Sunshine House of Charlotte - Davis Lake
8709 Davis Lake Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States

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My wife and I have our daughter there. She has been doing awesome. She has made a lot of friends at the school and is thriving. It seems like everyday she is learning something new and at 15 months, she is super independent. I have seen some of the reviews about unprofessional staff and couldnt disagree more. All of the staff has been super professional and seem to genuinely care about our daughters success.

Review №2

The Sunshine House at Davis Lake Pkwy, is “A M A Z I N G!!” The teachers are wonderful and do a great job with the children. The staff is great with communication with the parents! It’s always something exciting going on in the classes and my children have happy and great stories to tell daily! I wished they provided grade school services so we could keep the same teachers, environment, and the curriculum provided! I would and have recommended the Sunshine House at Davis Lake to others! You guys rock! 💪🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🥰🎉

Review №3

Let me start off by saying this rating is NOT for all sunshine staff or service at center 45 but mainly for the new director Jackie Limbacker!!! If you must deal with anyone please see Kia, she is the assistant director but should honestly be the director. They have great teachers there especially, Mrs. Trina, Ms. cam and a few others! So onto Ms. Jackie. My kids have been attending this center since dec 2019 and their last week was Feb 5, 2021. The center has been going downhill since Jackie took over. She is unprofessional and never takes accountability for anything that goes on in her center. She blames the staff for all of the mistakes or miscommunication that happens. When I have had enough and decided to pull my kids out, she decided to put her hand in my face and think that it would be cool. Absolutely NOT! I am not the mother who likes to complain over non sense but what you will not do is disrespect me especially in front of my kids! She proceeded to have an exchange of words with me, in the middle of her center (how professional) making sound effects as if she was a child who attended the center rather than someone who ran the center. I have reported Jackie because she truly does not need to be running any daycare centers! We instill trust in daycares to watch and care for our children all day, and honestly she is not it! Once she is removed, this center will be much better! Never is it ok for a director to disrespect or talk badly about the parents to others. Good luck with Ms. Jackie if you decide to send your kids here! She will find every excuse u see the sun. I will leave it there! Glad we’re out! ✌🏿

Review №4

Incredible staff! You will be amazed at what your kids learn. Everyday is something new. My daughter has been studying Spanish and even knows a few words in Swahili. They have excellent recreation activities for the kids. Building is clean and well kept. I highly recommend Sunshine House on Davis Lake!

Review №5

I just started working here and I would definitely recommend the center. It is very clean and the staff truly love the children there. The director Denise is the best ever. She always checks on her staff and always makes sure the teachers and children have what they need to create a great teaching environment. She always makes sure the parents and children’s needs are met. The teachers there are very loving and nurturing to the children. I highly recommend this child care center !!

Review №6

Ms. Erica and Ms. Tammy are great teachers so thats where my two stars are coming from. There has been multiple times when I picked my son up and his pull up was soaked with pee or poop that has been sitting for hours. One time that happened three days in a row with three different teachers in the room at pick up time. So that makes me think that teachers are lazy. I told administration but of course nothing was done. My son was in the three year old class for about 7 months. In that time he has had 3 different lead teachers, so they switch teachers a lot. On a Tuesday when I picked my son up, the assistant director told me that his last day would be on a Wednesday but when I dropped him off that Wednesday morning the director told me Tuesday was his last day. I wasted my time bringing him to daycare that Wednesday and felt bad because it was water play day and my son wasnt able to stay with his friends when he wanted to. The directors and anybody else that works up front need to learn better communication. Thankfully his dad was able to watch him because I wouldve had to call out of work since he wasnt allowed to come in that day. I really use to love the sunshine house but now I am glad that my son is starting a new daycare.

Review №7

The staff at sunshine house is great! They are welcoming to all the children and parents. They always keep the children and families as first priority. They arent closed often like some daycares, making the convenient and an asset to the parents. We love Sunshine House (Davis Lake)!

Review №8

I Must Admit I love the growth and improvements that I’ve seen with the school overall. New director, new staff, as well as new camera access to view your child’s activities are available. My daughter has transitioned well into the 2 yr program. The feedback from the director Carol as well as the Asst Director’s communication is greatly appreciated. Her teacher Carmella and all of the other teachers are very involved from the moment the kids enter the classroom. My daughter is not only learning at home but also at school and that’s what matters. It’s a great feeling to hear your child tell you what she did as she’s still learning with words and even sign language, sings songs, knows numbers and letters. This is awesome to see the excitement daily, hear about her friends, and tell me what she did for the day. Knowing that I work daily what I love is knowing my child is being cared for at school with the love that she would receive at home-LaToya Brown

Review №9

We couldnt have chosen a better daycare!!! Our little one is happy and any questions or concerns weve had, the director and all teachers are very receptive. The Sunshine House at Davis Lake gets 5 stars!

Review №10

SH has been very supportive of my visiting over lunch to nurse my first daughter in 2017 and now my second daughter in 2019. They were extremely flexible on my recent maternity leave with changing to a part time schedule for my 2YO. I’ve been struck by how quickly everyone on the team has gotten to know my daughters and greets them cheerily when we arrive. Infant room is kept clean, soft surfaces are machine washed daily. Great app provided to look at pics and updates and see my toddler is eating healthy. I was 5 mins late for the 6:30 pick up once and they were completely sympathetic. My 2YO is excited to arrive in the morning and eager to show me her art or tell me what they did when I pick her up. I feel good dropping my girls here knowing they are happy and safe.

Review №11

Our daughter has been here for 4 mos now and has flourished! At her previous daycare, she loved her teachers until she reached the 2 Year Old room. We could tell nothing was being taught and she cried every day we left her. Since joining the 2yo room at the Sunshine House, crying is a thing of the past! She LOVES her teachers (Ms. Camela and Tammy are AMAZING!!) and shows so much growth in learning. As a former teacher, it’s great to see my baby LOVE school. The floating teachers, assistant director and director are all wonderful! So glad we found this center!

Review №12

My infant grand daughter started at the sunshine house about 2 months ago. The staff is very friendly, courteous and professional. What a great place to know that your little one is cared for in a kind, patience and loving atmosphere. What a pleasure to know that the staff: Ms. Trina, Ms.Shanell and others show such compassion for The babies. Each time I arrive sometimes early and other days later the staff is the same.Kudos, to all of you!!!!

Review №13

I just love this center!! My son is now 14 months, but has been attending this center since he was just six weeks old. My son has had the same morning and evening teachers since day one, which speaks volumes!! My son was always a little ahead of his age group, and I owe it all to these amazing staff members who had a huge part in his infant development.Also, always greeted with a hello and goodbye, they are all just so kind.

Review №14

My son has been going to this school since he was able to. He loves it. I love the teachers, who keep me abreast on both good and bad aspects of his day-to-day. It helps me prepare for my evenings after work. Thanks to the entire team. :)

Review №15

My daughter has been going to the Sunshine House Infant Room since October 2018. We absolutely love the teachers and staff! Mrs. Trina and Mrs. Shanelle are amazing! They take such great care of her and help her grow! I also check the app for updates throughout the day and they upload pictures as well.

Review №16

All of my children have attended sunshine house Davis lake. From infants-shcool age. The teachers are very friendly and loving. Sunshine house is a part of our family. Love everyone

Review №17

I love this place. Im very excited for my children to attend this school.

Review №18

Great daycare. My son is in infant class and it is a good atmosphere. Diapers and food is provided. A+

Review №19

My son has been attending since he was an infant and is now graduating from Pre-K. The best thing about this program is the staff. The teachers and support staff really love children and will nurture your childs development.

Review №20

Love this center my kid has a great time here . Teachers and administrators are wonderful.😃

Review №21

My son and I have been here for about 2 1/2 months. I have had a great experience so far working and also my son being in the toddler room. Mrs.Erica and Mrs.Sandie are amzing teachers with alot of patience I appreciate them forr all they have done to make my son comfortable and feel loved.

Review №22

My grandsons had a difficult time adjusting to the changes Sunshine House were making in 2017 and 2018.I watched both my grandsons, the daycare, and myself strive through it. They love their teachers. Theyre learning a lot. Thank you Ms. Erica, Ms Tammy, Ms Camela, and Ms Naisha. You do make a difference!

Review №23

Davis Lake Sunshine House is a awesome place for children. It has a very child welcoming environment and a very loving staff!

Review №24

The sunshine house was the worst employment ever. The current director lacks professionalism and communication skills. The daycare has mold in the back and water damage on half of the things the children need. They aren’t really worried about the children’s best interest. I know a lot of great teachers who have been laid off due to the director and the way that she handles situations and speaks down on her workers. They have barley any supplies and when asked for some the responses are “I can order some...” but that never happens. When bringing up concerns they are brushed under the rug. The children have so much potential , but not with management who could care less about the children’s needs.

Review №25

We have had children at Sunshine House for the last 4 years. They are always easy to work with, the place is always clean and my kids love being there.

Review №26

This childcare is always trying to accommodate and work with my family and my children. I know there are several reviews on here from old employees (Lady K (Karima) and Eulisa) that are bitter because they did not help improve the center but created hostile work environments and did not take proper care of the children which resulted in having to find new employees that will help to improve the entire school. However, I have seen first hand an increase in the quality of care since December 2017. I have made sure to keep open communication with the Director to ensure that violations are communicated with me so I know what licensing visits the center has had, and I have also personally met the licensing consultant and I know that the overall quality has improved and that the licensing consultant has been working with the center and has seen a lot of positive changes. Ratios have been constantly maintained and the safety of the children have been the teachers and DIrectors #1 priority. The newer staff have really been a positive improvement to the center, and the teachers that have been with the center for many years are proof that the accusations have been made are illegitimate and have only been made out of bitterness and anger. If you are considering taking your child to any local center - please take time to tour this one and you will see the wonderful atmosphere and environment and how positive it REALLY is (and if you dont believe me - go look at ALL the wonderful reviews written by other families that are happy and love the center! Obviously disgruntled employees are not as accurate as happy families!

Review №27

This place is disgusting down to the director, the food and staff members.Director serve raw food that has been recorded and her response was oh well these not my kids. Thats on recording with the raw food.The children sit all day, no materials, they lack staff so they sleep well over 3 hours a day.I am shocked at the review from Eulisa Rosado because she has an open case of child abuse towards one of her students.Staff members are at each other throat. Fights during the day tension filled smiles towards the end of the day. Classes are always out of ratio. If your child Go everyday there is a likely chance they are not being recorded due to lack of staff.Before you enroll your child look up all their violations in the childcare search. I cant make this up. Every month a few times a month there is a violation.I was really shocked at T´asia Montgomery review because her twins at the time was 1 year old when they were locked outside unattended for an unknown period of time. Scary right? But I guess its ok when the center offer you free childcare not to talk. But Whats more important?? your children??If you are a parent and care about your children thats awesome! I can almost ganrentee you that the staff at this location including the director dont give two shakes of a monkeys tail about your child.Speaking on Molly Goldberg its easy to to smile at a child and get a reaction but just thinking about the care and the filth your child is enduring out of your presence is horrifying.I guess it will really take what childcare consider an accidental death for the parents and state to get that these doors HAVE to be closed and the children safety is more important.~~Message to the director...~~Denise Oats you have a baby on the way and 5 other kids. I would be terrified of Karma after the things you have done and doing to other people children. Pinching children when they tell their parents youre denying it. There was another child who said you whopped then remeber that? Falsifying documents. You should always treat others how you want to be treated. Above anyone you should have been the biggest advocate for those children. Yet you have failed them, yourself, God and whatever college gave you that degree. Just sad and I will never stop praying for you and those children at Sunshine House.

Review №28

Very nice staff and welcoming environment. Also, secure. They love what they do.

Review №29

It isn’t all what it appears to be.

Review №30

Had no toys and my son was in front of a TV every time I picked him up. Not a fan.

Review №31

Good athmosphere for kids.

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