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We are very pleased with the services rendered at this location, overall the staff is amazing but would love to see some more smiles underneath the mask if possible.. i already see a great deal of progress in our child’s short tenure at this location. Special shouts out to the owner for her character and personable nature. As a suggestion can your voicemail indicate a closure on holidays please , although I know the website says hours may differ. We will also pay special attention to the notice board in front of the building. We humbly thank you all for your dedication to ensuring the good of our children. God bless you all. We will highly recommend anyone to the TLE

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My Boys love it here. They are like family

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The Learning Experience is a great day care center! Mrs. Donnna, Mrs. Gwen, and all of the office staff and teachers are very thoughtful! They really care about the parents and the children. Weve had a great experience at the center with our 5 year old and 2 year old, and weve been in the infant room on up to the preschool rooms. We are so happy that we chose this center to help us care for our babies!

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We have had kids here for the past 6 years. Our oldest went into kindergarten reading at a first grade level. Our youngest started at 6 weeks with no worry about the level of care she would receive. We love this school, the teachers and especially Ms. Gwen and Ms. Donna! I feel like most of the teachers genuinely care about the students even after they graduate. In the event that I have had a concern and talked with Ms. Donna about it, not only does it get addressed but she also checks back in to make sure that it is resolved. Im dont hesitate recommending TLE to others.

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Our kid went here. The school is awesome. It provides kids with what a good preschool should provide kids. Great owner, friendly staff and teachers, and a nurturing environment for kids. Our kid is much older now but still fondly remembers his day here. Us too. Will happily recommend to any parents for their kids.

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I have nothing but good things to say about The Learning Experience. My 4 year old and 2 year old loves this school, the teachers, and their friends. Everyone is so welcoming from the good morning to the have a good evening right at the entry of the facility! The teachers are caring, and hands on. Both of my children have learned so much attending this school! Thank you The Learning Experience for an amazing experience!

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I love this daycare. Ive had both of my children attend this daycare. My son who is now 6, and my daughter who is now 18 months. The staff is wonderful, and I absolutely love the way they care for my daughter. I give it 5 stars, not because its already a 5 star facility, but because they are wonderful. Thanks TLE!!

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Long post but trust me you WANT to read this.My son has been going here for 2 years, since he was 5 months old. In the beginning, everything was good. I had a great relationship with the ladies at the front desk and the teachers have always loved and treated my son wonderfully. However this last year has been nothing but issue after issue, mainly with occurrences of bullying and situations that I was never notified of. Not to mention the change in policies that occur and I find out after, usually from a teacher instead of admin/director/owner. This last event was the LAST straw. I find out TWO weeks later that a lockdown occurred and had the children locked in bathrooms for hours while police sat outside the building because of a threat from some men a teacher/front desk admin knew. I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED!!! Can you imagine the horror and shock I felt finding out two weeks later from another PARENT!? To make matters worse the owner (Ms. Donna) told the teachers not to say anything to the parents. I went to Ms. Donna and her exact words “it was nothing and we put a letter up”. She put a letter up from the time it happened to close that day, A few hours! Mind you I never saw it because my husband does drop offs, that letter was gone the next day. After I called corporate and complained, I came back and she pats me on the hand and says “you’re calm now, we can talk.” I just looked at her and walked out. To this day, even after notifying her I was taking my child out, she never once apologized or even asked me why. Today was his last day and she said nothing to me except to ask for my key fob.On top of all this, security is very lax, most of the times the “security” door doesn’t shut all the way and I’ve said something a few times when I noticed it, anyone can walk right in. Not to mention a huge hotel is being built right next door, with lax security!I gave her chance after chance to correct any of these issues and she obviously cares NOTHING about how a parent feels. Anyone who doesn’t tell a parent about a security threat then condescendingly acts like I overreacted shouldn’t be in childcare!I know personally of 2 parents in my sons class who pulled their children out of this school because of the same issues. It’s an absolute shame!

Review №9

They will treat you like gold the first couple of weeks or even months but then the nightmare starts. Lack of communication, teachers yelling at toddlers, not even 2 years of age and then a lockdown with police officers showed up due to the teachers personal matters. Donna didnt care to even address this, she just said there was a letter on the front door. This is not a communication, that was a cover your rear end scenario. No notification via the app or emails sent to the parents. I would highly recommend going elsewhere.

Review №10

This is the best Learning Center we have ever seen across the country. I have two grown children and 4 grandchildren. One of which lives in Charlotte, NC.This is an immaculately clean facility with tight guidelines and security. Their intellectual stimulation for babies thru kindergarten preparedness is top knotch!The center is run by professional business savvy women who genuinely care about the children, their healthy growth and education.Kids here are taught manners, safety, cleanliness, a second language, how to write their letters, count, recognize words and begin to read. It is an amazing curriculum!

Review №11

Although the office staff is nice, some of the teachers are absolutely horrible. My daughter was there for less than a year and the stories of how she was treated are beyond atrocious. Teachers placing students in the bathroom next to the toilets for time out and with male students, discrimination and intimidation against a 4 year old, and multiple violations against NC regulations (inadequate outdoor time, incorrect student teacher ratios, and improper discipline procedures). I have also submitted my concerns to the state licensure department, but wanted to share to warn other parents as well. The 2 stars are only because some of the staff truly cared but the behavior of certain teachers greatly outweighs that.

Review №12

Donna and her staff provide amazing childcare services! My kids have been going there since 2013 and each time my kids, are coming home with inspirational thoughts, artwork, and are becoming very knowledgeable about the World at a young age; the staff is always polite and easy to talk with. I definitely recommend anyone to give them a try, and they’re a 5-Star which provides kids with early education. Keep up the great job and thank you for all your hard work.

Review №13

Have had a very good experience here so far. The staff is great.

Review №14

This School is ridiculous!!! My nephew use to attend less than 24 hrs ago (we had to pull him out) They had an incident 2 wks ago where they had to shut the school down and lock the teachers and kids in the school... no one is contacted about this incident! we are now finding out today! Now I find this to be extremely out of order! Why werent the parents or any emergency contacts, contacted?! Why wait 2 whole weeks?! what if something happened the following day? None of the parents wouldve known due to lack of communication and poor management ! As a parent my childs safety comes first! I need to know that. when I send him to school that in the event something happens, I am contacted immediately especially for something of this nature! Where is the incident reports?The director should be ashamed of herself as well as the teachers!I have so many questions! But at this moment no answer will even matter because my nephew or son will no longer be attending

Review №15

Update: The response to my comment listed the wrong phone number. I called to talk to them about what we experienced and it was the palm harbor location of the learning experience.My daughter attended this location of TLE for a few months. She was sick pretty much the entire time she was enrolled. The classrooms werent very clean, as I struggled to find a clean chair when I dropped her off in the mornings to finish her snack. She was sick less in a previous center her first year enrolled in daycare. Everyone told me the second year in daycare is way better for illness, but it was actually worse for us. While they have an app to keep parents up-to-date, its rarely correct and updated (some teachers are great with it, but others dont do it at all). Communication from the center itself is via papers posted in the doorways. I didnt receive any emails the entire time we were enrolled. They also only update the facebook page with TLE posts-not specific to the center location itself.The staff was always polite to me, but I didnt like how some of the teachers spoke to the children. I dont think telling infants and toddlers to move from across the room is the way to teach them or interact. Nutrition doesnt seem to be a priority for them, either, but I wont go into detail.Please keep in mind, I mentioned some teachers, not all. I was very happy when certain teachers were leading my daughters room, but consistency was also a problem with the teachers in and out of the rooms.My advice: Check other centers in the area. Theres much better out there.

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I took my son out of a more prestigious daycare nearby. Since the price was higher at the first daycare, as a first time mom I thought the quality of service and care would be better so I spent more for the better service. That was, horrifyingly, not the case. I unenrolled him after a series of incidents and now he attends the Learning Experience and have been here for about 7 months and I am THRILLED. We started in the infant 1 classroom, went through infant B (older infants) and hes now in the toddler classroom.At The Learning Experience, my son at 14 months is happy to see he is using four sign-language signs correctly to communicate, he uses eating utensils the way they are intended to be used, he LOVES his teachers and the administrators, and he stays MUCH healthier than he did at the expensive daycare.The transitions between classrooms were smooth and unrushed.Food is provided but you are free to bring in your own food. They make it easy.The facility has a very cute make-believe/indoor play room for older kids. They have spacious outdoor play space and they take them out frequently.They have a satisfying hygiene policies like hand washing for the kids before they join other children. If you have a concern, they investigate and address it promptly every single time. They take ownership if they were in the wrong and immediately work to make it right. They accommodate children with diet restrictions very well. My infant was well taken care of, clean and well rested any time of day I would stop by. They use huge white boards on the walls to keep track of feeding, diaper changes, and special instructions so they (any rotating teachers in and out & parents) have easy access to the information. (They last daycare he went to had a notebook system and no one seemed to know about the information that I left for them when I dropped him off. It was very aggravating). The women who work there are kind, patient, and not lazy.I would recommend this preschool/daycare to my sister & my friends.

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Love the atmosphere, diversity, loved the teachers and the experience my son and I experienced while there

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