Lil Lambs Christian Daycare
9509 Fox Hill Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76131, United States
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Lil Lambs daycare has been such a blessing for our family. After being in a large public daycare and experiencing employee turn over as well as young inexperienced teachers, Lil Lambs has been the perfect fit for our daughter. Safety is their number one concern, and my daughter truly feels at home when going to school each day. We have been here for 2 years and will continue until she starts Kindergarten. We love Jaana and Nanny and are so grateful to have found their care!

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Where do I began? The love for a grandchild, is an extraordinary kind of love. My daughter was planning to move out of the Saginaw area. I said to her, Dont go to far from his daycare, because you will never ever find another daycare that can compare to Lil Lambs. I want some to care for my grandson as though it was me. The nurturing and caring atmosphere that Jaana and Nanny provides is second to none. In the beginning, my grandson would cry to come with me, and now he says, Bye Nani, see you later! Thank you Jaana and Nanny for all you do!!

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I really love this daycare. My nephew really loves and enjoys his experience here. He has learned so much from his alphabet to being potty trained. He has also grown tremendously cognitively and socially. Routine is especially important at their age which pleases me that Jaana and Nanny are so adamant about the childrens routine.

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I absolutely love Jaana and Nanny! I have known them for more than six years. I consider them a extension of my family. I have two daughters that went to Lil Lambs Christian Daycare for years and they love Jaana and Nanny as well. It was comforting knowing I had a daycare that loved and cared for my kids as they would their own. If you have a chance to have your children watched over by little lambs I wouldn’t hesitate and I highly recommend you do!!Jared Flanagan

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Amazing ladies!!! My started there when he was 7 weeks old and continued until he started kindergarten. Mrs. Jaana and Nanny are caring and loving. I never had to worry about my baby. They also taught him so much, he was beyond prepared for school.

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After a terrible experience at a “big name” private daycare, we were so blessed to be able to get a spot at Lil Lambs! We had tried to get in before, but they were full! And boy do I know why now! Ms. Jaana and Nanny are incredible! They are accommodating, loving, fair, and are always honest and upfront with us. My son absolutely loves going to “school” and asks on the weekends when he can go see Ms. Jaana and Nanny and his friends! We have no doubt that our son is safe, happy, and loved at Lil Lambs! We have no plans of leaving until our son is in Kindergarten and hope to start bringing our infant daughter there when she is old enough.

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I cannot day enough good things about Jaana and Lana. My son has been going here since he was about 2. He is now 6 and starting 1st grade this year. Their hands on teaching is amazing but their care and love for their kids is what I loved most. I didn’t just feel relief, but I felt at ease knowing that’s where my child was at work because I trusted that he was in the best hands possible. Now that he’s in school, he goes for the summer and We were welcomed back with open arms. Like nothing had changed. I would recommend this daycare to anyone who asked. It was my saving grace.

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My son comes home everyday saying how much fun he had. I never have to worry about him.

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After a horrible experience at a Public daycare in Fort Worth, we searched everywhere for a safe and preferably In-Home Daycare Setting for our 18 month old. It was so important to us that she felt nurtured, safe, and loved.My husband ran across Lil Lambs on the internet, and both of us wondered how we hadnt seen it after months of searching. We set up a meeting, and immediately enrolled her after that.Yaana and Nanny (the two wonderful teachers) have years of experience raising their own children but also in the education and daycare setting.Emma is now 27 months and I have never questioned over the last 10 months her safety or her development.This is TRULY a wonderful place and a God send!

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Our son is 15 months and is currently attending Lil Lambs and he is our second child to attend. Our daughter started in 2013 when she was just a few months old all the way until she started Kindergarten. Our son started in late 2018 and we are planning the same for him. We feel very blessed to have found two amazing women to watch over our kids every day. We know that with Jaana and Nanny they have been safe and loved every day they attend. Our son loves it there and our daughter did as well. Our daughter still misses going there and loves to visit whenever she can. Some days its hard to get our son to leave because he loves it there so much. We have a little bit of experience with the more traditional corporate daycares with a lot more kids and teachers and were not happy at all. Too much turnover and we never felt comfortable. We know that with Lil Lambs there arent too many kids and Jaana and Nanny really do treat our kids just like theyre their own children.

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My two sons started in August. So far, Lil Lambs has been a great fit for my family.

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I feel like the background of this story is important so I am going to share. I moved here August of 2014 from NM without any family. At the time I only had a 5 year old who was starting Kindergarten and my husband, then boyfriend, had a 7 year old. No daycare needed, thank goodness. Little did we know, God had other plans for us. We found out we were pregnant and immediately I panicked. I’m what they call a helicopter mom, so the thought of sending my baby to a daycare made me sick! God answered our prayers, and sent us one of the best babysitters we could ask for. I happened to know her from NM!! We had grown up together! I know, what in the world are the chances of that happening! We were so blessed! Then, in 2017, our sitter decided she wanted to go back to nursing school. We were devastated, but happy for her of course. Panic ensued once again. I visited a few daycares and I just couldn’t fathom sending my baby to any of them. Our sitter mentioned she had sent her daughter to a place called Lil Lambs Christian Daycare from the time she was 3 months until she turned 3 years old. I gave them a call, we sat down and met with them, and we couldn’t be happier with Ms. Jaana and Nanny. They are absolute angels and they sincerely love my baby! I love the structure and boundaries they provide. They learn so many songs, ABC’s, numbers, it’s amazing! They respect the fact that they are children and the children in turn have a great respect for them. It’s also comforting that their program is regulated by the state so they are on their P’s and Q’s. Did I mention they helped us potty train our son! That was a major celebration! This is a great place and reasonably priced for what you get. I would recommend Lil Lambs Christian Daycare to anyone in a heartbeat! We have truly been blessed to have them in our lives.

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This is the most amazing daycare , no one day I had to worry about my daughters .They also always been excited and happy to go there .Ms.Jaana and Nanny are the most amazing ,loving , caring ladies.My daughters love them very much and always talk about them .They thought them so much and it breaks my heart that we have to leave for professional reasons .A mom heart knows what is right and with little Lambs I never had a doubt .If your child is in little lamb , you must believe that you found one of the best childcare out there .It’s been a blessing for us to have found them .I will recommend Little Lambs hands down .It’s a very comforting , cosy and warm environnement and you will feel the love and passion for what they do right away . They are also so attentive to manners and education !I am so thankful! With a job that had various schedules I never had to stress about my daughters being very well taking care off.Such a blessing!Thank you for everything you do Mrs .Jaana et Nanny! We love you guys!

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My 4 year old daughter, Lacey, has been going here for about a year. We have been so happy with Jaana and Nanny, Lacey adores them. Shes excited to go every day and has learned so much in the time she has been there. I couldnt ask for a better environment for Lacey to be in, not to mention very affordable. This has been such a blessing for us.

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Our daughter has been going to Lil’ Lambs Christian Day care for about a year. Our experience has been incredible. Mrs. Jaana and Nanny are two of the most loving and nurturing women I know. My daughter has learned colors, letters, numbers, and more while in their care. Their rates are extremely affordable. Our daughter is being cared for by people that truly care about her and want to see her succeed in life. We love to hear daily about things she is doing and saying. Occasionally we even get a cute pic of her which is the highlight of my work day. Lil lambs is more than a day care. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my daughter to be during the day.-Chris and Katie Mize-

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Best in home daycare ever I would definitely recommend this daycare my son loves coming here everyday!

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We LOVE Jaana and Lana (Nanny)! We were blessed to find such nurturing and educated caregivers for an amazingly competitive price! Believe me I was searching for MONTHS and interviewing before our son came along! Our son has grown so much from just this past year this Lil Lambs!There is the perfect ratio of children to adults. The kids learn to take care of their play area, social skills and of course a schedule/ routine. My son adores Jaana and Nanny as well as his friends!! He gets so excited to leave in the mornings because he knows he is loved and going to have a blast at school.Both ladies are professional, understanding and loving. They also know how to set rules and boundaries to keep the environment safe. If my son had a hard time going down for a nap, or an ear ache, Jaana would sing Finnish lullabies to calm him down. Not to mention to texts when he rolled over for the first time or little pictures when I’d ask how his day is going while I’m at work. They genuinely are interested in our family as you quickly become apart of theirs. Their amazing experience being a first time mom has been greatly appreciated! They have the BEST PRICE in DFW for the amount of love and devotion they have for children. If I could pay them what they DESERVE they would be millionaires! ❤️

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