1240 Badger Ct, Charlotte, NC 28206, United States

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Very nice daycare. Great location, very clean and positive upbeat staff. Mrs V does a great job with this place and she has a genuine passion for children. She is a powerful resource for parents also and she knows Charlotte very well. Would highly recommend.

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This was the worst experience of my life. We paid 1250 a month and my son was continuously sick, has a permanent knot on his head, I picked him up wet, at least 6 different sets of teachers within a year, and my son learned nothing. I feel that my family should receive a refund for the entire time my son was enrolled.

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Worst daycare i have ever placed my child at. The owner Ms. V talks a really good game. Shell waive your registration fee and give your child 2 free shirts(since its a uniform school) just to get you through the door. The first red flag should have been that she has all of her family members working at the center. One is REALLY mean. I never trusted her with my child. She goes by the name of Ms.Rossi. The children are barely fed, if at all. As heard from the owners mouth, i dint HAVE to feed these children. Whatever food i give them is a privilege. This is NEGLECT. The state has been out to this center, as well as her other center on wt harris, many, MANY, times. The owner has once been caught for forging documents. After ,meeting up with other parents, someone looked up her background and shes been to jail for fraud and selling drugs. How is she even allowed to run a daycare center with these types of charges?! The classrooms are ALWAYS out of ratio. One teacher should never have 20 kids by herself. Thats against the guidelines. Now lets talk about meals, when they do receive any. They are fed scraps of junk, very little portions, NEVER any seconds for the children are still hungry. Its been times where the students did not eat breakfast AT ALL. They hardly have the state requirements when it comes to meals. If the children receive milk with lunch, they are lucky that day. If you care about your child, DO NOT send them here. They will not be in business long. This isnt a way to treat innocent children. **the center is only THREE stars. Not worth enrolling your children** Why not pay top dollar for a 5 star center where your child will be cared for , nurtured , and guided.

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This is the worst daycare center ever. Its looks good on the outside but once you get your kids in there youll see a whole different story. Because they make your child wear uniforms including toddlers youll think ok this may be a great place. NOT..your child will have a different teacher every other day. They can never keep teachers. And if they do have someone there its a family memeber of the owner. Speaking of owner shes never there and thats probably because shes probably spending money on another business. Shes very rude and controlling. She runs the center behind a telephone. She believe thats its a privilege to be there and your kids are being fed. Be careful to speak your mind about things you dont agree with or shell TERMINATE your kids without notice. This place cant keep the state away from both centers. Its either someone child is being abuse, not feeding them enough for a full meal, people forging documents or better yet..the owners husband sleeping around with a staff member. They allowed my child to stay in clothes for hours that he had urinated in until i got off work. Talk about food. If your child tell you theyre hungry BELIEVE THEM. There are some great teachers there but deserves to be somewhere that appreciates them.

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Well after reading the reviews I didnt expect to read all the negatives things about this daycare, I have been dealing with this daycare for many years, my soon to be 2nd grader graduated from there pre-k and now my almost 3 year old has been attending since she was about 3mths old , I have not had any issues since my kids being attending, i was never aware or never heard of the neglect of feeding the kids, thats the first..every morning my child gets there they have food to serve, the reason I did not give a 5 star because I have seen many teacher come and go over the years for some reason not sure if its management or they have found better employment for better pay, so my end results would I recommend other parents to enroll there child I would say yes because my kids have and learning alot with the teachers they have had and I havent had a problem where I felt like I needed to pull my kids out

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  • Address:1240 Badger Ct, Charlotte, NC 28206, United States
  • Phone:+1 704-910-3834
  • Preschool
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