W.T. Harris KinderCare
6601 E W.T. Harris Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28215, United States

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My child was ready to be enrolled here. We were so pleased with everything. We set up an orientation date and everything. We filled out all the paperwork and had the deposit ready before our orientation date. However, we went away on vacation- out of the country. Apparently, they tired to call us and we did not receive anything until we returned to the states. Upon our arrival- we called them back after we finally heard the voicemail. We were told they filled our spot and now my husband and I have to have another daycare in less than a month. Thank you for putting money first then the safety and stability of a child... makes me feel really good about sending my child to a daycare. SMH.

Review №2

I typically gravitate to corporate daycare centers due to work travel & relocation. The availability is a plus; however, I agree with sentiments of several other posters.The turnover rate is higher than expected, but moreso, the leadership staff is lacking. The directors typically have high business acumen with little to no soft skills, or good soft skills with little to no business acumen. There needs to be some training on properly engaging with parents.Overall, we got our needs met until they werent being met anymore.

Review №3

Although my infant daughter has not been here long, I was so pleased with her teacher Ms. Kelly from the start. She is so sweet and nurturing to the babies. On my daughters first day I called to check on her and they were so nice to forward me straight to her class to talk to Ms. Kelly. When Ms. Kelly answered, she told me all about how my daughter was doing! My husband and I truly appreciate the care, all the pictures, videos and memories Ms. Kelly provides for us from day 1.

Review №4

I absolutely love this place. The staff is always pleasant and kind. They treat your kids like there own ( from the director down to the staff) like they love what they do and not just working. It is always nice and clean in there and never an odor. Thank you KinderCare for taking such great care of my kids and making them feel like they are at home away from home.

Review №5

The staff really makes you feel like you are leaving your child with family. I love walking in everyday and my son loves it so much he doesnt want to leave when I show up to pick him up some days. I leave my child knowing he is obtaining an learning and safe everyday including the summer time and summer camps.Great place for childcare!!! If I could give 10 stars I would!!!

Review №6

My daughter loves going here! In the beginning she was apprehensive each morning at drop off, but Ms. Becky would always hug her and make her feel comfortable. My daughter thinks Ms. Helen is the best teacher ever and has learned SO much in her short time there. Its a good feeling when your child wants to hug EVERY staff member everyday before leaving.

Review №7

I love this daycare more and more every day! When I was searching for daycares, I visited a few KinderCares but this one definitely won my heart. The facility is a very good size and it is ALWAYS kept very clean! It took my son a while to adjust from in-home care to daycare and ALL of the staff was very patient and helpful. My son grew a wonderful bond with his first teacher, Ms. Becky and she helped him feel comfortable and get used to the routine of being dropped off at school. The staff made the transition from the toddlers classroom to the Twos classroom very smooth for my son. My son has so much fun even in his new classroom. The teachers are very engaging and I feel comfortable with the ratio of children to teacher. I love the atmosphere and the teachers always greet us! Now that KinderCare has an app for us parents to see what our children are up to, I love this place even more! The staff shares pictures of my son having fun and I can see what he eats, and much more. I can even share this app with friends and family! I am very happy with my decision to enroll my son at this daycare.

Review №8

Such a clean facility. I love the division of ages and the child per teacher ratio. Teachers are so sweet and caring. Director is very professional. I would recommend this facility

Review №9

Extremely friendly and personable. Professional staff with a can-do attitude. Would definitely recommend their services. Children learn hands-on and academically. Standards are the same for all participants across the board ~ regardless of financial status. Their willingness to teach and strengthen individual skills amongst the students is outstanding.

Review №10

My kids have been going here for about 4years now. the time is convenient, staff are friendly, and the kids are safe and comfortable. I enjoy listening to what they learn. I love it.

Review №11

Ms. Helen has done a tremendous job with my child whom is transitioning from Pre-k to kindergarten in the fall. So far my experiences have been a good one with the company.

Review №12

If I could 0 stars I would. I do not know how this establishment is still in business. They are dirty and filthy. My son stayed sick. His diapers came up missing every day! They do not keep the kids area clean and they never worked with my son. My son is 11 months old. The same crumbs has been on the floor for two weeks and probably still there as I type. They do not sanitize. I tried to give them a chance but after the 6th time my son got sick in a 4 week period I had enough. My son has only been there for a month and has spent more time out from being sick. Not to mention they were giving my baby whole milk after asking not to. Every kid in there were sick with runny noses. I had to keep asking them to keep my baby nose clean because every day I would come in to pick my son up and he would have dried up snot on his nose and face. Very distasteful. Do not put your child here. Beware!!!! Go somewhere else!! I am calling corporate!!

Review №13

I love how my little ones are learning and they love going to school. The teachers are very understanding. I had a few misunderstandings but we worked through them. A very good place for the kids to grow. After a while we all become family. I just love them and they put up with my crazy ways at times.

Review №14

This daycare has been an ok experience for my family. I enjoy the friendliness of the staff; however, there is a high turn-over rate. This has caused some concern for my family because as children get comfortable with one staff member they are then introduced to another. There are also a lot of extra cost for activities that I feel should be included in tuition. The facility is now offering enrichment programs but parents have to pay an extra fee for their child to participate in the activity. Also, the facility offers a phonics program. The program is expensive but it works. I definitely feel there is room for improvement but overall they provide a safe and clean environment for children.

Review №15

I love the great staff and all there hard work everyday. They care about my girls.

Review №16

A caring and well organized daycare my daughter goes there and so far I have no issues.

Review №17

I agree this daycare is under very bad Management! The lady Tamika is Rude .. Do not carry herself in a professional manner at all.

Review №18

Horrible place to bring your kids..go to another location

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