Baker College Preparatory High School
2710 E 89th St, Chicago, IL 60617, United States

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Demerits if you sneeze more than once...Demerits. If you breathe loudly...Demerits. If you blink too many times--well, not actually, but they give demerits for nearly everything. Any tiny infraction is punished. If you are on time for class, walking to your seat & are nearly steps away from your seat, you will get demerits. Seriously. It doesnt matter if youre a top student. If you forget a question mark on the end of a sentence in your homework or skip a question because you absolutely dont understand it, you will get an hour-long after-school detention called a LaSalle. Ive had principals of grammar school warn, Do NOT send your children there! On the surface one may be deceived into thinking its a place where structure will be taught, but it is TRULY a prison-to-pipeline system. They break the spirits of children & cause them to be discouraged & even depressed! Stay away!

Review №2

I really hate to leave a comment but I must. We had high expectations about the school from word of mouth, definitely wasn’t what we expected. I understand that every school has disciplinary rules and regulations but this is beyoooond me. They treat these kids like prisoners or getting them ready for it. My child is not a saint but definitely not a bad kid whatsoever, he just made some critical mistakes just like any other kid would have and is being forced to leave, it’s a 50/50 split on that. Some of the teachers don’t have an ear to listen to these children and seems as if they don’t care, you never know what could be going on at a childs home that gets them to have these part out of body experiences, my child is no exception to the rules but his home life is great and safe. You give a child a demerit or what they call a (Lasalle)I believe, they will accumulate and eventually turn in to a detention and when u get so many detentions they will make you repeat the same grade even though you may be a great overall student as far as grades (that’s so encouraging) you also get them (Lasalles) maybe because of standing up and stretching or coughing while in class this is no exaggeration to whom is reading this. They will have your child in school from 7:30a until almost 5p. I’ve heard some crazy stories from my child which I have to determine which is true or not I have to take from it what I’m being told but most of it is believable. There are some really really good teachers there in particular a Mr. Snitker.... Extreme Kudos to this guy. He definitely cares about his students which is what we loved about him. There are others I just can’t off the top of my remember who’s who be he’s the standout. I wouldn’t recommend any other parent not to not send their child or children here it’s different for each one but any realistic parent wouldn’t. I gave 2 stars only because Mr. Snitker is dynamic guy.

Review №3

I have experienced nothing but excellent scholastic reviews from this school my son is a junior and he will be the first graduating class of 2017 . I truly recommend this school.

Review №4

This school is a major disservice to our children. This is a pipeline to prison situation. The demerit system is designed to kill the spirit the children thus steering them toward failure

Review №5

This school has kids selling and doing drugs out of this school...the staff know this but still havent spoken the steps to prevent this. They get detention for everything. My son got detention for not sitting straight. Do not take your child here.

Review №6

They need to find another building and leave Bowens

Review №7

I attend this school and Im proud to say they really do care about our generation education.

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