feel comfortable with him attending as that was his first lesson and what happened, the manager was very rude and not compassionate at all. We wanted a refund and he plain out refused and said we don’t have any way to prove it happened there. And let’s be honest these classes are not cheap! On top of that they are incompetent with their billing and tried to charge me twice before my son had even started his classes. We thought it would be a good experience, as aqua tots is a well known organization however this franchise and the manager has caused us nothing but a headache and stolen our money.

Review №2

Been attending for 2 months. We opted for the private lessons for our toddler. His progress is on top and we enjoy the feedback after each class. The instructors focus in the needs and they always have a smile with him. He loves it! The 4 star is because in 2 months he has had 3 instuctors. Would like to see more consistent instructors especially at that age and level of need. But i am very satisfied.

Review №3

Friendly staff, instructors do a great job teaching and making sure each child gets a turn, and informing the parents after the lesson how well their child did and what needs to be worked on. The place is well organized. We only wish there are more options in days and times to schedule lessons. However, we do understand too as it is popular and busy. We loved the place years ago, thats why we came back.

Review №4

Between my two kids we have been going to this Aqua Tots location since they opened (Feb 2010). I have been very pleased with the overall experience with this school. The instructors are professional yet warm and loving to the kids. Plus, the Aqua-Tots program makes swimming fun. The kids learn the skills they need to swim and they learn a love for the water (As opposed to fear/caution in a terrifying sink or swim environment like some other programs). Both of my kids love swimming so much they keep asking to go swimming in our non-heated backyard pool all throughout the winter. Luckily, they have the opportunity to swim in the heated Aqua-Tots pool once a week to keep their skills fresh and have lots of fun.

Review №5

5 stars because Lauren is awesome! My daughter loves going and loves her instructor! She has learned and moved up fast! Staff is always friendly! Some things need improvement, and I could give examples but honestly my kid doesnt notice the things parents do, all I care about is if my child is having a blast and learning at the same time!

Review №6

First, I have to say I was shocked to read some of these reviews. Ive had nothing BUT great service. The staff are always smiling and greet me when I come in. Scheduling is always easy and quick, you just have to do it on Friday which is when all the instructors schedules are available.Secondly, the instructors here are awesome! Coach Nick really understands kids and works well with them. He built confidence in my daughter. She was no longer afraid of the water and now swims like a fish and is very comfortable in the water. Its incredible watching her take instructions from him and implementing everything that she just learned. Nick has earned both her respect and trust. More importantly, my observation of the other coaches is that they are having fun teaching their students and they make learning to swim fun :)Keep up the good work Aqua Tots!

Review №7

So far its been great.

Review №8

Aqua-Tots has been amazing for us as we get our girls used to swim lessons. They make everything so easy so other than showing up, we dont have to worry about a thing. My 2 year old screamed the entire first lesson but coach Kylie was patient and continued working with her. Now, we hear about coach Kylie at home and shes so excited to go to lessons! Our 5 year old has had a couple of different teachers and weve been overly pleased with all of them. All of the teachers show such patience and are so welcoming that the kids enjoy the lessons!

Review №9

Friendly staff, competent coaches, clean changing area and lockers. Offer drop in lessons and will reschedule missed lessons without an additional charge.

Review №10

My son started at 6 months and is still active in the swim club, enjoys it every week. My daughter started at 1 and loves it every week as well. Love the friendly and aways helpful staff and coaches. Cant say enough good stuff.

Review №11

It all depends on the coach but there has been great improvement in the past 18 months that we have been attending Aqua Tots. My son started with a fear of the water and has gradually become more comfortable every week. Coaches Lauren and Alex (now at queen creek) were incredibly patient with my son as well as my daughter.As far as someone whining about candy on the counter...cmon, police your own child.

Review №12

My son almost drowned there today! His first class ever and I had to run into the pool area because he went under and no one saw him. I am so thankful I never took my eyes off the pool because their entire staff did for over 20 seconds!!!! The most negligent under qualified instructors.

Review №13

Just started but everything is going swimmingly ; ) Great service all around.

Review №14

Main issue with this place is free candy at the counter.Its very hard to explain to small children that those candy are bad, they scream for them and get hooked up on sugar-narcotic.Please remove it and help with US obesity epidemic.Its one of the reasons, why we are leaving this place.On the positive note, I should say that pool and teachers are very good, they can teach your child to swim.

Review №15

We love coach Toni! Shes been amazing with my son.

Review №16

Went for our first swim class and were informed on arrival that our instructor, Kyle, just never showed up for work. There were no other instructors available and we had to reschedule for next week. It is not easy to get a 9 month old ready to go somewhere on time so I just felt like I wasted my whole morning preparing for swim class for nothing. Hopefully next week we will actually get to enjoy aquatots!

Review №17

My son has gained confidence in his swimming. Each coach we’ve had has been amazing!

Review №18

My 3 year old took lessons for about a year and a half and we were super happy with our coaches, Lauren and Zach. Recently we decided to try the Fast Track program and had some concerns with the coach teaching it, so I went to the general manager. He dodged me on several occasions and said he called me twice if not more, but lets be honest, cell phones have call logs these days and he only called once. (If youre going to lie to the customer, make sure you dont get caught in it!) The only time he actually responded to my emails was when I said our business with them was done. And even then he came up with a very seemingly convenient excuse of why he never contacted me. Too bad we wont be going back. My daughter grew quite fond of Miss Lauren. Very poor management and customer service.If youre going to do business with Aqua Tots Chandler youd better cross your fingers you dont run into any issues!

Review №19

Coach Amber Coach Toni are great with the children. I’ve had my children in other schools and this is the best swimming school by Far All the STAFF are very very Friendly

Review №20

Our daughter was very intimidated around the water prior to starting lessons. Since then she has learned water safety, how to pull herself out of a pool and is currently working on learning to float and paddle to the edge. She has been with a few different coaches during make-up lessons but nobody excites her like coach Lauren! Lauren is great with toddlers and young kids, encouraging them to learn in what could potentially be seen as a stressful environment. Water safety is very important to us and having a coach who my daughter trusts lets me know she can feel comfortable and safe in the water. Prices are comparable to other local swim schools, make up lessons are fairly easy to arrange and after each lesson discussion on my daughters performance helps us understand how shes doing. I would recommend this swim school and coach Lauren to my friends with children!

Review №21

I love this location!!! Their team loves what they do. Right now they have a very strong and confident staff of instructors, and their front desk staff is very friendly and open to listening to any problems.

Review №22

Not a fan of the one in Chandler one of the swim instructors was pretty rude to me and not to say names or anything cause id hate to get them fired but we had a younger girl who was on her phone. Shes one of the heavier girls. She also seemed distracted teaching my daughter. Which I thought was kind of disrespectful.

Review №23

Extremely rude and indifferent customer service. The individuals answering the phone and attending the counters have absolutely no idea how to interact with paying customers. We paid for the swim lessons but getting something scheduled was a nightmare. Same answer every back next Saturday to see if we have any openings! This facility is not worth the time. Take you business some place else. They dont want it.

Review №24

We love coach Zach! My 3 and half year old is swimming on her own and my 2 year old is doing great!!!

Review №25

Coach Christina is very good. My son loves going to her class.

Review №26

I asked for 2 months break due to medical reason but the staff were not willing to give and asked me to give 30 day notice, even though I mentioned that I will be putting my son back after 2 months.Scheduling a make up class for a missed session with the same instructor is next to impossible.

Review №27

Being a past swim instructor in my younger life I wasnt sure about utilizing aqua tots, but i have been nothing but impressed. I am moving to Chandler from Peoria and the Chandler location worked with me to create an easy transition since I really wanted to keep these swim lessons going.

Review №28

Coach Max and Coach Carlie are very nice.

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