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1901 N Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

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My 2 children have been enrolled to this facility over 5+ years and have sent them both off to kindergarten. The atmosphere is great and I believe that the place runs smoothly from the great leader Mrs. Victoria. I am always in the loop of what is going on and have no doubt that my children are in great hands while in the care of CCN#52! Thank you all for a awesome past 5 years! We miss Mrs. Michelle dearly!!

Review №2

My son has attended since he was 8 weeks old and is about to be 2 years old. We have been very happy with his level of care and learning since he started in the Infant room and is currently in the Toddler room. The teachers and staff are friendly, provide feedback, and know the children throughout the daycare center. As a parent, I feel comfortable leaving my child and knowing he is well taken care of. There are several days I come to pick him up and he does not want to leave. As a parent, you want your child to be happy in the environment they are in, and I believe my son is at Childcare Network #52!

Review №3

This location is close to work and home. My daughter enjoys her teachers as well as the other staff. Ms. Victoria ( director) does an outstanding job with keeping the parents informed about upcoming events through out the months. My daughter and I are pleased :)

Review №4

I like childcare Network. It is like refuge place for me , whenever I have problem with my children the staff always there to help me. Sometime I have a lot of stress with family and my school, the Administration staff always help me , encourage me even support with my children. whenever I feel alone in my life with my kids, Mrs. Ramona , Ms. Ivey always welcome me with a strengthen smile. Childcare Network is great place for parents to bring their child. They have such of good professionals staff start from Director finish to cleaning staff.Childcare Network (52) is the best in safety, clean environment and so one.. As they good to our children, they deserve a good * * * * * .

Review №5

My 3yr old daughter has been attending this day care for a year now. I have been very impressed and happy since day one. Before attending Child care Network my child was with a family babysitter and received a lot of one on one attention. I was very concerned with how she would adapt socially with other kids and a structured atmosphere. From the beginning drop off has been easy and when I pick up in the afternoon she is never ready to go home. She is excited about learning and talks about all the activities she does with her class. The Front office staff is very polite and welcoming, and all the teachers seem to be happy and work together as a team. Any issues or concerns that I have, have always been addressed in a timely fashion. I would like to give a Special Thank you to Ms. Ivey, Ms. Ramona, Ms. Tonya and Ms. Tiffany for taking care of my daughter and treating us like family!!

Review №6

My 2 and 4 yr old have been attending Child care network for 1.5 years. They have grown socially and have learned so much. My 2 year old can count to 10 in Spanish and my 4 yr old can count to 20 in Spanish and to 100 in English. I enjoy asking them about their day, they love the teachers and the director. I love the staff because they are engaged in each childs day and make sure I am well informed. The director is awesome and makes sure the center runs smoothly and even when shes away the Assistant Ramona upholds those same standards. Great job to all of you!!!!

Review №7

My son loves it here... the staff is amazing and they listen to you and your childs needs for development. i wouldnt ask for beter

Review №8

My Kids have been going to Childcare Network on Sharon Amoty in Charlotte NC for over 6 months. I love this place the teachers are friendly and my kids enjoy coming there. The coordinator is so nice and understanding. She always has a smile on her face. My daughter is 4 years old and she has learned a lot. She now loves to play and interact with other kids her age. Before enrolling her into the day care, she did not like to share or take naps. I am really happy that I chose this facility. My son goes to before and after school and he loves it. They really take time with the kids, teaching them right from wrong and making sure the home work is don correctly. This day care is the best and I would recommend anyone thats looking for a nice, loving, dependable and caring place to leave there child/children Child Care Network on Sharon Amity is the place.........

Review №9

Ive had two children to attend Childcare Network #52. We have been with them for 3 years now and I can truly say that it feels like home away from home. The staff is very friendly, patient, and dedicated to the well being and development of the children. I feel that my child has learned a lot and is ready for Pre-K. I could not have chose a better daycare.

Review №10

My daughter has been going to this center for almost 3 years and since i toured i knew this was the best place for her. The location is convenient to my home and work. The staff is professional and experienced, you can tell from the environment itself they really enjoy the work they do. My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday and always talks about her interactions with her teachers with joy. Although she didnt get into CMS prek because she was so well prepared by your teachers especially the 3 yr old teachers. She can write her name has sight recognition of all her letters can count beyond 20 and knows all of colors among many other skills, all before she was 3 and a 1/2. I am more than satisfied with her continuing here there 4 yr old Kindergarten Prep class is just as detailed and planned if not more than the CMS classrooms. I highly recommend everyone at the location this a team of educated experienced and dedicated early childhood educators, who care and love your child as there own while you work and attend school as well making it all the more easier to feel comfortable with your choice of care.

Review №11

I commute just to get to this daycare. My kids (4) having been going over a year.

Review №12

So.....disappointed! Some of the staff were unprofessional, AND one of the teacher yelled at a 2yr old in front me! She didnt speak or give me any eye contract! My children will not be attending to this location or ANY of the Childcare Network centers

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