4228 Garrett Rd, Durham, NC 27707, United States

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Sifu Mike is great. Its clean and friendly and has a great, welcoming atmosphere. Classes arent just about martial arts - its a mix of strength and conditioning and mental zen too. Best of all, hes great with kids of all ages, and successfully manages classes of both boys and girls starting at age 5 all the way up to us big kids. Highlight of our Saturdays around here.

Review №2

This recommendation comes with the highest review of all Martial Arts/Training places Ive been to. And I have been to a lot of training facilities. Sifu Mike has all of the great qualities of a Martial Arts Teacher. He is knowledgeable, open minded, patient, and determined. I have worked with him for several hours a week on a weekly basis and consistent results where seen by following his exercises. His routines are practical, balanced, fun, and challenging. I put together a set of goals/learning routines that I was interested in and Sufi Mike took the time and effort to address each goal, and was experienced enough to provide the right training/feedback for my requests. Im preparing myself for enlistment and to eventually teach others in self defense and Im glad I found a learning place like this along the way. Compared to the other schools in the triangle, Mikes is my favorite.

Review №3

I am so happy I went to check this place out! Mike is an outstanding instructor who knows how to get the best out of his students. Challenging, educational, and fun!

Review №4

Very easy going and knowledgeable.

Review №5

Sifu is awesome. Very patient and knowledgeable. Glad I made the decision to join.

Review №6

My son LOVES this class! It gets all his energy out while teaching him respect. Instructors are great and make the class really fun for the kids!

Review №7

If you are looking for a great workout AND want to learn martial arts from some super knowledgeable people then this is the perfect place for you! Since my first day here I have felt welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed all the classes that I have attended! The workouts are intense and really tone your body (especially the arms)! The people here are great and super caring, and even in a class setting you get lots of one on one attention and feedback!

Review №8

Just started 2 days ago and loving it already. Sifu Mike is an amazing instructor. Cant wait to learn more as I progress in mma.

Review №9

I started martial fitness classes at TKF when I was 63 and I’m still going strong at 65. There was plenty I could not do when I first started. I have made significant progress thanks to Sifu Mike’s acceptance, support and instruction. Great school, great people.

Review №10

My son has been taking mma and boxing classes for close to a year here. Sifu Mike is awesome and super knowledgeable he is an awesome teacher and I highly recommend his program. The progress my son has made is amazing. Thanks tkfmma you rock

Review №11

I have been going to TKF since September attending the kickboxing fitness classes. Although I am not a MMA student, Mike and the other students make me feel welcomed. Great workout and great people!

Review №12

My son has been at TKFMMA for about 6 months and loves it. The facilities are clean, the staff is knowledgeable, and the prices are reasonable. Keep up the great work!

Review №13

This place is great! The regulars are all friendly and helpful, and the instructors make sure to include everyone in the lessons. The instructors make sure to provide real world examples and explain in depth the dos and donts you need to defend yourself. This is a great place for self defense lessons!

Review №14

I dont know if many people read this but here goes:I had a heart attack about a year ago and ever since I recovered my girlfriend forced me to try out this place. I will say I was a bit hesitant and I had my idea of what a good workout was and Ive had a good long experience in martial arts but nothing couldve prepared me for this. I was very unfit and my cardio wasnt very good but I blasted every Monday-Wednesday cardio and a MMA karate class. Then as time progressed I would take more classes. I sadly took a small break due to medical reasons but given the sign that I was feeling a bit better I decided to try a new place.Jesus that was one of the worst classes Ive ever been to. I went my new and improved knowledge of self-defense, and martial skill to this class. I informed both instructors that I was well versed in many aspects of the game and that I just wanted to test it out. From the looks of it the instructor was fairly well versed but it wasnt the same. The martial skill wasnt at the same level, and it was at this moment that I realized what a brain the only instructor had back at this place. Between his elaborate set ups and way of teaching you these set ups are just to full proof.Ive been to many schools, and dojos and none are even close to the genius of this one man. He eats, sleeps, and is the embodiment of martial arts. Its his one job and trust me hes damn good at it. If you are looking for just a place where you want to hang out with a buddy and possibly get injured sure be my guest try someplace else but if you really want to learn and get one hell of a workout then try it out. You will not be disappointed by the results.

Review №15

Amazing! My husband, myself and Granddaughter are enjoying the class.

Review №16

I started attending Tactical Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts because I had a friend who was a member, and I needed exercise. I wanted exercise that would be mentally stimulating, physical, and I was also looking for a sense of community to keep me honest about attending. I found all of these things at Tactical Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts. Talking to other friends who have done a lot of self defense training, the self defense training here is very good. My primary goals were fitness, and in the past three months (with diet) I have been able to reduce my weight 20 lbs attending the Cardio fitness class, and honestly most of the other classes because I have an unlimited membership and Im a single guy, so why not. I have noticed other benefits too. I have been able to develop my right arm greatly, muscularly, and with coordination. This is a big deal because Ive had a peripheral nerve injury in this arm since birth, but the low weight, high repetition training has allowed me to greatly benefit in my use of the arm over the past few months. (My background in work is Physical Therapy, so this stuff excites me.) I will say, Diet is a huge key to weight loss, but the exercise helped, and the discipline of showing up to the gym and doing the work greatly helps with other aspects of life as well. If you have goals in mental discipline, cardio pulmonary conditioning goals, fitness goals, or want to get a good work out without doing the same thing every day, this is a great place. It also has free weights and kettle bells in the back.

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