Marist High School
4200 W 115th St, Chicago, IL 60655, United States

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Roger Gonzalez I did a shadow day there in April 2017 ,it was great!!!! I was really impressed with the school. It was so big and the the staff and students were so friendly . I think this school may be my top choice.

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Lovable teachers, lovable staff, lovable students.Its hard not to fit in, there is a group for everyone to be in.The school offers resources for everybody from the best and brightest to those who struggle without help.Nobody goes unappreciated, lest you are mean/annoying. Then less people will like you.

Review №3

I am a freshman and so far I love it here!!! I actually feel accepted here. It would be a great place to send your children.

Review №4

This school has been a horrible experience for my daughter. Once school let out she just started crying non stop asking me to please not send her back there. That school has been a nightmare for my daughter. She has been picked on and bullied in every way possible. She had teachers that just didn’t care. She just finished her sophomore year and does not know how to write a paper using simple MLA quotations. Her English teacher “ Ms ————“ never email my daughter back when she had questions. To make matters worse she would never email me either. I just thought how unprofessional. She had a history teacher that never taught her. All he did was give her worksheets and go have a seat. She has been tainted by other peers and pressured into doing thing she would have never done on her own. So needless to say I am in the process of looking for another school. The worst part is this school charges $13,000 for kids to attend and I would send my child to a public school before I would send her back to that place.

Review №5

Great School I Went There This Evening To compete for Basketball and the staff and students very nice and polite very professional experience .

Review №6

Spent all four years of high school there, cant complain about a single second of it. best high school ever. great for getting kids ready for college, most of the teachers there are extremely nice, the counselors are amazing, especially Erik Christensen. he was my counselor for the later part of my high school career and i still to this day as a 20 year old go back to talk to him about my problems and good things that go on in my life. all in all this school is a great place for kids, especially if they go on Kairos. parents, SEND YOUR KIDS ON KAIROS. its an experience theyll never forget and theyll make bonds with the other kids on there that will last a lifetime.

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I love marist High school so much(: Im a sophomore this year and Im starting to feel like Marist is my home. My freshman year I was so nervous, but I was greeted by so many people and they made me feel comfortable, accepted but most of all, I felt like they were my family(: If your deciding where to go to school, I highly recommend Marist High School. Dont listen to the negative comments, you know what they say..Dont judge a book by its cover. Come shadow and experience the marist life!!!To all you new and incoming Freshman... WELCOME TO THE MARIST FAMILY!!!Students 4 years, brothers and sisters for life!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOO REDHAWKS! xoxo Maddie

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I went there for a shadow day and the school is really big and the students and teachers are really nice.

Review №9

What is the average ACT score including all scores of everyone who took the test? Not just the honor students or top quartile?

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Very good education and sports

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That one

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  • Address:4200 W 115th St, Chicago, IL 60655, United States
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  • Phone:+1 773-881-5300
  • Catholic school
  • High school
  • Private school
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Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–4PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–4PM
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  • Sunday:7:30AM–4PM
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