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600 S Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76131, United States
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My kid is treated as kindly as if one of their own. She literally cried when my husband picked her up early one day from their summer day camp program because she was not ready to come home yet. Shes engaged and loves going there. Staff is great and immediately gives us a heads up in the event of a physical injury with detailed explanation, or if theres an issue with the kids that required intervention/mediation from the staff. Neither are frequent occurrences or have seemed outside the norm of what happens when raising a healthy, happy and active child. Director partners with us and is always super responsive to all questions/requests.

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My son has been attending for a little over 6 months now. Hes an infant and when I first enrolled him I was a WRECK concerned about him being so little and the care hed receive. I was so worried about him not being loved like I could love him or not receiving the priority I could give him at home. Carmina is my sons teacher. While all the girls at this center are incredible, Mrs. Carmina has my heart! Honestly, there have been times where Ive silently creepy back to try to observe her or catch her off guard. Not once in six months have I ever been even a little disappointed. Shes always singing and dancing with them. Speaking to them in Spanish and repeating herself in English. She takes the time on Holidays to make sure I get little crafts and art projects from my son. However, all these things mentioned hold no candle to the news I got today. As a single mother, I work 12 hour days and while I hate to admit it, Mrs. Carmina spends more time with my son than I am able. Today at my sons 9 month check-up they ran an evaluation on his Motor Skills, Brain Development and overall Sociality.. My son literally scored off the charts. This was all the proof that I needed that my child is being fed Mind, Body and Soul during his time at daycare. Ill post a pic for proof. Thank you, KGC. I am one happy Mommy!

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My children went to this day care years ago, I rembeber the director being really nice and respectful in person. But once I walked out the door it was a different story.One of my girls was old enough to tell me that she felt her sisters were being mistreated. I walked in unexpectedly once and caught one of the daycare workers screaming at my youngest in her face!!! My daughter was in tears, once the worker turned around and saw I was behind her she ran into the next room. I spoke to the director and she said she would take care of it right away. .. the next day the same teacher was there again. Only in a different class, I left my girls there. Came back after work I walked into my girls class and my youngest was shaking and her lips were blue! I asked my other daughter what was wrong and she told me, the teacher had all the children go outside with no coats on! It was the middle of winter about 30 degrees out. My daughters said they asked many times if they could go inside and get their coats. And the teacher screamed at them NO! Thats the last time I set for in that disgusting place. After I complained to the director she acted like a totally different person from the first time! . Dont leave your children here. These women care nothing for your kids!!

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I was a teacher here at this daycare center in the toddler room and I seen on many occasions discipline that should not be done to a child so I quit they also hired me without my proper state childcare licensing I had absolutely no experience with childcare but they hired me anyways. on my last check they took all my taxes out of that final paycheck instead of taking it out overtime like they are supposed to, mind you i worked here for 2 months!!!! I would not recommend your children come to this center trust me pay the better prices it will be worth it in the end.

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I wanted to give my experience with Kids Gone Corporate. Over the past year, I have had nothing but the best experience with not only all the staff but the owner as well. I have the greatest admiration for the entire staff on how they have helped me in daycare for my son through my divorce.My ex-wife has done a lot to give false remarks in court about the daycare to the judge who chastised her for making false statements. Her family has also been barred by the court due to actions of threats to the staff and also making false accusations which were never proven. She has even tried to lie about incidents in court and when daycare staff was subpoenaed and she saw them there, she backed down and never said anything in court due to the fact she could not get around her own lie and the daycare had documentation and proof to disprove her.It takes a lot for a business to self-report itself to make sure that accurate and correct information is on the State Licensing website for everyone to see. They have a clean record and that is hard to do in the 20 years of service that they have been in business.They have been a great help to me and my son. I know and trust that he is taken care of properly and if there is something that happens to my son that he will be taken care of correctly and promptly. I know I am notified if there are any issues and that he is protected at all times and there are no cover ups to protect themselves. They take pride in doing the right thing and teaching the children in their care the proper way to act. My son has learned a lot and is being prepared to go to school and is being socially adapted which will help him in the future.My story is a lot longer but I know my son is in safe, secure, and loving environment where he is not a number but a child. I cannot say enough of the personal attention he gets while there and the respect I get as his father who is raising him on my own. I work in a thankless job much as the daycare does. It is very easy for people to make false accusation and often time those who read these things never know the backstory and if they did, it might give them a cause to rethink how they treat the daycare staff. I one thinks I am biased that is okay. It has taken me awhile to get back to where I believe in helping others and doing what I can to help them when needed. They have given me support when I needed it most and have been there for my son in more ways than I can say. This is a truly great place to send your child and if you do I bet you will have a wonderful experience. It is like anything in like what you put into it is what you get out and that is so true for my son and I work hard every day to make sure he is raised the right way, respectful of other, adults, his friends and that he learns and is open to the world before he can be jaded by it. Kids Gone Corporate helps me with that and I do not know what I would do without their help.

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I know a woman that used to work there and you could tell that she loved the daycare by the way she treated the kids and her co-workers. Everytime I came to visit the daycare to check up on my kids, the whole building would be lit up with joy and happiness, so I was pleased with the experience that I had w/ this company!

Review №7

Awesome place. Awesome director, kind staff, they always work hard to achieve the best :)

Review №8

Worst daycare ever they need to be shut down. The facility is disgusting! My son comes home almost everyday with bruises. So not trust them with your child. Its bad when the owner doesnt even know whats going on in her own daycare.

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I was a two year old teacher in Todds room I was treated not fairly but while working there I seen things I shouldnt have like a kid was told if they spill they will mop thats not right plus you got teacher trying her best give it there all boss is negative

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