Bright Horizons at Carillon
227 W Trade St Suite 410, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

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My daughter started her daycare experience with Bright Horizons (infant classroom) and we could not be more thrilled with the level of care provided. Her teachers truly love and care for her and I feel informed throughout the day with constant updates around feedings, sleep and play through the mobile app.The leadership team is personable, thoughtful and professional - we look forward to seeing them each day. They have taken Covid precautions very seriously so in addition to feeling very comfortable with her teachers, I know the center is also working hard to keep her safe and healthy.Thank you so much for your attentiveness and care for our sweet girl, Bright Horizons team!

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My children have been going to Bright Horizons - Carillon since they were infants. My daughter is 4.5 and my son is 2.5. In these 4.5 years, I have had nothing but positive experiences with the staff. I truly feel like my children are receiving a great education and are being taken care of and loved by the teachers and staff.We were hesitant to return back to school during a pandemic but I feel like they have taken every health and safety precaution and I am comfortable sending my kids back. I have and will continue to recommend Bright Horizons to people.

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This school is wonderful. The entire staff is warm and friendly and you can tell providing excellent care for children truly is their passion. They practice and preach positive discipline techniques and their curriculum is Montessori-influenced. My 11 month old son has been there since he was 9 months (he was at another daycare previously), and he has flourished there. They keep him very engaged and I can see that he is genuinely happy to be there and has developed strong bonds with the teachers.

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This center is in a very nice location. But I have to say, being a social worker I notice abuse as soon as I see it. My niece is at the school and her mother always mentions to pay extra attention to one specific classroom with the two year olds whenever I go with her to pick her child up. There is this one teacher, I’m not sure what her name is, if I had to guess I’d say it’s Raniee? Just by what I heard the children call her. She’s extremely rude to the kids in her class and we always hear her screaming from other rooms and she does not hold back. We always hear the children crying and my sister even seen a child shoved by her to a pillow!! It’s insane to me how she gets away with it! My sister is friends with lots of parents those children are also enrolled in the school, all of them had their children once in her classroom and ALL of them are too scared to report what they see/hear because they are worried their children would get mistreated by other teachers. I don’t have kids there and I definitely have no problem leaving this review. Other than that parents love this school. But to have even just one teacher as bad as Raniee there is enough cause for me to not recommend this place to friends who are looking for a center. Corporate, please advise!

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I think the reviews need to be updated,i am looking for a warm,loving,skilled daycare to watch my soon to be 9 month old son.i have no clue as to jow much this will cost but have heard its not cheap..I have to get a job and get somewhat of my life back to normal but want to know my baby will be safe and taken care of while i work..just looking for ideas of where to go and how to start this process and not getting much out of the reviews for a few daycares..😕

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My child went to this facility under the back up care program provided by my job, and on the 5th visit to the daycare center and after my 1st complaint of my child not being burped and vomiting almost a half bottle when he got home, I felt like the center was trying to push my child and I away so that a regular wait listed child could fill the spot. Some of the teachers are gossipers and do not pay attention to the children, my child was the smallest child in the class and her response to the other children touching and scratching his leg was, ooh they think he is a baby doll. The director or manager came into the class and told me they didnt have space for my child for the days that were already confirmed right in front of the teachers and another parent but they did have space because they confirmed the space. My child drinks 4 oz max and that is how I fill his bottle and they write on his follow up paper that he drank 5 oz. They change the babies on a hard counter top and use the same wipes for every child. I watched all of this happening. My last straw was when they emptied out my childs diaper bag and put only his diapers and change of clothes in a cubby that people put diaper bags in ( how sanitized) and left the diaper bag in the office for my husband to pick up because he had lotions and bottle water in it (with out notifying me all day). The same things been in his diaper bag since day one. My two 1/2 month old will not be going back EVER.

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  • Address:227 W Trade St Suite 410, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States
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  • Phone:+1 704-333-3513
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Health & safety
  • Appointment required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
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