Cranfield Academy - Carmel
11330 Carmel Commons Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28226, United States

Review №1

Cranfield Carmel has been an absolutely amazing daycare for my child. Every class that she has been in has been equipped with great teachers and my child is excited to be there each day.

Review №2

Cranfield Carmel has some poor reviews due to previous management, but the school is wonderful. My child is very happy there and is well taken care of. She has learned so much; the school is great with helping at each development stage such as potty training, writing their names, and reading. We are very pleased.

Review №3

We have had our son here since he was 6 months old and have loved all of our teachers. There has been a shift in admin but the new administrator is fantastic. We highly suggest Cranfield!

Review №4

I’ve had my two children at Cranfield since October 2017. Since that time I’ve seen very little turnover, and I’ve always felt confident in the teachers’ abilities. Now that my daughter is in older 3’s, they are really working on letters and a well-rounded curriculum, and my daughter is excited to go to school to learn and share what she’s learned! Libby, the director, and the management staff all seem competent (I’m not trying to sound demeaning, our last daycare had a couple of doozies managing it), and they interact well with the children too.The fresh fruit and coffee provided every day is a nice amenity. They also have lots of nice programs, like “Take 5”, a small craft project done on pickup, sweet treat once a month, and holiday lunches. We also get lots of photos through the day and can communicate directly with their teachers, which I love.I think perhaps the negative reviews are old? But I am comfortable taking my kids there everyday, and highly recommend Cranfield Academy.

Review №5

I wish I could submit this review w/0 stars b/c it doesnt even deserved a 1! Teachers in the infant room do nothing to work w/the babies. They lay on the floor w/a toy or are placed in a baby recliner or jumper. They do nothing to work w/their fine motor skills, etc. This DAYCARE sold us on the 5 star theory of a 4:1 ratio but on so many occasions my husband or I counted 7-8 infants in the room w/only a single teacher. Each afternoon the diaper trash can is overflowing with dirty diapers. The soap dispenser the teachers use (Bath & Body) is filled w/water! My baby was CONSTANTLY sick w/things like Hand Foot Mouth, Croup, etc. Its not unusual for babies to lay on the floor in their spit up b/c they do not get attn from the teachers. The infants are especially neglected at the end of each day b/c the teachers are in such a hurry to get out of there they are spending the time doing their closing checklist rather than nurturing the babies. This is likely b/c they are instructed that they must be clocked out by XX time....or else. But also b/c they do not take pride in what they do. Nurturing is not in this schools practice. They are there to fill space/headcount to bring in $. The teacher in charge of the older 1s class is in waaaay over her head. They have babies who have recently started walking outside on water day open to playground equipment for 4-5 yr olds. Dangerous! w/NO supervision! The ownership is completely lacking of any honesty or integrity! They knew we were pulling our daughter out of this horrible daycare (as soon as the opening became avail in her new school) b/c we hadnt enrolled our new baby while I was pregnant. They pulled me into the office one evening to let me know that my child was no longer allowed back b/c, and I quote, dropped an fbomb to her teacher over the phone. I know this to be a downright lie b/c that word NEVER comes from my mouth! Nor would I ever talk that way to another human being. Especially the person responsible for my child in my absence! They made this up knowing we were not going to be there much longer so they could open the space for a new body bringing in new $ for the owners. Thankfully we were able to get her into her new school and we absolutely LOVE it! They lie and oversell this place! I am constantly influencing new moms to stay away. You will regret it! And w/the wait lists in other schools (that are good) you will be stuck until something opens up! Stay away!!! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Review №6

I just called to speak with someone about enrolling my child there. She was very rude. As soon as I heard the tone of her voice I said never mind it’s okay.

Review №7

Clean, bright, dedicated

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