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Review №1

I have been in this place and what we need to be teaching our children is how to be self accountable when we make messes or even washing up after using the bathroom.. making sure everyday items are put away and floors and counters stay clean because bugs will come get you if you dont clean up after yourselves.. Lead by example.. clean up after yourself!!

Review №2

Our kid just graduated from kindergarten. Miss Susan has been an amazing teacher and the staff is really efficient. We recommend this school for preschool and day care and in particular the kindergarten program.

Review №3

My son, who is now almost 2 years old, has attended The Learning Experience since he was 10 weeks old. To see how much the teachers care and the amount of attention they pay to each childs development has been really refreshing. My son has excelled in his development and I am so excited to see him grow in the future!

Review №4

To whom it may concern:I will start off that this all happened on the FIRST DAY.I am bewildered to learn how unprofessional and distasteful this mornings drop off was. Specifically how unprofessional Tiffany (Assistant Director) was with my ex husband. When I first arrived this afternoon to pick up my children (my ex husband dropped off the kids in the AM), I understood fully how no one knew who I was. But, unbeknownst to me, Tiffany specifically did know who I was. When I arrived there, Tiffany was standoffish and did not seem welcoming to a new family, new parent, specifically me. I found that odd since we had never met before. My usual encounters with enrollment was with Erin and she was a delight. I had no idea while standing in the lobby learning the come and go procedures, COVID regulations and how different this schools procedures were compared to TLE Stallings that I was being silently judged from the conversations she had with my ex-husband that morning. Tiffany also stated that they have our court order. No other school has EVER asked for our court order. NO WHERE in that order was it stated about specific pick ups and drop offs or WHO is able to do as such. There are no tuition payment guidelines for schools in that order as well. There is no reason for Tiffany to have asked or gotten our order. Not to mention, I am the primary custodian and this was never disclosed to me that ONE, this would be exchanged and TWO, that it was needed. Tiffany also confirmed while I was there that my ex-husband told her everything pertaining to our divorce. I wasnt sure what this meant or why this was even relevant to pick up and drop off procedures. But, a better question, why are you two discussing our divorce from three years ago? What relevance does this have to the children and/or their school going forward?My ex husband did confirm that they asked a lot of questions and probably just wanted to gossip. I dont care what the reason is - why is there gossip going around a daycare about once again, a divorce from three years ago? He then stated that he said too much to them. OK. Again, this shouldnt even be a topic of conversation.There are two sides to every story, mind you, but this is absolutely uncalled for and inappropriate.Erin and Kayleighs teacher I met today - along with with Susan, Avas teacher, I got really good vibes from you all and Im sure you are awesome. But anyone who would stand at the front desk and literally gossip with my ex husband - I am not going to pay for that kind of toxicity. This has been the third school they have been enrolled in and NEVER has something like this happened EVER much less THE FIRST DAY. I am not bringing my children back there (after the FIRST DAY) and would like a refund for the $300 registration fee we just paid. This is the same email I wrote to them but am reviewing it on google as well - Im sure the owner would love to know that this is going on. You let my ex-husband walk into the school and change paperwork when I have primary legal and physical custody and you arent legally allowed to do that.A school that would not only tolerate but encourage this type of interaction is a risk to my childrens well-being. FULL STOP.

Review №5

They have wonderful teachers and staff and the woman who runs the center is so organized and professional and so very nice. I recommend sending your kids here!

Review №6

I wish I could give negative rating instead of 1 star. Very rude and irresponsible staff. Doesnt comfort or care your babies although they keep crying hours and hours, no water or food given. Very unprofessional and careless attitude. Opt for a better place. I came to know they give canned food for babies which is awful.

Review №7

I was hired to teach dance classes for all different age groups at TLE. What a fantastic place! Awesome staff and kids!

Review №8

Kids always had such a good time here. Would highly recommend!

Review №9

This child care is really bad they don’t care about your children I wish I could give a negative review

Review №10

My 2 year old has enjoyed being at The Learning Experience. After trying other options and sifting through word of mouth anecdotes, I’m very pleased with the care she receives. I’m particularly impressed with the staff’s attention to detail and overall hygiene in the classrooms. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to continuing to work with Ms. Natalie and her team.

Review №11

Great location and school to be associated with. The learning Experience have been not only a good path taken where my kids have been taken care of but a place where they have learned so much. They have been there for me when I have not been able to take care of my children. Mostly now when I have to go to work and city officials shutting down mostly everything. Their staff is wonderful and have been vital for my family and children growth. Thanks to all that are part of this school and association!

Review №12

My son often had dirty diapers that seemed to have not been changed in a very long time. Numerous times I would go to pick him up he was sitting there crying without the “teachers” trying to comfort him when they really weren’t doing anything else. Almost every time you walk into the nursery 5 babies are screaming without being consoled. Not to mention our son always had bruises on his head from falling over because they wouldn’t put pillows or anything else around him while sitting. The pads that they have on the floor offer about zero support or protection. They are thin and old. Some of the teachers are great, don’t get me wrong. However, it shouldn’t be some, it should be all.Management is another story. Management is rude, standoffish, and irrational. I highly recommend finding another place for your bundles of joy. This facility treats it like a business rather than “The Learning Experience” as it is named. Our son was kicked out because I was asking how to get notifications and the Management woman got hostile with me for no reason. Then she lied about feeling unsafe because she is a snowflake. Very unprofessional. She didn’t even spell our name right when writing the email to let us know our innocent son was no longer welcome because of a lie she made up out of thin air. Zero effort for “customer service” is my opinion.There are plenty of other places that aren’t overpriced and go the extra mile. My advice, stay away from this place. They only care about the money they bring into the business.

Review №13

My daughter started at just 8 weeks old, I was so nervous leaving her in the care of someone that wasn’t me. I learned very quickly that my daughter would be cared for and loved each and every day. I am completely blown away and amazed at the curriculum taught and how my daughter has communicated through sign language before she could use any words! She’s now 18 months and absolutely LOVES going to school.

Review №14

My daughter went to TLE for 3 yrs, the best in south Charlotte. Teachers are very friendly, my daughter was fond of them. The center is spacious, clean, bright and colorful with spacious play area. Very accommodating for food preferences.Above all, Kim the director is awesome, even with busy schedule she always manages to smile and wish kids on their way in n out and very approachable person.My daughter misses this place and her friends.

Review №15

I have two, soon to be three children at this center. The staff are so friendly and professional. Its a bright and clean facility, and my kids have done wonderfully there. Theyve been incredibly accommodating with one of my childs special needs, and we are so grateful. Id recommend them to anyone!

Review №16

This is the best childcare facility. We checked out 4 other 5 Star daycares and found this to be the best. My child has gone here for 2 years. The director, teachers and all the staff are fabulous. We love the activities they do daily, the book sales they’ve done, different fund raisers and their community involvement. They have great communication and are highly recommended!

Review №17

There are better places for our babies for this high price - with good fresh food, good teachers who take care of children (my little had often wet clothes (underwear and socks not changed). Every time I was picking up my child teacher was staring at her phone not caring what children are doing. And the first word in English my baby has learned was: disgusting and sit down on the carpet ! So how often has she heard it ?! Not recommend - it is not value.

Review №18

I would go down the road - there are better places for your kiddo!My son went there for a while and it was a disaster from beginning to end. The place seems totally unorganized at the front with unfriendly staff who do not care about your comfort as parents and also aren’t terribly concerned with the safety and comfort of your child. Day one - the front desk had no idea who we were and still let me in to roam up and down the halls looking for my kid’s class room - the lady in the front was adamant that she was just the kitchen lady and didn’t know anything (but was happy to let me in - thank God I was an actual parent). Teachers didn’t arrive on time for a lot of drop offs and management didn’t show up until even later and when they did, no one seemed to have been expecting my son, who we had prepped, paid for and set up weeks in advance. Really disappointing. Also, during our tenure we would routinely pick our child up with dirty (soiled) underwear and clothes. I realize that accidents happen during potty training but the teacher in the class blatantly refused to help ensure that when one uses the restroom that a child’s rear end is clean. So not only did my kid smell, their undies were gross and their bum had the worst diaper rash ever so he was in a lot of pain. After speaking to the front desk nothing seemed to get better until we wrote in our four week notice. Then at pick up for a week I was accosted by each member of the front desk asking why we were taking our child out, telling us no one has ever done this before, asking for another chance, the teacher even cried whenever I spoke with her about it. They now said our son was advanced and they were willing to go the extra mile to ensure he was clean and give him extra workbooks and yet, two weeks into the four week notice, I pick up my kiddo and don’t even get out of the car at home before noticing that a bowel movement had made its way down the side of my kid’s pants and made its way out of his jeans and completely dried. It must have been there for hours and gone unnoticed. I wrote the management team another note and got no meaningful response other than ‘thanks for letting us know’. That was my child’s last day. I ate the cash for the next two weeks but I just couldn’t bear putting him in that environment again.In short, for what this place charges you can literally drive a minute down the road and get much better care for your little one. You have options - I was new to the area and learned the hard way.

Review №19

Our daughter has been attending TLE since just after she turned three and has been in three classrooms. We have loved every one of her teachers and always felt that she was safe and happy. As a bonus, she knows so many things! I love the combination of learning through play, structured time, and technology.

Review №20

Our son has been going to TLE since he was 3 months old and we couldnt be more pleased with the care he receives. It is so reassuring to know he is in great hands while we are at work. We love the learning and development atmosphere and our son thrives so much and loves to go to school everyday.

Review №21

Love The Learning Experience! The teachers are caring, upbeat, and knowledgeable. The directors are excellent. My daughter has learned so much there. Highly recommend.

Review №22

The Learning Experience has everything you would want in a daycare - caring, well-equipped providers, safe environment (I even liked that the fence prevents Looky-Loos from watching the kids play), lots of good outdoor time, crafts and playtime with other kids, good communication from the front desk, and a positive atmosphere. My daughter loved her teachers. It was a great fit for our family.

Review №23

This school definitely surpassed my expectations. I was “wowed” the moment I stepped through the front door. From the cleanliness, to the curriculum, down to the teachers/staff, including the directors. I was a little hestitant coming to this facility at first, due to the 1 star reviews, however, come to find out those reviews are incorrect. They do have a secured doors, and a camera system. Parents just have to be mindful, not to allow people to piggy back.

Review №24

My daughter went to this school for the better part of 2 years, from 3 to 5 years old, and loved every minute of it. I credit the amazing teachers here like Miss Jenny and Miss Rachel for the important roles they played in her early development. Ill never forget she always called TLE my elephant school. :)

Review №25

I have three daughters at this center. They love going to school everyday. The staff is very friendly and supportive. I know my children are well cared for and loved.

Review №26

My daughter started here when she was very little. They took care of us for several years and when she started school she was well prepared. She is about to complete the 1st grade and we are grateful for the head start TLE gave us.

Review №27

My daughter and I love this place. The staff are wonderful. They are loving and nurturing. Unfortunately we had to move to another state.

Review №28

Great staff, well managed and always has the childrens best interest at heart! One of the biggest indicators to our family on a good daycare is the presence of someone at the front desk, the security of our kids, and the engagement/happiness of the staff. TLE 2 does a great job at all 3 of these important areas.Our son (3) and daughter (almost 2) have really enjoyed their time at TLE and it is unfortunate that we cannot take them with us on our move to South Carolina.We would recommend TLE 2 to any parent looking for a great daycare that gives them the comfort of knowing their child is safe, well supervised and creates an outstanding foundation for their childrens education.

Review №29

Excellent friendly staff. Very Clean. My daughter has learned so much.Highly recommend

Review №30

This daycare was the cause of the most excruciating pain and disappointment I could have ever experienced! In the world we live in, Safety and Security is absolute priority. We had to find out the hard way they are not experienced with security measures in place to protect our son. Not only did a staff member release the whereabouts of my child to my ex over the phone by not confirming who they were speaking with, they also allowed her to abduct him from their facility even though she wasnt on the pickup list. They didnt notify my wife and I until after my ex had already left and fleed 4hrs away with him. This daycare has 1 single locked door, which remains unlocked during peak drop off and pickup times and no locks once inside. I had voiced concerns about not having enough teachers for early morning drop-offs, as I had to stay and play with my son most mornings until a teacher arrived late. Unfortunately, my son is going to be the guinea pig by which this facility learns they need new security measures. I do not recommend this facility.

Review №31

Wish I could give it ZERO stars. Absolutely aweful place, with unhappy teachers who made us run from that place as fast as we could to an actual good daycare where everyone is happy to be there. This place has no cameras for parents to see remotely and I cant stress enough how many teachers Ive seen in and out of that place SUPER unhappy.

Review №32

I enrolled my son when he was 1.5 years old for 2 days a week to help give him social interaction with other kids his age. The changes I saw in him almost immediately were incredible. He started talking more right away. The teachers were very affectionate which I had always appreciated. They hugged and spent a lot of 1:1 time with the kids. It was always tough dropping him off because he would cry and I could always count on the teacher to take my son and distract him so I could leave to go to work. I also loved that almost all of the teachers throughout the school knew his name. Even if they weren’t his teacher. When my son graduated last June, he was so sad and told me for months that he missed his old school. I think it’s inportant for your child to feel safe and enjoy where they spend a lot of time during the week. Once he transitioned to the preschool classes, I was impressed that the teachers immediately started teaching lessons to get them ready for kindergarten. Within the first 2 weeks my son could write his name.My daughter just turned 1 and once she turns 1.5 I will also be enrolling her at TLE. I had such a great experience with my son there, there’s no other daycare I would look at. I have recommended TLE to several of my friends that have small kids also.

Review №33

Awsome, these ladies are loving to all the kids, my son had the best care while at TLC. The facilities are super clean. I loved this place so much, I cried when we had to switch due to a move.☺

Review №34

They are so wonderful here. We joined the TLE family this summer for our newborn daughter. She started at their Tega Cay location but quickly was able to move to the Ballantyne location. They are so wonderful there. The staff is always cheery, the facility is tidy, the kids all well behaved. I was worried as a FTM putting my daughter in daycare, but weve had nothing but the best to say about our experience so far! TLE is the best!

Review №35

After checking out a few daycares in the Ballantyne area, I was discouraged because none of them set off my this is it! mom gut/sixth sense/maternal siren. We took a break in our search for a few months and then came to check out TLE and I knew right when I walked in the door that this was where our toddler belonged. Leaving your first (or any!) child with strangers can be super gut wrenching, and borderline heartbreaking- especially after spending a year home together. The administrative staff and teachers at TLE worked with us to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. They continue to be consistent communicators and genuine in wanting the best for our sassy two year old. Its amazing to see how much shes grown and learned, and her interaction with other kids is worlds better than when she used to stay home with me all day! The classrooms are also super clean and organized to promote fun and learning.

Review №36

Our children started at TLE Ballantyne location March 2014. We have been very satisfied with the care they have received. My son has moved onto elementary school now but still talks about all the fun times he had at TLE. My daughter is excited to go to school everyday. It is a great feeling to be able to drop your child off and free confident that they are safe and are having a fun filled day of learning. Both of my children have learned so much at their time at TLE and we could not be happier

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I love working for this company!

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Love the center.

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