Kiddie Academy of Alliance
9773 Tehama Ridge Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177, United States

Review №1

My daughter, and I love ALL the staff.... and curriculum... My daughter, LOVES TO GO to school EVERYDAY!! Which is a HUGE win, for me as a Mom....

Review №2

My children are always happy, generally clean (by the end of the day), and well fed when picked up. The teachers are also very attentive to bumps and scrapes, how they occurred and immediately communicate with parents. There was a notable difference in my childrens demeanor once we started at this center and my oldest loves the challenging/interesting curriculum that she often comments that she would like to go school there instead of her regular school. I have already reached out to fellow parents to recommend this center, and will continue to sing their praises. We love Kiddie Academy!

Review №3

The staff is amazing! The teachers are attentive and their curriculum teaches my daughter so much. She was a preemie and was slightly behind her age group, but she is now all caught up in just a few months of attending Kiddie Academy.

Review №4

This is a wonderful school! The staff and teachers have great communication with families, are helpful, and give lots of feedback. We have been very impressed and are thankful to have found this place :)

Review №5

Kiddie Academy is an absolutely wonderful center! The staff here genuinely care about each child. Though our son no longer attends KA, they still hold a special place in our hearts!

Review №6

Our son enjoys going to school every day to play and learn new things. Every employee we have come into contact with has been extremely nice and helpful. The communication is great. We get calls almost daily for his incidents even if they are him tripping over his own shoes on the carpet. The location is a plus. Thanks for being sweet to him!

Review №7

We’ve been at Kiddie Academy for three years. Our kids love the indoor play area and splash pad days in the summer. They have so much fun that they don’t want us picking them up too early in the afternoons.Kiddie Academy provides snacks and lunch for the kids and we have access to the classroom cameras, if we ever want to check in on them throughout the day. Kiddie Academy also offers extracurricular activities for the kids to enjoy. Though they are an additional fee it’s great to have options for our kids to participate in Soccer Shots, Monkeynastix, music and dance classes.The staff is amazing! Our children are well taken care of and the teachers love our kids like they are their own!

Review №8

My son has been going to Kiddie Academy for 2 years now and he loves it. The staff and facilities are outstanding. I especially love being able to check in on him throughout the day on the live stream video to see what they are up to. They follow an educational curriculum which has helped my son learn so much and I believe is preparing him well for kindergarten. I also really like the Tadpoles app they use so you know exactly what they are learning each day and they even send photos and videos of your child along with it. They even tell you what and how much your child eats each day, which is very helpful. The summer activities are always fun (despite the splash pad being closed this summer due to Covid). They take health and safety precautions very seriously, which is especially reassuring during this pandemic.

Review №9

We have been with Kiddie Academy Alliance since they opened in 2017. They have been the best daycare we have used. Their facility is always clean. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They have an educational program from an early age. Our child comes home talking about all the things he learned. They have handled the pandemic situation phenomenally, keeping our kids safe but also remaining open so we could still work. We plan to utilize them for many years to come.

Review №10

My daughter loves it there and thats all that matters. The staff are wonderful and caring. They love and care for my child, as well as the other children and it gives me comfort and reassurance that my daughter is in good hands. They also have an apl so I can view my child upto 4 x a day, 10 mins each. This would be helpful for new moms. I am happy with their services and the staff are very kind and sweet.

Review №11

We love Kiddie Academy! Both of my boys go there and we never want to leave. The management staff is very friendly and attentive. They know everyone and their families which makes for a very warm welcome every morning. They send videos and pictures every day and the teachers are very responsive to any questions about their day. My son has a bone condition and they are great about communication and ensuring my confidence in their care.

Review №12

My family really enjoys Kiddie Academy. My daughter transferred from another daycare and was able to fit in with her class quickly with the assistance of the teachers who truly care for their students. She is learning so much through the curriculum and I feel she will be ready for kindergarten. It places my mind at ease to know she is well taken care of, increasing knowledge and promoting creativity and individuality while maintaining structure. I know she is also learning good morals and how to treat others through example of the teachers. The optional activities they offer is great- and very convenient! She is able to enroll in two activities through the school she otherwise would not have been able to due to time restrictions of two working parents! We just had another child and I am relaxed knowing my son will be well taken care of .

Review №13

My kiddos have been going to Kiddie Academy for about 3 months. I have a 4yr old and a 15 month old. I had to find a daycare in the middle of pandemic which is a very uneasy feeling. I did a lot of research on surrounding daycares in the area and this place knocked it out of the park for me. It’s a newer and very clean facility, they have great safety measures in place. The communication is wonderful, they are very responsive and I love that I get daily reports and pictures of my kiddos, also I love that I can peek in on them with their camera system to see what they are doing (this put my momma heart at ease since they have never been in daycare before.) My son has so much fun and is also so excited to tell me what he learned that day and my daughter always has a smile on her face! The food they provide is quality and well balanced, meals and snacks. They are so personable and really are passionate about childcare. I am very grateful that I found and picked the kiddie academy for my littles!

Review №14

My daughter has been there since they opened. They have very warm and caring staff. The care has been excellent with not a single complaint. This truly is a wonderful child care center.

Review №15

I just want to share how great Kiddie Academy has been to our family...Every morning you are greeted with smiling faces, everything is clean- at all times and kids are WELL taken care of. The curriculum is outstanding and the artwork/crafts our child brings home show how much they are doing everyday in the classroom. We are loving the Watch Me Grow Cameras as well, it’s nice to be able to check in the during the day to see your child. Thank you Kiddie Academy for everything you do ♥️

Review №16

Kiddie academy sets the bar high for exceptional childcare in the area. The staff is very friendly. My children enjoy attending K.A. because of the variety of fun activities and interactive teachers! I have used Goddard and Primrose in the past and Kiddie Academy is my favorite. I love seeing all the photos the teachers upload onto The Tadpoles App daily.

Review №17

My school age girls have had a great time this summer in the school age program. They have done lots of crafts and activities that they are proud to show us when they get home! There has been great communication from the office during this ever-changing time.

Review №18

I can’t say enough good things about this place!!! They are wonderful and my daughter loves it!! Super clean friendly staff

Review №19

We feel seen, heard and taken care of at Kiddie Academy Alliance! The staff truly cares about the well being and education of our children. I see this by the way they greet us every morning, the way they work with and educate my daughter, and how they treat their colleagues in the building. I love that the environment is open, warm and inviting! We are thankful to be at Kiddie Academy!

Review №20

My kid comes home happy. Its the opposite of the daycare we left behind.

Review №21

We’ve had our daughter in Kiddie Academy for about 1.5 years now and she loves it. They’ve also been really good at communicating and working with parents during the pandemic. Highly recommend.

Review №22

I couldnt ask for a better child care facility. The staff are always friendly and truly care about my child. She is always learning new things and is excited to go to daycare. She loves her teachers, and is always excited to show me her artwork and tell me what she learned that day. They are great at giving information and sharing pictures along with your childs individual daily report.

Review №23

My daughter has been coming here since here January 2018. She has been in two classrooms and both the lead and assistant educators have been amazing! My daughter is well taken care of and all her needs are met. I love how they have their own splash pad and offer other classes and sports you can enroll your children for extra money yet affordable. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy!!!

Review №24

I toured so many daycares before choosing one for my then 18 month old. For some reason this one did not show up on my search and we ended up at Goddard. We spent 6 months there and it was a really rough 6 months... we decided to try a different place because too many incidents continued to happen. We were referred here by a friend, and signed up at our tour. I cannot say enough good things about this center. The rooms are huge. You have the option to see your baby on camera throughout the day. The teachers are so calm and sweet. They go above and beyond the state teacher to child ratio requirement. The front door is very secure. They provide meals, cots and sheets that they wash daily, and sippy cups for you baby. They have an indoor play area for bad weather and a splash pad. Our daughter had a little accident and they were quick to call my husband and I to let us know, and we were able to watch the accident played back to us since there are cameras. Just a tiny fall. There’s a million other great things about this center, but these are just the ones that our previous daycare didn’t offer. We were also paying more at our previous daycare. We feel so secure here!! Everything we wanted and so much more.

Review №25

I’ve had my toddler there since January. The teachers are very caring and their child-to-teacher ratio is great. I know they have many kids at many ages, but they seem to know every single child at the front desk. They’re super friendly with the parents too. The indoor play is great for rainy days and I can’t wait for the outdoor splash pad this summer. The cookies every Friday are great too.

Review №26

My amazing and wonderful son has some aggressive behavioral issues that have made our preschool experience very challenging. Kiddie Academy allowed us to enroll on a “trial basis” and were incredibly kind, respectful, patient and professional every step of the way. We have decided to unenroll him from this school, but at no fault of the school. I wanted to leave a 5 star review because we’ve had our fair share of preschools and this one was the most transparent and respectful experience we’ve ever had! Every interaction with each staff member was very calming and helpful despite our son’s struggles. I can tell they really care about each student individually and I highly recommend this school. Wish it could have worked out here for our son, but I think I’ll keep him home for a while until we figure some things out. Thanks to everyone at Kiddie Academy, for everything!

Review №27

We enrolled our son soon after they opened. I cannot say enough great things about the school and the staff! I don’t have one negative thing to say. I know that my son is cared for and loved like he would be if he was with family!!!

Review №28

Kiddie Academy and all of its Teachers and Staff have far exceed the expectations that my husband and I had for our sons learning and daily care. The office staff, owner, and director, are always available to answer questions and are happy to help. The teachers that my son has had since being there have been exceptional in their relating to students, creating caring and trusting relationships, and parental communication.

Review №29

We switched over to Kiddie Academy in August 2018 due to continuous turnover and a few other issues at our previous daycare. Since we started the differences we see have been amazing!We love our teachers and they are always friendly and helpful when we see them. They let us know exactly how the day went, good or bad, which I find extremely useful since that usually determines the mood when we get home from school. They also go above and beyond to give helpful suggestions when we go through normal toddler transitions (i.e. transitioning from a crib to a big girl bed at home).We usually get a picture sometime during the day of our daughter participating in an activity which is really nice. We also get a daily report that lets us know everything from bathroom activity to exactly what they worked on in class that day. I love this because half the time when I ask about the day her response is “it was good” and “I played” but after I look at the daily report I can ask more specific questions and have a better conversation.Additionally everyone from the Owner to the front office staff are extremely kind and helpful. If a problem occurs they correct the issue right away instead of waiting to see if it will correct itself. They also are great about following up to make sure everything is working out if changes are made.I have felt like parent involvement in activities hasn’t been as encouraged there as it was at our past daycare. It has gotten better as we have recently started getting invited to class parties and I’ve seen postings of other activities that encourages parents to come up with their children. I really like this since it gives parents a chance to see who their children interact with and to meet other parents.Overall we have been very happy at Kiddie Academy and would highly recommend it.

Review №30

We moved to Kiddie Academy the week that they opened. Even in those early days they were prepared for everything. Since then (18 months ago), It has only gotten better. My child is in her 4th age group at the school and every teacher has been fantastic. The admin staff is always friendly. The menu is outstanding, and my daughter eats a wide variety of food because of it (even broccoli!). The curriculum is fantastic as well. My daughter is always coming home with a new song about the things she learned in school.

Review №31

Everyone is very friendly and I like that you have the watch me grow. Also opening at 6am is a must for me. I like that my toddler is being stimulated and all the art projects they do. My son loves Miss Lindsey in the am but everyone in his room is great!

Review №32

Brand new facility that opened this week. Wonderful owners who are meticulous about security and taking care of the kids. I enjoy the schedule of activities that promote a structured learning environment.

Review №33

TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT, ACCOUNTING ISSUES between school and 3rd party payment upsilon!They Lost a months worth of payments and even after submitting bank statements and proof of weekly payments, they expected me to REpay again. If they cant take track of accounting issues, how can I expect them to take care of my toddler.

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