Gateway Academy Child Development Centers
3200 McKee Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270, United States

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Our son has been going to Gateway for about 3 months now and we couldnt be happier with our experience. They were able to make the transition of spending the first year at home to going to daycare seamless and painless (for both of us). Now he runs right in and gives all his teachers a huge hug and walks around like he owns the place. He is also working on skills I dont remember my daughter doing until much later in development and he is learning so much so quickly.Two special shout outs. One for Ms. Renee, for being so patient and loving to our son even though I know he can test even the most patient of people sometimes. She always has amazing things to say about him and he is always so excited to see her everyday. The second goes to Ms. Sara, she is probably the most instrumental in making the transition so painless. She instantly bonded with our son and he now laughs and runs to give her a hug every single day when we walk in. Those days he is having a bad morning and doesnt want to be passed off, she always finds ways to quickly peak his interest in something else and make it so it is a no tear drop-off.I could go on and on with the amazing things I have to say, but basically I am so glad that we found such an amazing daycare for our little one to learn and grow.

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My son attended Gateway McKee before the pandemic started and we were excited to join again once it reopened. I now have two kids going there (toddler and infant) and it’s a fantastic childcare center. Compared to other daycares we tried, this place is so above and beyond my expectations. I know every person on the staff, they know my kids, they know my family. I have been especially pleased with the new director Leah and the assistant director Sara. They communicate openly and are always ready to discuss questions or concerns. As for the teachers, I can tell my kids are getting the attention they need and the kids seem to really enjoy their time with them! Truly the staff is amazing! For me, the teachers are one of the most important things I look for in childcare.Outside of the teachers, the facility is great! Huge playground, large classrooms, even a gross motor room dedicated to moving around. My son LOVES to do foot races in there! Additionally the location is stellar, at least for my family, close to our neighborhood and not far from 485.Finally, they do offer a childcare app with updates about the day and it include pictures. I love being able to check in on my children and their activities.TLDR: Check it out! Staff is 5 stars all around! Awesome facility!

Review №3

The staff is very thorough and does well with my 8 month old. They have prompt updates so I never have to guess what is going on with my son. They do developmental activities even with the infants. I am extremely impressed! There are closer daycares to me but, the staff here is unmatched.

Review №4

We love gateway academy, wonderful staff who are attentive, kind, and professional. They send pictures everyday of activities and lunch time. They are constantly doing hands on activities to improve fine motor skills. Our child has improved language and motor skills tremendously just within a few short months of being here. She now runs in just to find her favorite teachers! Gateway academy and staff has gave us peace of mind.

Review №5

Moved from out of state and immediately started researching daycares, once i had it narrowed down I asked the development FB community what they thought and who they liked. It was between Gateway McKee and another. We were able to get into Gateway and so thankful!! The staff is amazing and truly feel comfortable leaving my then 6 month/now 8 month son. He smiles when he sees his teachers & assistant/director and will reach out for them!!.. that speaks volumes for me! If the staff has question or concern regarding my son, they always reach out. I am incredibly thankful my son goes to Gateway.

Review №6

I appreciate the time and effort put in to make myself and my children feel comfortable. It is very evident that the teachers genuinely care and want to be there.

Review №7

Their staff is very nice and they do a good job taking care of the kids.Edit: I take back my comment about the phone, google had the wrong number.

Review №8

My son has improved a lot since I enrolled him in daycare. We see the difference in his behavior. He has learned how to hold a pen, how to eat by himself etc. I would highly recommend this daycare.

Review №9

A wonderful center all around! Erica (the director) is so nice and goes above and beyond for the center. Staff members are all amazing and work great with the kids. The center is always so clean and kept up. I also love the sense of family and closeness in the place and the monthly dinners! Great job!!! 5 Stars!

Review №10

I went to the preschool. It was fun and all your kids will have a fun time there. But some of the staff arent very kind. But your kids will make amazing memories!

Review №11

My son goes to Gateway Academy and Ive been very pleased with the staff.

Review №12

My son started Gateway Academy on Monday. Everyone is very welcoming and made him feel right at home.

Review №13

We love Gateway as this daycare simply has it all!First and foremost every staff member without exception isloving and nurturing to our child. Then they provide a learning conduciveenvironment which is very stimulative for our little ones development with reading, writing, and arithmetic.They also have an indoor and outdoor play area which is great for physical and motor skills whether rain or shine.Finally, they have a nutritious and delicious menu of the highest caliber run by an absolutely wonderful and passionate chef!I would throw this daycare a sixth star if there was such a thing!Were very happy here as is our little one! :-)

Review №14

I love the teachers here they make each individual child feel loved. After staying home with my child for five months I was very hesitant to leave her, but they make me feel so content! Not to mention Erica the director is top notch she’s an amazing director and only wants what’s best for each family. I highly recommend gateway academy Mckee!

Review №15

Good afternoon I would like to share my experience at Gateway McKee. First and foremost I love my director Erica. She rocks and really works hard to show us how to continue to be a Five star school. I love my infants and the parents. And the staff. Out of 25 years in the Feild I found my home and enjoy my work place and I can’t wait to see what the future brings me. TeamMckee no other place I would rather be 👏🏼

Review №16

Hi...I am Magic Barry, an entertainer who performs magic shows at many family events (such as birthday parties), and also at many Child Development Centers.I am in the unique position of being able to visit MANY different Child Development Centers...and I am able to compare the way the different staffs interact with their students.This past Monday, (June 17, 2019) I performed two such shows at the Gateway Academy on McKee in Charlotte.I am writing here to give my highest recommendation to Ms. Erica and her staff. The children were all very well-behaved, and were all genuinely happy to be there.One of my shows was for 3-year-olds, and the staff was very helpful in keeping those youngsters focused on the show. Can you imagine...I was able to do a 45-minute show with only 3-year-old children--plus one parent-- in the audience.Here is a tip of my Magic Fedora Hat to the staff, and facilities, at the Gateway Academy on McKee.

Review №17

My son really loves this center. The staff is really good and provides proper communication along with loving and caring environment for kids. Lots of extra activities and fields trips during summer is a bonus. We are happy that our son looks forward and is excited to go in the morning.

Review №18

My preschooler recently made the transition to full time daycare and started at Gateway when I returned to work full time. I absolutely love the team here, and so does my son. They made what was otherwise a pretty stressful transition feel much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Review №19

They have an incredible Director! Amy Hill is knowledgeable and a very dedicated to the children and people she serves. She is a blessing to all of the families she serves.

Review №20

Meh...nice location not far from highway and they provide ok quality food but did not seem to be much focus on learning/development and some workers seemed miserable. My sons last toddler teacher seemed to be off at least 3 days a week and there were always random people subbing in. There was a lot of room shuffling as well in the younger classes. Overall energy seemed kind of off to me towards the end.Since leaving we have noticed an immediate difference. My son knows some sign language now (something they claim to teach here but dont really). He engages and plays more with classmates. There is no more room shuffling (sees same teachers daily). Teaching staff seems qualified. We are greeted when we walk in. Overall energy is better to me.Gateway just did not work out for us so cant recommend for this reason.

Review №21

Gateway Academy has been absolutely amazing for my toddler! The expert team from the director to the teachers are kind, compassionate and fully invested in each child in their care. Choosing a facility is not easy, but knowing my child looks forward to “school” each day is a relief. Additionally, the entire team has the desire to get to know you and your family. When we come and go each day we stop by other classroom doors to say good morning or good by, and always need to give Ms Sara, the assistant director, a fist bump when we see her!Most importantly is the individual care they bring to each child. Due to medical needs, we asked for close medical awareness and they have surpassed my needs and expectations of making sure we are as safe as possible.Would absolutely recommend this to facility to everyone!

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