Summerfields KinderCare
3800 Basswood Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137, United States

Review №1

My children started attending Kindercare during the beginning of the pandemic. We have felt such a warm and safe environment leaving our kids with them and knowing that they are taking ever precaution to keep them safe. The teachers are wonderful and the director and assistant director have all been amazing! I highly recommend Kindercare!

Review №2

I cant even begin to explain the love I feel for the staff at this center. All my kids have assisted Summerfields Kindercare, and they grew up to be wonderful independent individuals.Feels like family when you come in. Im not kidding. Go see for yourself.The Summer Programs are so much fun, you should definitely consider it if youre not sure what to fo for the summer.

Review №3

I want to give a shout out to the Kinder Care on Basswood. We have been going there since our daughter was an infant. They have really stepped up to help working parents with online schooling during this uncertain time. I would not be able to continue to work and help my daughter with Kindergarten homework without them. Ms. Gabbie my daughters teacher has been tremendous with helping with assignments and it takes so much off my shoulders. Thanks to a great team! It really does take a village to raise a child!

Review №4

Our son Taco has been going there since he was a couple months old. They are AWESOME! The teachers are wonderful, they knowledgeable and very friendly. They take excellent care of my son like hes their own child. He loves going there and I have nothing but wonderful experiences everytime I pick him up. Awesome facility on Basswood!

Review №5

We LOVE Summerfields KinderCare! The staff is SO caring and our son has flourished since attending. Cant say enough, we are so thankful!

Review №6

Weve had our 4 year old and 17 month old at Kinder Care on Basswood for sometime now. From day one they have been awesome! Those teachers love my kids like their own. I have so much peace of mind leaving them at Kinder Care because I know that they are in good hands. Unfortunately, we are moving and will have to pull them out. Im sad to leave them and I know my girls will be, too.

Review №7

My sweet boy is in the infant room and i can tell he is very well taken care of while i am at work. I love the office staff and his educators!!! They are going above and beyond as far as licensing is concerned. I know in my heart my baby is safe and happy!!!!

Review №8

We have been taking our son there since he was very young. The staff have a great understanding of meeting each individual childs needs. Lisa is a great director and is willing to work with parents on whatever the problem they have. This is national accredited center and it shows from the always clean hallways and classrooms to the little smiles on the faces of each and every child there.

Review №9

KinderCare was my first experience with childcare as a first time mom. They have done a great job in helping steer my son in the right direction. I love how every teacher knows every child by name and that my son loves it ther . They also have been so great with working with me and my financial situations. There is an open line of communication and that just helps keep some of the daily life stresses away. I highly reccomend this center to anyone looking for a first time or new center for their child/ren.

Review №10

LOVED IT. The staff was great, the location was perfect. Mrs. Lisa remains one of the best directors that I have had to deal with. I never had to ask twice for anything. Had it not been for financial issues (I blame corporate), my children would still be there. As a matter of fact, I still periodically call to see if there has been any headway made so that I can bring my family back.

Review №11

I have had 2 children at this center for over a year now. The kids both love being there (the older one even wants to arrive early so she can take the bus to kindergarten!). I cant say enough about the staff and the center, they have met or exceeded expectations in every way.

Review №12

The staff is amazing! Love all that they do to make me feel safe and happy about where my child is during the day.

Review №13

Both children went through this center from 6 weeks until they went to school. They absolutely love every moment they get to spend there.

Review №14

My son is two years old. He was at KinderCare for all of four days. Three of the four days he came home with scratches on his face. The first day the teach provided an explanation, so I tried to let it go. The proceeding days the scratches turned to deep gashes in his face and continued to get worse and worse. The teachers, the director Lisa, or any of the staff did not have a clue as to how this happened...which means that they are poorly attending to the kids in this center. This was the worse experience with childcare I have every had and I would deeply encourage people with small children NOT to leave them in the care of the people at this center. I was also told that I would receive a follow-up call after Mrs. Lisa investigated you can guess that never happened! The place should be shut down. Not to mention my sons jacket was stolen in those four days as well. The service here was simply ridiculous. Bottom line.. dont let the smiles and ratings fool you... Find another location!!!

Review №15

The office staff is very unprofessional. They do not communicate properly and it makes it very hard. They also clearly don’t communicate between each other because in the long 6 weeks my daughter was there Sarah always had a horrible attitude with me but spoke with my spouse just fine. We had issues with amounts we were charged, Sarah blamed Emily but then Lisa says Sarah told her it was her. They charged us wrong then tried to force us to pay late fees that the district manager said she would waive. They also tried to make us pay for two weeks my daughter wasn’t even able to attend because of their mess ups. I would recommend no one go to this place.

Review №16

This staff and center is by far the best place my kids have ever attended. Very clean, friendly and professional.

Review №17

We just had the same problem as Stacey Bryant. Our son was in the 2 year old class for the last few months and was coming home multiple times a week with multiple deep scratches on his face, always from the same child. Some were VERY close to his eyes and he now has a deep scar on his beautiful little face.I had specifically asked if this was a new or ongoing issue (before finding Staceys review) and we were told that yes, it was an ongoing issue, but that the other children just learned to stay away from this one particular child. They obviously have not handled the situation from 6 months ago when Stacey was having this issue, and have still not handled this issue, at the expense of other children getting hurt. My husband and I then contacted the District Director who was unwilling to address the problem child, claiming that they try and work on behavioral issues with children. That is completely commendable, but when you have more than one family that has left because of this issue, and when the issue has been ongoing for this long, then perhaps its time to go another route. I grew up going to this daycare, and have known Lisa for years. It is very disheartening that this establishment is allowing multiple families to leave instead of removing a problem child. My infant, at the start of their Kindercare stay, came home with a deep bite bruise on his leg. No report and no teacher had noticed or seen anything. This was well before my infant could move. We understand that children go through biting stages, especially very young ones that dont comprehend a no. However, there is absolutely no explantion for an immobile infant to get bit, nor is it acceptable for an immobile infant to be left unattended while surrounded by older/walking/biting ones. The teachers obviously werent paying attention and didnt investigate (because I know my baby screamed bloody murder with that bad of a bite). My niece also goes to this center. My sister walked in on a teacher as she forcefully yanked my nieces arm, telling her stop it. That teacher was allowed to keep her job.... After doing further investigation, I came upon their Department of Family and Protective Services reports and found that a teacher had left a 2 year old on the play ground after recess, failing to realize that the child was missing.... to top it off, the parents were not called and notified once they discovered the error..... With all these incidences combined, it seems that the children in fact ARENT being tended to properly. I urge parents to think twice before putting your children in this center. There are surrounding centers with far superior reviews, state inspections, TDFPS reports, with the same or cheaper tuition and CAMERAS!! I have extreme fears with the daycare system, and placing my children in the hands of people I dont know... Having known Kindercare and given that my family has been part of their family for over 20 years, had eased my nerves in the beginning.... However, after the experience here (with a center I trusted from the get go), my worries and anxiety are sky high. Find a different center, do your research (even if you think you can trust a center), and go with the cameras.

Review №18

Went there for a final visit to enroll my son. The teacher in that class constantly kept on scolding the toddlers right before us and the supervisor. Like I don’t know what would she do when we’re not there. Not impressed at all.

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