Columbus State Community College
550 E Spring St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

Review №1

I have enjoyed Columbus State and majority of the people I’ve met here while on track to my BA but this college needs some serious restructuring. The biggest thing I wish Cstate would look into is their faculty. When I go to and see many of them at a 1 to 2 star rating, that concerns me. I have personally had good and bad professors here and majority of the good ones were adjunct professors, the bad ended up being tenured faculty. I wish the college would look into the gripes students have and start to question whether or not they should be hiring adjunct professors to replace them. The only other major issue I’ve had is from advisors. The point of the advisor is to advise the student on their education path, but when I have a genuine question or concern, interrupting/having a snarky attitude doesn’t come off as professional to me. One last thing, please talk with the finance department about putting a budget together for another parking garage. I don’t go during peak hours anymore but when I did parking was atrocious.Pros-cheap-effective (sometimes)-some great professorsCons-unprofessional faculty at times-parking-communication from faculty

Review №2

I’ve never rated anything but the horrendous service I got the Cashiers office is forcing my hand. I’d give it a 0 if I could but Patricio Plazolles from Cashiers office is very Rude & Unprofessional. Being the pandemic you’d think when a student gets something wrong,They’d wanna help but instead I got really passive aggressive tone and overall poor customer service where he insinuated my English is poor. Cashiers office and it’s employees,please do better.

Review №3

A great asset for Columbus, for Ohios education system, and for Ohio employers.

Review №4

This college is a joke! Please just go to a university as you will spend just as much money and time to complete. They never answer the phone and instructors online seem to be miserable individuals who seem to want students to fail for job security.

Review №5

I love Columbus State and this is why:Before Columbus State:Growing up, I was never interested in the information taught in school, because I did not feel like it was applicable to the real world. After a year at a private college, I was originally apprehensive to restart college at any college. I was also scared of a community college. I grew up in Michigan, and I felt like our local community colleges had negative stigmas attached to them. Luckily, my older brother took me into the application office in Delaware, OH to take the entrance exam. I believe I tested out of an english and/or a math class.While at Columbus State:I would like to note that I always attended C-State as I held a part time job (10-20 hours a week). I originally attended an EMT-B class at Columbus State. The class was more challenging than I had anticipated and was pretty time consuming. I received a B in this course, but found employment immediately in the field and felt confident in my skills.A year later, I returned to C-State with the desires to go to nursing school. Thanks to ample meetings with advisors in Health and Human Services, I decided to take some prerequisite nursing classes as there was a waiting list to apply for their nursing program (while I worked part time as an EMT-B). During this year, I found more confidence in my work and studies, feelings of support and encouragement from staff, and rewards from hard work. I was also able to sign up easily for academic accommodations for the first time in my life! I loved my time at Columbus State within this year! I never thought I would love school or receive my first 4.0 GPA in the spring and summer semesters. For the first time, school finally felt fulfilling for me.After Attending Columbus State:I decided to leave C-State after a full academic year, and I pursued a BSN degree through another local school. I often look back at my time at C-State and regret that I did not take more classes here while saving a decent amount of money!I would suggest night classes if you are willing and able. I found that students were more likely to be hard working, more mature, disciplined, and also employed. I also found professors who taught night classes were often from OSU and more understanding. Generally my teachers were all very competent, funny, and held experience in the world. The only negative experience that I found was dealing with C-Stats Police department staff and accessing their gym/locker room. Students must sign up manually for the gym locker rooms every semester at C-States Police department and then wait for several days for your card to be accepted from security/police. This system seems dated and non-productive. I feel like this process should be easily automated. This issue led to a negative experience I had with a police officer that identified as Sergeant Diamond. I felt like this officer escalated my personal situation while being disrespectful and patronizing. Another time I was eating a meal in my car between classes when a police car pulled up to me and asked why I was parked between two spots in an empty parking lot and then asked me to pick a spot. Im sure the police department deals with things they dont want to. I could have been lucky and experienced two poor attitudes on hard days, but I do not feel like the police department is fulfilling their mission that states they want to provide exceptional customer service for their students based on my only two experiences with them. I would take a look at how the police staff is trained at C-State.

Review №6

Currently a student here and in would recomend this college to anyone who wants to save money getting any degree. They offer great selections for degree pathways and even just classes in general. Teachers are great. Staff are helpful. the student resources are fantastic.

Review №7

I only drove around the campus on a scooter, taking photos for Google Street View, but it looks pretty decent.

Review №8

I began going to CSCC in 2018 when I decided that I wanted to withdrawal from Wright State University. This has been one of the best decisions of my life! I obtained a general Associate of Arts degree from here and my experience has been astounding. I like the staff and the environment at this college. After I got my A.A. degree, I attended Otterbein for one semester and disliked it so I went BACK to CSCC. I found a program that offers an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) that I liked and I decided to quit Otterbein and attend CSCC. I plan to get the degree by next Spring in 2021 and I’m ecstatic. I enjoy the campus and it is affordable to go here. I will be walking away with two degrees from this college with ZERO student debt.

Review №9

I would give this college zero stars if I could. I have never encountered such a rude and disorganized place in my life. I have been trying to use my VA benefits to pay for classes for THREE semesters now.I am a returning student. The contact number on their main website is out of date. It goes straight to voicemail no matter when you call. I have called the main office and left many messages with different advisers.When I finally got a hold of a real person, he was very rude and condescending. He told me no one is able to listen to the messages from the number on their site. He rudely told me that I hadnt registered for classes, so what did I want him to do. After I told him I wanted to make sure the VA would pay before signing up, he told me I just needed fill out a form that he would send me. I did and heard nothing back.That semester, I was dropped for non payment. After going through the same process with similar results, the advising department told me to call the ombudsman who then told me that this isnt a Title IX issue and to talk to the person I already talked with.After finally getting a different person on the line, I was told that I hadnt submitted the correct forms and that the original adviser had not added me to the do not drop list. He assured me he would personally make sure I was able to get into my classes after submitting the forms.I had to wait until the next semester as I was not sent the forms until after registration had closed for the current semester. I was able to register for and attend classes only to find out that I currently have a balance due. The school only paid for part of my classes without telling me.Apparently, they sent a letter of Termination to the VA because I had to withdraw from a class, dropping me into a lower benefit category. Neither the school nor the VA made any attempt to contact me despite having all my contact information on file. This is absolutely ridiculous and after hearing many similar complaints from students who attempt to use financial aid, I am not convinced it is an accident. This school is not getting a dime of my personal money after my benefits run out.

Review №10

Do you have english classes as a second language?

Review №11

This school is of poor online quality, if you are looking for a college that will treat you fairly and equally. My wife, mother of 4 and online student has struggled time and again with this schools faculty. I also attended an online institution which was more than happy to accommodate my west coast time zone in the course deadlines. This school has showed its lack of commitment to its students and should explain to its faculty who they are now working for, non-traditional students. Poor attitudes from faculty is a reflection of leadership.

Review №12

They never answer the phone line. They will also do everything in their power to prevent students from being given in state tuition. Their whole institution is built around acquiring out of state tuition payment and continuing to do so long after those students should qualify for in state tuition.

Review №13

Its a very small college campus, but there is also a lot of care put into it. I highly recommend it for anyone starting out college life for the first time. Not only can it save you thousands of dollars, but they will also help you get into a more advanced college.

Review №14

It will be 6 weeks this semester (Spring 2019) before CSCC releases financial aid refunds. I cannot believe they get away with this! OSU is 9 days after the start of the semester! Some people rely on these excess funds to survive another semester of school! This should be illegal and I’m pretty sure it is because according to federal financial aid funds are to be released up to a max of 14 days after the start of a semester! Insane to make people wait 6 weeks+ to receive their refund. Also, parking is obnoxious here any time of day. It also seems to me that each department does not have a good linear structure of teaching so each professor is just kind of doing their own thing whichever way they feel like doing it. Some classes are too long some are too short. It really feels like no one is in control here it’s just a free for all I guess. Employees are not friendly in any way shape or form. Honestly the only good thing about this school is how cheap it is. “You get what you pay for.” 🤷‍♂️

Review №15

Basically, you get what you pay for. I will be taking one class each semester because the financial aid situation is so messed up. Last year, I had signed up for classes, and to my surprised delight, I was given financial aid. All I had to pay was for books. I was all geared up and ready to go a week before the semester started. Then financial aid sent me an EMAIL. This email stated that I would not receive financial aid because I was not in an eligible program. Thats all fine and dandy, but my problem is that they told me a WEEK before classes started that I had to have the whole balance paid. What kind of notice is that? And through an EMAIL, no less. Would it have killed them to pick up the phone? They also lied to me about it when I met with them before I got the infamous email. They told me I was all set to go, minus the book expenses. I also had to change my social security number after I had been attending classes there for TWO SEMESTERS because they had entered in the WRONG social security number in my account.Again, you get what you pay for. Classes are cheap and relatively easy.

Review №16

If your working on a Degree anywhere, and need some Filler Classes this is the Place to go. Franklin University wanted to charge me $900-$1000 for classes for my Bachelor Degree that I took at Columbus State to fulfill the requirement for 1/4 of the cost. Saved so much money... I never had any of the problems these 1-2 star reviews have given. The teachers here are excellent. You get what you put in, and you are motivated to find a career you will regardless of where you go. If you are expecting to go to a community college, and make 200k a year you might be upset. Your expectations should be realistic, and you do have to stay informed. Do not wait til the last minute to file for Financial Aid.

Review №17

AMAZING!I decided to go back to school after many years of taking a break and this was the perfect school to return to. I am in the American Sign Language Interpreting program and it has been the best. The instructors that I have been privileged to learn from have given me their all and I have learned so much from. Chis E, Royce C, Amy D, Wendy S, Katrina C, and Heidi K are the best and have made my last two years AMAZING!

Review №18

Im in my last semester as a Computer Science: Software Development major. In the time that I have been there Ive found that Columbus State has been one of the better institutions to attend. There are some flaws, such as changing courses without full ideas on how to implement the new course, but overall the experience has been great.Ive spent less on tuition/books than at Franklin or DeVry. The advisers have always been extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. All but a couple teachers have been wonderful and supportive.The school constantly has activities going, including a weekly newsletter letting everyone know of whats going on.Overall, I would recommend anyone get their 2 year degree here before moving on to a 4 year institution. Save the money and still get a good education.

Review №19

I wish I could post 0 stars. This place absolutely sucked the life and determination out of me. GOING TO COLUMBUS STATE WAS BY FAR THE WORST ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. There is not very much else that they could have done wrong. The staff that handles paperwork, general questions, etc. was incredibly incompetent and usually rude with a few exceptions. Recently, they have been hassling me over the $1.00 that I apparently owe financial aid. I turned in one paper required for Financial Aid 5 times, each time with the worker guaranteeing it would be my last time. The same happened with an “unusual enrollment” form but I only turned this one in 3 times before I gave up. Despite turning in these documents repeatedly, they continue to ask for them as if I never turned anything in. Good luck trying to call in because your issue won’t get solved and it takes at least 30 minutes for a phone call to be answered. The actual class environments weren’t horrible but professors almost never respond to emails (my online class professor never responded to anything) and never really believe any excuses you have even if legitimate. The cherry on the top is the fact that despite the advisors saying all my classes would transfer over, one did not. If you want to save your money while still getting a decent education, go to a branch campus. All classes actually will transfer over and the educational experience will be far better than it would at Columbus State. Going to a branch campus is even worth having to rent an apartment. I have been to multiple small, private colleges, I’m at OSU, and I have been to Columbus State. Columbus State has set me back in my education and I wish I would not have wasted my money and time on a school that seems to not spend money or time on me.

Review №20

Excellent marketing program! I really enjoyed my two years at Columbus State. The professors are always ready to help answer any questions you may have. The courses are stimulating and material timely.Columbus State allows you to tailor your program to match your existing schedules whether that means online courses, evening classes, or a hybrid mix--they will work with you to make it happen.In fact, it is really made easy for you to get your degree, IF you are willing to put forth the effort required on your part.As far as book buying goes--YES, the book store is overpriced (most college bookstores are), but if you enable yourself by price checking and ordering books online or used you will be doing yourself a major service. AGAIN, this requires you to be diligent and put forth effort--you cant expect everything to be handled for you/handed to you--seek out to find answers for yourself through research. I was able to save majorly by ordering books online including international versions (read reviews by other students to see how these versions match up).

Review №21

I really enjoyed the “College credit plus” program where I took full time college credit as a high schooler. It gave me a priceless head-start on my studies. Relaxed place, but a good environment with great professors

Review №22

Columbus State is a smaller, more localized campus than what I was used to at my previous college. They have a great cafeteria, awesome fitness center and the instructors truly care about their students success. Online classes work great with my hectic schedule, but in person classes always have plenty of options for times.

Review №23

This campus is downtown so the traffic almost always heavy trying to get to my morning classes. The parking is rough most of the time. There are many on campus activities and groups you just have to talk to a counselor to find out about them. I’ve never had a bad expirence personally with any staff members about getting any of my paperwork done. Sometimes I have to call multiple times. You just need to be diligent about what you want done and your needs. Overall i only go here for class if I have to. I prefer one of the other smaller campuses.

Review №24

This community college is descent. Im currently attending and most of everybody reviews are right (the 2 stars or lower). The graduation rate is down because some just come for the refund check and other really fail because they don`t take the time to use the school resources. I usually email my teacher about any concerns or questions I have because if they dont respond after so long you can file a complaint or verbally tell your teacher how you feel. Also, if youre sending files to anyone or anywhere you should always keep a copy. I think by this time everybody can take responsibly and not always blame the school. Columbus state does all its work on the internet so you have to be caution with your own stuff, its not their responsibility. They lose or misplace stuff too. I would recommend because its cheap and the semester fly by.

Review №25

There are good things and bad things about this school, but cons outweigh the pros. The instructors Ive had all have been terrific with exception of a couple. One of which was a elderly instructor who taught my math course. She had an extremely strong Russian accent, knew nothing of computers and there was a BIG language barrier, though she was a kind Lady, it was frustrating when she didnt understand my questions.The customer service is really crappy if you call. Nobody knows what to do and they rarely have an answer to your questions. They will direct you person to person, none of them know a thing most the time. Or, they accidentally hang up or the system is down. In person help is a bit better, but still pretty bad.The schools site is terribly designed. Navigation is confusing and clunky. Errors in spelling and dates are abundant. Also, they never delete old pages so past year info comes up when searching the site. If you try to go to student email, it will direct you link to link to link...instead of linking you directly to login.Self Help financial Aid page is horrible. If you submit something, there is no confirmation that you sent anything except for a small pop up. It still tells you to submit forms, even when you already have. So, it leaves you unsure if they actually need you to resubmit or not.They dont do enough landscaping upkeep. Many bushes have extended past fencing and obstruct walking on foot paths/stairs. The elevators are terrifying to ride on. They are outdated and some smell of urine.Also, the older buildings do not have Male and Female bathrooms on every floor. Depending on what floor you are on, you may have to travel to use the bathroom. They should just have unisex bathrooms for these buildings but dont.Overall, if you can afford someplace else for school, go their instead. I honestly think this school overcharges, but all colleges do.

Review №26

Its a great school. Great value! Why pay more for the same degree at a typical university?

Review №27

It is October 8 and we still have not received our financial aid refund. School started over a month ago. They keep stringing us along and they keep pushing the date farther back. They are also lacking communication with when they are actually going to give us our money. Other than that I am enjoying my time at Columbus State.

Review №28

For the most part it is a good school in order to get things done and it is a cheaper option than OSU which I have been attend for the past three years as a transfer student from New Jersey. However, the bureaucracy here is terrible. many of the workers at the registrar, admissions, etc. are rude, abrupt and obviously dont know the true meaning of respect because many of them certainly dont have it, especially towards the newer crowd of students. In addition to that, I have waited 24 months to receive in state residency as they mention. I have filled every bit of paperwork to them aforementioned on the list that they gave me in order to complete it. Its been 5 years that I have spent in Columbus trying to give my life away to these people and they still deem it illegal because my mother lives out of the country. I am a grown man and I have been surviving this city since 2010. Its either the staff here are dumb or extremely shady. Nevertheless, I ended up paying the out of state tuition since many of them dont care and are not willing to bend over backwards to help you.In spite of all that, the school is decent and there is a good math program here. I am satisfied with the teaching staff and the cafeteria food isnt bad.

Review №29

The Administrative personnel at this school are so lazy and unprofessional. No one is willing to happily you assist you with any matter and they have very unwelcoming attitudes. It’s almost like you’re bothering them when you call and ask for information. I recommend, if you can, to take your money to another school.

Review №30

I am going to this college as of now for my high school diploma. The on line courses that im taking at home are very user friendly and the on line support team is awesome. .if you missed out on getting your diploma I recommend you try this site

Review №31

Dont go to this school. Just dont. Its an unorganized, unprofessional environment. Any problems that may arise will be blamed on you. Zero responsibility on there end. Always the students fault. I received incorrect information from my computer science advisor and they take zero responsibility for it or interest in helping me fix it. I see after reading a few reviews that I am not alone. I disagreed with a financial aid issue and they reported me to the student conduct board. Now I have to go defend myself against a baseless accusation. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experience here. We are just people who are trying to better their lives through education, unfortunately this is not the place to do it.

Review №32

Great place to get started with your study.

Review №33

I am a veteran and the process to get enrolled has been incredibly difficult. I am a transfer student from TX. So much easier down there. If your a vet be prepared to jump through some hoops!

Review №34

Felt like I wasted my time here. My first semester was great but as I got deeper into the college I began to see the flaws. When I renewed my financial aid they asked for certain documents. I contacted the place I needed to get my documents. I made 3 trips to Columbus state to submit the documents and my time was ticking for classes to start. I then called and told them the document they want I don’t have and never did have. They finally released my Financial aid so I could go to class. AFTER I had to pay $400 out of my own pocket for I am guessing a class that wasn’t in my degree of study? Didn’t know I had a balance until collections contacted me. Not to mention I went to the advisor to change my plan of study so that wouldn’t happen again I got sent to 3 different places. The advisor wrote out my plan of study and I was told my degree option changed. I register for classes get another email it was out of my plan of study. I go to look at my plan of study it was never changed! Not to mention I got dropped from my classes this place is a joke!

Review №35

This is a HOT MESS! The feds. Should stop giving the school federal dollars until they get their sick together. You cannot find any two persons on the same page. Graduation is at what 11%. Before I would give this school federal dollars, they have t bring that % up. Fire the president of the school and everyone under them. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Review №36

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT but still a GREAT CAMPUS! I am currently a student here and have been since 2009. I will hopefully be graduating this December. As someone who works full-time while attending nursing here at CSCC, I can tell you its a challenge but there are so many great resources including: Writing Center, Speech Lab, Math Tutors (I went 5 days a week to get As in math and its NOT my strong suite), the library, the gym and advisory services(FREE FOR STUDENTS). What need improvement? Financial Aid office is understaffed and its hit or miss on whether or not you will speak with a competent and knowledgeable associate. The instructors have been excellent 9 out of 10 times. Some of them i still keep on contact with occasionally. Parking and places to study are less each year. I know that the student population is growing but I wish the campus could accommodatethat a little better! With that said, the education I am receiving here at CSCC is far exceeding any other community college that I know. Im certain it has much to do with the compassionate, knowledgeable, and hard working nursing instructors here! :)

Review №37

Great college my first year am loving it so far

Review №38

Pros:- Fantastic and experienced teachers. I never had a bad teacher.- No rude TAs.- Small classes.- Low-cost.- Class expectations are reasonable.Cons:- Crime rate of main campus branch.- Any administrative task takes way longer than it seems it should.- Advisors are not super helpful and it can be really hard to figure out what classes you ACTUALLY need to graduate. You will waste time and money in at least one or two class.

Review №39

Wonderful school. Ignore a lot of these other reviews with one and two stars, its an inner city school per say, so youre going to see those kind of complaints. You have to be stupid not to be able to register for classes here, take them, and then not pass. Some classes are tougher than others, but everything essentially transfers to any school. Very friendly people! Small classes which are great for one-on-one work with teachers. Online classes are awesome (if you can teach yourself material). Not everyone can handle online classes, so dont be discouraged. Best college Ive been to so far, and Ive attended 2 other well known universities in Ohio!

Review №40

The only plus side of this college is the cost. It is extremely cheap and is the reason why so many people go here. I am a nursing student and have countless staff be rude to me for simply asking a question I was confused about. The instructors are relatively good and so far Ive only had one (in an online course) that wont even reply to an email. My other instructors though have been helpful and welcoming.Recently, I scheduled classes and after being told by an advisor that I needed to take a chemistry class and this chemistry class would be a prerequisite for other classes in the nursing program I found out this semester that is not the case anymore. I was told by an advisor that I should contact the chemistry and biological sciences chairman Michael Haliu and after trying for a few days finally got in contact with him. He was extremely rude and belittled me because I asked if my chemistry class would suffice for another class. It was extremely upsetting to be treated so rudely by yet another staff member at this college. Although I will be going here until I finish my nursing degree next year, I do not recommend this college to anyone.

Review №41

How can someone not live this school? The professors are awesome and attentive. The cafeteria is quite nice, and theres never a place far away to relax and study or hang out.

Review №42

Traffic is terrible and not enough parking for students. Some of the instructors don’t care at all, while others do. I’ve had 2 instructors I cannot understand because of their strong accents, 2 instructors that were rude and sexist. 1 humiliated me in class, which I reported but the school did nothing. The help desk is terrible, nobody knows anything if you call in.I am in the Graphic Design program and favoritism is a big problem in that department. Only a handful of people get attention and support from instructors, or too many students are in classes to get sufficiently taught. Instructors hand out A’s, even if undeserved. Not everyone is given the same opportunities. I graduate this semester and do not feel prepared at all.

Review №43

Will only be going here for one more semester, hopefully- this school is absolutely terrible. The majority of staff will not put themselves out for students under any circumstance, and as others here have said they do give you the run-around... I mean GOOD GOD they have truly mastered it here. Everyone except for a small portion of the staff I have encountered does their best to do as little for us (the students) as possible, even though we essentially pay their salary. Dont get me wrong, they are often all smiles and hellos until you present them with a difficult task or predicament. (or even a simple one) I have gotten into arguments with supposedly well-educated staff that defy logic, because they are apparently incapable of reasoning... isnt that a little scary at an institute of higher learning? I know it is a community college but come on, why are there so many unintelligent, unprofessional, and lazy people working here? Also, transfer students beware... they will at times stiff you on credits that obviously match up to an in-school course, so make sure you dont let up on them. They dont want to help you here, they just want to take your money and make you go away. Policy is the only thing dictating whatever happens on school grounds in any situation, they wont bend or break it to help you out- and I have experienced this personally on many occasions.But why should I be surprised? It is a business. Be smart and try to go straight into a university, if you have that kind of opportunity. Otherwise... best of luck to you, because dealing with staff here is probably more difficult than the actual coursework.

Review №44

Terrible, rude customer service at financial services. Be aware if you already have a degree, look elsewhere! They will tell you all your credits from a state university wont transfer. Youll have to retake most of it but only at 152$ a credit if you live in state. What a joke.

Review №45

I was in the LPN program for over a year and I couldnt be more disappointed with the teachers I had. I was passing all my classes, completed all my assignments on time, I never missed a single day of class, I attended many open labs to help me better prepare for check offs and clinicals. Everything seemed fine until I attended IV Clinical and had an awful teacher who was completely unprofessional and extremely demeaning and had no sympathy at all for students. I did everything I was supposed to and she failed me for my clinical with no real valid reason. Then on top of that I was dismissed from the LPN program 4 weeks before I was supposed to graduate! The teachers ALL knew I had a disability and they still went out of their way to single me out rather than help me.Overall, I loved the school and I got a degree in Medical Assisting, but do yourself a huge favor: Dont go into the LPN program or you may just waste time and money like I did.

Review №46

This is my final semester at Columbus state Community College. I am in the Skilled trades Welding Associates program. I WISH I HAD ATTENDED ZANE STATE INSTEAD!!!! The program here is a joke as well as the faculty that serves the students

Review №47

I think CSCC is great! Ive been working towards finishing my degree for years and with the rising cost of education, Columbus State Community College is definitely making it affordable and possible. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this school for returning students, especially adults. Classes are small, many 40’s and up age student/adult attending. CSCC has a curriculum that is just as competitive as any other four year university and transferable. This is a great institution and I’m glad to have attended.

Review №48

Professor Latoja is an awesome professor to have! I took an online class - SPAN 1103 - and he made the entire experience very easy, responded to my emails promptly and really made me feel as if he cared for my success. If I ever want to take another course just for the sake of learning, he makes me feel as though CSCC is the right place to go. Thank You, Prof!

Review №49

Worst School you could possibly go to! Dont get me wrong the teahers (some) are pretty good but as far as financial aid and advisory board the worst. They will let you go to class 5 weeks into the semester before letting you know that you owe well over a grand that they want paid in a week. It sucks do no recommend

Review №50

Besides the relatively cheap tuition, I cant think of a single reason why anyone should opt for CSCC. Well, you get what you pay for. Really.On the administrative side, Im not sure how well-trained the people can be when all they can do is put me on hold or tell me we havent received your paperwork. Especially when my FOURTH call within a 15 minute span produces a miraculous, we received your paperwork 2 weeks ago.On the education side, once in a while, I come across a teacher who cares if I actually get something out of their class. But more often than not, if I dont understand a concept, the standard response is I wouldnt worry about it, youre getting an A. Seriously, some of the stories I could tell would leave you shaking your head and saying, teachers would never do that! Oh, but they did...

Review №51

One of the cheapest colleges in the area per credit hour. Credits transfer well to most 4 year universities. I actually took a couple of classes here through Ohio State during the summer one year. The classes are more high school like than college like though, a good transition school for those students to might have struggled in high school before heading on to a 4 year college.

Review №52

I would give 0 stars if I could. I wanted to take one class over the summer being a transient student. At my home university, I placed into a higher level class, however, Columbus State is telling me I have to follow their cirriculum. This doesn’t make sense because I am not even a part/full-time student at this college. I just wanted to take one class. Thought this college was a community college to help, but no they want me to take multiple classes before I can actually take the one I came for. Also, the staff doesn’t help in any way shape or form. It’s so hard to get ahold of people and when you do they tell you to call another number and the process keeps repeating. The process to apply is long and you do everything to find out they want you to follow their cirrculum. Terrible place and terrible staff. 10/10 do not reccomend. Avoid this place at all costs.

Review №53

I dont even know where to begin with their bullshit. They dont know how computers function, or when anything happens, how to handle it properly. They have lost my high school transcript, all financial aid information, and parking pass information MULTIPLE times, and then they try to blame me for it, when I know I wasnt the one in control of processing those documents. The staff and students are the worst people you could ever come into contact with. The amount of bullying, harassment- physical and emotional- that I have already received is absolutely unacceptable. You will not be treated like a person if you go to this college, you will be punished for even smiling. You will fail, and they are trying to do everything to the best of their ability to make sure you will fail. If you want to succeed, do not invest anything into this college, because it is truly not worth it.

Review №54

This is the best school I have attended all my life,the staffs are very helpful,the system in Columbus state community college is set to help you become successful in your educational pursuit,opportunities beyond measures is what this school truly reflects.I dont expect 100% perfection,I really and truly appreciate you guys efforts,Im happy to be a student here.

Review №55

Good school. Financial aid students in particular have to be alert on semester dates so as to manage their financial aid money and register for classes correctly! Bus routes are available to avoid parking headaches.

Review №56

Fall 2018 -I finished my first semester at CSCC last fall, ESL 0189 at Franklin Hall, it was very good experience. I have learned lots of things from my Professor Margaret Mitchell. She was very helpful, if I needed or had any question I used to go to her before class start and she used to answer all my question and make me understand. Im glad I came to this college before I go to anywhere else.Spring 2019 -I just finished my second semester at CSCC I got good grades in math but in ESL 0190 class my teacher Julie Thoms did not give me fair grads. I never missed not even one class all semester and she graded me 45% for attendance and she graded me 60% for class work, which I was always active in class. Other than that it was good experience at CSCC.

Review №57

School is great... until its time for financial aid, grants, loans, etc. Its almost impossible!! Always some new bs. Be prepared for a wild goose chase or have your OWN money handy. Good luck to poor people too btw.

Review №58

This school is mostly made of adjunct teachers and have little concern for their students. I do not recomend this school. The price is good but many online schools offer even better price and teacher wise. Go anywhere else.

Review №59

Please note: This review is solely for the advising and admissions staff and not for the college itself.I have had multiple conversations with staff from both admissions and academic advising, and I must said that just about every single occasion has been very rude and unprofessional. Some background on me. I am a out of state student who has already received his AA in another state and is now attending a 4 year university. I am looking to transfer to CSCC to complete an AS as well as complete some prereqs for a 4 year degree at OSU to save money since I am out of state student. Their immediate assumption of me is that I using them just to get into OSU, which they stated out loud in an extremely rude manner. On top of that, the lady I had spoken to had a clear attitude with me over the phone. No, sorry. Im going here to save myself nearly $18,000 since I am paying out of pocket! Isnt that part of the point of a community college, to save money? The blatant assumption and rude assertions to me were both wrong and absolutely unnecessary. The unprofessionalism of the staff was inexcusable for something that is supposed to be an institution that touts being professional and teaching their students to be that as well. I am now second guessing my desire to even attend this institution, and quite frankly, I would advise others to do the same.

Review №60

I just visited this place and It is awsome if i get accepted into to this school i will Have fun and make new friends here

Review №61

At the beginning of the semester at Columbus State Community College, I was excited to have Royce Carpenter for a Finger Spelling & Numbers class because she was a featured sign language instructor on the schools website. She has several years of interpreting experience and I was ready to learn. However, my rosy outlook didnt last long because of Royces ineffective teaching and attitude.Royce is a very strict instructor and creates a tense and intimidating learning environment. She is impatient, discouraging and unfair. She does not have the ability to effectively teach and expects the students to know the material immediately (even when she has not gone over it). She gives random quizzes that includes information she has not taught. She would go over information only once and then it goes to Neverland because youll never hear about it again. Its frustrating to say the least.Earlier in the term, I had a few discussions with Royce about my concerns. She had an attitude during our entire discussion. Therefore, I decided to contact the department coordinator with an e-mail regarding Royce. She forwarded Royce the scathing e-mail I sent and everything went downhill from there. Since that e-mail, Ive endured sly remarks from Royce and the cold-shoulder. The tension was thick between us and I dreaded the rest of the semester. Her style of teaching and attitude is off-putting and not worth the hassle. My personality is completely different from hers and it wasnt a good fit. I dont regret taking the class because now I know to avoid her.Fortunately, there are other instructors who are great and natives to sign language because theyre Deaf. Ive thoroughly enjoyed them and would highly recommend.

Review №62

Great institution and teachers.

Review №63

The Environmental Science, Safety and Health 2 year program at CSCC is the best decision I have ever made. I received my ESSH Associate degree from CSCC. I am now a water treatment plant operator, and loving it!Jeff Bates, head of ESSH dept, is the best professor I have ever had. He is very friendly, full of knowledge and passionate about the field. All my professors were great. Very thankful for the ESSH program and I highly recommend it.

Review №64

I had to change my major twice because they dont know which major they should list me under since they dont have computer engineeringthey made me take classes that i dont need and when i asked them if i can take computer science class they said you dont need that class the credit wont transfer but it turned out that i can actually take it as an elective class but it all make sense I guess since im an international student and im paying in cash and also double what the other students are paying :)

Review №65

Why do the advisors act as if its an issue to ask for help? I can never get through by phone. When I go to the campus, they are rude and act like its a privilege to even sit in their office. Some of them walk around with their noses in the air and dont want to be bothered. I mean they dont have to smile or anything but common courtesy would be nice. I called the office for a Math professor and the head of the department answered and was beyond rude! I thought the students had rights to these services. I assumed that I could get help without feeling like Im bothering someone. My overall experience at the bookstore was great. Everyone was nice and helpful. My instructors were cool. I just hate the fact that I have to actually seek help from the advisors office.

Review №66

I went here in 1980 after graduating High School. It was still Columbus Technical Institute when I was there. It wasnt a bad school at the time however when they became Columbus State Community College everything started going down hill in my opinion. To bad it was gotten worse, though not surprised.

Review №67

I dont understand why everytime I call in I receive the worst customer service! I just have questions... Im sorry I cant find the answers on the millions of places on the website. There is no need to be rude to me and just say Thank You and hang up on me! If you have questions dont call... youll be treated like an idiot.

Review №68

Residency office is awful. I have lived in Ohio for more than a year, filed my tax here, am a permanent resident in the US and they cannot enroll me as a in state student. There is no single reason that I should be out of state student but the registrar assumed so and would not reply until end of semester. Now I have spent almost $10,000 for nursing pre required courses. Note here: “Pre-Reqs” took ten thousand. They assume that I would not stay in Ohio (are they fortune tellers?) because I have a foreign husband. They discriminate a student against race and sex. BTW, why do they care whom I married to? I cannot believe this is happening in 21st century.

Review №69

Its an ok school, definitely serves the purpose. Get in, get out. Definitely get what you pay for.

Review №70

Most professors are great and willing to help a few are just terrible. advising sucks so if you dont want to be given the wrong info find it out your self. Ive had 3 advisors give me the wrong information on the same subject till the 4th one finally helped me out. financial aid office is OK, not great but the people there will help you out with issues depending on who you have. Security sucks especially the lady at the desk shes always mean. even if you have a parking pass and the officer doesnt see it you can still get an ticket which is BS

Review №71

A Catered Event at Taste of the Future 2019

Review №72

Its cheaper than OSU and is very convenient to take gen eds. Online classes let you take exams at local branches which include the Delaware branch.

Review №73

The absolute worst college you could start off with. I transferred here from owens community college and it has been the worst decision of my life. I went from expecting a degree by 2016 to dropping out because they completely screwed me over. They DO NOT CARE about their students. They just want the money. They do NOT CARE. Trust me. Listen to the bad reviews. Theres so many bad reviews... and they are not kidding. When i first read them I thought oh okay, whatever, theres always gonna be bad reviews... but then I went through it. TERRIBLE school. Advising team is awful. Ive asked the same simple question to probably 5 different people and they all say let me check with so & so and get back to you..... days later... you should try contacting so & so.... one month later and Im fed up and now screwed over all the money I put into this terrible terrible college. I never leave reviews, ever. This is for real though and this is serious. SAVE YOUR SELF. TRUST THE BAD REVIEWS

Review №74

From a quick visit I saw the faculty were engaged and interesting, and the campus looked quite nice with a great view of the city.

Review №75

I was going to attend school at Columbus State, but a lady in their Financial Aid office forgot to file my paperwork for Temporary funding. Because of this I was dropped from all of my classes. I called the school, and they told me to ask all of my Teachers if I could join their courses, and of course all of the teachers said no. That is all the staff at this school has offered to do. This school is staffed by the biggest group of incompetent idiots I have ever seen. Seriously people if you have the choice to go to another school DO IT! Because this school is not worth your time.

Review №76

Im planning to join this school...hope all will be fine ...

Review №77

Incredibly disorganized administration. They randomly select students for financial aid verification, and I never received the email (I looked). Ive had to call the Financial aid office three times in the past two weeks and each time theyve needed an additional form to process my financial aid. Now I just received an email that theres a balance for my summer semester AS OF 06/08/15. Its the end of August as I write this, and I have no balance. If there was another community college option locally, I wouldnt hesitate to transfer. Not to mention, the school boasts at least half a dozen art classes. This fall? Theres TWO classes available, and one Ive already finished. There is no art major, which is ridiculous seeing as how CSCC is mere blocks from CCAD. This school is awful.

Review №78

This year will be my first time going here, im trying to receive my lpn license so i can progress from stna to lpn, hopefully this college will help me accomplish my goal!

Review №79

I attended this college for a year. It was cheap and easy way to get accepted from the Ohio state university

Review №80

Worst Community College I have ever been to. Advisors do not know their job, they are rude and unviting, there were bed bugs in the aquinas hall chairs, and cockroaches in the cafeteria. If you get part time teachers, they dont seem to care about their jobs and ruin the reputation of the ones who truly love to be there. Glad to say I am leaving this college for good, save your money people.

Review №81

AWFUL!!! I have been trying to go back to school with financial aid since i have been out of work for a year now. You sit on hold while trying to call in to see whats going for a min. of 30 minutes every time. Then when you finally get someone, they either dont know or really just dont care. Always rude and short while speaking, and have even hung up on me a few times. I have since decided to check out Devry and other schools that want to help people get into school and get a better education.

Review №82

This place is a complete mess. I go on the VAs dime but the first semester here the VA was late getting my paperwork to them so they dropped all my classes and I had to ask every professor to sign a paper requesting to be put in the class again. 2nd semester here I had to drop my classes and go to work for the semester, my classes didnt drop in the computer and of course I failed them. I went back for the Summer semester to find I was put on academic hold. The advisor then asks me How are you going to pay for this? Gee lady the same way I paid last semester. They try to get you to take classes you dont need so you stay there long and they can bleed you dry.I turned over a transcript from another college and it never was processed until I complained. I missed out on getting into a class I needed on that one. Thanks CSCC!The bathrooms are disgusting, this semester I go to class in a newer building and somehow their is always piss on the toilet seats. Same with the other buildings too I dont get it, I would HATE to work here. Honestly the bathrooms at a truck stop are cleaner. Too bad this is the only community college around because I would go elsewhere.

Review №83

Im not sure why anyone would go here by choice. Then again that is the whole problem, for all the assorted reasons, i dont have the scores to get into OSU. While I am thankful that I have the open opportunity here to prove myself. It will be two years of pain to do so.First issue, financial aid, if this is really the way it is across the board then someone needs to raise hell, I get with open admissions people take advantage of the system so some protections are needed. Like most though without my financial aid I dont go to school, without my financial aid I cant buy books. Without my financial aid I dont have gas to go to school. The 500 they used to release before term was rough, but fair. I get it, with so many people registering taking the money and running, (is it really that big of a problem??)500 before two weeks afterward you get your funds, its grumble worthy, but okay.Now? you dont get anything before school starts, nope nothing, oh, yeah you can buy the books at Columbus state bookstore using your financial aid funds (um thanks?)... for much more you can get them off third parties, In short i can get my books for a lot cheaper then what they sell them for. Im not even sure this is legal, but who the hell can challenge it? Reality is most of us trying to make a better life for ourselves dont have the time or money to fight such outlandish abuse of title IV funds. So yeah Cstate created a monopoly on where you can buy your books,I could go on and on, the selection of classes, the time conflicts between major sections of classes, the lack of late or early classes. The rude and incompetent staff who gives conflicting information (often damning bad information). The incompetent and absent instructors It is what it is, youre here because you either dont have the money or you dont have the grades or resources to go somewhere else, dont go here if you dont have to. They savings arent worth it, if you have no choice, then make the best of it, but dont expect a college that cares.

Review №84

Was denied in-state tuition 9 different times. The staff are ignorant and have no idea what they are doing. Tracy Sowards is going to be the last person you want to help you get in-state. They will wait untill you have turned in your forms to answer your questions but by then it is too late. You cant be kind to them because they only see it as an opportunity to screw you over.

Review №85

Not a bad school, needs more focus on majors instead of adding filler classes for the degrees.

Review №86

I have credits that I cant use because this place keep changing my the requirements for my degree. This should be illegal, I also believe that this place has actually held back students of color because of systematic racism.

Review №87

Good clean campus. Most of the buildings are in good clean shape.

Review №88

Great school and great experience. From regular, blended or online courses, they have it all.

Review №89

Pros: Cheap classes. Students who live in Ohio can expect to pay $79 per credit-hour. Compare this rate to $200+ for colleges such as OSU and it will save quite a bit.Friendly Staff: In my three years of attending CSCC Ive ran into one rude teacher (Taught German). Everyone else have been very kind and friendly.Wide selection of classes. The school has a pretty wide selection of classes to choose from, so everyone should have a good chance to take classes that interest them.Cons:Expensive books. Books tend to be very overpriced compared to what you can buy online. Many books cost upwards of $80 when you can buy them online for around $20. Rarely will the book be cheaper to buy at their store than online+shipping.Late Information. You will typically get to read your syllabus a week before class starts. This makes it very difficult to order your books and do the things you need to do in a timely manor.Political. This is an issue that irritates me greatly. Classes that deal with history and politics are very much biased toward a particular view. One teacher I had in POL SCI required students to watch anti-war films, anti-capitalist films, and other socialistic views and then required us to write essays explaining why said views are right. Despite fearing my grade would suffer I wrote quite the opposite. To his credit my grade did not suffer, infact he seems to be a very easy grader. Still irritates me greatly however. The books are not any different. History seems geared along the lines of Big bad Imperialist America is a bad place, and Christan destroyed African culture, etc. Avoid these classes like the plague if you dont want to pay $300 to listen to some pretty outrageous propaganda.Book Usage: Required to buy books are rarely used in class, and often leads to a frustrated feeling of never knowing if buying the listed books will be a waste of money or useful.Overall I would recommend the school. Its a good place to get GE classes (which I still think are nonsense) out of the way cheaply before moving onto your major at a more expensive 4-year college. In the long run it will save you at least $10,000

Review №90

They are dumb I can’t contact my teacher and they never answer the phone plus there phone hours are terrible . If you have the opportunity to go somewhere else pls do . Lol but I’m only in 8th grade but ask some people this college is terrible

Review №91

CSCC is a great school! Because of the foundation I received from CSCC, I am confident that I can go to any school in the world and succeed. I received my BS degree this past May, graduating with honors because of what I learned and received from CSCC. There are great instructors who care and I would attend there forever if I could. I love Columbus States Community College!

Review №92

I have since transferred to OSU and I am about to get my BA from OSU. I started at CSCC and at first was quite enjoying it. Great professors and was getting into the college experience. However, after that first year some of my views started to change. First was when I couldnt register for a class that I needed, so I ended up going to the advising office during the walk in hours and the adviser that I spoke to said that it had me down as a different major and she was friendly and told me that I needed to go to the registration office at Mason Hall to get it changed to the correct major. I make it to Mason Hall and politely tell them that there was a mistake made and I somehow was put in the wrong major. Their response was It wasnt our mistake! Its your mistake! now I wasnt assigning blame to a party for it I just was there to fix the the problem, and there isnt any one or any organization that doesnt make mistakes. Then came the problem with financial aid a few months later. I received a notice in the mail about how I was randomly selected for verification for financial aid, so I fill out the forms and send them the correct paper work. About a month later I got the same form in the mail again about a few weeks before the next quarter was set to start. I call them this time to be told that they couldnt accept the forms that I sent them because I failed to sign one of the forms, I asked if I could just simply come down and put my signature on the form that I didnt sign and they could process the paperwork. No I had to do it over again, as it was being close to time for the quarter to start I asked how long it would take for the paper work to be processed. They said about 6 to 8 weeks. I said then that means I cant go for the upcoming quarter at which point they said I could come in the following Monday for on the spot verification. So I went the following Monday to wait for 2 hours for someone to talk to me for two minutes.Then there was the issue of financial aid to begin with. When I started there before the term or semester would start they would send $500 so you could buy books and any other materials for your classes and the rest would be given to you two weeks after the quarter/semester stated. OSU however would give you all of it a week before the semester starts, however with anyone being allowed to go to CSCC I can understand why they want to guard against people who would take the money and run. And with the 5$00 you were free to buy your books from other places than the bookstore which would be cheaper. I guess the bookstore didnt like the idea of students getting better deals on their books because they stopped giving out the $500 before the term started and instead gave a bookstore credit for the same amount. So instead of students who were dependent on financial aid being about to save some money by getting their books elsewhere were now forced to buy their books from the bookstore.And then comes the bad advice I got from the advisers. I was basically told that all I needed to do to work on my major was to get to a certain level of Math and English then I would be able to work on my major. Once I reached those milestones that is what I started doing working on the major and not realizing that there were a number of general education requirements that I needed to fill. So once I got to OSU I had completed a a lot of work towards my major but had to do ges. My advise to anyone going to CSCC that is looking to transfer to another school, check with the school you want to transfer to, to see what they require for the degree you want as the advisers at CSCC wont give you correct information.

Review №93

Im very dissatisfied with this college, mainly the mathematics staff.If you need to get through math quick and have the discipline to achieve this through an online course then this is for you. This course, you walk into a computer room thats always cramped, take a seat and sign on to an online course called aleks. through aleks, youll be taught, managed and tested. This is all done online through a computer, not the intsructor. You could if you wanted to, complete the course both at home and without any help from the instructor. Yet the mathematics staff will insist that its not an online course. (It 100% is) Now the main issue lies within their attendance policy that they just sprung up out of nowhere because students were not coming to class because you guessed it, if they dont use the instructor they can easily do it at home. Now with this new policy, if you miss any of the three classes during a week you accrue an np which stands for non participation so even if you did the work at home, since you didnt come in and sat at their computers, youre wrong. Now to my story, during the first week I had spoken with all of my teachers advising them that I had just got a job at pnc bank and I had mandatory training the first week of school. This job feeds my family an I cant not have a job. All of my other teachers were awesome, very understanding and helped me stay on track. However my 1099 teacher didnt seem to care. I say this because her response was, youre behind, you should have chose a lecture course and youre starting with two nps. Now my training was poorly managed and my recruiter had told me one week and the next week the training would end an hour before my 1099 class, this isnt how it worked out. My training was actually 2 weeks long 8:30a-5p and one saturday. After reaching out o the teaching multiple times, she kept trying to pass me off to other people and repeatedly telling me that I shouldve chose a lecture course and that my work that I feed my family with that I had to attend to get the job was not a valid excuse to remove the nps. Even when I offered to bring in all the proof pertaining to this. So what I got from this is that you are not allowed to have a life outside of cscc to these people and that if you have to choose between feeding your family and attending class, you better choose 1099 because your life outside of this class doesnt matter. So after I realized that she wasnt willing to help me at all, I went and spoke with the head of mathematics. This guy was very condescending, if you want to be treated like every other student even if youre a special circumstance, hes your guy. He made a remark that the new policy was made because of students like me. If thats the case then this policy was made to completely screw over any special circumstance student as he compared me to someone that willingly was missing class due to laziness not because I had to get this job to feed my family and pay my mortgage. After achieving nothing he suggested I sat down face to face with the instructor, so I did and I apologized only for her to be rude in her remarks about the situation. I had explained the situation in even more depth just for it not to matter because after I left class that day she said she had spoken with the head and her supervisors and they would not be giving me any help or assistance and will report me for non attendance to my financial aid.TL DR: The mathematics staff suck, the 1099 course is a joke and it is an online course and should be labeled as such. They dont care about your situation. Only gave a 2 star because my other teachers are great and have helped me catch up completely.

Review №94

This school SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!Both of my kids have had numerous issues with registration, financial aide, parking,, classes you name it!!! No one there is very helpful or knowledgeable, its like they dont care about the kids, their education or their own jobs for that matter. if you dont have to do not attend CSCC you will regret it!!!

Review №95

OFinancial aid sucks . People are lazy and slow processing papier such as : tax transcript ,W2 and many other papers theyll ask you .My pell grant is available but cant pay my classes because lazy and unprofessional financial aid people keep asking about the same documents that I gave them in the same day and theyll ask me this: To whom you gave that ?Duuh I gave that f**%#@& thing to the financial aid office ,one of the staff , to you . They are acting like I dont qualify for financial aid ,it just a nightmare here I mean this school sucks to tell the truth . Theres no public transportation like the bus free or reduced fares for students ,students pay like regular people , It just unbelievable . I dont know but Im sure that in many big cities in the U.S. students are reduced fares or free to ride the bus to go to school but at least a reduced fare . Here theres not such of thing you have to go to some organizations to receive if youre lucky reduced bus fares .Its sad this school financial aid stuff really suck ,I had never seen that before in the school system in this country . I dont think that I will stay here long it f***** ing suck .

Review №96

I absolutely love this school, the staff and food are amazing.

Review №97

I dont reccomend this school to anyone, unless desperate. They give you the run aound parking is bogus! The financial aid process is wack especially when it says your books ordered are ready for pickup you get there, and they arent.Didnt like to have to wait a month later for my loan/disembursement because I guess people sign up and take the money. I also was notified a day before the financial aid forms were due and told i had to submit another tax document BE SURE TO ASK THEM WHICH ONE THEY NEED! and they needed it faxed but it would take 2 weeks or something so I had to go to theIRS on a friday last mnute and sitdown there 2 hrs for them to send a paper, which is no type of fun bseing that you have to stand in line 20 minutes to even get in the door! I began taking online classes then notified a day AFTER there was an exam that was to be taken AT THE CAMPUS. My whole reason for taking online classes was to not have to go to the campus. The phone operators are rude theres barely anyone to answer the phone when you need them. I wasnt assigned an advisor so i had to go up there and find a random one who had me sign up for the wrong classes which i didnt even have the prereqs for. You register for classes and it says there 25/30 seats availible you come back and look and the class wasnt even accepted. This semester crap is the worst people have lives and these due dates every other day is crazy. But I guess thats my fault for not being on my A game in high school to get into a better school. It costs to be the boss. Hopefully i can transfer! And ive only been going here since jan 14 2013 its feb 28 2013 o.0 Dont waste your time if you want in to the nursing field go elsewhere. I had to PAY 50 dollars because i am already a stna which is something they want you to obtain w them so i feel they should pay me 50! for not usuing them to get a damn certificate. I was sent to a building to submit this paperwork which was being renovated after spending 30 minutes searching for a room i was notified the lady wasnt in her office and this other lady wrote a email address and name of who to contact which i ALREADY HAD the lady couldve just left it on her desk which was right behind her. I ended up emailing another person with a pic attachment of the forms which she accpeted THANK YOU to that lady

Review №98

Employees are rude and give out incorrect information. I cant tell you how many times I drove from lancaster to CSCC to drop something off only to find that what I had been told on the phone to have was incorrect and I had to drive all the way back. Online professors are terrible. I had two that didnt even list their email addresses. I also received a letter from a collection agency for $45 because CSCC emailed my student account to tell me I owed money and turned it into a collection agency after I didnt respond (I havent checked my student email since I am NO LONGER A STUDENT!!!). I have no idea why they couldnt have used my PHYSICAL ADDRESS since that is obviously the most reliable way to contact someone. My credit was perfect until now. Thanks a lot Columbus State. I wouldnt send my worst enemy to this place.

Review №99

Tried to get ahold of them for 7 days in a row unable to made over 50 calls to different departments in the college no answer they say hours of operation are 8am to 5 pm BS, i have missed the first class i have due to there lack of student services should have just stayed at Ohio State!!!

Review №100

Professors are great! Tutors are Great! Almost every class I had the professor cared and would do anything to help! If I need extra help CSCC offers a LOT of FREE tutoring! If the review was only based on those two factors then I would have given them a 3 out of 3. Cashers office I give a 1 out of 3, they always did what I asked but were not much help if you had questions. Records I would give a zero out of 3, they were never helpful, always took their time, and just purely a drag on the school. Advicing office, 1 out of 3, I meet with several different people and never got the same schedule. Compass text, is a joke because well it does not actually put you in the classes you belong. I was put in development math after I had already taken math 102. lol they said I was not supposes to take the compass test again. I did it just to see what the test would say. They gave me a long excuse and told me that it was their fault for letting me take the test again and never talk me why it had me in dev math! Watch out school may try to make a lot more then it advertises!

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