Sullivan High School
6631 N Bosworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60626, United States

Review №1

I came freshman year and it was SO GOOD THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! Just Stay quiet and out of drama focus on your school work and you will be alright! There are a lot of African Americans WHICH I LOVE, being I am half so the atmosphere was GREAT! Not really any fights but security is always around to break it up. I love this school so much I transferred and wish I could go back.

Review №2

Loved this school. The students there were bullies but the teachers and staff were on point. I miss the days where my counselor was so cool I would talk to her everyday. Every study hall. I cant remember her name but I remember her spirit. I hope you are reading this and I hope you remember me. You are special.

Review №3

I am an incoming freshman for the 2015-2016 school year and the atmosphere in this school is so positive and energetic. The teachers care about their students and everyone always has a smile. I am absolutely thrilled to start high school here at Sullivan.

Review №4

Great programs like C.T.E.Joining the Business /Accounting program is the best thing ever. Helped me see life in a different more positive way. Thank you Sullivan highschool!!! 😀

Review №5

What a horrible school, I attended for part of my 3rd grade year. Thank God we moved from the slums of Chicago to the suburbs of Delaware. At Sullivan I was placed in remedial courses by the horrid Mrs. Brown. (wonder if shes even still alive) When I arrived in Delaware, the teacher actually called my parents to discuss my transfer records since they didnt mesh with my performance. I feel for any child that goes to such a poorly run school with less than competent instruction.

Review №6

A lot of awesome opportunities and people to meet (if you meet the right ones💯👍)!

Review №7

I love this school. Idc how the population is or how the students are but all I know is that the teachers and counselors are helpful and the CTE program is the best.

Review №8

Very committed teaching staff. Medical program is truly a gem!

Review №9

From the reviews I think its a good school but Im a freshment and Im thinking about attending but Im not sure thts why I read the reviews

Review №10

The school Prides itself on higher education. They provide the latest technology to train their students - Smart Boards for math and science, and Apple technology for each student to interact with technological devices.

Review №11

Diversity school 👏🏻♥️

Review №12

Eh , I ditched almost the whole year, some of the teachers were pretty nice and helpful, but the students are annoying. Graduated from there last year.

Review №13

There so much to learn by being here , from the teachers to the staff .

Review №14

I hate this school and I cant wait to leave

Review №15

I love this place because I just love it

Review №16

Very helpful

Review №17

I love Sullivan high school

Review №18

Fake people but really good school

Review №19

Starting freshman year 😍❤

Review №20

Such a waste of space

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