Cadence Academy Preschool
9625 Mallard Glen Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

Review №1

My daughter have been going to preschool for a month now and she loves it….Ms.Harris and Ms. Sutton are wonderful, they take the time to make my daughter feel comfortable and enjoy preschool since I been so nervous of her going . Great class ❤️

Review №2

We absolutely love Cadence! The teachers are so caring and attentive and the staff is fantastic!

Review №3

My 10 month old daughter has been attending Cadence Academy for 7 months and I’m very satisfied with her quality of care and the support that the assistant director Michelle gives me about her progress.

Review №4

My daughter has been attending this school for 2 years now and we love it. Being familiar with childcare I know that this is a very difficult job and even during this pandemic the staff has went above and beyond to ensure my child is safe and still learning. They also use an app called kids report that gives me very detailed photos and information about what my child did all throughout the day.We will definitely be attending this school for another school year! Cadence Mallard Glen Rocks!

Review №5

Very disappointed in this facility i was told my son would go on a 30 day plan for behavioral issues hes 3 i schedule him for counseling aug12 but as soon as i asked to be shown the footage of what they are saying my son has done all of a sudden they have to let him go ive reached out to corp in az also the regional director waiting on response if any im a firm believer in do what you say and trust has been lost i have over 50k followers on social media and i will be taking action update: the regional director called back not helpful at all I believe my child is a little to much for them instead of trying to help a just turned 3 year old they just getting rid of him it’s cool im just making others away

Review №6

Cadence academy has been great! We are so comfortable having a child there especially during COVID. They seem to take all the precautions that they can and the assistant director is so nice and responsive.

Review №7

THE WORSE, THE BAD, THE UGLY. Perfect location poor management. The most despicable place to take your child. If you are reading this review, I will strongly recommend you not to take your child to the Mallard Cadence Academy location.I am not sure how this daycare or “academy” even has 3- 5 stars reviews; they must be family members leaving 4-5 stars reviews; this daycare is horrible, the worse person there is the assistant director there as of date (March 2021). She is rude, very unprofessional and unfit for the job. I am not sure if she is trained properly for her position. The assistant director is beyond rude, unpleasant, a liar, impertinent, and many more. When you call to speak to her about your issues and concerns, she will give you the run around, she does not care for the children in the facility at all from her behavior towards parents. I wonder how she treats the kids; this is very concerning.Additionally, with her tardiness, she comes of rude and uncaring; instead of her deescalating problems she makes it worse with her lies and blame you for not reading rules that was never brought up to you; The worse of it all she will “HANG UP” the phone on you whiles you are experiencing your concerns.For a facility charging $309 in the middle of a PANDEMIC and seems short staff, they sure do not know how to do their job properly. Most mornings there is barely any one at the front to greet you. When they lack staff, they come up with any issue possible to make sure not allow or accept your child in the facility even though you’ve paid $309 for the week.The moral of this review is do not take your child to this location or daycare/academy they are just there for a paycheck they will NOT CARE for CHILD OR YOU. The images, and articles on their page, website are all for PR work, it is mostly fake NEWS.PLEASE PARENTS FIND A BETTER OPTIONS; there are many do not settle for this place; it is disgrace.

Review №8

If your child is going through a phase or a behavioral phase. Do not enroll your child. They will not work with the child or use Preventable technics in order to deter the behavior, but they are quick to write incident reports. To add insult on top of that they place a 2.5 yr old on a vip plan...which is basically saying, get it together in 30 days or your child has to leave. I dont care how much training is done, if it is not IMPLEMENTED AND CONSISTENT WITH ALL TEACHERS, then what do u expect. There were two teachers that understood my child and actually helped. The behavioral therapist we got him showed them how to help him use his words.They have a biting policy for 2 yrs that are going through phases! Take those specific behavioral phases and come up with an actual plan to help the child!!! If you cannot handle or manage children with a behavioral issue, let it be known. They care about their bottom line which is money. The directors supervisor will give this speech about what they are about, but I will always advocate for my child regardless. I bet if one of their kids had issues..they would still be there.

Review №9

My family is relocating to Charlotte from NJ and I set up a virtual tour with this location. This location was selected because it is close to my new place of employment. Jalissa in the front office never sent the meeting details to log in and I called several times to obtain the information. This is a terrible first impression. However, I have set up another meeting with Cadence Academy on eastfield. They were prompt setting up the meeting and sending the details. My recommendation take your kids and business elsewhere.

Review №10

Cadence has brought awesome experiences for my children thus far. I love the effort that their teachers put into them having a fun filled educational day. :)

Review №11

This school is awesome. They took very good care of my daughter while she was attending there. Her teachers, especially Ms. Angie, went over and beyond to ensure materials were provided to continue learning at home. We absolutely love the staff and I miss them dearly. I will definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Review №12

Incredibly disappointed in this school for my child. My daughter was consistently sick the entire 3 months that she was there and is now back to normal since weve taken her out. My child came home with COVID while being there. No one in my family tested positive but my daughter who was 11 months old at the time. After she recovered from COVID, they would reject her when I would try to drop her off, even though she was well and immune from catching or spreading the virus. I tried to be understanding because I know COVID is scary, but after the 5th time and a month after a full COVID recovery, it began to be excessive and unfair, causing a lot of additional stress with what we have already been through. I’ve had issues with them keeping the extra clothes that she comes to school with, I’ve had to ask for them back on multiple occasions and some have been “lost”. My daughter has also come home with another child’s bib on. This daycare is absolutely not worth the $309 a week fee. We didnt get a refund when the school shut down from water issues in the area and was given the run around about refunds when the COVID situation happened. My daughter was nearly out of school more than she was in school for the duration that she attended this daycare and we had to pay for it all. Waisting hundreds, probably thousands of dollars that we needed. I’ve been extremely patient, forgiving and as gracious with this place as I can be because I know that child care is not an easy job. They seem to be lovely people, but have made bad decisions and judgements surrounding the issues Ive tried to work out with them. We gave them multiple chances to make things right, but they’ve failed each time. My daughter is now in S.Carolina during the week with my mother because I don’t have anyone local to help me. I have to drive to S.Carolina every weekend to spend time with her until we find a better solution.

Review №13

The entire staff at Cadence is outstanding! They really care about the kids and communicate very well with parents to keep you updated on your child throughout the day. Glad we chose this location for our little one.

Review №14

Rude and unprofessional. The lady hung up on me when I called about a minor issue! Feel incredibly disrespected!

Review №15

This childcare is only money hungry. They are more interested in getting your money rather then your child!!!!

Review №16

Michelle is one of the best Directors Cadence Academy has to offer. She runs a clean and responsible Academy. I highly recommend the mallard academy for all ages.

Review №17

My 3 yr old daughter has been going here for 4 months now and she absolutely loves it. We do too! She is learning so much and the teachers and director are amazing everyone is always friendly and happy to be there. She’s about to get a sister who will be going here when she is old enough as well. We’re looking forward to them both being here until they go to elementary school. It is a wonderful school with lots of activities for the children and a very educational environment.

Review №18

This have been the most amazing job since i moved to charlotte a year ago. I have been working for this job within the last 6 months and i can say nothing but good works. Kudos to our amazing administrators they have been working so hard to maintain our stars and keep it professional. I work in the infant room and it have been amazing to work with all the wonderful students and amazing parents. I haven’t been so happy in the last couple of years but once i begin here in March i been so happy and never wants to leave work.

Review №19

Gateway Academy has been a great fit for our little one. The staff has been wonderful and very attentive to her needs. She is in the infant room and I cannot speak highly enough about her teacher. She does art projects daily and has a great curriculum. For both pick up and drop off the management staff greets me enthusiastically every day. Over the last few months it has improved even more with the addition of a new director. We absolutely love all the family events, theme days, and exciting activities. And most importantly, we feel safe there and it is reassuring to know my 9 month old daughter is in good hands.

Review №20

My daughter has been attending Gateway Academy for 3 months. We always feel welcomed and treated in the most professional manner. The staff really cares for the students. Our daughter is always smiling and laughing when she interacts with the teachers. Thank you to the entire staff for your level of care.

Review №21

I love the location of the facility. Most of the staff is polite. The problems I have is the facility seems short staff. Most mornings there is no one in the front to greet you. Other days the director has to fill in with other classes if no one is available. When I drop my child off the toddlers are in the baby room with shoes on until the assistant to the baby room gets there and can take them into the other side. Ive notice some parents do not take their shoes off and its not addressed. The app they use does not work and when youre paying almost $300.00 a week you dont care about the IT issues theyre having. As a parent you want to stay connected to your child as much as possible. If the app worked it would save me time asking questions and I would know how my child is doing throughout the day. The only day it was perfect was when they had an assessor was in the room making notes. I wanted to give two stars but Ill be nice. The main reason I chose this is because of the location and the 6:30 closing time. Ive called corporate and they did take down notes but after being there for 1 month nothing has been addressed. I am a PARENT first. I dont even know who or when they have time to watch the cameras.

Review №22

My son has been attending Gateway Academy for about 3 months now. My wife and I have been very pleased at how attentive his teacher has been to him. I am confident he will have everything he needs for Kindergarten. Thank you to the wonderful team at Mallard for welcoming us with open arms and giving us peace of mind when we leave!

Review №23

This Academy is a awesome! Would recommend this daycare to any parents who might be afraid of enrolling your child into daycare for the first time . The staff is excellent, friendly and professional. My daughter loved it here. You get a email and a print out of what your child has done for the day which is great.its a very clean environment we were very impressed BIG THUMBS UP! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Review №24

My son is currently enrolled in the Mecklenburg Pre-K program at Cadence. His teachers are great and they always have a smile on. They are very patient with him. He is learning a lot at this school. I have no doubt he will be ready for Kindergarten. He loves his teachers Ms. Harris and Ms. Blackson. I am very thankful for the teaching support they provide my son with. All the staff at Cadence is very friendly. From the moment we walk in, we are greeted with a smile. Thank you for all you do!

Review №25

Switching to Candace Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my son. He is always shy in public and at his previous school but after about a month at Cadance he was at home constantly talking about his new school.. on my off days I’d ask if he wanted to stay home and he’d say “no I want to go to my new school” lol 🤦🏾‍♀️.. the staff is so welcoming there, they know who my son is and majority greet him by name... I saw him run up to a teacher and hug her, then I knew I had to come write this review! Thanks so much for all that you all do! 😇

Review №26

I work with with some awesome Ladies at Gateway academy who are at Mallard, who make teaching early childhood education fun. For spirit week I saw super heros,crazy socks, and wacky hair because they love their children. When prepping for events they work togetherto get the job done. Our administration hosted several engaging events over the summer that included discovering exotic animals, meeting our local firefighter and exploring a real fire truck along with meeting Sir Purr at our Summer picnic.

Review №27

This is my second school year with this daycare facility. The staff is friendly and my daughter likes attending this location. I do recommend this location.

Review №28

My son, now almost 20 months, has been attending gateway since he was 6 months old. We chose this place due to location, price, and the friendliness of the staff. There are cameras in the rooms and outside that set my mind more at ease since he is not able to communicate for himself. The few times that he has been hurt, all from typical toddler clumsiness, there have been incident reports made and I was actually able to view footage from the event I was most curious about. The current director, Leah, and the assistant directors/secretary, Vanessa and Lisa, are extremely welcoming and keep me updated on my sons needs. Just this morning, I stepped in with a concern about something completely unrelated to the daycare and Vanessa and Lisa made me feel so much better about leaving him. Mrs. Lisa even took it upon herself to go check in on him a few minutes after I left. I never feel uncomfortable about my sons safety and well-being. They are like family.There have been a few changes as far as teachers are concerned, but Im more than happy about his classroom environment now. His current teachers are very consistent. They are always willing and able to communicate about my son. He is truly loved and treated like one of their own. Some days, my baby boy jumps out of my arms to be with the caretakers/teachers at Gateway. I get pretty consistent updates throughout the day via the app. I love receiving pictures of how he is doing as well. He has learned many words in sign and shows us daily how much he is picking up through the actions of his teachers.Though there have been a few rocky roads as a new parent getting to know the whole daycare scene and a few changes in the makeup of the school, I feel that Gateway is a safe and effective place for all kids now. The changes have been wonderful and Im looking forward to my son being there for some time.

Review №29

We love this daycare! My daughter learns so much and her teachers are so attentive!

Review №30

Staff is welcoming, personable, and engaging. The center is a nice, fun environment where children can learn and grow. I highly recommend!

Review №31

I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone. They made me and my child feel unwelcome. Staff was extremely rude and unpleasant

Review №32

Without exaggeration, we have seen a dozen and a half teachers leave in the past year, including the director and 2 assistant directors. This place is a revolving door for staff. On top of that, enrollment had taken such a dive that our 4 year old wasnt spending time in any age appropriate classroom and had no consistent curriculum because of it. When our toddler was ready to start solid foods, the staff member in the infant room didnt know their policy on this, so we didnt know how they would handle it and they never explained.Then after seeing a former staff member, who left because of poor organization from management, she had told us the state had been in 60+ times, none of which a were notified about. While its reasonable for the state inspectors to visit, 60 times without notification is outrageous. I cant say this place is safe or clean because of this. Find another option.

Review №33

My child has been at this center since she was 6 months adn is now 4 years old. The current director is awesome. She makes sure the needs of the children comes first. The education my child is getting is great. She has a set curriculum and the teachers keep teh parents involved that want to be involved. I truly believe my child is ready for kindergarten and I thank Gateway for this.

Review №34

Need to have a job that allows for flexibility. Seems they close for every minor holiday and celebration. If they are not closed, they at least shut down early.

Review №35

Gateway is a wonderful childcare center! I love the staff and the new direction the facility is going. Ms. Patrisce is a fantastic teacher, along with Mrs. Nikki! Ms. Kamira and Ms. Juanita are awesome in the pre-3 classroom. Ms. Kynota and Mrs. Wycille are the best in the pre-5! I love Mrs. Vanessa, shes very understanding and treat every child with love and care! Mrs. Vanessa and Ms. Patrisce are the glue to Gateway at the Mallard Creek location. Ms. Betty is fabalous! Mrs. Tyler, we love you! Thank you Ms. Leah for your new direction at the facility, being approachable, and available!

Review №36

Amazing teachers and great atmosphere! Our boys love it here! Highly recommended!

Review №37

The day that I decide to look for a daycare for my daughter, I was looking for something that my daughter feels that shes at home and learning, however when we arrived to Gateway Academy, my daughter was saying hello and smiling like she already knew all the people of this place, the first day I left her in the daycare I do not cry and every day she comes home saying at least 3 new words and for me as a mother she is very Important, the place is very clean and very organized.

Review №38

My son was enrolled here for 8 mos. The location was convenient and they had openings for his age group. Boy oh boy was I in for a huge disappointment! I dont even know where to begin. After the third month of enrollment, I started looking for a new facility to place my son. It took another 3 months to find somewhere I felt was suitable and we had to wait 2 more months until the fall semester before he could start there. Hence the 8 months stay at gateway.So this place has an incredible staff turn over. In the 8 months my son was there, literally 8 staff members left or quit or were fired. It was unbelievable! Every few weeks we would get an email informing us that miss so and so is no longer with the center and miss xyz will be starting soon. Sure enough as soon as miss xyz started the cycle would start again.The facility opens at 6:30 but is never staffed. I usually dropped my son off at 7am and there was only one teacher there. All the kids from all age groups had to stay with her until the other teachers wandered in between 8:30 and 9am. Im pretty sure thats a state violation.I came to drop my son off one morning and the teacher was sitting in the classroom moisturizing her feet and taking great care to concentrate on her heels. I was grossed out and pissed. She did wash her hands afterwards but I dont feel that this should have been done at the table where the kids eat their meals.When you have a question for one of the teachers the only response you get is I dont know mom. I wasnt there this morning. I just came into the class 30 minutes ago. At one point I just stopped asking. I brought bug spray to be used on my son. Of course it was NEVER applied. He came home every day with huge bumps from insect bites. The next day I would remind the teacher hey there is bug spray and a permission slip for my son, and l would pick him up again with you guessed it.....bug bites. So I started to drop him off with long pants only. If I did put shorts on him I would douse him with spray when I dropped him off.So they boast water play every Friday in the summer. The first official day, I dropped my son off with his swim clothes, and a change of clothes and his shoes in a bag. I come to pick him up early (thank god) because he has an appointment and hes in the class barefoot. Ok so Im livid. The teacher said to me you didnt send a change of clothes or shoes for him. I said yes. I gave it to the teacher this morning when I dropped him off. And she said Well I dont start till 9 so I dont know. Ok thats besides the point. If you think I didnt bring a change of clothes and shoes why on earth didnt you call me and say hey mom we need shoes for your baby? Are you that dense? All the while the bag with my sons clothes and shoes were sitting on his cubby!So my sons last day was on Fri August 24th. I go back to gateway on Monday the 27th to pick up the rest of his belongings and the expensive SSS bug spray that they never bothered using on him. The spray is no where to be found. Only the permission slip and bag that held the spray are in the bin. One teacher asks another if shes seen the spray and she replies its in my bag. Im thinking its in a bag with other odds and ends with class room stuff. Well just when I thought this place and the staff couldnt get lower the teacher comes and retrieves the spray from her purse. She said to me she had to put it up or they would throw it out. I take the bottle and its pretty much empty. Im wondering why because the spray was never used on my son. I was so pissed and disgusted. When does this place hit bottom?I could go on and on about this place with all the stories I heard from other parents but I guess it wouldnt make a difference. Im so glad my son is out of there. Today was his fourth day at his new daycare and hes doing so well. If I could give any advice or would be to stay away from gateway.

Review №39

When You First Enter The Building The Foul Smell Of Dirty Diapers Hit You Right Away ! That Was The First Red Flag For Me Because That Doesnt Represent Cleaniness At All. Second, I Was Given A Clipboard To Fill Out A Contact Sheet With My Address & Childs Name & I Could Bearly Read The Paper Due To Poor Printing ... Very Unprofessional. Last But Not Least A Women Who Did My Tour With Me Was Behind The Front Desk Touching & Handling Whatever Papers & Items That Were Behind The Desk & Did Not Wash Her Hands , As We Went Into An Infant Room For The Tour She Picked Up A Crying Baby. I Noticed One Child In Particular Who Had A Staughty Nose & Dirty Face That You Can Tell Caked & Dried Up Because It Had Not Been Wiped In A While. I Also Noticed That A Teacher Was Feeding An Infant Table Food With Very Long Nails , Maybe 3 Inches Long Or More. My Baby Does Not Attend This Facily But After That Unpleasant Tour He Will NOT Be . The Space For Infants To Crawl & Play Around Was Very Limited. $276 A Week Is An Outrageous Price Being That The Treatment & Enviorment Do Not Match .

Review №40

The staff turnover rate & unprofessionalism was ridiculous! We stayed with the company because of the location. The last straw was when I witnessed an altercation between two staff members at the front desk who were blatantly using profanity in front of the children some were under the age of 1. I would never recommend this daycare to anyone who cares about their childrens mental health!

Review №41

We love absolutely everything about Gateway Academy!!! ❤️

Review №42

Great foundation for my kid

Review №43

Unprofessional would never recommend anyone to this daycare

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