Chesterbrook Academy Preschool
8515 Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

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I would say that initially I was skeptical but my pre-k teacher is what sold me on the place. She was a perfect fit my daughter as well as her assistant. She promoted independence, but assured the children if they needed help after a try then they would definitely get it. My child was assisted with writing her name and was really touched by her teachers/classmate/ staff. There was an extra payment that came out once but it was released when mentioned.

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Chesterbrook has provided a great learning experience for our child. The teachers and management staff are wonderful and friendly! They are one of the few schools in the area that offer part-time care that met my needs and they are flexible when necessary, which is great when my work schedule may change. I feel like my child is ahead of the curve on developmental milestones and I know Chesterbrook has played a large role in that. I highly recommend Chesterbrook and commend them on their 5-star rating!

Review №3

DID NOT RECEIVE OUR $289 DEPOSIT BACK. We gave our 4 week notice in writing, our account was current, yet no reason or explanation as to why we have not received our deposit back. I doubt they will even respond to this review. (See Photos Attached)We were only able to speak with the principle Mrs. Jeannine who did her best to reach out over several months to her boss - Carolyn Dobyns - who has completely ignored any inquiries regarding the deposit.After numerous attempts to communicate with corporate/regional manager (Carolyn Dobyns) we have received no deposit, no explanation, and no response at this point to our attempts to communicate.There are a some great teachers at this facility, some not so great. While we have had our ups and down and minor issues in our sons 2+ years at this facility, the main issue occurred upon withdrawing our child.We paid a $50 registration prior to our sons first day after touring the facility that we were told would go straight towards the deposit of $289, as the normal registration fee was waived at that time. Upon registration we were required to pay the first week in the amount of $289, as well as the remaining deposit amount of $239. I am not sure what the confusion is regarding this as it is clear in the statement what has been paid.We have been told it was used somewhere else, there never was a deposit, this location has never required deposits, there was only the registration fee, there was no registration fee, the system is not reflecting anything at all, and accounting is looking into it.I am not sure if this is a system or personnel related error, regardless it is apparent we were required to place a deposit on file in order to enroll. The statement reflects those payments and our agreement explicitly states the fact that a deposit must be held on file and 4 weeks notice must be given, as well as account balance up to date in order to receive the full deposit back upon withdrawing.It is evident that they have no intention of refunding our deposit as agreed upon in writing and verified by email and receipt records from Chesterbrook. We ultimately feel we have been discriminated against and we do not appear to have been the only ones.We have been patient and understanding during this process, but after reading multiple negative reviews of others who have experienced a similar situation upon withdrawing their child, it appears that there may be some type of money embezzlement or other corporate fraud at hand.We have made every effort to leave on good terms and honor the agreement that we entered upon enrollment. We were looking forward to a smooth withdrawal process, but this has turned out to be a more frustrating experience than anticipated. We have done everything we need to do on our end, and have ultimately had $289 stolen from us by this facility.While it is not the end of the world, it still hurts us as a family and we consider this to be a substantial amount of money. We are currently seeking legal advice, as we have recently made our final attempts to communicate directly - still unanswered. It is apparent that they have no intention to rectify the situation by honoring our written agreement even after providing the pay statement from our initial enrollment.I can speak highly of Mrs. Jeannine, Mrs. Ivory, Mrs. Yolanda, Ms. Lauren, and Mrs. Jennifer. They all work hard, they actually care, and they deserve a better work environment. I cannot speak for the others, but I can say that someone among the office staff or accounting is altering numbers and stealing peoples money. I highly doubt this is by mistake given the lack of professionalism by which this concern has been addressed on their end.This has been an eye opening experience, and we are honestly still in disbelief at how shady they have been since we have withdrawn our son over 4 months ago! You just dont expect what seems like a reputable company to blatantly steal from you. All we can say at this point is BEWARE, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT WITHOUT EXPLANATION.

Review №4

Amazing experience with the staff and with the management. My son has been there for around 2 years and everything been fine, he loves his tutors and friends at the daycare. I couldnt be more grateful for the efforts that they do every day with my kid.

Review №5

Great teachers, fantastic principal and Vice Principal. Everyone is very good with the kids. They respect you and your suggestions. Extremely kind and helpful! Definitely recommend this!

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My daughter was at Chesterbrook Academy for not even a week and I noticed that the teacher that was assigned to her was not qualified and unsympathetic towards the young toddlers. They have cameras set up but it took me to mention something to review the cameras and let her go immediately. They assured me that everything would be good from then on but it was not. It did not end at the unsympathetic teacher. The daycare tried to over charge my card wrongfully and without my knowledge. Everything from the facility to the staff are all wrong. They are very unorganized and do not know what child brought what with them. It was like a scavenger hunt trying to find my daughter’s belongings. My daughter was there for less than two weeks and I have pulled her out. There are lots of other great daycares around the area that I can recommend and I have found one that I am extremely happy with.

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Discrimination against low income families I enrolled my daughter at chesterbrook because its close to my job and I heard they had a great learning program. I informed the manager I had applied for child care resources and was told they accept. I struggled with the fees for the first month and a Monthly later I was approved by the state for assistance. I informed the manager and she advise me then they dont accept 100% of the child care resource benefit and they are only willing to accept 40%. I advise them I can not afford it and Im sad that I will have to find other means to child care/early education for my daughter. The manager informed me that all private early education schools have agreed together to accept less of this benefit. In other words good luck....Concern: if the state is helping families with low income why would you turn this money away? Or is it the money that is being turn away? Denying low income people and only allow families that can afford to pay out of pocket the benefit of a early education for there children is wrong. It could lead to questions of racism, discrimination, or favoring a particular group of people. I believe this should be investigated.

Review №8

This is the worst childcare EVER. Notice how all other reviews says they charge your card without your notice and then refuse to refund your money back. The staff is horrible and definitely needs new management

Review №9

One of the best kindergarten in north Charlotte. They take care of kids really well with special focus on learning.

Review №10

Great management and staff, our little one enjoyed every bit of it and was already ahead of the curve by the time she got into Kindergarten.

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They are refusing to give me back my $278 for a week of tuition my son WAS NOT in attendance. Protect your money, because these people do not care about it. Chesterbrook Academy is a complete money-making, at the expense of families, machine. Unfortunately, due to some hardships and emergencies weve had to endure, I un-enrolled my son as of 08/31/18. Because life is not planned, I was unable to give the four weeks notice they require before un-enrolling your child. Because who can plan emergencies? No one. I was unable to get the tuition for Labor Day week, a four day week, which by the way is not pro-rated, and therefore did not send my son to the school all week. Come to find out they charge me for this weeks tuition? $278 for a week he wasnt in attendance WITOUT even letting me know? WITHOUT even offering a payment plan? WITHOUT even setting a deadline for it? You would think as friendly and kind these people are to your face they would understand the hardships of life. I spoke with Jeannine Cox, who in turn spoke with her supervisor, and they are refusing to understand that families go through things! Had I known I would be responsible for a weeks worth of tuition, I would have sent my son to attend. These people do not care about you or your family. If I could give them ZERO STARS I would.

Review №12

Fabulous school, fabulous teachers and an incredible management staff.

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