Richard T. Crane Medical Prep High School
2245 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60612, United States

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I went here and I regret every minute. The school is filthy, security doesnt do their job and push students to go to class. Everyones disrespectful and the teachers eventually give up on even teaching! Students overpower the teachers, use their phones in class and make it hard to learn! I absolutely hated going here for the 9th grade year and I plan on transferring. Dont go here! Its not worth the time and effort.

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My father & uncles attended Crane Tech in the early 1940’s. I grew up down the street . Nobody in the neighborhood had money but everyone got a good education there. Also nobody had parents that were running to school to complain. Everyone worked three jobs. The basketball teams were great ! Have pride in the school, demand better school leadership & stop complaining! None of my people spoke English or had a dime yet we are all successful today. Anyone can learn & get ahead in America- it’s really up to you !

Review №3

I realy feel very very proud of my son to come to this high school. It has lots of opportunities to succeed in life..with the Rush internship and all what the council is doing to help them succeed ...only who dont like work hard dont succeed here! Thanks a lot all the teachers for caring about your students.!

Review №4

Its a good school with good opportunities but the decor is kind of depressing. Not to mention all the fights, but I dont think you can blame that on the school.

Review №5

Crane medical Preparatory High School great school. We need more vocational schools in Chicago to prepare our youth for a career in medicine and a high school is a great way to get started. Great school.

Review №6

Chrst andaon

Review №7

Having a fundraiser here today that was very, very badly thought out, when was beer allowed on school grounds again? School on the outside looks great, but on the inside its nasty. Wouldnt send my kid here even if it was the last school in Chicago. Smgdh.

Review №8

If I could give this school zero stars I would. This is the worst place I could’ve possibly went to. I graduated from this stupid school and I don’t know anything. Ms. Gibbs was never there to help me with my college journey. I got a bad score on my SAT because they didn’t help me with anything. I was in my math class and I felt extremely ill prepared because Bokar liked to scream at students the whole class period then say “take the test”. Their athletics are trash and the uniforms are dusty. The school is alway dirty on the inside and the staff treats you like a prisoner. They didn’t teach us anything about financial aid. Ms. Lee never helped us with our transcripts, I had to ask her 5 times to send them to the universities. She only sent 4 out of the 10 I asked for. If you want to take class trips, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. We didn’t go anywhere. If you want a decent meal, DONT GO HERE. History department was the only good part of the school. They compare themselves to Whitney Young but you don’t get the same opportunities as Whitney Young students.

Review №9

Wait is this a medical high school or not because I really want to get into a medical high school because I want to be a doctor and I was considering this place is it a medical high school or not I would really like to know thank you.

Review №10

My sister went there and they failed her. The school has the attendance of a elementary school and when you walk into the it was so dirty as kids were skipping class

Review №11

Best highschool!Mr. Loh is a cool teacher!

Review №12

My sisters go their they say its fun

Review №13

Its just a blight on the neighborhood. Should just change the name to Cheaper Than Prison and get it over with.

Review №14

All the teachers need to be evaluated

Review №15

My brother use to coach here

Review №16

Good school

Review №17

Old school look like a castle

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