Alliance Christian Academy
13105 Harmon Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76177, United States

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It might not be for everyone and as a parent you have to be involved, but the experience is different to anything else out there. Administration and teachers are filled with Holy Spirit and love Jesus.

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ACA builds a child’s character, faith, and IQ through a rigorous, family-like environment. Through ACA, I have been gifted with friendships that I know will be lifelong. ACA is rigorous, but it’s very doable, and aims to teach children discipline and build their work ethic. There were times when I was younger and in Grammar or Logic school wondering how this specific drill or that worksheet would really aid me in higher education? But now having finished high school and heading to college, I can see how everything I did was one step on a staircase that was progressively building my academic strength and intelligence. The way that ACA maps out their curriculum is very intentional and more often than not done personally by hand (by either the teachers or academic deans). It is amazing how much each person cares for their students. No student is just a number. Everyone is individually known and cherished; that is very rare, especially in an academic environment. I feel so lucky that my parents took a chance with ACA and it has reaped countless blessings - even outside of my education. I would encourage anyone considering ACA to take that same chance, I do not believe you will regret it. The outside or size of ACA’s campus is very deceiving compared to the quality of education and the hearts of the teachers. I had other options when it came to school, especially high school, but I never even considered them (public school, homeschool, charter school, etc.). Looking back, I am so grateful I never wavered from ACA. I can say with confidence I would not have had the same experience at another school and my life would look very different. Thank you to everyone at ACA, especially those who helped start the school, for creating an environment that allows children to be themselves, grow closer to God, and thrive academically!

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I catered an event here for the school. I didnt really get to see the whole facility but the people were awesome and the kids were very respectful and courteous...which to me says alot about their environment.

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My children went here for two years. I would not recommend. We had one child bullied and another two kids we found out were behind grade level compared to public school (they were A/B honor roll at ALliance).

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One of the best Christian education decisions we could have ever made. We have one that just graduated and another still in the school. Great return on investment from a parents perspective and they absolutely focus on your child from a spiritual, emotional, and educational level.

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We choose this school because the focus is on loving God and learning! There are small class sizes and the teachers care about your children like they were their own! We also love the concept of spending more time with our children and seeing them succeed.

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Great school. No bullies and every one is nice.

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The key for me is that this school is different. On purpose! We choose this school because we want something MORE! It is Kingdom minded, Holy Spirit led, future thinking, and strives for excellence. Its unique structure of learning and partnering parents, teachers, and students together draws out strengths like time management, complex thinking skills, relational development, and spiritual and academic excellence. I love that it pushes and challenges us to be more and do more and GROW! My daughters have walked through the sudden death of their grandmother, and sudden illness of two other family members and subsequent hardships and behavioral outbursts as a result of their grief and pain at ACA and were met with love and true discipleship from the teachers and staff and other families. I cannot tell you how many families came alongside us and worked through behaviors that at other schools would have been labeled as bullying and here at ACA they facilitated conversations and growth. They saw to the root of the issue and helped heal it thus ending the behavioral outbursts and bad behavior. My daughter was acting out due to pain and feeling overwhelmed, not because she is bad. This behavior has ended and she is friends with the students who she used to act out towards. My daughters feel safe and loved and well structured here. I cannot say enough good things, I could go on and on. Is it perfect no, but is anywhere? These teachers truly love the students from a place of Christs love for the church. My daughters have all grown due to the teachers out of the box style of investing in them both character and academically my kids are rising to levels that blow me away!

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We have been part of Little Sprouts and Alliance Christian Academy now for 6.5 years. In our experience, the founder and director Dr. Christy Wilson is the best, most caring person you will ever find to educate your children. We have a child to is tough to educate and she has worked with us to not only educate but be able to relate to him. ACA is a NAUMS school and you let ACA educate for 3 days and you do home assignments for the other 2 days. This environment allows you to connect to your children in a way like never before. If you are looking for a great Christing environment that produces incredibly smart kids- ACA is the place for you! Nope, Im not paid for this review...I truly believe in the school and the leader, Dr. Wilson!

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