Juniors Junction Day Care Center
7251 Stoneway Dr N, Fort Worth, TX 76118, United States
Review №1

This is the first daycare I sent my child to since he’s two months old. He’s excited to go to daycare everyday to see his teachers and little friends. We can’t say enough good things about Ms. Marilynn, Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Ellie. They love kids and they are super friendly, patient and communicative. I strongly recommend it.

Review №2

Do not take you child here. I recently tried out this daycare and I feel I have to warn other parents about what I saw and experienced. The first and only day I dropped off my little, they were short staffed because of call ins. No one was at the front desk and I was waiting for assistance when I heard one of the teachers yell at one of the 3 year olds to hush up. That set off the first alarm bell. When I escorted my little to her class, the teacher immediately began to explain why there was a 2 year old sitting on the toilet. She told me that he had told her that he needed to use the restroom. I didnt think too much about it, but he was sitting there the entire time. No supervision, just made to sit there. He was there at least 15 minutes. No one checked on him, no one cared. He was made to sit there too long in my opinion. Then on the way out, the teacher stopped to talk to another teacher outside. They both took their attention away from the children and the one that was outside couldnt even see her kids. Negligence. These all seem to be common place behaviors. Its the workplace culture that they have created that allows this to continue. If you already have kids there, I would stop by when youre not expected. You might be surprised.

Review №3

I have loved Juniors Junction from the first day I walked in! They take fantastic care of my children, and they truly care about their happiness and well being.

Review №4

I am the President & owner of Juniors Junction Learning center.Thank you for your review and we sincerely apologize that your family had a bad experience with us. That is not the norm.I have not met you or your husband but would have been glad to address these issues, given the opportunity.I have given us a 4 star review as a response because there is always room for improvement, especially when it involves parent issues.Normally, we dont respond to negative allegations; however, rare accusations of this type warrant a response.Juniors Junction has partnered with parents in raising their children to meet the demands of our future for 32 years. We are one of the highest rated learning centers in the state. Our reputation speaks for itself.Through our many years of experience, our directors and staff focus on communication, where often times any potential problem that could occur, can be eliminated.Many times when different families struggle with common situations such as finances, not being available or willing to communicate on critical issues and/or fulfilling operational responsibilities, etc. -- some will intend to harm the reputation of another out of shear frustration.That being said, the complex dynamics are understood and sometimes expected...with no malice toward them. We understand. If allowed, we often help anyway we can.We have and will continue to work toward our stellar reputation, that was built on helping our community and multi-generational families for the past 32 years.

Review №5

I started sending my daughter here in 2013 when she was an infant and had my third child in 2015 and he stated when he was 3 months old. I have had nothing but great experiences with all of their teachers for all these years. I cant believe any of these others comments on here, especially when all I see are great people and my babies are very happy here. I love this place so much!

Review №6

This was the 1st daycare/pre-school my child ever attend as she was always taken care of by her grandmas before we had to move states and I couldnt be happier! Mrs Jan, Mrs Rachel, Mrs Janet, Mr Jaylen and all the staff are amazing! I highly recommend this daycare to everyone!!

Review №7

I have been sending my 7 year old and 3 year old to Juniors Junction since January 2013. I have been very pleased with the love and care received from the Juniors Junction team. The kiddos are super excited about the brand new building and love all of their teachers!

Review №8

Havent sent my kids here but I was at Chuck E Cheese earlier today and this day are was there on a field trip. From what I observed I did not like how the kids were treated by the adults. There was one young lady (long brown hair, bad skin. Not trying to be rude just the best description I can give) who raised her voice at one of the kids to SIT DOWN! I heard her from the other side of the room. I would not be comfortable sending my kids here after what I observed today. All employees seemed like they lacked patience with the children.

Review №9

This place is terrible. I had a meeting with the owner and voiced my concerns and nothing was done about it.. One of the managers said that my husband should take our son elsewhere and get out of their business. I guess they were tired of us Trying to give advice about the care of our child. The staff also did a number of things like leaving poop in my sons clothes placing the clothing in his diaper bag without rinsing or washing it out.When I told the staff that my son was soaking wet they told me to change him myself. The staff didnt want to accommodate the needs of my child they seem more interested in the money than the Job. I wouldnt refer anyone to this place. Yes its a fairly new building but their customer service is horrible when it comes to the infants. The only person that I enjoyed while my son was there is Janet she was very comforting and sweet.

Review №10

I absolutely love the daycare and the staff at juniors junction. I have 2 children that attend there ages 4 and and infant. My 4 yr old has been to 4 other childcare faculities and this one is by far our favorite the best hands down. They have an awesome cirriculm and lesson plan for the prek-4 classes my daughter has learned so much these last few month just being there daily. They have show and tell weekly and go on field trips every month and Mrs. Janet works so well which the children as a class as well as individually. My son is in the baby room and he gets the best care any mother could ask for, they have never made me second guess my sons safety or well being and i know as a mother of a child that cant speak to you that is very important. They go beyond to make sure our little ones are safe happy and learning. Everytime i pick my son up they are singing nursery rhymes or doing puppet shows or some form of educational things. They are an awesome place to have your children and very trustworthy my daughters upset next year she starts kindergarden and wont be there as much thats how much she enjoys it, and my son hes stuck there becuase they are now like family to us.

Review №11

I was in school and sent my kids here for about 6 months.... thought my children would be safe here one of the teachers put her hands on my little 2 year old daughter and left a welp and scraches on her arms i immediately talked to front desk and after talking i still saw that lady working at the daycare and hanging around...also there are a handful of amazing teachers but there are many teachers that yell at your kids when they think that the parents are not around....THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE i worked at a daycare previously and had to take many classes so i do know what is and is not ok in child care... after i pulled my kids out of jouniors junction they picked up my son age 4 again from school after a week of not being in day care any longer i went to school to pick my son up and my son was missing....i was very scared and called the daycare asking if they had my son no one knew i had to wait over 30 minutes just to get a phone call saying they picked up my son....then i waited another hour for them to bring me my son at the daycare where i waited the owner was extremely hostial to my husband because another teacher said tgings that were not true and then they had the nerve to ask for payment for them picking my son up when i told them he would not be attending any longer....i suggest you do not send your kids here if you truly care for there safety just spend a little more to take them somewhere good.

Review №12

I am so upset that I even considered this place for my son jimmy dean they sent him home numerous times with food in his hair and when I asked about it they never seemed to kno what was goin on one of the teachers that is usually at the front desk who is of the African descent call me names after I questioned her about the bad smell in his hair I would never recommend this place to anyone the horror I am still dealing with

3.6 Rating
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