Daisy School Inc
3443 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States
Review №1

My 2 year old and 3 month old have both been going here since July. Friendly staff, friendly teachers and clean every time I walk in. My son loves his little friends and they feed them very balanced meals here!!The only complaint I have is that their AC is always on full blast in the rooms and my kids are cold to the touch when I pick them up. So Ive learned to dress them accordingly, (even in the summer).

Review №2

We absolutely love the Daisy School. My son was there for after school care, & they picked him up from the school. They are SO nice. He loves going. The place is always so clean! I’m a worrisome mom, & no matter how many times I call they always ease my mind. I would rate them 100 stars if I could!

Review №3

Dont send them here.. a child can have lice and they wont bother to send them home.. they will just tell the parent about it but let the child stay and possibly infect the rest of the kids there. Horrible place should get shut down and should have been a long long time ago. DONT SEND YOUR CHILD!!! They also let bullying happen to other kids if there are siblings there against a only child going there cause all they want is money. Horrible place

Review №4

Dont take your kids here. This was my sons first daycare and at first I thought they were all so nice and then my son started to go there and was sick for two month straight.!! I know kids get sick but they overly clean with bleach so much that thats all you smell when you walk in. And my sons blanket was gone for over a week before I noticed and when asking where it was they have no clue. I would always have to check his bags, bc there was always some kids cups or wipes n his bag. Also when my son would come home with marks on him and no one would tell me what happened. Also when he told me the lady hit him I was furious and took my son right out of there. Dont be a fool its CHEAP FOR A REASON PEOPLE!!!

Review №5

Worst place ever. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO DAISY SCHOOL. My child came home complaining that the teacher hurt his arm. I found a nasty red mark on his arm in the exact place he said. It was an adult sized hand that made this mark. Protect your children. Dont take them to daisy school.

Review №6

My daughter went there for 2 yrs, she started when she was 3, then stopped going when she started pre-k. Staff was just great, treated awesome & never had a complain from my daughter. She learned alot while she was there so its not just a day care. During their lunch they eat family style and they are encouraged to get their own food. They have goodies for mothers day, fathers day, thanksgiving, etc. She is starting Kindergarten on Monday & will start going to Daisy School again. Daisy school will pick her up and keep her for the afternoon.Like any other place or day care you go, there are always the trouble kids, but thats just reality you children will encounter them even in grade school. Kids just need to learn how to tune them out.Overall, I love this school! Would definitely recommend.

2.6 Rating
  • Address:3443 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States
  • Phone:+1 817-927-0871
  • Preschool
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:6AM–6PM
  • Thursday:6AM–6PM
  • Friday:6AM–6PM
  • Saturday:6AM–6PM
  • Sunday:6AM–6PM
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