Kumon Math and Reading Center of Charlotte - Myers Park
1600 E Woodlawn Rd Suite #261, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

Review №1

Kumon is a place where learning is made fun and where confidence levels grow! Ms. Jas and her whole team do an amazing job and we are so happy to have our daughter here. It’s the best money spent seeing her proud of herself for all she is learning in Reading and Math. She loves going and continues to grow to new heights! I couldn’t recommend this center more!

Review №2

My son has had a fantastic experience at Kumon South Park. It has helped him to stay ahead of the curve in both reading and math in his school work and also to score extremely high in a recent national standardized test in both subjects. The assignments are designed well to build on what preceded it and helps to reinforce good habits and retention. Also, the staff at the Center is very helpful and Ms. Jas is extremely responsive to any questions that I have had throughout his time at Kumon. I would highly recommend Kumon to anyone looking to have their child stay at/ahead of the curve academically.

Review №3

Cannot emphasize just how great the Kumon program is through the Myers Park location. Our kids have not only excelled in the materials they know, but equally important, the discipline and study skills that they have made part of their daily routine. It is something that will benefit them for many years to come. Highly recommend!

Review №4

As a former employee of Kumon of Myers Park, I highly recommend the program to all prospective families. Ms Jas and the instructors at Kumon are extremely dedicated to the success of all students. In my time working at Kumon, I saw significant progress with every single student and am confident that Kumon is a worthwhile investment.

Review №5

My daughter attended Myers Park Kumon center for a year. She found the experience very rewarding and honed her skills in both and reading and in math. The center owner Jas Dillard did an excellent job being attentive and providing guidance to my daughter. I would highly recommended the center to anyone

Review №6

The staff at Kumon Myers Park are very knowledgeable and patient. My 5 year old son has been going about a month now. I can already see an improvement of his focus and eagerness to work on his lessons. The staff at Kumon are also very friendly and easy to talk to about questions.

Review №7

Jas is awesome. She sees the potential in your child and works with you to help them shine. Since my daughter has started Kumon she has gained confidence in all areas of learning. I am very pleased with Kumon and the staff at this location.

Review №8

Cannot say enough wonderful things about Kumon - Myers Park. My children got a solid foundation in both math and reading that fostered a positive attitude about learning. The staff knows how to approach children so they arent overwhelmed and to feel capable to move forward academically. My kids moved at their own pace and I could not have asked for a better experience. They are amazing!

Review №9

We love Kumon and Ms Jas so much! Our daughter is in a German language immersion program and Kumon has been such a wonderful support for her English reading and writing. Doing the Math program has kept our daughter ahead of the game with multiplication tables, division and fractions. Like Ms Jas says “Kumon is hard so you make mistakes here, not in school.”

Review №10

Kumon provides a fun, regimented technique for young learners. It made my 4 year old feel extra special, especially while struggling during COVID. Highly recommend!

Review №11

Kumon provides a great structure and environment to create good habits for our young learners. Its adapted to fit your childs needs. Kudos to Ms. Jas and team for doing such a great job providing new options during COVID too.

Review №12

Excellent!My two boys and I love kumon. They have had excellent experiences in learning more mathematics , reading, writing and building more confidence in all aspects. I would like to recommend for a parents who would like or plan to send their kids to get more or additional education. Appreciate kumon’s and the team for the hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work!!Kind regards,Nigsty zerue.

Review №13

Kumon of Myers Park offered excellent services to our middle school and grade school children in math. Both of our kids improved in confidence, neatness, and time efficiency. Miss Jas is a gifted educator, she differentiates her instruction for each individual student and adapted her communication to the needs of my two very different children. Highly recommend!

Review №14

My daughter was considerably behind in reading towards the end of 3rd grade. After looking into many different options of how to help her we choose Kumon...and are so glad we did! Between the daily worksheets and weekly check-ins with Ms. Jas and her wonderful staff my daughter is reading close to grade level! I expect her to even surpass that in the near future. We’re already up to learning about Adverb Clauses (which is even helping me brush up on my reading skills! 🤣😵)! My older daughter was so intrigued that she asked if she could do Kumon Math. So now both our girls are involved in Kumon and growing rapidly.Thank you Ms. Jas for all your guidance and support! We’re so grateful that our kids are not only learning new reading and math skills, but also learning the valuable lesson of daily practice, dedication and building good working habits! We highly recommend this program!

Review №15

Our daughter has gained so much from her Kumon experience this last 1.5 years. She is performing above her grade level in reading & math, and its mostly thanks to Kumon. I highly recommend this Kumon to any family - even ones with children not struggling. Your child will get so much from it. Beyond that, the staff cares - especially the owner - Jas. She responds to texts and emails with a personal touch that shows she truly cares.

Review №16

Both of my kids have been going to this Kumon center for math and reading from PRE-K through current grades of 1st and 3rd and have benefited greatly from this experience. They are both different learners but have advanced incredibly far with the Kumon supplemental learning. Kudos to Ms. Jas and team for providing such a great experience! Would highly recommend.

Review №17

My son joined kumon this year march and I did observe good progress in his reading skills. I would really recommend Kumon Myers Park. Kumon Staff is very kind and helpful.

Review №18

Our daughter started attending Kumon (Myers Park) in January this year. We were worried about her staying on track; she is young for her grade and has struggled a little. We just found out she now has an A in literacy in school and her MAPs testing jumped more from the last time than her teacher has ever seen before. She is reading/writing above her grade level. Even better than all of that is the pride and happiness that my daughter has for seeing the results of her hard work. Thanks to Jas and her team for the wonderful job they do!

Review №19

The staff at Kumon Myers Park is exceptional. The level of care they have taken for my children and our family is remarkable. The work has made a tremendous difference for my children. They are so much more confident in school and it shows in their grades and testing. I highly recommend Kumon Myers Park!

Review №20

Mrs.Jas is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable.Her dedication to see the kids succeed is amazing.Very passionate about kids education.

Review №21

Our three children have attended Kumon for years; the rote memorization of math tables and constant practice of reading skills has very much helped our children excel in the classroom. Most importantly, it has taught our children proper learning skills and guided them to focus more actively on their curriculum. We are big fans!

Review №22

Jas is a naturally gifted teacher! Her team is top notch. You can tell they really care about the students, and the results are there!

Review №23

Kumon teaches you math and other things like that. They try to help you succeed in life and school so you will succeed in the future. If you want to learn and further improve yourself, Kumon is the way to go. Also, the staff here are staff members and they try to teach you math and possibly other subjects. I gave this fine establishment 5 stars because I am all for their goal of trying to help students and trying to help them learn new concepts or reinforce already known concepts. Overall, I am very proud of what they are doing and I know some people who went here and are doing well now!

Review №24

This a wonderful Kumon Center that not only promotes academic success, but also self confidence. I have 2 children that attend this Kumon Center and they have learned so much during their time with. Ms. Jas and her staff. Ms. Jas understands the importance of teaching at a pace for my children to master the subject and gain confidence while learning. There are Kumon dollars and other incentives that have helped my children learn and earn cool things. They love it!!! Would recommend this Kumon center to any family or friends.

Review №25

My daughter has been going to this Kumon center for the last year and a half.The lesson plan is personalized to her ability and keeps her challenged, while making sure she does not get overwhelmed. The staff is very friendly and when you are in the waiting room, you can see Ms Jas take the time to come talk to every parent to discuss their child’s work and progress. Kumon passport, Kumon dollars and the other perks are a hit with my little one and helps her stay motivated with homework.Kumon supplements my child’s learning by helping her develop a deeper understanding of whatever she is reading. With math, Kumon helps her solve problems faster and cements the basics. Overall, I highly recommend the program and this center in particular!

Review №26

My son has been enrolled in Kumon math at Park road for the past 5 years. The discipline of Kumon and its technique has been the primary factor for my sons level of math competency. Each new operation builds on a prior operation, and given that mastery is required to move up, he has a solid foundations of all prior operations. I continue to very much appreciate the staffs willingness modify its approach to meet my sons individual the needs and style. This has been an interactive and collaborative relationship, many thanks to the staff

Review №27

Kumon has been wonderful for all three of my children. They have the confidence to complete challenging work at school as they have already mastered it at Kumon. Students are not allowed to move forward with their work at Kumon until they have achieved mastery. This has helped cement the basic fundamentals of math, grammar, and reading comprehension. Overall it has been (and still is) a fabulous program for my children.

Review №28

The Myers Park Kumon Center has been a phenomenal supplement to our children’s core education. The foundational elements of its math and reading techniques provide a great roadmap towards early proficiency. In addition to providing our children with the required building blocks to progress in the classroom, the intangibles are even more important. The course has provided our children with discipline and above all else, confidence.

Review №29

We do Kumon to be challenged, to develop great study skills, and to get several grade levels ahead in reading and math. This builds tremendous confidence - which I have already noticed positively changing in my kids. During the semester conferences I am always AMAZED how much Jas Dillard knows my kids. The work sheets are planned according to how each of them learn - and both are VERY different learners. I get more information about my kids personalities and how they learn from this program than anywhere else. My youngest started reading at 4 years old- all thanks to Kumon. Big supporters of this program!

Review №30

Best Tutoring space in Charlotte. I absolutely love Kumon, Mrs, Jas is patient and very knowledgeable. My daughter is more confident and fluent with her reading. We are very pleased with the progress. Mrs. Jas has taught me a thing or two.My son did Kumon when he was 8 years old and he is now in 11th grade and in Honors English and I believe it is because of Kumon. Thank you

Review №31

My husband, Tait and I have had a wonderful experience at Kumon of Myers Park. Our 9 yr old daughter Alexa started the program last year in the second grade. Her reading was struggling so we knew we needed to get her support. A dear friend told me that I must take Alexa to Miss Jas and specifically to Kumon at the Myers Park location.Wow! We have been so blown away by the support and encouragement Alexa receives each week. She started Kumon as an average student in October 2018. Now, after one year of tutoring, she recently received her first graded report card (grades don’t count in CMS until 3rd grade) and she got 4 A’s and 1 B+. And the B+ was in science. Her math and English scores are very high and she consistently gets 100% on her tests. Alexa says that Kumon is hard and school is easy which is exactly how Miss Jas (owner and leader of the center) wants it. Doing the daily Kumon work requires Alexa to work hard and be consistent. We are so thankful to Miss Jas and the staff at Kumon of Myers Park for all of their efforts. You guys are awesome!

Review №32

Lovely Program. It has helped my daughter tremendously with her reading and math. The administrator Jas is fantastic as well and takes care to connect with each child.The location is great too for many conveniences including a gym and many dinner options!!

Review №33

The director of this Kumon location has an unmatched passion for learning. Her positivity is contagious and she has a wonderful ability to connect with, challenge, and inspire the children at her center. The Kumon method has helped my children build great work habits and skills and we have seen measurable results in their academic performance.

Review №34

Kumon has been so wonderful for my daughter. It has honestly become a way of life. It is so much a part of our routine that we do not think about not doing the work. Kumon has been such a big part of my daughters academic and personal growth and development. Honestly, the program works if you do it :)

Review №35

It started as a boost before my eldest daughter entered Kindergarten and turned into an invaluable part of each school year. I now have had three children submerged in the Kumon experience. Each child continues to grow with great results, and I have nothing but praise for Jas and her team. She recognized a learning disability before it was even on our radar and for that I will be forever grateful. This has enabled us to be proactive and help our child before any confidence issues developed. That is a welcome trajectory change. That is KUMON.

Review №36

Kumon has been a great experience for our son and just what he needed to help him progress. Mrs. Jas is amazing!!! She knows how to keep him on track and encouraged. And is always willing to guide us with any questions or concerns about his school work and reading. Thank you SO much Mrs. Jas:-)

Review №37

Kumon is an excellent program for students to excel in school.

Review №38

Amazing instructor, staff and a great program!

Review №39

They have done a GREAT job with my children! Jas is very dedicated to their success and my experience there has been fantastic. I would highly recommend for anyones children who want to get ahead, or need extra help.

Review №40

My daughter has been attending Kumon for over a year and I absolutely love seeing the growth in her math and reading. When we first started with Jas, my daughter was severely behind in reading and math and now she is above grade level for reading and she is almost grade level in math after six months.My daughter disliked math very much and now, she says, “I like math.” 😉I really appreciate how awesome Jas and her staff is and they truly make Kumon overall a awesome experience!! I am always telling people how amazing Kumon is and how awesome Jas and her staff is.Jas and Kumon, have definitely made me a believer in the benefits of Kumon and my daughter will definitely continue until the end of the program. 😉

Review №41

My boys are in 6th and 3rd grade. Kumon has literally changed the way my boys approach their work, with speed and accuracy are the two main differences. Jas has always been available via phone and text to get them through some of their rough times. All in all Kumon has changed my boys grades and they are more disciplined about their school work.

Review №42

Perfect place to learn. Students are challenged with respective skill evels to keep them marching towards next level of learning.

Review №43

Jas Dillard is a game changer for every type of child to reach their maximum abilities - especially those with out of the box challenges.

Review №44

Great information session!

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