Fort Worth Montessori School
5701 Wedgwood Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133, United States
Review №1

Selecting child care is a stressful and daunting process. I want a place that is safe, clean, and full of compassionate people. And, I also want a place where my child can be academically, emotionally, and intellectually engaged. For us, we are not paying for childcare, we are investing in our daughters future.I found everything I was looking for in FWMS. We have been with the school for since Nov 2020 and love it! We have seen an growth in her overall development since her time at FWMS. In the first month of attending the school, my daughters verbal skills grew exponentially. She is also learning vital skills of how to engage and interact with others while being in a school where her personal space and boundaries are being respected.

Review №2

My husband and I have been in awe of the positive changes we have seen in our son since beginning at FW Montessori only 3 weeks ago. We have witnessed growth in maturity, language, understanding, and frustration tolerance. Particularly in these anxious times, it gives us solace to know he is loved and cared for in a SAFE environment.

Review №3

Being a current teacher at the Montessori School has been a life learning experience because I have learned from the greatest people. The Director has really high standards and expectations for all the teachers and her school, so we can keep being the best. According to the Montessori Philosophy, all the teachers have to go through many trainings to meet the needs of all the students and prepare them to be academically successful. Our job as teachers is to help inspire, nurture, and educate each and every student and that is why I would recommend anyone the Fort Worth Montessori School.

Review №4

Finding a school for your child is one of the hardest decisions as a parent. We are so thankful and blessed that we found Fort Worth Montessori. My daughter has thrived tremendously since starting at FWMS in 2017. Her pediatrician is always amazed at the developmental gains of my daughter who was a preemie and experienced some delays. From the 1st day I dropped my child off I felt nothing but confidence and as a mother knowing your child is in good hands is the best feeling. The director Tsianina Beardsley is passionate about all her school kiddos and her staff. She has always been available and open to discuss any questions or concerns I had in regards to my child and her environment.This is a difficult time for families with the pandemic and Tsianina and FWMS have been nothing but supportive and caring throughout the whole process. We cant wait to continue our academic journey with the school and its great staff. Thank you for all you do!

Review №5

Weve been very happy having our two daughters at this school! We were enrolled in an excellent Montessori program in Wyoming but had to move to Texas - we were concerned during our move about finding a replacement program of the same high quality. It turns out we had no reason to worry! Fort Worth Montessori has certainly filled the bill. They also offer many extracurricular enrichment programs, such as Chinese, Spanish, gymnastics, and soccer, which have really made our experience at this school stellar. I would recommend it to anyone looking for high quality preschool care.

Review №6

This school has been so great for my family and kids. I love the warm reception I get by all the the employees I encounter each day. The employees seem very happy to be there and I feel that my children are genuinely cared for and get the best education we could find anywhere for their age. They are so very independent and try to do everything themselves which is so exciting to watch. Lastly, the concern that ownership has in making the school the very best it can be is great. I cannot say enough good things about the experience we have had their for the past three and a half years.

Review №7

My child is one of the more hyperactive children that grace this earth, lovable and kind but more difficult than other children when it comes to learning. We came to this school hoping he would be able to have a smaller classroom where he could receive more one on one learning. This was something this school was able to offer us. we went through an interview process and then started the school on some very limited time restraints. We altered our lives to be able to get him in this school because the promises the director made made us feel secure that we had found the best fit. We were very mislead. The director had mistakenly sent an email about sending my child to school with candy (the music teacher gave it to him, not me) and when I responded, respectfully, I was replied to with multiple emails insulting me as a mother from a VERY DEFENSIVE director. My child stayed in this school for less than 6 months before they got tired of him and kicked him out(just like all the other day cares) with one day notice.. which is something the director told me they would never do. WE LOVE MS. PAT, but the director is who tried to communicate with us more often than anyone else and it was clear she had zero clue on what was actually going on with my childs education or the work we were putting in at home. My honest opinion is that she pushed my child aside to be able to get more children in the classroom and make more money with no regard as to his it was going to psychologically affect him- and it did! Her main concern seems to be if the parents are paying or not, and with history of sudden closure forced by the IRS, Im not surprised. Yes, my child was disruptive a few times in class (they knew this) but he was really excelling in Ms. Pats classroom as she is a wonderful teacher. Another issue I had is that these bad reports started when COVID-19 first happened and he was the ONLY child left in the classroom apart from the directors own two OLDER kids (something I really was not comfortable with) BUT, yet again, another institution has failed him and only caused more insecurities and loss of friends. Being dis-enrolled from a school is something that greatly affects a child and I thought this was something this establishment understood, it had already happened a few times and it was the last thing my little boy needed to go through again. It was very emotionally hard for a couple weeks for all of us when she did this. He is ADHD and by not altering their way of teaching, he was getting bored and behavior would decline. That is a very common issue with ADHD children and all the director had to say was how her own kids would act. my kid- is not her kid- and is not like her kid so, it was very annoying that that is all she knew about such a commonly diagnosed disorder. she is very uneducated on this subject- even though there are false claims from her that she is.This school would be amazing if the director would step out of the way. She is unable to communicate in a respectful way with parents. She is the ONLY reason not to enroll your child here. please read the other negative reviews from parents, you will find that they are all very specifically about her. I made the mistake of not reading the reviews but now that I have after my own confrontational and UNNECESSARY incident with her, I can say that I believe the parents over this woman 100 percent! She has her own agenda and while she may smile when you walk on the door and put on a fake persona seeming like she truly cares about your kid, all she cares about is the $1,500 dollars youre going to pay her a month. (not worth it)****The fact that the director will go low enough to respond to these negative reviews with personal information about children and other family members proves how disrespectful, arrogant and unprofessional she really is. This school is also not licensed with the state of Texas. Greenbriar is but, Montessori is not. Aggression is one of the earliest signs of ADHD, again, Im sorry you are only capable of handling the perfect children.****

Review №8

This Montossori School is one of the greatest I have been to. I love the director she is amazing and truly made for this. This school is well organized and great programs within the schools and the teachers. The director Tsianina has high expectations of her staff, which is a great feeling to have when leaving your child there. She is very understanding, great listener, and amazing educator. Love this school and everything about it!

Review №9

The absolute worst experience I’ve ever encountered with a school. They care nothing about the well being of the child only about their perceptions of the child. My grandchildren were picked up by their great grandmother and assaulted in the parking lot by their maternal grandmother who attempted to take the children. They were terrified!!! At first the school said they had the video to come pick it up, then they said we’d have to subpoena it and when we did they didn’t even show up to court. Then they held it against my grand child that they’d received a subpoena. Lastly, they claim to not have cameras that cover the main entrance to the school! They consistently “forget” to notify her father of events happening at the school noting that it’s too much of a disruption to have to let both parents know what’s going on. What must this sweet baby think of dad just not showing up?????? This in spite of there being a custody agreement that gives both parties 50% custody with no one party having more greater authority than the other. They’ve clearly chosen the mother’s side in spite of it being her family who committed the assault, her family who has repeatedly called the school. It’s just outrageous the way these people have acted. Now my grand child isn’t allowed back because she’s too much trouble to have to talk to BOTH parents and be asked to do something about an assault occurring on their property. If your kids go here get them out now!! If they don’t- go elsewhere. I believe every bad review on here. And to cap it off it appears she’s a habitual liar trying to cover for her very, very bad behavior.

Review №10

School curriculum is great, teachers are sweet. Their Montessori system is effective and you’ll see results in your child within a month.However, the director is a force to be reckoned with. She is belligerent, difficult and fraudulent. She should not be allowed around children. She tries hard to emphasize how good she is with children but her nature says otherwise...hence the trying hard.If your child has to go here, please avoid the director (if possible)

Review №11

Our grandkids have been at FWMS since they were 3 months old, now they are 5 and 2. We have always been amazed at the things they were learning at such a young age. The staff truly cares about the children. Everyone knows them by name and greets them when we arrive. The standard remains high because of the results it achieves.

Review №12

I would recommend this place to everyone who needs their child in a safe, structured, and stable daycare/pre school. I switched one year ago from Childrens Courtyard and my only regret was not doing that quicker. My child got the attention she needed and she began to really learn. There are so many opportunities to get to know the staff and other parents of this school. Winter and Summer music programs, family fun nights, hosting celebrations for parents and grandparents, auctions to help improve the school, and so many more activities. This is not just a babysitting facility, it is homey, and fun and I will truly miss my daughter being with them everyday

Review №13

Our son attended FWMSs Infant program from the time he was 4 months old until he was 19 months old. FWMS has three separate Infant rooms (based on age) and our son had the opportunity to be a part of each of the rooms. Each of the rooms was a wonderful experience. The Infant leads and guides are kind, professional and so caring. Each day they went above and beyond to make sure that our son was very well taken care of, loved and getting a great Montessori foundation from such a young age. Our experience was that the school was always a very clean, peaceful and safe environment, too.

Review №14

I wanted to write a review that was current and up to date! I love this Montessori school! The teachers are amazing, caring, patient, loving, and compassionate. The director is awesome too, she would listen to me ramble on and on about anything and everything, she never made me feel like I was boring her or taking up to much of her time (even though I probably was). My son is now in kindergarten and I so miss Fort Worth Montessori School and its environment, the classes are not too big and each child has one on one attention. FWMS is a wonderful home away from home environment and I could not have asked for a better preschool experience and I am looking forward for my daughter to going to FWMS very soon.

Review №15

I absolutely love this place. My son has been in FWMS since 9 months old. He started with a few days and few hours and once I went to full time, so did he. Ms. Saskia gave my son such a great foundation. She was the main person who not only taught my son by me and my sons father how to be patient and raise a toddler. Ms. Tsianina, the owner, is also amazing for being able to help us when we hit the toddler growing moments. I knew I could reach out to her for help anytime. My son is almost four and now in Ms. Pats class and she just adopted him like her own son. She also has given her heart to us when our son hit a little bump. He has progressed so quickly after that. Its sad for me to think in two years he wont be there and in kindergarten, but I will make sure that if we have another child, they will also be taught by the great teachers there. I highly recommend them. I am one of the most pickiest people out there, and I can truly say, they are amazing. Nothing is perfect in life, but they are the biggest addition of support added to my sons life.

Review №16

Positives: Teacher education is enforced and support staff is polite. Children like the routine and seem happy overall.Negatives: The director/owner is often defensive and confrontational with parents. Her school-age children interact too much the Montessori students.We had our child enrolled for 2+ years and became friends with several families. Many of us had similar experiences. The director/owner is a difficult woman and refused to resolve issues at her school. (examples: inconsistent discipline, hygiene issues with potty-training toddlers, high staff turn over) Research carefully before deciding to enroll your child.

Review №17

We would give a review zero stars if it were possible. We would NEVER enroll our children in this school after a very unfortunate and horrible experience with the director yesterday. She should never be allowed to manage people or be in charge of children the way she treated my wife. My wife went to obtain information about the school and was treated VERY rudely by the director. When she was waiting to obtain information about the school, she was told initially that she could use the restroom, but then told she couldnt use the restroom and had to leave. This change of mind was very confusing, but when my wife was already leaving, the director started PUSHING her out the door, even though my wife was already leaving and had a toddler in her arms. My wife told her not to push her because my wife was very polite the whole time. We have NEVER received such treatment from a school. Pushing or touching someone without their consent is ASSAULT. When we called to file a complaint, the director was very defensive and belligerent and would never offer an apology. RUN, dont walk away from this place. With a director like this, imagine what happens behind the scenes with the children. We agree wholeheartedly with the previous review that the director is very RUDE, CONFRONTATIONAL, BELLIGERENT and CONDESCENDING. We can very much believe the other bad reviews about this school. Consider very carefully where you place your children in school.

Review №18

The best school !!!

3.9 Rating
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