La Petite Academy of North Fort Worth
5432 Basswood Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137, United States

Review №1

This place is awesome the teachers are AMAZING. my oldest is a 1st grader now and still talks about his teachers there and wants to invite them to his birthday parties. The teachers have been there for years and truly love the kids. Its the only place I would send my baby!

Review №2

The teachers are great, but the Administrators are horrible. There is no accountability taken by either the Director or District Manager and all “policies and procedures” are loosely followed at the Director’s discretion (including corrections/adjustments of billings).The first incident that we had with the Administers at this facility was when our 3-year-old was immediately disenrolled for going out of a door that the class uses every day to go to the playground.This was the first time that he ever did that, and we were not given any notification or prior warning that this violation requires immediate expulsion. It definitely is not written in the handbook and seems to be at the discretion of the Director/District Manager. Furthermore, his teacher ignored our son’s Occupational Therapist’s warnings as she had previously discouraged his teacher from using this particular door on several occasions because she was fearful that our son would be tempted to go out the door when he wasn’t supposed to. When we talked to the Director about this incident, she claimed that La Petite’s policy is for immediate expulsion and she could not do anything about it (zero responsibility).So, after many attempts at getting in contact with the District Manager to try to plead our case (our kid was in foster care at the time and received 2 state-sponsored services), we were disappointed and frankly shocked that we were told that this is La Petite’s (unwritten) policy and that our 3-year-old should have known better and that it was his responsibility to only use that door at appropriate times. I personally feel like in a room with only 5-6 3-year-olds the teacher should take some responsibility in being able to manage the classroom in an appropriate manner and not place 100% of the responsibility on a 3-year-old kid.Because this daycare is the only one in our area that has cameras that parents can view, we reluctantly kept our other 2 kids enrolled after this incident, but we’ve had continued issues with the Director not taking responsibility for concerns we’ve brought up as her #1 answer to every question/concern is “I can’t control that…” or “it’s La Petite’s policy…”. The last straw for us was when we were billed for an entire week of childcare for a week in which the facility had to close to repair a water-leak. We were told that even though the building was closed, they had offered everyone the opportunity to join a classroom at a neighboring facility via email and even though we didn’t see the email we were still on the hook for the bill because the service was “technically still provided”. The day after this conversation with the Director, I went to unenroll the 2 kids we had still attending there. Upon reviewing our final bill, it appears that the Director did end up reducing this week by 50% using her discretionary authorities in the billing system.During the unenrollment process, the Director made an off-hand comment about the sprinklers being on and that she’s tried to talk to the sprinkler company to adjust the schedule but hasn’t been successful because “they only speak Mexican”. Mind you, I am brown and all 3 of my kids are Hispanic. Needless to say, I would encourage everyone away from this daycare facility. There is clearly an Administrative/Management problem where no one seems to give you a straight answer and nothing is ever their fault. Furthermore, this daycare is not a “learning center” like they advertise. They only do circle time and art once a day and the rest of the time is “free-time”.

Review №3

My child has been with La Petite for a year. Miss Jocelin is AMAZING. I dont know how she does what she does with the little ones, but my kiddo comes home with all sorts of new skills, tons of art to put on the fridge, and has a great time. Absolutely love having her as my childs teacher. Everyone at La Petite has been really great. Deidre, Miss Susan, and Carolyn are all really good at making sure my questions get answered quickly and address any issues right away. Throughout my childs babyhood, I always felt at peace knowing his daycare had an awesome staff and cared for him. Would recommend for anyone.

Review №4

Buyer beware, this is NOT a pre-k school! This is a daycare, and nothing more. We had our daughter in for two weeks. The director led us to believe were signing up for a STEM based program, with educational organized activities. In her two weeks there, they did not read a SINGLE book. The only tangible proof we got of any organized activity at all was a printed worksheet for a single letter, G. In two weeks... the letter G was their entire curriculum. I ended up watching one entire day on the watchmegrow platform due to my concerns. The kids had an approximately 15 minute circle time for the weekly letter, and the rest was free-play and meals. In addition, they were kept in the smallest room and the larger room was not used for a single moment. What finally sealed me knowing we had to pull her out, nap time. Some kids seemed OK getting to sleep, but the teachers obviously are not familiar with the Texas law that if a child is not asleep after 60 minutes, they must find an alternate activity for them. Being misled on their curriculum was bad enough, but this is completely unacceptable. When we voiced our concerns, the director seemed to brush us off.I give them two stars because they do feed the kids and manage to keep them alive. However, I encourage you to look elsewhere. I can assure you, they will not return your deposit if you are dissatisfied with their program.

Review №5

My family has been with La Petite for over 5 years now and weve been very pleased with our time there. The staff are professional and take great care of my boys. I feel they pay special attention to the children and my boys are always happy to be at La Petite. I would defiantly recommend this facility to anyone with children. In response to previous comments made regarding the billing practices, the fees and payment deadlines are explained during the registration process and are consistent. On occasion, when life and work were crazy busy, Ive forgotten to make payment and was given a friendly reminder of the deadline. And by friendly, I mean they were reminding me so I wouldnt have a late fee, and not that they were hounding me to pay. Quite frankly, my belief is their job is to take care of my children, not make sure their mother remembers to pay her bills. Thats my job. I appreciate the friendly reminders and I do not expect, nor demand, they remind me to pay.

Review №6

AMAZING daycare!!! I wouldnt take my daughter any where else! They are so wonderful to the children and take amazing care of them!

Review №7

My kids like it here. My only issue is with the teachers not mentioning major events, nor if something is mandatory or not.

Review №8

Not very fond of this day care chain

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