Southwest Christian School - Chisholm Trail Campus (PreK-6)
6801 Dan Danciger Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76133, United States

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Having transferred three children from a local, private, highly academic school, I wasnt exactly sure what to expect when we came to Southwest Christian. What we found was a warm, super inviting, academically rigorous, Christ centered school.Upon arrival, several families reached out to include our children on sports teams and in several social events. Perhaps most notably, while we quickly felt in the mix, so to speak, it never felt forced -- or even intentional. There was an authenticity about the inclusion that was palpable and refreshing.As far as teachers go, we were quite pleased with what we felt like was a focused, yet low stress, environment. The staff seemed genuinely happy to be at the school and their attitudes and love for teaching clearly impacted the students and parents. We soon became aware of the extent to which our children were being pushed academically and were impressed with how much they were learning. Although the school is not necessarily equipped for students with significant learning differences, they do offer a learning lab that supports students who just need that little extra bit of help. We personally found this to be quite useful. They also offer fun, educational activities like an outdoor science center with chickens and gardens and a fantastic, award winning theater arts program.As far as being Christ centered, we found that this was not just ancillary to the school. These teachings are woven into all aspects of the school, from academics, to athletics and everything in between. That stated, the school is extremely accepting of different denominations and doesnt espouse one particular denomination over another.While no school is perfect, we have found SCS to be a wonderful fit for our family and a superb mix of academics, family values, and Christian focus.

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My wife and I have really enjoyed having children at SCS. Our boys have both attended SCS from early childhood through middle school and we could not see them in any other setting. The time and attention to detail that each teacher puts into their classroom is second to none. The Christian aspect of the educational experience is eye opening for us as parents. Our children are fortunate enough to see everyday what God means to other adults and their peers. The administration at both campuses is unique and tireless in their efforts to assist the teachers and build relationships with the students. Looking back on our experience I would not change a thing.

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SCS has truly been a blessing to us and our family. We came to the school after my wifes health incident changed our lives and ended our ability to attend a university style school. With the high academic standards, learning two languages, athletics, and music, our kids are enriched daily. The SCS administrators and teachers are fantastic. They made us feel at home and helped our 2 children not only adjust to a new school but adjust to our new routine. The warmest surprise was the parents we found at SCS. They reached out to support us and help our children. They go above and beyond. These great parents help shape SCS into the dynamic school SCS has become. A feeling of community was found at the school. We look forward to finishing school here due to the teachers, the administrators, people we have met, and the quality of the education.

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Its hard to describe what happens when a school becomes more than just a school. Our granddaughter began attending SCS when she was in third grade. We made the decision to go to SCS, known for its Christian environment, because she was facing some very difficult personal circumstances and life felt like it was spinning out of control for her. SCS became her safe, nurturing center and she couldnt wait to go every day! The teachers, the counselors, and the principal all worked together to understand our situation and were (and still are) incredibly positive influences in her life! SCS is a community of people working together to develop children into individuals that respect each other and see beyond their own needs into the needs of the community. They strive for a balanced education..strong academics, the arts, and sports. I cannot say enough about what SCS means to our family. It is truly more than just a school.

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My husband and I carefully and prayerfully selected SCS based on schools spiritual emphasis and education (a true college prep school). Our familys experience at Southwest Christian School has been very positive. We have 3 boys currently enrolled at the elementary campus. Our oldest son will be transitioning to middle school next year and has been attending SCS since second grade. Our boys have had the opportunity to develop spiritually and academically. The faith based academic atmosphere directed by spirit filled, loving teachers is priceless. The amazing faculty here truly cares about our childrens success,holding each child to his best in areas. SCS is a place where you can truly personalize your experience depending on the needs and interests of each child. There is a feeling of community at SCS that is real and has made our time here wonderful. Peers are an important factor in a childs character development and we have found that the parents at SCS are like minded in raising Godly children. We would rate this wonderful Christian school in its totality as superior in the DFW area.

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We’ve been part of the SCS family for 8 years. Our oldest daughter is in 6th grade and our younger daughter is in kindergarten. There aren’t enough words to describe how blessed we feel to be part of such a wonderful school. I can’t begin to explain how passionate I feel for the education and spiritual guidance our children are receiving. Every morning I drop them off and know they’re being loved, truly and genuinely loved, and I know I never have to worry.I remember when we first started, people would tell me about their “SCS moment.” These moments in life that told them they were where they were intended to be. A special guardian angel moment when you would receive a little whisper, or tap on the shoulder, that would reaffirm your commitment to the school ~ I couldn’t wait to see or hear ours ~ I can honestly say that our “moment” has happened more than once. I feel like I am always reminded or graced with a blessing that shows me that our children are in THE best place for each of their sweet spirits. I love SCS. I have moments all the time in which I feel cared about, heard, honored and like our girls are growing not only with their education but spiritually, too.When you come home after a long day at work and listen to a voicemail from a parent, that you do not yet know, about how sweet your child was at school that day when a new student toured the school and she welcomed her, took her under her wing, and made sure she felt included and had friends … and you literally beam with pride and then melt into a tender crying puddle because you are SO proud … those are THE moments you know you’ve made the best decisions as a parent!When the school makes a video, to promote the school, and you watch it and see your little pre-k baby having a moment of tears pouring down her sweet face and then you see her precious teacher walk over and give her the absolute warmest and biggest hug … and you KNOW that moment was so relevant to the school video to show the compassion and empathy they so greatly embody …When your daughter WANTS to volunteer! And ASKS to participate in additional opportunities to SERVE and HELP others. When you have the chance to see your child making an impactful and significant difference in the future of others because of her generous heart …All of these moments are THE moments, OUR moments, and we are so blessed and thankful to have found Southwest Christian. We know that these special moments are from the foundation they’ve been part of, through their years of growth at SCS. Our daughters are growing into Christian leaders with the solid educational foundation they will require to be college prepared and successful. Southwest Christian represents all the qualities you want and pray for your children as they enter their adult lives; we are so happy that our children get to live out our family values while they are at school.

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Our family has been blessed to be part of the Southwest Christian School family for several years. Our son, now in 6th grade, began there in Pre-K and we cannot imagine being at another school and look forward to the opportunities available to him as he moves through Middle School and into High School.While I know there are many great opportunities in southwest Fort Worth for a quality private school education, its the Christian element at SCS that sealed the deal for us in choosing to come to SCS and choosing to stay at SCS. We are active in our church and know that out son is exposed to Biblical teachings and principles at church and at home, but knowing that all of those things are being reinforced during his school day is priceless to us.Of course, I also believe the education element is high quality, but the most compelling reason we are happy to be part of the SCS family is the support and nurturing our son receives on a daily basis. Each day begins with a prayer and it would not be unexpected at all that faculty or staff would pray with my child at any point during the day. Whether its a good day or a bad day, I am assured that my son is covered in prayer throughout the day by a loving and caring staff.The mission of Southwest Christian is, among other things, to graduate young adults equipped as Christian leaders in the world. That embodies the wishes we have for our son and I am so pleased to be part of this school family.

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We didnt want to do private school.That was our fairly dug-in, and unified mindset, as a young married couple, and then, later, new parents. After all, we were both public school kids, and we thought we were at least ok. :)Nevertheless, Life really seemed to have other plans for us (a pretty cool story, not relevant to this review, but cool, nonetheless), and circumstances shifted to where Southwest Christian School was in a way, decided for us, when Marie took a job there.What a blessing that has turned out to be.We have now been SCS parents for 5 years, and have a 4th Grader and a 2nd Grader (2015). Marie has moved on to another work situation, but our family remains at SCS... Blissfully.Heres Why:1) Love: Our kids are loved here. Too many stories to share of teachers, coaches, enrichment teachers, volunteers, friends and parents - loving our kids, and loving them deeply, and well.2) Family (Community): Healthy Families and communities love unconditionally and generously, and so related to Number 1, being a part of a group of families that not only share Love, but operate from it, creates an environment of a unified Family that is Life-giving.3) Personalized Equipping: Our two kids are very different (personality, gifts and interests, learning styles, etc.), and they have shared a few common teachers by now. You know what is cool?... Watching a teacher love your kids the same, but relate to them in ways that develop *them* best. Each faculty member at SCS (because they love each child and see them as part of the Family) engages each child uniquely, in ways that seek to nurture and develop what is Best for that child - spiritually, emotionally, educationally, relationally, etc.We could say so much more, and wed be happy to, if you want to reach out and ask us.There are so many options for great education in Fort Worth. There are some terrific options that provide a Christian environment. There are, however, no perfect schools, including SCS. But, we have experienced SCS as being a place that can acknowledge its imperfections, and yet gracefully move through them to provide a transcendent experience for students and families - educationally, culturally, and spiritually.

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I go there, its AWSOME i cant lie

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Love this place and the teachers are the best of the best!

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