Oakmont KinderCare
7901 Oakmont Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76132, United States

Review №1

Oakmont is so amazing from the moment you walk into that daycare you are warmly greeted and it feels like home. Brittany has her hands full and still makes sure everyone that walks through those doors is treated respectfully and lovingly. You can tell that all of the teachers here love the children and really care for their future and growth. The teacher Mrs. Ashley is very knowledgeable in what her kids need and want she makes sure that the class is fun but also that her kids really learn.

Review №2

My daughter has gone to a few different daycares and out of all of them this is the best daycare! You can tell the teachers and staff love their jobs! Even throughout the new precautions and distancing from the pandemic the teachers and director are super communicative. My daughter loves going to school and has really grown intellectually and her mannerisms have progressed as well. Thank you all for all you do!

Review №3

As a first time parent placing my child in daycare was very stressful. I was immediately put at ease by the caring teachers at Kindercare. Ms. Brittany was always so kind and caring. She always made sure I was comfortable with my child being in their care. My son had a number of awesome, knowledgeable and caring teachers. Ms. Mandy, Ms. Janeen, and Ms. Maria to name a few. I will always be grateful for how comfortable I felt with him being at Kindercare Oakmont!

Review №4

When I changed jobs, we had to scrambled to find a new daycare for our son. He started at the Oakmont KinderCare 7 months ago in the older infant room. He’s gone from crawling to running and learning a new word weekly. We’ve had a wonderful experience and love the staff. With COVID-19, life has been turned upside down, but I’ve always felt safe dropping off our son. They have remained open during the pandemic and been the one constant in our lives. The staff communicate well and we really appreciate the daily photo on the app. We look forward to watching our son grow and learn here.

Review №5

Kindercare on Oakmont is a wonderful facility they’re very patient they communicate very well I trust them with my child each teacher I have met has been very pleasant and polite and my child enjoys the daycare as well.

Review №6

I would first like to say thank you to Ms. Brittany for always answering my questions and being kind. Ms. Maria, Ms. Rachel are amazing. Nyla talks about the food her and Ms.Maria talks about all the time. She always say mommy can I have this Ms. Maria had some. Ms. Rachel you have changed Nyla’s life. She needs the positivity I can’t thank you enough.Next i wanna talk about Ms. Nicole and Ms. Tasha. Ms. Nicole Nyla talks about you all the time. Sometimes I get jealous lol. But thank you for loving her I truly appreciate it. And lastly Ms. Tasha thank you for all that you do for Brad. You are amazing! I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough. I’m able to drop my kids off and work knowing they are in good hands. Being a single parents I can’t tell you how just being able to trust your kids are ok means the world. You all deserve everything good that comes your way. Again thank you!I would recommend this daycare 10x over.

Review №7

I am extremely pleased with this facility. It is very structured and well ran. Staff are friendly, accommodating, and keep me informed. My child receives a wonderful education in pre-K and is already reading at age 4 from their phonics program. His day is filled with enrichment activities, crafts, and social interaction. The teachers here are phenomenal. We have been at the center for 3 years. I highly recommend.

Review №8

We’ve been here for a little over half a year and it’s been amazing! What a wonderful place and Ms Jeanenne is an incredible teacher!

Review №9

Best experience ever! The director Dawn and my sons teacher Mrs. Jeanine were GREAT with him. Bonus- It was always spotless and quiet inside. Would recommend 10/10.

Review №10

I couldn’t be happier with this center. My daughter loves going here, and I’m extremely impressed with their curriculum. They also do fun activities with them such as watch how real live butterflies are created from beginning to end.I’ve never had to worry about leaving my daughter there, and it always feels good when your child wants to stay.Now that my daughter is getting to the age to be potty trained they have done amazing, and always ask what is best for us as our schedule.From the kids care givers to the director you won’t be let down.Never once have I walked into a dirty or smelly center.

Review №11

Recently there has been a change in ranks at Kinder Care (Oakmont Blvd) and Oscar Hunter is now The man in charge. Since he has been there my child has been as happy when I have picked him up as when I have dropped him off. I trust he will continue to provide the same high level of child care as before and look forward to any improvement he suggests. What a relief I can go to work with peace in mind.

Review №12

Dawn, Kaitlyn, Brittany, and Miss Maria are all wonderful and Im very pleased with the education my kiddo got while she was there! She loved it and the teachers are wonderfully patient and helpful.

Review №13

This place is pretty bad. 90% turnover of employees. It is obvious most of the teachers do not care. Many rule violations. No one really has any idea about how the kids days went, any injuries, or even if they really ate. Badly behaved children and not caring teachers results in a dangerous environment both mentally and physically. There used to be very good teachers at this location.... and still are one or two. I have been taking my kids here for years. I wish I could brag about it the way I did almost 5 years ago.

Review №14

I absolutely dislike this daycare. Told me not even a week before my son started back to school that they wont be picking up there after school because my son was the ONLY ONE going to his particular school. which is totally b.s. because the daycare I was forced to move him to, there were other kids that went to his school that went to the same daycare! Always new people there. Constantly seeing new people that I did not recognize watching my son. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Review №15

THE WORST! No one seems to know whats going on. Its ran by a child who is never there. When you do pop up visits you can hear the teachers screaming at the kids unless they see you then their tone changes. It has went downhill since a few years ago and Ive held on even when Ive seen the amount of kids enrolled decrease by more than half and some mutual friends laugh when they ask if we are still there. Oh and good luck trying to report a complaint. Nothing changes. Dont know who to blame, the poor excuse for teachers, or the child director or the incompetent person who hired them.... take your business elsewhere. You will regret it if you dont.

Review №16

Kindercare Oakmont has been a wonderful place for our toddler grandson since he was an infant. The teachers and staff are so caring and communicate with us every day. They follow a great curriculum from which he has learned colors, shapes, counting, singing, dancing, art, loves reading and so much more appropriate for his age, with developmental goals and suggestions for us to reinforce learning at home. Our grandson loves going to school and loves Ms Ashley, his teacher. Ms Dawn, the director happily greets us and our grandson each day, makes and keeps the center caring, clean and focused on the children. We highly recommend Oakmont Kindercare.

Review №17

Honestly, this daycare was great until the director Amber left. The classroom teachers I like especially Ms. Janeen. She made the effort to make a relationship with my daughter. I have had my daughter at two different daycares prior to Oakmont KinderCare and I do not recommend them. The only issue I do have is with the new director, Bridget. She seemed easy going and made me feel at first as if she cared about some of the issues I had with my account, and while my daughter was sick. But then asked me a question that was unnecessary. I am not the only one who has an issue with her and her rude attitude, but I only speak for myself. The daycare ran better even when it was only Mark, and both of the Stephanies.

Review №18

I agree with the previous statement regarding how the school changed after Amber left; she is greatly missed. Miss Janeen is wonderful with my daughter and my child truly adores her. There is a new director now, Mr. Brent, who seems to be getting things back in shape. I, as a parent, have had issues with not getting notified when my child gets injured or when certain events are. There is a complete communication breakdown between us and the school. Now Mark is gone and when I call no one seems to know what is going on. It was such a great place when we started. Hopefully the new director can straighten this out.

Review №19

My son is in the 4’s Pre-K and Ms Eva does an excellent job at teaching him. He’s always learning new things and has a lot of fun at the same time. I am very happy with what he has learned over the last 2 years at Kindercare. They recently got a new director at this location who has done a very good job at communicating new changes and fixing any issues that have come up. This is a great place for learning with a caring environment.

Review №20

My daughter started at this daycare when she was only 6 weeks old. Her teachers are amazing. I think everyone at the daycare is amazing. There have been 3 different directors since my daughter was enrolled. I am in the military so I qualify for NACCRAA and they process the paperwork monthly on time. My daughter enjoys being dropped off and picked up everyday. I am also happy that Im able too see mrs. Ebony every so often since she left. Mrs. Katherine and Ms. Katie are always nice and you can tell they enjoy their job! Im going to be sad when I have to leave this daycare!

Review №21

Originally I put my son in Kindercare on Oakmont daycare cause they did not have a waiting list and TCU offered a discount......hes in there now, because I LOVE them and its perfect for him.I have been so impressed with how happy my son is showing up to daycare and leaving daycare. Im impressed with how attentive the staff is and how knowledgeable my son has become in the few months he has been there. He has learned his ABCs, colors and working on his numbers. I have no plans to move my son to another daycare. This one is a keeper. Love the director, the staff, especially Mrs Norma, and how much they help me and my family feel like home.

Review №22

My daughter had the best 2 years at Kindercare. We were so sad to leave for kindergarten. Not only were teachers amazing and always helpful, but they treated Camryn like she was their own. I never worried about leaving her. I appreciate the teachers and how clean they always kept the daycare. Camryn will definitely miss everyone including Ms. Stefany Alba, Ms. Alex, Mrs. Katherine, Ms. Joenica, Mrs. Norma and Ms. Stephanie Leath!! Thank you again for always taking care of Camryn!!

Review №23

The new director Brent Weaver is horrible! I brought my granddaughter there by the recommendation of Ms. Norma whom I met at the Kindercare on Westcreek. My granddaughter Zariyah started daycare at the end of February of this year when Ms.Bridgett was director. Ms.Bridgett was very personal and professional and when I signed Zariyah up,she provided me with a 10% discount because I work for FWISD. So instead of me paying $217, I paid $193 which made a difference considering that I get paid once a month. Well apparently something happened to Ms.Bridgett and abruptly she was no longer there. For quite some time I didnt know what was going on.Anyway, I pay for the tuition via online because it was more convenient for me this way. I happened to notice one day that I kept having a balance on my account every time I paid my $193. So, I started to call the center and ask for the person who was responsible for handling the tuition and I was always told she wasnt there so I asked can I speak with the director and I was always told that he was on a conference call or speaking with a parent. I would leave my name and number with hopes that he would return my call but he never would. I soon made it my point to call twice a week and I was getting the same response he is on a conference call or meeting with a parent. So, one day my daughter who is Zariyah mother came home with a letter stating that our bill was over $1000 and if we dont get this resolved then Zariyah cannot come back. Well this letter was sent to us in mid May, Ive been trying to contact Brent since Early April!!!! So when I called again, I demanded to speak with Brent and she tells me that he is once again speaking with a parent can I take my name and number so he can return my call. Whatever i I said! He hasnt returned a call from me at all and I call twice a week since April and that man hasnt bothered to call me! So she asked me if I would like to hold as Nd I said yes. I waited for Brent for about 15 minutes and when I spoke with him I told him who I was and my granddaughter name. I asked him about the changes with my account on how I went from paying $193 under Ms. Bridgett to paying $217 and nobody has ever said anything about it until my account has gotten worse! Well he completely ignored what I said the only thing he said was and I quote this bill is way past due we can make a payment plan for you of $510 a week and tuition goes up next month. I said sir do you hear me why did my tuition change and I was never made aware of it? He never answered my question he just kept blabbering about if this isnt paid than Zariyah cannot come back. So I said OK, payment plan... I cant pay $510 a week when I get po paid monthly. He then said well theres nothing I can do and she cant come back unless this is paid. I immediately said that I have been calling him for over a month and he has never responded back to me and now you cannot make a reasonable payment plan to help me?! He said no, that is all he could do. But you never called me to tell me about the increase in cost nor have you returned my calls so all you can do is say I either pay this $510 a week or my granddaughter cant come back?! I then said well... theres other daycares who are willing to communicate better with their parents. Besides we came from Primrose of Columbus Trail and we will go back. No need to deal with an incompetent director such as Brent Weaver. He seemed not to care, I guess that is one minus black child he has in his daycare and theres not that many and I know why!

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