Lane Tech College Prep High School
2501 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

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Never have regretted going there. A big school. Youll never meet everyone.

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Lane Tech is a large, coeducational seventh through twelfth grade public high school, offering students a college preparatory curriculum, with particular emphasis placed upon the technological aspects of a modern education. Since its beginning over one hundred years ago to the present, Lane has been a leader among the most outstanding educational institutions in Chicago. Lane Tech opened as a manual training school for boys until the 1930s when its mandate was changed to that of a college preparatory school. The current building, situated on a beautiful thirty-acre campus, was opened in 1934. In September 1971 female students entered Lane’s doors for the first time. Today they make up roughly half of the student body and have helped maintain Lane’s “Championship” tradition. Continuing the tradition of excellence, in September 2011, Lane established a six-year Academic Center program and moved from a ninth through twelfth grade program of study to a seventh through twelfth grade program of study. Lane’s fine reputation is the result of a long history of dedicated school leaders, instructors, outstanding students, diligent parents, and the support of the community.Lane Tech is the largest high school in the city with more than 4,200 students representing all races, creeds and national origins. The faculty is made up of more than 250 professional educators. Over 100 additional staff members contribute to the operation of the building and its services.Lane’s curriculum emphasizes college preparatory education and also builds upon the school’s technical tradition. Lane’s curriculum is continually evaluated and changed to meet its current students’ needs, interests, and expectations. More than 90 percent of students earn college degrees in fields such as architecture, engineering, medicine, mathematics, science, journalism, accounting, music, art, and teaching.Lane enjoys a tradition of both academic and athletic excellence. Throughout the years, its teams, both boys’ and girls’, have won more than 500 city championships. The title School of Champions is nowhere more fitting than at Lane Tech.

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I am writing a review of my commute to work everyday on the Addison bus with these children. Rarely have I ever had a nice ride with these students. I stand 8 hours a day for work, and am commonly late to work, because all of them jump in front of me as I am waiting for the bus. I commonly have to force my way through to get my rightful place that I respectfully waited for. Priority seating is always taken by these children while they stare down at their phones and try not to notice the person that actually needs the seating. These students have no consideration for the public and are an everyday nuisance. I can’t wait for the summer.

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Nora Flanagan is by far the most amazing and considerate treasurer this school every had. I hope she knows how much she was appreciated by me. She saved my life just by caring

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Lane has a wide range of kids, though majority are Hispanic with 4300 students all ethnic groups are at the school. Lane athletics is superb for a northwest city school. Lane has as of this summer cut all sports electives, which is absolutely stupid and will definitely have an impact on attendance in future years. Over all a terrific school with teachers who genuinely care about students.

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Lane Tech is the most diverse school in the city! They excel in academics and athletics! They have an array of cultural clubs and special interest clubs! There is a club to fit every personality! Also academically they have so much to offer from AP classes, Honors, marine biology, and acuaponics just to name a few. They have won many awards. Check out the website!

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Highly recommend this HS to anyone who wants to succeed, diversify yourself, and make long term friends/relationships. I run into LT and friends/family of LT graduates note often than one would think possible...and I moved away 4 years ago. You learn a lot here; in & outside of the classroom and good veggies that can last you a lifetime. Itll be up to you to grab the opportunities available.

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I was part of the 73 class. Back then it was an all male school that went into a coed transition. There was a lot of male vibrato then. Times were different. Being a geek I found PE and swim challenging - always never enough time to shower and change to get to class. But some how we did it. I later became a traffic guide. I still have nightmares of not finding my next class in time. The place IS big and the rooms are numbered in an odd way. God, the horror of remembering 3 lock combinations, your hall locker, gym, and drafting drawer - and then not opening them up in time and being late. You were proud of being part of something special, of being special. There was music, theater, clubs, shops, architecture, design and sports. There were the teachers that guided clubs sharing themselves, instilling confidence and self worth in their students, things at times we didnt get at home. We had student council that made us socially and politically aware. They demanded excellence and we strove to give it. There was indoor and out door driver ED. I still can hear the drill - seats, mirrors, brakes, park brake, neutral - or the dreaded hit the deck and give me ten. We didnt have cell phones or calculators or computers. There were slide rules, and lots of IBM cards and pencil sharpening. You were socialized, there was a dress code enforced by eagle eyed hall monitors. You shook hands, and were called formally, MR. Repa. You felt that you were part of something special, murals, trophies and shields lined the halls reminding you of a glorious past - asking you to add to that history and pass it on. You went on prepared in science, in math. The shops expanded your horizons and hands on experience. I still have my shield, bowl, and book ends. The electric motor disappeared.The diversity of students was great. Took you out of your comfort zone and expanded your horizons. There was a definite school spirit of being a part of something special. We wore sweaters advertising who we were. Looking down on the Gorden goats. We had a daily paper. sang the anthem and school song, conveniently printed on the book covers. I took graphic arts for several years. Hopefully the standards are still high and they continue to shoot for the stars. Do the halls still echo with whose gonna win - LANE - Who?- LANE - Who? - LANE - how? - WOMP EM ! - Steve

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Graduated in 2006, have to say these were some of the most fun times of my life! I loved Lane Tech, the teachers were awesome the student body was fantastic; all around nothing bad to say at all.

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My brother went to Lane and had a very good experience there. The classes are small so they have a very good teacher to student ratio. The school is also very diverse so you get a taste of many different people.

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Im currently a student at Lane Tech. This is one of the best, if not the best schools in the state of Illinois. I love all of the staff, and i adore the administration. The teachers are there for you in class, and tey are there out of class. I love this school!

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Where ever you go, what ever you do , always remember the honor of Lane. Was a great school in 1965. Learned to play trombone there and still play today, Was taught how to correctly shoot a rifle under the stadium at the rifle range and can still hit dead bullseye at 200 yards.They should have kept some of the shops. Trades people are still in demand.Hopefully some shops will return. Class of 1965

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AMAZING SCHOOL. I have more pride in this high school than in the college that Im at rn. So much tradition and learning, located in a great city. Had some amazing teachers. shoutout to the marching band

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All of the traffic here makes my life difficult. The kids monopolize the addison bus during after school hours. Its absolutely miserable to the the 152 bus around 3 pm. Trying to turn onto addison from western is also difficult because of the amount of kids crossing the street.Im sure its a fine school. The huge influx of people from the school seems to have a somewhat negative impact on the surrounding area.

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Its the best school in chigago,il I LOVE THIS SCHOOL I RATE IT MORE OF 100 OUT OF 100

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@victoria pilvatos no one believe her she doesn’t even go to lane so she has no way of telling how good this school is. DON’T BELIEVE HER SHES A LIAR.😊ur welcome.

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Im a student that goes to Lane, and I love it. The problems I have is that they do not respect the JROTC since they are kicking us out of our rooms. The sports department seems to get most of the attention. Overall I love this school, but it still has many issues.

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I have met and reminisced with several alums from the 1950-1990s on the positive experiences they had while attending Lane Tech.Because of its size, student body diversity (a rarity in Chicago) and history, Lane still has a charm and appeal that can get you in the door of some of the largest companies in Chicago.

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Lane tech is a good publice school.they have good teachers.The students do alot of community service. the school has great academics. They have a good sports program.The ROTC program is wonderful

Review №20

Good high school just wach out for Lopez he craves on IDS

Review №21

I want to go to lane tech because it has service learning i will be glad to go lane tech i want to go to lane tech to meet new people i will be glad if they accept me

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I go to Lane and it is a great school. There are a diverse range of people there which makes the high school life that much more interesting.

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A really great school full of bright students ready to give it their all for a better future.

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Mister clover is my fave

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Lane afforded me many great opportunities. Id have Lane in my resume, and I got the job. Class of 72.

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Great school. Clean and safe

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I love this cool because its interesting and I love them to know about and I learn more faster and I got a good job and is great teachers

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Class of 61. I never regretted attending Lane an owe much to what I learned both academic and life skills.

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Went here for 3 years. So sad I had to transfer. I love this school!

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Heard its a good school Im currently a student at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy though.

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I personally love going to Lane. I get challenged by the work, but the teachers are chiesty. I love our new principal, he is awesome.

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Tis ok schoo I no go der yet, my pa and unkl go der and theay r engineer and theay maik goo money and i go der dis yeer tank you fery mush

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Great school to attend. Many great opportunities presented by going to this school.

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Greta school. I graduated from there this past year and i loved it for the four years I was there. Im giving it two stars because of the disciplinary actions taken against good kids. I just spoke with my mom and i found out my brother got detention for saying, Go take some of that kids candy. He was talking with his friends. The school, however, wrote it up as bullying. In all honesty, what isnt bullying now. If you look at someone wrong people call it bullying. This is a problem that is caused by over protective parents who have nothing better to do than ruin peoples lives. I know for a fact that my brother didnt say anything mean to the kid. He never said anything that was directed to the kid. So why is it bullying? This is becoming such a problem, and today, people are offended by anything and everything. It actually pains me that Im giving only two stars because i had such a great time. But until people grow up and see that every little comment isnt bullying or racist, then this world is completely screwed.

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Lane Tech is an awesome school.The students are great and the teachers are so helpful. I love Lane. Go Lane Go!

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Superb education. Prepares you for a life of success and challenge.

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YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!If you want a super chill environment and cool/nice people, then got to lane.Lane is a school filled with memes and completed dreams XD

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The best 4 years you could ask for. class of 1960

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As a student at Lane, I would say that it is one of the best schools that I have been to. But, like wherever you go, there will always be some sort of issue, and thats just the way life is. I am in JROTC, and it is amazing. YES, they do challenge each and everyone of us, both physically, and mentally. YES, like any other CPS school, the food is not the best of the best. Well, DUH! Lane is known for its academics, size both by student and building, sports academics, being competitive, and having a great off-campus experience. Such as chains such as a Potbelly and a Starbucks around. And a Jewel, Target, Marianos, Subway, McDonalds, a bowling alley, Meatheads, Dunkin Donuts, a gyro place, a taco place, Chipotle, a Wing Stop, and other places around the school. That s why our principal changed off-campus lunch to sophomore, junior, and senior year. So that only freshmans go through the bad lunch pain. The teachers at Lane are off the walls fun. They do want us all to do our best and try our hardest like any one else. They are human too so they are somewhat sympathetic. The student to teacher ratio is decent. Nothing compared to my elementary school where there was less than TWENTY kids per class. When I graduated, I was one of a class of about 34. The marching band is awesome, and the band instructors/teachers/whateveryouwannacallthem are way even better. I LOVE THEM. The homecoming games and dances are ok. Likewise, they have faults in them as well. Like having to pay about $3 for a small Gatorade. Hey! But, what can I do? The homecoming dances are not the best. Like you have to pay for food, and you have to pay $20 for a single ticket, and if you leave to go to the bathroom or something too bad you cant get back in, and the gym (where the dances are held) get so HOT. Cons about Lane- The school fees get expensive especially if you are a parent and you have more than one of your kids go there (fees are like $500 a year. Not including dances, and dresses for dances, and Lane gear for PE, and travel money to get to school and home, and money for lunch for the 10, 11, and 12th grades, and yeah little bits and pieces of high school and stuff like that. They add up. BIG TIME), lunch food is like ;( Pros- AWESOME high school experience, you will lose the fact that you are shy, challenging teachers who love you, you will ALWAYS be encouraged, and it is just plain fun, there is always going to be people like you so you will NOT even have the thought of not making friends because you will meet people everywhere you go, you will never be bored, and the teachers are the best in the land.

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Bad scool itz zuxxxxxxxxxxxx

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They admit 1500 kids in the freshman class and then weed out almost 50% so the graduating class is much smaller. The way they do it is put people in classes that are impossible to pass so that kids will drop out and go to other schools rather than get failing grades. This school sucks.

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7th-12th grade school thats one that someone should go to

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Greatest school ever. Hands down.

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Most overrated High School in the Midwest United States. NewTrier/Deerfield envy.

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Best high school in Chicago, despite transferring there halfway through my Junior year of high school!! Class of 07😀😎🐄

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This awesome school as i heard. To bad I had to go.

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I think theres some bot problems on this reviews page. Mr. Clover doesnt exist.

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My cousin goes here. I hope one day to walk in his footsteps.

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My granddaughter goes there and it looks amazing

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This school is very big. My daughter goes there.

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UUmm Only the best high School in the world

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I would really love to be apart of this school.

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This jaevius the owen

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Dude, when I saw this I thought this was where I was gonna go after I graduated from Bell. But mannnnnnnnnnn I aint no techie Im no cyborg robot Im not down with that gross oily crap

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Class of 78 best yrs still missing them mom

Review №56

Best In The World!

Review №57

Ive been going to this school for 3 years and I can honestly tell you its horrible the faculty are rude and unhelpful!!!

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I would really like to go that College wen I grow up👍👌

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My whole family went here and I here nothing but positive things about it. I am planning to go to this school... I just hope I can pass the entrance exams. 😁

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Im a software engineer at Amazon. Thanks Lane Tech class of 95.

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My brother got lost here one time

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Cant say enough about their outstanding programs!

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Trying to go to this school class of 2018 :?

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Its lit.

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I love this place

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So cool

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Very excited to go

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Greatest school in the history of Chicago

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Best high school ever!!!

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Good hs

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Awesome school :)

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Great school

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Is my mom here

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It was ok

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Its okay

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Its bad

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AKA hogwarts

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Lane Tech Class of 1990.

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Good look!!!!

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Taft and Brookes are better lane kids are weird and overratedMr.Clover needs to be arrested for what he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TAFT EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My daughter is in this high school and she is happy

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Excellent school ,,

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The best school there is for my children

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One of the best ,,, schools !!!!!

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