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My daughter is in the orange room for about a month now. On her first day of school, there was a welcome board in front of the door. We were so glad to see this surprise. The two teachers in her room are very kind, professional and nice. Some examples, one of the teacher braid my daughter’s hair. She loves it and I don’t think I’m able to replicate it in the morning. The other teacher responded me quickly when I texted that my daughter would like to have some warm water because she was not used to cold water yet. They are the teachers that you are sure your kids are taken good care of by them.The administration staff are always easygoing and warm. They know my kid’s name, they talk to us when we come and leave the school.I recommend this preschool to all parents. It’s one of the best preschool in Charlotte.

Review №2

My son is 4 years old and we have reached out to LeafSpring after his previously attended pre-school shut down due to Covid in summer last year. LeafSpring was so helpful, understanding and patient with us as a newly enrolling family in this unusual time. Although my son does not do well transitioning he immediately fell in love with his new teachers and has talked about them kindly ever since. We were amazed by the academic progress he has made. He has learned all his letters, numbers, Science and Social Studies in Leafspring and has improved his communication skills and vocabulary. He has also developed socially and found new friends. He loves the outdoor space and playground and we appreciate having chef prepared meals and several extra curriculum activities. LeafSpring has also developed great strategy to stay safe as much as possible during the pandemic. Although the pandemic has been preventing us from meeting with other families, the LeafSpring community stays in touch via PTA and video conferences. We appreciate LeafSpring and plan to continue our sons enrolment for years to come.

Review №3

This is best after school my Daughter attends in Charlotte. Staff is absolutely great and very helpful. My Daughter really loves this school. Thank you leaf spring!

Review №4

We have enjoyed sending our daughter to LeafSpring this summer. They have such a great variety of activities daily & our daughter has enjoyed her time there this summer. We would definitely recommend! Staff is friendly and the location is very convenient.

Review №5

I approached the management about several issues but nothing was done. The repetitive unhealthy food, lack of fruits and veggies for snack, the sugar unhealthy snack option without parents’ permission or knowledge, the type of music they choose for the kids after the class teachers leave for the day (4-6pm approx), as if they’re in a night club, loud and definitely not the best choice for 5 year olds, the lack of communication from certain teachers and the attitude.The management empowers teachers to run the place. They promote gossip by delivering every feedback parents discuss with them to the teachers. As a result, teachers retaliate by give parents attitude and choose not to respond to emails and overall lack of communication.Finally when we decided to take our kid out, i sent the management an email two months prior of a tentative date, and followed with a final confirmed date verbally to the teachers which was about a month prior of the exact confirmed date, and it was a week earlier from the tentative date.The teachers informed the manager as the last one confirmed that she did hear and know about it but failed to communicate with us via email or face to face when she and the teachers would see my husband & I at drop offs or pick ups, that she wants a written notice to honor the date and decided to charge us for an extra week knowing that my son was not attending that week! My first email was very clear that it was not final and subject to change and its only tentative and the fact that she knew and decided to charge us was unfair and unethical.We didnt know about the written notice policy nor we remember anything about it. I emailed the Manager and she never responded to my emails. Mind you she knows i took my son out because i was going to be in labor and need my husband’s help and we couldnt do drop offs and pick ups anymore.The manager was well aware of my son leaving, one, because she was told and two, her daughter is in the same class as my son and well aware of whats going on in the class first hand as a manager and as a parent.We are very disappointed all along with this school and knew the options were limited in the area but the last one topped it all and put the icing on the cake!

Review №6

The teachers and administrative staff at Leafspring are wonderful. They are very attentive and you can tell they care for all of the kids. They know every child by name. I’m grateful for all they’ve done and do every day for my children.

Review №7

My both kids went to LeafSpring! Actually my daughter still going. I cannot express how much they love The school and their teachers! Mrs Amie and Mrs Akansha are so caring and fun!! Every time I go there I feel so welcomed by stuff and administration! They greed me by name and always there to answer to my questions ! My kids did not speak English before they attend to LeafSpring but after all they were ready for school ! So pleased!!!Monica

Review №8

My daughter has been in enrolled at Rainbow since she was in the toddler room. She is now in the 3 year old room and she has grown and developed so well. She loves going to school everyday! The afterschool program is amazing as well my oldest daughter who is 7 years old attends and there is always so much for her to do in the Village. It is truly a great place!

Review №9

I have 3 kids, all close in age. My oldest daughters transition to kindergarten was a piece of cake and it is because of what she learned at Leafspring. She is flourishing with school. My second daughter is currently a student there and I cant believe the growth. All positive! My third daughter will attend next year and I cant wait. ALL of the staff is genuine, friendly, and caring. I can not say enough good things about this school and the people who make it great!

Review №10

Terrible experience: since getting my child out of this school it made realize how dysfunctional Leafspring really is and how daycares really need to be run. A lot is covered up. The Director does not listen does not respond to concerns and if you complain she targets your child trying to find any way to chase parents away. Teaches are on their phones especially in the afternoon when they think no one is watching. Children are consistently hurt due to their negligence of not propely watching them and they blame it on normal development. As a parent I would never ever enroll my child in this school again.

Review №11

My 3 1/2 granddaughter has been at Rainbow Station of Charlotte since infancy and now her sister is there. It is a wonderful place for a child to learn and be nurtured. I would recommend it to anyone.

Review №12

My daughter has been in the infant, toddler, orange and green room. We have had an incredible experience with every stage so far! Her teachers truly care about her and Im always amazed at what she is learning and absorbing every day. The nurse on site is necessary for us because she has severe allergies. There was an emergency situation once and they handled it perfectly and kept her safe and kept me informed. I would never go anywhere else, we love our Rainbow Station!!

Review №13

Rainbow Station was a great fit for our daughter! Due to various circumstances, our daughter had not been successful in a day care or preschool setting (we attempted several 5-star rated schools in Matthews/south Charlotte). When our daughter started at Rainbow stations half day pre-k 4s program (after just turning 5) she was loved, nurtured, and redirected with care. Several months later she transitioned into the full day TK program. They have helped her grow socially/emotionally and prepared her for kindergarten! The teachers, staff, and administrators are all wonderful and know everyone by name. Cant rave enough about our experience.

Review №14

As a mom of 2 children at this school I love our Rainbow Station friends, family and teachers. The best preschool and afterschool my children have ever been a part of!

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My 6 year old went there since she was 2 and is now in thier aftercare program. My son now goes there also and it is amazing! The kids come home with something new everyday. The teachers are very skilled, they always have the kids busy doing something new. My has learned to be a good helper and an awesome friend. Something he really needed and we were struggling with at home.

Review №16

We enrolled our 2 yr old daughter in August 2015 as her first experience been cared for outside her house and without english as her first language. I must say that Marella felt welcomed since day one and loves her teachers. As parents weve had a great experience with staff and teachers. It has been great to see Marella grow in such a great environment.

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