La Petite Academy of White Settlement
9917 White Settlement Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76108, United States

Review №1

READ ALL REVIEWS BEFORE ENROLLING YOUR CHILD HERE!! Very poor providers. 1. A child in the infant room was kicked by a teacher FROM ANOTHER CLASS. The teacher did not report this, when confronted, due to it being seen on cameras, she said she could not see the child but heard her crying. I am concerned as to why she is not able to see the children, why did she not tend to the child when she heard her?2. The daycare did not take this into serious consideration, the teacher faced no form of punishment, additional training or vision testing to ensure she can see the children she is supposed to be tending to. They did not show sympathy towards our situation, they did not seem to care about the child or parent.3. So many terrible reviews that are similar to this from before, please do not go off of word-of-mouth! Read all reviews, not just the ones who are likely friends/family of the providers here.

Review №2

I have 2 children that have been attending La Petite since 2014. My son started attending when he was 3-4months old and he is almost 5 now. I love that La Petite has cameras I can watch 24/7. My son is a hand full and I give all staff members at La petite an A+ for working with him and helping prepare both my children for elementary and real life outside of school. My wife and I like most parents hate not being able to spend all day with our kids but we are so happy that they spend their time at La petite. Ms. Marion and Director Ms. Tameko have nothing but the best interest in mine and all the children, and it shows.

Review №3

Stay away and do not send your child here. My Original review was too long and was not allowed. Long story short, infant child was kicked in the head while laying on the floor by a daycare worker . The worker failed to render aide , did not pick up the child that they kicked, and did not report it and all this was caught on camera. Employee is still there . If you bring your child here read all the bad reviews first . Watch the cameras every single second . There are a few good teachers especially in the early morning.

Review №4

I love this daycare, they really care for the children and my son really enjoys it, they are patient with my son when he misbehaves from time to time, they will contact me if they feel its something I should be aware of. My son really loves the soccer shots camp that comes in Wednesdays. I recommend this daycare to my friends as I know how difficult it can be to find a good one these days.

Review №5

They take care of my baby as if she was there own. I wouldnt want my little one in anyone elses care. The teachers are so caring and communicate so well with us.

Review №6

I absolutely love the way the teachers interact with my daughter. The staff are truly caring and the curriculum is both entertaining and educational. Its nice to find a nurturing environment for my little lady

Review №7

We came to this daycare looking for comfort from our previous experience with another daycare. They used the information about my son with a touch of autism to their advantage. They said because the other daycare had problems with my son that they would not allow him at the la petite.They never even gave him a chance. Im thinking because he had a disability they didnt want to risk their reputation by having him or him be a liability. The assistant director completely led us to believe wed have comfort in their care but really she was critiquing my son. I would NOT suggest this daycare since all they do is LIE!!!

Review №8

La Petite has far exceeded my expectations since my son has been in their care. We were with them for about a year and had to relocate due to work. Several months later we were back in the same area and there was no question about where I would enroll him.The staff is always pleasant, they’ve built great relationships with my son and myself, which is something I was really needing due to horrible past experiences elsewhere. The activities and lessons they implement make a world of difference and I couldn’t imagine a better place for my son.Going in to his 4th class there and ALL his teachers, and both Ms. Tameko & Ms. Maryanne, have been amazing. Super thankful for you guys. Keep up the good work!!

Review №9

My nephew goes here and they are phenomenal with him. So when it came time to put my kids in daycare I chose this place. They had no problem with accepting my possibly autistic son. I dont know what that Beth Adams was talking about. She was probably just mad because she wasnt made the center of attention. Or she didnt get free drinks lol. Seriously check out all of her reviews.

Review №10

My friend has a live stream video of a teacher here pushing infants down in their cribs. She even pushed them down by their heads. It’s disgusting and sad that this was even allowed to happen. You would think the director would be monitoring the video feed. I hope she got fired and they correct this issue ASAP.

Review №11

This daycare was bad from the start, teachers cussing at the children calling them little fuc*ers and completely ignoring them as they cried, specifically in the infant room. The management never communicated with each other and poorly communicated with staff members. Teachers have their kiddos in their room ghost pepper chips and laughed as those poor babies cried from their tongues burning. Teachers would physically discipline children and the director and assistant director did nothing to keep these kids safe from certain teachers. They had video cameras that were only able to be viewed in the office on the TV screen and still never did anything. There a very select few who actually like working with kids and take care of them, but the majority do not. I have witnessed this all first hand. There is now live feed footage you can get on your phone at anytime so if you bring your children here PLEASE watch those videos like a hawk, guaranteed you will catch the teachers treating your babies horribly.

Review №12

I like the way chelsea weatherley talks & interacts with the children. It takes a specific person to work well with kids & she is one of them.

Review №13

Just found out that the reason behind the live streaming video of the classroom.... they have had many complaints of children getting hit by teachers and teachers spreading pink eye to other kids. ... the teachers are unexpectedly rude to each other and the parents .... i pulled my kid from here once i saw how rough they treated my child.... forget this place

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