Smart Kids Child Development Center
14115 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States
Smart Kids Child Development Center

Review №1

It is the best ever day care for my kid. My son likes to go to school since his teachers are so nice and patient with love, and they are also professional. They talk with me for my sons progress and behaviors, and update to a cellphone app with pictures of kids activities. So I didnt miss the fun moments. For me and my kid, this day care is a real 5-star one!Updates:We moved to Atlanta for 3 months, and my 2-yr old son is still missing his teachers Ms. Haley and his best friend Asher. He has had a beautiful memory here.

Review №2

My boys as well as I love the staff. They have all been wonderful and very accommodating. They provide updates on my little one throughout the day via the app, pictures and messages from his teacher as well as communications from the office staff. My older sons graduation was absolutely amazing and I was so happy to see all the hard work they put in not only working with the kids but in the production and decor as well. I recommend SSA to anyone in my area looking for childcare. I always look forward to the events they hold.

Review №3

WE LOVE LOVE SHINING STARSOur kids have been going here since we moved to Charlotte. The teachers are very nice, kind, very professional and do a great job in taking care of the child and letting you know what is going on in the classroom as well as individually with your child. We love the updates that the teachers send on a daily basis.I highly recommend this place. This is the best childcare place in Charlotte.This daycare is truly a 5-STAR!

Review №4

An excellent place for your little one . My daughter went to this academy for 3 years and is now in kindergarten. She asks to visit SA almost every day . Mira is amazing ! You can tell that she puts her all into this school. I would highly recommend sending your child here .

Review №5

Amazing staff and teachers. Very organized and clean. They take great care of the children. Very responsive to and accommodating of parents questions and concerns. Superb childcare facility overall !

Review №6

My daughter has been attending Shining Stars Academy for about 5 months now and she LOVES it!! The staff at Shining Stars are very friendly and personable! I was nervous to put her in daycare at first but the infant room teachers are amazing and have been very welcoming since day 1... especially when I visit during the day.I have and will continue to recommend this daycare to my residents and friends when they ask about daycare options in the area. There were many options to choose from in the Ballantyne area when it comes to childcare and Im happy that I chose Shining Stars!

Review №7

I am so happy my two kids are in shining star academy, teachers are awesome they work with us to take good care of kids. Ms Kym and Ms Erica are my 3 year old favorite teachers and Ms Marie who takes care of my younger one (7 months old) is awesome, I can see my sonso happy and healthy. feels good and as a working mom i can concentrate on my work having my kids in good hands!! Ms Gloria (director) is a good person who listens and works with parents needs

Review №8

My son loves this daycare and so do we. All of his skills have improved tremendously over the last 9 months. I love how caring and loving the teachers are, makes me comfortable leaving my child here. Thank you for all that you do!!

Review №9

We moved to the area 6 months ago and after viewing multiple locations we decided on Shining Stars and our son has really enjoyed it. He aged into his second room now and he has been very happy in both. The staff is friendly and responsive. We like the camera system to check in and the mobile app that lets us know whats going on through the day. I have and would recommend Shining Stars to other.

Review №10

I absolutely love Shining Stars! I have been taking my daughter there for 2 years now. Ms. Gloria at the front desk is fantastic along with all the teachers & owners!

Review №11

LOVE LOVE LOVE SHINING STARSDaughter has been going here since day one the teachers are great and do a great job of letting you know what is going on in the classroom as well as individually with your child. I highly recommend you to at minimum take a tour

Review №12

Our family loves Shining Stars. Our son has attended for just about a year in the toddler program, and our daughter just started in the nursery about 2 weeks ago. I cant emphasize enough how pleased I am with this school. The care and concern that each teacher and administrators shows on a daily basis is inspiring. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review №13

Shining Stars is great. Its locally owned, not a franchise. I love supporting a local business woman who built her own business from the ground up. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and LOVES their kids. Its safe and secure and I can check in on my little one during the day via the web.

Review №14

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and for always loving our children!

Review №15

Our family has been with the Shining Star family for almost 7 years.My oldest daughter started when she was nine months old and my youngest daughter is currently in the bilingual transitional kindergarten program.This place allows the kids to establish the foundation necessary to excel in school. Yesterday I was a proud mom watching my oldest daughter receive an honor roll award for maintaining an A average all semester. Our family is so proud of her and her sister exclaimed that she wanted to be on honor roll is well.Shining star allows kids to be excited about school ,excited about learning ,interacting with others and doing well. This framework just does not extend beyond school but all throughout life. This is the placewhere you want your children to take the first steps in establishimg this foundation. We thank Shining Stars Academy for giving my oldest daughter the tools necessary to receive this honor.

Review №16

My family moved to the area 4 months ago and we got started looking for day care for our 18 month old. Shining Star was right down the street from our house so we naturally started there. We were impressed that the facility had locked doors with a key pad for entry, cameras in the rooms to check on our daughter throughout the day, everything was clean and bright and they even have a police officer in the evening to help with traffic on Lancaster Hwy. We loved that the outside play area was appropriate for her age and that they had an indoor gym for extra activities or for when the weather was poor.Since our daughter has been there for 4 months she has been learning so much. The center does a great job to involve parents on the daily details of their childs life. They offered a Thanksgiving lunch for parents at the center, they occasionally provide breakfast to go in the mornings for parents and each day we get a daily activity sheet of what they ate and did during the day. We are also very impressed that everyone that works there is always happy and so nice. Everyone greets you in the morning and makes you feel at home.Overall we are very please with the center and happy that our daughter is in great care. We would recommend this center to anyone.

Review №17

My daughter has been at Shining Stars Academy every since she was 3 months and she is 2 yrs now That says a lot!!! By being a new mom all over again and returning back to the corporate world with the ease of knowing my daugther was being cared for by excellent teachers and a wonderful staff that was more than just a teacher to my daughter and the others kids!! My daycare experience with the teachers and owner has been a excellent experience and I would recommend Shining Star Academy to any parent looking for a 5 Star daycare that provides more than care for your child but a learning daycare!!!

Review №18

Shining Stars Academy is a wonderful place. Staff are professional, friendly, and very personable. This is the best place in Charlotte for elite childcare. You can be confident that your child is in a safe, informative, educational environment! Already planning on sending my grand children there! ;)

Review №19

I want to thank Shining Star Academys staff for the last 2 yrs of amazing support and care. We moved from NYC 2 yrs ago with no family in NC and looking for a preschool for our 2 children. The minute we walked into SSA we saw the special care and education they have for the children. As my childrens last week in SSA approach its with great sadness we must leave.. my daughter is entering elementary school and we have moved to another county so our son will be going closer to home. Thank you for helping our children make a smooth transition from another state and all their amazing learning experience.

Review №20

My daughter has attended Shining Stars Academy since October 2012. Weve had a great experience at this center. Her teachers really seem to care about her as a student and as an individual and she isnt just a number. Shes learning new topics each week and really enjoys the homework assignments.

Review №21

We very much liked the school. My daughter is in kindergarten and she really likes her teacher. She is exited to go to school everyday and I think it is just because of friendly & helpful teachers ,management and other staff members.

Review №22

My daughter has attended Shining Stars since she was 8 weeks old. She has so much fun, and loves her teachers. I love knowing shes happy, healthy & safe at SSA, and I would definitely recommend to parents looking for a quality daycare for their children.

Review №23

Excellent Child Care Facility. My 3 year old daughter has been attending Shining Stars Academy for almost a year. We have been very happy with our experience there. The staff is amazing, very attentive, caring, and always very nice. Our daughter loves going to school, she enjoys her teachers, and is always excited to show us her projects that she makes. In addition to the regular everyday care, they also offer extra activities and our daughter attends music, gymnastics, and soccer. Those are offered different days of the week for about 30 minutes. Its very convenient because it gives her a variety of activities and its all during her regular hours of attendance, so we dont have to do any afterschool activities. I would highly recommend SSA. Great curriculum as well, and they get healthy hot meals and snacks!!!

Review №24

If you are in need of the best daycare in Charlotte I suggest Shining Stars Academy. The staff and teachers are the best around!!!! Makes us feel like a big family!!!!!!

Review №25

Amazing staff! They meet the special needs of my child fairly, as difficult as it is to endure the extra work. They communicate regularly and willing, they respond to each childs needs. Thank you shining stars staff, for all that you do! It takes very special people to do it every day.We use CCR and Gloria was ever so helpful when my fiance deployed over seas. She offered to use our first weeks payment and keep my son so that I could attend interviews, without losing his spot for weeks. What these people do is VERY hard work every day. I pray they do not ever put up with horrible behavior, after first trying to solve issues. It is lack of discipline both at home and schools now, that make jobs far more difficult for the staff. If I were employed here, Id thank management for not making me and other children put up with it.Thank you, for all you do here. It has meant a lot to our family after Ive spent the last two years being very ill. I needed this break and Im delighted that my son has really progressed, in every way. I truly appreciate you ALL.

Review №26

Very rude, they ask irrelevant questions as if they dont want any more kids.. if never felt unwanted until now!!! Wow

Review №27

Trust me, it is the best place to send our kids. My son learnt lot of good things from Shining Stars Academy. I highly recommend Crystal,she is one of the great teacher who teaches kids discipline, builds character, makes them to learn how to behave with other kids, how to share things etc... My son keeps on asking about Miss Crystal and he does not like his school Endhaven.. I wish if they have started school I am the first one to join my kid..

Review №28

Since they have went under new management, it has went down hill so glad that my grandson doesnt attend there anymore. All of the good teachers has left and Ive noticed that so have their students. They pick and choose the children that they want to attend, so be careful also very unprofessional. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO THIS PLACE EVER!!

Review №29

Terrible management, the owner Mayra shahid is a LIAR She has poor business management and is not an honest person she likes to ..... that explains why one of the employees was stealing money from the company causing the other location to shut down. And they couldnt even provide proof of payment for taxes, her business will not succeed because of her! The teachers arent even appreciated here. Parents beware if you have CCR do not pick this center the owner Mayra will try and cause you to loose it, so be careful. The last review is very accurate they do pick and choose the children that attend. Gloria is another one you will meet at the door but is a LIAR as well, they both tell you something different and look crazy when you question them. They paint this marvelous picture when you arrive but once you enroll your child things change. So again parents beware not a good choice for childcare. I will be blasting this center on all social media outlets to get the word out. I would give no star if it was an option.

Review №30

My Family moved to Charlotte almost two year agos and we choose what we thought was a great daycare, to our surprise my two girls were not learning because the teachers were not teaching. We searched for new Daycare and were fortunate enough to find SS, I have been impressed from the moment I called to set up a tour. Both of my girls are so excited about learning, and can not wait to go to school. Aside from the extras like the locked doors, cameras,etc. they have staff that show they are happy to be teaching and not just happy to have a job. I am very happy that I made the decision to place my girls at SS, I find comfort going to work knowing that they are loved and cared for and that they are not only learning great curriculum but they are learning how to be all around good human beings by the examples that are being set in there school. I would and have recommended this center to others..

Review №31

I am the extreme definition of a helicopter Mom, which made deciding where to send my 2 year old son for pre-school almost near impossible. That is, until I discovered Shining Stars Academy! The second we started our tour there, my husband and I knew THIS was the place we would send him. Everyone there is absolutely amazing and the classrooms and playgrounds are equally amazing too. In just a few short months, we saw such a huge difference in our son, so we definitely know that he is being taught well. We love their daily app and webcam, not to mention all of the extra activities that they offer and all of the parties they throw for their students. We also love that the school is bilingual. We feel that our son is a 100% safe environment. Parents, trust me on this, if you are looking for the perfect pre-school, look no further than Shining Stars Academy!

Review №32

My son has been enrolled at Shining Star Academy for 2 1/2 years and I have been very impressed with what my son has learned and the activities he has been part of. Hes learned how to write his name legible, hes learned how to count, Spanish and mostly he learned how to read. I actually posted videos on Facebook with him reading. His Spanish is getting much better because the Spanish teacher really ensure the kids understand what they are saying and she is very patient with the kids. I really love the teachers that he has had over the years because they exude joy and happiness in being with the kids and teaching them all they know and not only teaching them but learning about each child’s likes/dislikes and struggles. The teacher and the faculty really get involved with the kids to learn each one individual. Another thing I like about Shining Star is the owner is always involved and you dont find that often at many daycares.

Review №33

Shining Stars if definitely a 5

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