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3333 N Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

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My daughter has had a behavior-emotional issue since late elementary school. Most of the private school refused her admittance based on this issue, even though she had excellent grades. So I was pretty devastated thinking Id have to send her to a public school. She was not only admitted to Gordon tech, she was received with open arms.The faculty is very responsive to email and phone, they are very easy to get a hold of. The dean, counselors and teachers have worked very hard to keep my daughter on the right path in terms of her behavior, which has enabled her to do very well academically. Her first year she struggled socially, but this I think is normal being in a new school . She likes her teachers and has made some good friends along the way so far. She is involved in sports and some other activities outside of the classroom. She is now in her sophomore year.. She doing very well in the honors program. The reason I am not giving the school an excellent grade is because there has been staff/management that left suddenly in the middle of the school year and that has caused some role changes, high sudden turnover rate is not good for a kid that needs some extra attention, like my daughter. And she had a bit of hard time getting a tutor, but it happened eventually. Overall I would recommend the school .

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I didnt go here but my older brother did when it was an all boys school. I do t think he liked it much but I know that he wouldnt be the person he is now if he went somewhere else. He made and has good friends. Was in wrestling. Good school

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I attended when it was Gordon Tech many years ago. Some of you are complaining about it. You get what you put into it. Gordon Tech wasnt easy and you worked for your grades. I wish they could have kept the name but the truth of the matter is the school was in terrible fiscal shape and it was either accept the help of DePaul and change the name or close the doors. I would rather the doors stay open and the name changed. The other option isnt acceptable. Gordon Tech is and will always be a great place.

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The guys are cute. The girls are ratchet. Their school colors are neon orange. Gordan Tech is Ratchet

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The teachers were nice. The students were amazing. I enjoyed the visit.

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Really? This is Gordon Technical High School it is sad how people can donate money and get a name change. This is just one more thing in Chicago where money talks. Gordon Tech goes on the list with the Sears Tower and Comiskey Park 2 as places that were influenced by the almighty dollar.Five stars is for Gordon Tech. I graduated there and was involved with everything. So people dont like high school but I enjoyed it. I learned many valuable life lessons. Thanks to the great teachers and staff for making me the person I am today. No thanks to my sophomore Spanish teacher who only taught us how to sing songs in Spanish. You ruined me actually learning a second language. I must also say no thanks to the lazy soccer coach who taught typing while reading the sports section all day during class. Honestly typing 40 WPM is not a messed up a lot of GPAs and thanks for my only C in 4 years of high school. Maybe I should lower my stars because of those two teachers. Nope I wont let them being me down.Many alumni are not happy about the name change but I guess the school closing would be even more traumatic. So the long history of Gordon Tech is wiped clean for the new DePaul.

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Good stuff

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I love this school

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ㅎ Please cut the tuition fee.

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