Keith Family YMCA
8100 Old Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

Review β„–1

Decent facility, but make sure youre carrying around a bottled water if you dont want to be discriminated for not wearing a mask because everyone who was was holding a plastic bottle of water was allowed to safely breathe freely without putting everyone in jeopardy πŸ˜’

Review β„–2

Maya at the front desk is very kind, patient, and dedicated. I went in for a tour today, and she made the tour very enjoyable. She was talkative, and informative. She made me feel so comfy. She even helped me sign up for membership today, and it was so helpful, and she was very patient.Maya is definitely a KEEPER, and I hope to see her continuously on my way to work-outs.

Review β„–3

Incredibly poor experience.Extremely disappointed with the Keith YMCA. I was very excited about joining this branch initially, but thanks to their ridiculous scheduling and unhelpful staff (unable to assist, but instead give the catch all line, just check our website), I am cancelling membership.We have been kicked out of the pool, along with everyone else there, multiple times because our pump is not working. The pump was working fine minutes prior. I cannot access the indoor pool because its randomly closed. The list goes on. Please be wary of joining this organization/facility. A very unpleasant experience, filled with what seems like arbitrary rules and regulations. Do not recommend.

Review β„–4

This YMCA has some good ballers. If you are looking for some quality runs on the court this is a good place.

Review β„–5

Front lady was very very rude. i booked a swim lane 7 to 7:30 PM and they said it closed indoor . Whats the point of booking if you are.closing the pool earlier and going home .,Atleast they should give me a head up. When i asked about my reservation, they said they will open the outside pool and she didnt gave me directions on how to get there by the time when i reached it was already 7:15 and when i asked what time they stud down, they said 7:30. It os such a pain. the whole point of reservation is to book the spot and if YMCA cant honor the reservation then whats the point of reserving. It Stupid

Review β„–6

Worst experience, unhelpful staff and awful pool rules and schedule. They close the pool without any notice (even when there is no rain or thunderstorm) and dont inform you and staff are not on same page, they give wrong information.

Review β„–7

I have been a member of the YMCA ever since I moved to Charlotte. My son and his friends love going there to play basketball. I have also enjoyed going their to go to their gym. My son also played basketball on the Y teams and the coaches are phenomenal. Coach Scott was my favorite coach, he is personable, mentored each young man on his team, held them all accountable for schoolwork and respect at home. Thank you for giving my family a safe place to have fun and get fit too! 😊

Review β„–8

The staff here are all super friendly and very helpful! Special shout out to Kevin! I showed up for an outdoor cycle class that was cancelled due to weather. Kevin set me up with a bike indoor in the studio with an iPad playing a cycle class on YouTube. What more could you ask for? Above and beyond customer service! Thanks Kevin!

Review β„–9

I have a son that just started playing rec basketball at this Y. He’s only 6 years old I put him in the program with the hopes of him learning the fundamentals of the game, because that’s what the YMCA stated on the site. Today was his first game you would have thought this was a College game. My sons team had 5 players while the other team had about 10-12 players. I was wondering why they didn’t split the team up to be even due to them only being 6-7 years old. This is what I experienced in other sports of young children. The coaches were not happy with how some of the children were playing. Again these are children!! So another parent pulled one of the coach’s to the side I want say his badged said β€œRP” and ask why is it like this. Our children at this age should be enjoying the game and learning not treated like College students. He stated that some parents wanted there children to play on a certain team which was the one with the 10-12 players.This makes me believe that what I’m paying for isn’t equivalent to what other parents that pay the same is getting. My thing is why isn’t this a random selection THIS IS THE YMCA not AAU or Duke. I feel all of our children at this age(any age)should be treated fairly and taught the game not treated like they’re playing to enter the NBA.

Review β„–10

Primarily go there for outdoor open fields which can be consumed by soccer players or football practice. But typically large enough to still get a workout in.

Review β„–11

I enjoy going to this particular YMCA to exercise. I find Laura, Vic and the staff in the gym to be especially helpful with any question or training issue I may have. They are friendly and professional. I dont have any small children coming to the facility, but they are very attentive to the children that are in the classes and always seem to be doing something with them. The facility is clean. The staff at the desk always courteous to me. Ive been a member of several gyms and find this one to be the best! Ive been coming here for years and it only gets better.

Review β„–12

I honestly liked and frequented this YMCA for some time when I was in grad school. When I recently visited, I did so without my usual bag. I forgot to lock my locker as it was in my normal workout bag, however I was visiting during an less busy time so I wasn’t concerned. After my workout I found out my keys were missing. Terrified I went to the front desk to report the theft, instead I found out that their staff had gone through my locker, since it was unlocked, and took my keys without my knowledge, to teach me a lesson. They didn’t leave a note in my locker warning me of not locking my locker or anything. They just took it. Had I left without checking with them I they would’ve most likely kept them. What a horrible way to β€œteach a lesson” as the front desk stated. Never in my life have I ever experienced a YMCA staff member be so rude, not to mention genuinely steal from me in order to prove a point. I will never visit this YMCA again.

Review β„–13

Happy with the gym and was happy with the facility until I enrolled for swimming registration for my 6 year old. Worst communication. I was made to wait for almost a month before they confirmed they had no instructor. Monika seems to be the worst lady and shes acting as if shes the only busy person in this world. If someone is looking for swim lessons for kids, please look for somewhere else...

Review β„–14

This YMCA is excellent, with a large outdoor and indoor pool. I highly recommend it. I have one complaint that they dont have a Jacobs Ladder machine but that is super minor. Everything else is great. If anyone reads these things can we get a hot tub too ;) ? !! But overall, amazing place.

Review β„–15

We signed our 13 year old son up for Teen Camp, one of the weekly camps offered at the YMCA. The camp guide described exciting activities geared towards teenagers, pricing at $221 for that week. After sending my son two days and him returning with the same response (that NO Activities were done and they were just sitting around on their phones) I pulled him from the program. I LITERALLY had to speak to 3-4 Coordinators, Directors, end up with NO REAL resolve for us. The YMCA still kept all of our money without even offering to return a portion of it. All they could say was that they are looking into the situation, of course you are!!! False advertisement will only get you so far. We will never partner with the YMCA, nor will our money/word of mouth sponsor its brand.

Review β„–16

My main workout is lap swimming. I have been to a few other pools in the area and this one is my favorite for a few reasons. My main reason are the lanes are wide enough to have two people comfortably swim next to each other in the same lane. I dont get that impression with the pool at Lake Norman and Harris (South park area). At the Lake Norman and Harris gyms you could have two in the same lane but it feels catastrophic. I tend to use the family changing room as the main mens room is too cool.

Review β„–17

Such an amazing facility with a nice staff. I always feel at home when I come. I love the sense of community and positive vibes.

Review β„–18

The Summer Camps are extremely over crowded and staffed by inexperienced teens who cannot handle bullying / conflict well and are not adequately supervised. My daughters asthma inhaler was lost twice and Supervisors were not responsive (it took almost a week) when I reached out to them because the group leader called the children in my daughters cheer camp β€œstupid and unable to learn” (they were 5-8 years old). Also, do not spend your money on theme camps as they only spend about 2 hours on the theme each day and the rest of the time the kids are outside with Daycamp. Daycamp children stay outside the entire day mostly on devices in near 90+ degree temps (even if a child is in a sensitive air quality group - with exception of around 45 min of swim time). I was disappointed as I’ve heard great things about Day Camp at other YMCA locations in Charlotte. Disappointed in the facilities/amenities as well as they are outdated and do not appear to be clean.

Review β„–19

Large, clean facility with lots of recreational options. I have 2 children and often drop them at the child watch and they always enjoy the activities- its not just a babysitting service. I mostly take the exercise classes and in the Summer I take the kids to the outdoor pool, which is always very clean. The staff at this YMCA is very courteous and Ive never had an issue with anyone. Locker rooms/ bathrooms are pretty clean and well stocked too.The only reason I didnt rate it 5 stars is because this location gets very crowded. Even during the weekdays, and in the Summers the outdoor pools get packed with the kids from camp.

Review β„–20

Gone are the days where the staffs (Mat) were so dedicated in teaching swim classes. Now the new coordinator (Moni) wont even get into the pool. they teach by walking along the swimming pool rather than swimming along with the kids. The suggestion given is to wear goggles to improve swimming so funny this one is turning out to be.

Review β„–21

We left the YMCA for a handful of reasons:1. It was far too expensive. They required that we share our tax information so we could pay the rate that corresponds with our salary. That was a huge monthly bill that didn’t include program costs.2. Low value programming. Our daughter participated in swim lessons, soccer and dance at this location. Dance was the best of the programs, but once we left for another school (Dance Fever Charlotte) we quickly realized the wasn’t being challenged at the Y. The same could be said for the swim lessons (we put her in lessons at SwimMAC and saw an immediate difference). She played coed soccer at this YMCA for years, but the programs were poorly managed and the boys who participated were often poor sports and very aggressive. She has since moved to AYSO.3. Pools unavailable. When we would attempt to use the water park feature it was often full of summer campers. They require that parents stay within arm’s’ reach of children, which is nearly impossible if you have more than one child.

Review β„–22

Ive paid for a YMCA membership for about 6 months at a different Y. I come down here to visit my girlfriend on the weekends. For some reason I dont show up under the nationwide membership that I pay for, not a big deal. I called my branch and asked if they could fix my membership and they said they couldnt because I AM a nationwide member. So each time I come in I have them call my Y, ask them to confirm that I am in fact a member, and they let me through. Until today, the man at the front desk says that he got special instructions to not call another branch to confirm memberships anymore. So he wouldnt let me through. I dont understand why a 7 second phone call cant be taken so I can use my membership just like any other member that pays. I just want to reach my fitness goals. Not paying for a Y membership again!

Review β„–23

Very good location and very clean and staff is friendly. I really like this place. Even more, they have great childcare, where you kid can go outside to play when its not too hot.

Review β„–24

Great facility! It feels very clean and has great instructors for the group fitness classes!

Review β„–25

Awful service. Pool is always closed. Customer service is very bad. I do not recommend this gym.

Review β„–26

YMCA is good. Not as clean or up-to-date as some other YMCA but it is not bad by any means. Would gladly go here every day.Has the exact same layout of Siskey YMCA. Must be a cost saving thing or something. Anyways if you go to Siskey YMCA then you already know where everything is since it is the same building layout.

Review β„–27

Excellent gym. Weightlifting platforms with bumper plates and power racks.

Review β„–28

Not real crowded most days. Needs to expand. And get better equipment. Staff is great

Review β„–29

I gave them 1 star because they were helpful getting a discount for my kids membership. Other than that its been nothing but disappointment!! We were NEVER properly facilitated, my sons locker got broken into the 2nd day we were there brand new sneakers stolen ,wallet with money (less than 10$) ,and bank card!! Nothing done at all except WE filed a police report!!! No apologies or reimbursement despite I showed proof we just bought his sneakers! Im very dissatisfied and disappointed!!! And so are the kids especially my son he doesnt want to go back

Review β„–30

Great staff, clean facilities, and lots of options to choose from. I love Saad at the front desk he always goes above and beyond to help!

Review β„–31

My son has been going to various camps there this summer. When the activities he did, for an extra $50 over the traditional day camp, did not match what the camp guide described, I contacted the YMCA and was told on 3 occasions that someone would return my phone call. It has been over a week now and I have not heard anything, plus the camp directors voicemail has been full for a week and cannot take any phone calls.In addition, my son burnt his feet at the pool there on a hot day, when the kids were told to wait for their turn on the burning concrete; someone has yet to call me back on that too. If I cannot trust them to return a simple phone call, I can certainly not trust them with my son, so I am canceling the rest of the camps for the summer. Ridiculous, and sad that there is no accountability.

Review β„–32

Very friendly front desk!

Review β„–33

Small and crowded exercise area. Staff doesn’t make you feel welcome. I’ve been to many YMCAs around the state for many years, don’t waste your workout and time at this location.They also couldn’t find my NATIONWIDE membership on their software.

Review β„–34

Have only visited for the pool. Changing rooms were clean and large. The pool want very crowded and the slides and childrens features are great. Lots of pool chairs and large umbrellas.

Review β„–35

The facility is nice. The security is horrible. They dont care that someone is breaking into memebers cars on a regualr basis in the parking lot. They have a guard on duty and all I have seen him do is play with his phone. He should be in the parking lot unitl the break in stop. You can count on your car being broken into there. About 1 -2 a week.Pool area is always hotter than hell. Feels dirty and a bit tired. I did enjoy going.

Review β„–36

Level of service not on same level as other Ys. Step your game up

Review β„–37

Used to really enjoy this place. But Im getting very frustrated with rules they have in place but no one tells you about. Brought a guest on Sunday only to find out no guests on Sunday. No where was that mentioned when I inquired about guests nor was it on the sign. So when I brought my guest on Sunday it was very inconvenient. Not to mention that there we 5 people within a 10 minute period that all came in not knowing that policy.Then was told my son could not play in the splash Pad area without me. Been going here for 2 years and they never said that to me. Had to end our time early bc I couldnt take my newborn out in the sun.Please make rules available so that people can plan around them accordingly.

Review β„–38

I like coming here because its close to my home. Its somewhat less crowded for some reason but I love that. I dont understand though why the machines are so dirty! It would help if the staff would wipe them down instead of standing around or talking. The rest rooms are cleaner except that the cleaning lady needs to sanitized the toilets. It stinks.

Review β„–39

I Love to come to the Zumba and cardio dance classes. I’ve been a member at the ymca since i was 10 years old. I love all the locations that i have been to.

Review β„–40

This is a great place staff is awesome and very helpful great support and very knowledgeable I highly recommend the Kieth Family YMCA to everyone

Review β„–41

This is by far the dirtiest YMCA location I have been so far. The men steamroom stinks so bad... and the shower is like youre going to get all sort of germs...Very nasty. The equipement also is not really up to the level of other branches in Charlotte. I usually go the Childress Klein or Dowd.

Review β„–42

I just love this Ymca becoz of Jami ❀️ (The cardio dance instructor) .

Review β„–43

I have been coming to this location for years, and i love it they could work on some of the staff members attitudes.

Review β„–44

Great always clean, friendly helpful staff. One issue, sorry it took me so long to join! 😊

Review β„–45

I signed up for a membership for myself and my two children after finding out how overpriced the daily rate was for the waterpark. We have only been here 3 times since I signed up and 2 out of the 3 times we have had horrible expirrences. The first situation the lifeguard was very rude to myself and my daughter because she was sitting near the edge where all the kids come out of the slides. She is a non swimmer and not allowed in that area but my 9 year old son was coming down the slide and she was wanting to watch him- she was NOT even in the water. Then maybe 5 minutes later the same exact lifeguard came up to us to rudely ask me if I had blown up her floaties, which I had, he then told me those were not allowed here at all. Both incidents were very rude and not necessary. Second incident: happened today in the pool area, I had to put my phone and wallet down on the chair to not get them wet, my 4 year old daughter who had on their lifevest was bobbing around in the water in the 2ft area. Within that minute timespan 2 of the lifeguards decide to kick water into her face to try and get her attention to ask where I was. Which I was standing right behind them and if they are so concerned with people drowning then why in the hell are you going to kick water into a childs face who doesnt know how to swim yet????! VERY RUDE AND VERY UNCALLED FOR. We will never be returning back here. These lifeguards are very young and have zero work ethics. Worst expierence at this Y and I will never ever recommend this place to anyone.

Review β„–46

Friendly staff members, well maintained aminities, variety of programs for kids and adults.

Review β„–47

We had been to Keith Family YMCA as guest due to pool maintenance at our primary YMCA. The lady in the reception is very rude and doesnt know how to talk to guests. This is the worst YMCA I have ever visited and will never recommend to my friends. I wish i can give less than 1 rating.

Review β„–48

This is only in comparison to the other Ys. Its run down and equipment isnt mantained. Seems like Univ City gets the hand-me-downs machines from the Ys in wealthy areas.

Review β„–49

Very friendly people, great equipment and classes.

Review β„–50

Friendly staff. Great options: indoor track, punching bag, weights, machines, cardio equipment,.pool, classes, outside trail and more.

Review β„–51

It is very clean and nice πŸ‘πŸ»

Review β„–52

Wide variety of classes and great instructors

Review β„–53

Staff isnt very social and wish they offered more types of classes

Review β„–54

Nice Fitness Center

Review β„–55

My child was in child care while I was swimming. Then my ex who was not on the authorized pick up, he went in and picked up my child. When I talked to them, they dont care.

Review β„–56

5 stars

Review β„–57

Its good

Review β„–58

Way too crowded.

Review β„–59

The place is the goat

Review β„–60

This is not the correct location!

Review β„–61

It is an excellent place, the people are very friendly, the people who work there are very good people, my children love it and I love it.

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