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I went to this school... k through 6th grade... I am now 30 years old... there were a lot of problems ... but I still loved it here... a less depressed child would have so much fun here... I had/ have issues and this environment might have not been the best place for me... but this place was full of love... and there were those teachers like Ms. Maria who really touched my heart. A hyper active or anxious child may have problems in a Montessori setting... but it is still a beautiful way to learn and I partially became the person I am because of this place. It has a place in my heart. ❤

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I would not refer to this school as a ‘Montessori’ school. A very small percentage of the teachers/guides have Montessori education credentials. The ones that do are amazing however as stated, they are few and far between. I have 2 children presently enrolled at the school and have been for the last 5 years. When we first enrolled, the school was called Countryside Montessori and was phenomenal! When Guidepost took over the school took a rapid decline and continues to do so. The teachers that are being hired have no idea how to teach at a Montessori level and run their classrooms like a daycare. The tuition has doubled and the staff turnover rate is absurd. The class room sizes are around 30 children to one guide and one assistant guide. Again, nothing close to a Montessori education. Save your money and enroll at a quality Montessori school (Charlotte Montessori, Park Rd MontesSiri) this is not it.

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We had a short lived experience at Guidepost due to a change in our circumstances, but we LOVED the time our son spent there. He was in two different Nido classrooms, and all of his Guides were wonderful! Ms. Tahnya, Ms. Wendy, Ms. Sharmice, and Ms. Jamia were all so so sweet and loved our son so much. I didn’t cry the first time I dropped him off there, but I definitely cried on his last day. He learned so much for only being 6 to 8 months old, and I knew he was well loved and cared for. What a relief as a first time parent! I would highly recommend this Guidepost for a child of any age.

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Great Montessori School! My two daughters love coming to Guidepost and a lot has to do with the amazing group of teachers. The guides (how they call them) are passionate educators that respect children and help them thrive. My youngest daughter recently transitioned from Children’s House to Elementary, we believe that the strong foundation she acquired during her Montessori preschool years have helped her develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime. We are very thankful to Guidepost at Prosperity, being part of this community has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.

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Our daughter has been here several weeks now and I have established a level of trust and confidence in this school that has certainly exceeded my expectations. I think the guide/lead teacher and other staff are doing an amazing job and we have seen increased independence and growth in just 3 days a week! I was somewhat dissuaded by prior reviews but have been extremely impressed with the communication and our experience. The bilingual and Spanish immersion classes are a plus! Love the app where we can track her progress!!

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Great school for advanced child. My son is super smart and loves to learn. He adore going to class. He is able to learn at his own pace. since he is super advance, he work on things other kids his age arent quite ready yet.

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My toddler has been at the school for one year. The students learn at 2 years old how to self-govern. They choose what work to do and how long they work on it. No child can steal a object from another. Learning science and math from a conceptual point of view. This is a great place, not just a day care, it is a community.

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We used to have our daughter at this school when it was still Countryside. Since investors from CA (?) bought the school in 2016 and run it as a true for profit enterprise, attention to the kids has decreased, good teachers have left, and class sizes are larger (more kids per teacher).Parents who consider Guidepost need to understand that the high ratings come from a time before the buyout, when the school was called Countryside Montessori. Guidepost uses the Montessori name, but is neither Montessori certified nor a true Montessori program. In comparison to the AMI certified Montessori program in Charlotte, I view Guidepost as as a Monti-something blended education approach.Given the tuition vs. whats offered, this may be preferable over a day care, but hard to recommend as a true Montessori school.

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My daughter went through the screening process/observation period and was accepted. My husband and I explained our daughter cameFrom daycare (3 yrs old at the time). We hadspent close to 6 months observing and learning about Montessori school, with the hopes of her being accepted through CMS lottery.When that did not happen we explored Guidepost and decided to move forward with enrolling our daughter. She was enrolled for 3 weeks before we decided to withdraw her from this environment. If your child is not innately self-disciplined and calm, or have experience in a Montessori environment she/he will internalize they are “different” because I do not feel the staff/teachers are equipped, nor have the time to help children adapt and adjust in a way that makes them feel welcome and comfortable.I do believe the teachers/staff tried and the communication was very clear, and I have a great deal of respect for her teacher at the time because her transparency and feedback was helpful, but this school did not meet our expectations. To be fair, there were children who seemed to be doing very well in the environment. Our daughter did learn great independence skills in this environment that we help to maintain currently.Our daughter is now in a preschool program with high structure, a place where she can be her energetic self, she has access to technology (she loves it), they make smoothies and bake real cookies, and is constantly engaged through learning and tons of affection. She loves to sing, she loves imaginary play, etc. and that’s what she is used to, but Guidepost does not meet these needs. She feels she belongs and the reports from her new school are polar opposite from what she received in the three weeks at Guidepost, which reinforced the power of environment. She didn’t nap one time out of the three weeks at Guidepost, which signaled stress or discomfort to me because this has never been an issue. She has been napping/sleeping comfortably at her new school since her second day and she has been there a little over one month. A big part of this is because all of the children go down for rest at the same time at her current school. At Guidepost, the smaller children have to rest quietly on their cots but the older children can still work. I did know this entering Guidepost, but did not know it would be such a challenge for her. All this to say, Montessori is a good fit for some, but not for all.In the end, I am glad for the experience because my husband and I were able to learn a bit more about what our daughter needs in an environment in order to thrive (and in her own unique way). I only hope that Guidepost develops a better observation/screening process for enrollment and learn to better cultivate a more inclusive environment for all children from various educational backgrounds. Some sort of acclimation/transition process could be helpful for all involved.

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Great facility, the staff are very friendly and took great care of my daughter. Great to see how much she learned while there. We had to relocate to Texas but would recommend them to anyone!

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This school is phenomenal. The teachers go above and beyond to help promote independence in each child. I only wish we had enrolled sooner.

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I have a bit of a different perspective considering that i went to this school some 15 years ago. im not sure about how it’s doing currently but i can say with certainty that i had a blast while i was there. i know it may seem far fetched, considering i was a 3/4 year old when i went, but i made memories that resonate with me until now. mrs pam was the best!!

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My daughters love coming to school everyday. This is an excellent facility and we are very happy to be here.

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How can you write on your ad : Assistant Teacher, when you know that you are looking for a Floater to be hired instead?What a waste of my time!!! (My opinion).🤔

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